Alice in Wonderland Wedding Ideas

I love magical wedding settings and decor eccentricity that reveals the spouses’ unique personality. The following Alice in Wonderland wedding ideas can certainly make a wedding look uncommonly gorgeous.

From guest book ideas to wedding invitation designs, cake toppers, indoor and outdoor decor and more, there are plenty of ideas to inspire on the Internet.

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For now, let’s have a look at some of the best Alice in Wonderland wedding ideas.

Alice in Wonderland Signs, Props, and Prints

One great way to decorate this theme is to use the most popular symbols and elements from the fantasy novel published in 1865. The incongruous directional signs, the famous character quotes, and their fantastic looks are a good example.

In fact, you can use illogical signs to confuse and amuse your guests in finding their way to the bar, dance floor, dessert buffet or any other place you can think of.

Decorate with large images printed on a sturdy cardboard also make a great visual effect. Alice, the rabbit, roses, a vintage clock, or card games with the novel’s popular characters.

These can be hung on tree branches or placed on a fence in an outdoor wedding setting. The can also be used as a backdrop for your wedding photo booth or suspended from the ceiling as they are printed on both sides.

Alice in Wonderland Guest Book

These guest book ideas are cheap and easy to customize for your own needs. Some people prefer having a standard hardcover book and others like more innovative ideas.

The following article provides many options to make a unique guest book. Among other ideas, you’ll learn how you can use a card game, cardstock prints, or greeting cards to make an Alice in Wonderland theme guest book.

Alice in Wonderland Wedding Invitations

If you’re looking for a one of kind design reflecting the whimsicality of the fantasy novel, you won’t be deceived by the following suggestions.

These wedding invitations are a good starting point to make your own extravagant and mysterious wedding invitations. In fact, you will arouse you guests curiosity with these playful and funky patterns.

Also, no matter what your wedding theme colors are, you can definitely find inspiring wedding invitation ideas to build on.

Alice in Wonderland Wedding Ideas

There are so many great ways to decorate an Alice in Wonderland theme wedding that I could write many more articles on the subject. In fact, I’ve seen great ideas to decorate the guest’s tables, or pastry buffet and even edible cake or cupcake toppers.

It’s just amazing to see how creative this theme can get.

Furthermore, if your looking for practical, affordable ideas and unique ideas to complement your Alice in Wonderland them make sure to browse around this website. I published many articles with simple DIY, various tips and outside the box ideas to make an amazing wedding decor that you and your guest will enjoy.

Finally, if you’d like me to write on an Alice in Wonderland specific topic or want to ask a question or even share with other readers your findings, please leave a comment in the section below.

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Birthday Party Ideas on a Short Notice

Thanks for watching FAB Decor. You can view this entire video series on. Enjoy the video below or read on for an abridged version of the video’s transcript:

Hi, I’m Kimberly Seeherman, event planner and owner of Events by Fabulous. Let’s talk about birthday party ideas on a short notice.

It’s your birthday tomorrow, and you haven’t really put much planning into it. Don’t worry; I have a couple ideas for you that will get you through it with a fabulously memorable night.

Idea number one, a limited costume party. You can’t ask your friends to go out the night before and get decked out in some crazy costume, but you certainly can ask them to bring one accessory. For example, “Hats off to Kimberly,” – a hat party is a really fun idea for a birthday.

Everyone has a hat, and you can even ask people to wear their craziest hat, just to come up with some silly ideas and get everyone really involved in the event theme.

Another great idea is a BYOB party. It’s a great idea because you don’t have to buy any alcohol, and it gets everyone involved.

I like to make a Facebook page, call it Tommy’s Tequila tasting. Everyone can RSVP on that page, and then note the kind of tequila they’re bringing so that the next person who RSVPs can see what’s already being brought and make sure to bring something different.

All you need to do is add some guacamole and a couple of sombreros, and that will make for a wonderful evening.

If you don’t want to ask your friends to dress up or bring something, just create a fun game that will get everyone involved in the party. I love to do a door prize party. It’s super simple, just pick up a roll of tickets from Party City, give out those tickets as people walk in, and you can come up with all kinds of cool ideas for how to reward people throughout the night by calling out numbers.

Thank you for joining us!


Personal Branding Infographic: 4 steps to succeed your personal branding

According to “The Recruiting Manuel” designed by Jobvite, 55% of recruiters have already reconsidered a candidate based on their social media profile.

With the figure in mind, you can now understand the importance of giving the right image about yourself online. If your job hunting, simply having the right brand image can offer your dream job. It happened to Jade Dominguez, an autodidact computer programmer, who got offered a job without having to respond to any offer.

It is now your turn to develop your personal brand. But, what is personal branding? It simply means that you are going to use the communication techniques you use for your brand for yourself.

To build your new brand image, take time to define the strategy you have in mind and how you can implement it online:

  • Set your objectives
  • Define your editorial approach
  • Pick your communication supports

Next, create your blog or personal website and sign up on social media.

Lastly, never forget to regularly update your communication mediums, focus all attention on your supports and stay up to date!

To improve your online visibility, discover our infographic: Step-by-step: To succeed your personal branding.

Step 1 : Sketch out your story

Draw out your portrait to know where you are at and where you are heading, then set your objectives
    Before you even start, it is essential to know who you are and what image you want to give out.

  • Draw out who you are and highlight your accomplishments: Go over your professional path, your achievements and never forget your failures. Soul-searching will help you situate yourself, build confidence and know who you are. Do not hesitate to ask your relatives, how you are perceived and even Google yourself to get a better understanding of your current online image.
  • Determine your ideal goal, by asking yourself two simple questions:
    1. “What do I want?” it will help you understand your personal and professional objectives.
    2. “Who am I speaking to?”: customers, partners, employees, suppliers, investors and associates… it is necessary to adapt your messages to your target and use the right supports. For instance, LinkedIn may be the right media to address your messages to investors, Facebook on the other hand is adapted to customers.
  • Shape your online competitive strategy: create a timeline to define when you want to objectives to be reached. Determine a roadmap with set times, that will allow you to separate the different actions according to your objective.

Are you job hunting? Your objective could be getting recruiter to contact you via your personal website, LinkedIn or Twitter profile.

Are you an executive and wanting to share your expertise? Your objective could be: sharing your blog articles on specialised media or even multiplying the number of followers on Twitter.

Step 2: Just do it

Pick the right supports that are adapted to your position, your web culture and your visibility objectives. Put forward your success!

  • Select your communication tools according to your preferences and your target market: there are hundreds of different communication tools online. Each sector, market and people use different tools, so pick the right ones!
  • Make sure your content is relevant, adequate and qualitative on the digital sphere: professional photos are essential online. The image you are giving out needs to be coherent with the image you are want to convey.
  • Create your personal website: it will give you visibility, prove your expertise and why not attract different media. If you have plenty to give and share, why not launch a blog.

Step 3: Let’s talk about what you can do

Beforehand, determine the level of social engagement you are wanting to obtain & select the adapted social media.

  • Seek and set up a network with journalists and your industry’s opinion leaders.
  • Update your social media and become visible: LinkedIn accounts 396 million users worldwide, a quarter of which are in the EU (96 million users). Join group discussions in accordance to your centres of interest. Exchange with the biggest professional community in the world.
  • Your online presence needs to come alive, broadcast your messages: Twitter is a great opportunity to broadcast your messages. Tweet and retweet messages that you perceive as interesting and that are linked to your expertise.

Step 4: Keep going

Keep going
Monitor and share your personal and industry’s headlines. Build your online reputation and your long-term identity.

  • Regularly update the information related to your personal brand: now that you have started you can no longer take a step back. There is nothing worse than an obsolete online page. You will never know when people are going to visit your website, so updating your activity will prove your long-term implication. Be active, be proactive!
  • Google yourself and watch what is being said: setting up Google Alerts will allow you to monitor the web for interesting new content. The Reputation VIP Dashboard, also gives you the opportunity to monitor your online front cover: Google.
  • Don’t give up, you’ve only just started!

Conclusion: The art of life is a constant readjustment to our surroundings. –Kakuzo Okakaura

We have now giving you the keys to price your personal brand.

At a time when 55% of recruiters monitor social media and when 87% of executive’s rate reputation risks as more important than other strategic risks, it is time for you to master your online reputation. It will ease people’s job hunting period and help executives reinforce their image.

As explains Nicolas Bordas, TBWA Europe’s Vice-President, one of the world’s largest advertising network,: “Personal branding is important to understand for anybody who lives, works, and socializes in our world today. This makes sense: in an age where we are constantly branding ourselves on social media  (including LinkedIn) and where the average worker remains at their job for 4.4 years , creating a personal brand is an essential skill in marketing oneself.”

If you want to learn more, check out our Executives personal branding offer.


Under the Sea Party Ideas: Mermaid Tail Marshmallows

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If you are searching for under the sea party ideas, look no further than these mermaid tail marshmallows! This no-bake treat features colorful chocolate mermaid tails and swirled chocolate waves. It is the perfect addition to any mermaid party or under the sea birthday themes! My kids loved both the flavor of the marshmallows and fun sea designs. You can easily switch this mermaid tail project up to match the colors of your party but I personally love this aqua and purple color scheme.  Get full instructions below and be sure to scroll all the way down to get even more under the sea party ideas at the end of my post.If you are searching for under the sea party ideas, look no further than these mermaid tail marshmallows! This no-bake treat features colorful chocolate mermaid tails and swirled chocolate waves. It is the perfect addition to any mermaid party or under the sea birthday themes!

Mermaid Tail Marshmallow Supplies 

Most of the items needed to make these under the sea marshmallows can be picked up locally, but you’ll need to head over to Amazon for the mermaid tail mold used for this treat. You can also find the colorful Wilton chocolate melts and seashell mold featured in this recipe there too!

How to Make These Under the Sea Party Treats

To make your chocolate mermaid tails, you’ll want to use fully melted candy melts with a tiny amount of canola oil to make the chocolate smooth. This mold is very shallow and starts to set pretty fast so I recommend spreading half of your chocolate over the top and using a straight edge metal spatula to quickly even it all out. It doesn’t need to look perfect but it does need to be even so your backs are smooth. Then gently tap your mold against the counter to remove as many air bubbles as you can.

I did a chocolate mermaid tail mold comparison so I have many styles of mermaid tail molds. This 16 cavity mermaid tail mold is the only style that would work for this project. The others are just too big, thick and heavy. I like this mold but the tails are the most fragile. While the reviews are generally favorable, the most common complaint others have are how difficult it is to remove the tails without breaking them.

Tips to Remove Chocolate Mermaid Tails:

  • Do not leave a lot of chocolate around the edges of each tail when filling your mold. If it isn’t fairly clean around the edge, it is harder for the tail to come out and you’ll have to spend time removing the excess.
  • Refrigerate your tails for about 15 minutes before removal so they are nice and firm.
  • When removing them from the mold, remove them one at a time instead all at once. Do not turn them over and pop them out.
  • Work the silicone away from the tail gently from all the sides so your tail comes off easily in one piece. Do not force it.

With these chocolate tail tips, you should be able to remove all if not most of your tails without breaking them. I’ve used the mold three times now and the last time I didn’t break any.

For my under the sea dipped marshmallows, I wanted a look that resembled sea waves and foam so I marbled my chocolate. I created aqua by using turquoise melts and white melts mixed together. Then I swirled in a bit of white chocolate again. After just dipping a couple of marshmallows you will have mixed your chocolate a lot so I recommend adding dollops of additional white throughout the dipped processing, without mixing it.

You can certainly go with a solid color instead and just dip them halfway down. I wanted mine uneven like waves so I gently tipped the marshmallow over a bit while dipping. To remove excess chocolate, be sure to gently shake the excess off instead of scraping so the bottoms are nice and even.  Then add your white sprinkles and crushed graham cracker sand all the way around.

You’ll want to be sure to hold your tail in place for a good 15 seconds to make sure your tail will stay put. I loved that the tail went over the top of the marshmallow but if you need to transport your marshmallows, this would make them more susceptible to breaking the tails. I would put the tail lower on the marshmallow and pack them carefully if I needed to bring them anywhere.

These under the sea marshmallows also look great with chocolate sea shells. To create this look, I used food safe brushes to paint on the different colored chocolate in the molds.

I also tried out another option with these mermaid tail marshmallows. You can skip the dipping and instead use melted chocolate like glue to attach the mermaid tails to the side of the marshmallow. Then simply place them in a baking cup like this blue ombre cup to resemble ocean waves.

To add a magical touch to your mermaid tails, you can add silver sparkling dust! Read my sparkling mermaid tail tutorial for more information.

If you are searching for under the sea party ideas, look no further than these mermaid tail marshmallows! This no-bake treat features colorful chocolate mermaid tails and swirled chocolate waves. It is the perfect addition to any mermaid party or under the sea birthday themes!
There are so many ways to have fun with this tutorial.

Under the Sea Party Ideas: Mermaid Tail Marshmallows


Prep Time

Cook time

Total Time


Recipe Type: Dessert



  • 16 jumbo marshmallows
  • 1¼ cup bright white candy melts or white chocolate chips
  • ⅔ cup turquoise candy melts
  • ½ cup lavender candy melts
  • ¼ cup graham cracker crumbs
  • white nonpareils
  • silver star sprinkles
  • canola oil or shortening


  1. Melt lavender candy melts with 1 teaspoon oil in microwave in short intervals, stirring often, just until fully melted.
  2. Spread chocolate into 16 cavity mermaid tail mold and quickly level chocolate with flat edge metal scraper, scraping off excess.
  3. Gently tap mold on hard surface to remove air bubbles. Refrigerate for 15 minutes or until firm. (Be sure mold is level in fridge.)
  4. Gently remove mermaid tails from silicone one at a time by separating silicone from edges of tail. (Do not turn tails over on a flat surface to pop them out or you will break your tails.)
  5. Microwave white candy melts or chocolate chips and 1 to 2 teaspoons oil in 30 second intervals, stirring often, just until fully melted. Repeat with turquoise candy melts.
  6. To make aqua, stir together ⅔ cup turquoise and ⅔ cup white chocolate.
  7. In small glass dish, swirl a smaller amount of aqua chocolate and white chocolate to create marble effect.
  8. Line a large baking sheet with a silicone baking mat, parchment paper or foil.
  9. Dip jumbo marshmallows ⅓ or ½ of the way into chocolate, tipping to the side to create waves.
  10. Gently shake off excess chocolate.
  11. Immediately sprinkle with nonpareils and graham cracker crumbs.
  12. Place jumbo marshmallow on lined baking sheet.
  13. Add one mermaid tail to front of dipped marshmallow, holding for at least 15 seconds or until the chocolate can support the weight.
  14. Add star sprinkles if desired.
  15. Repeat steps with remaining marshmallows, adding additional spoonfuls of white chocolate to aqua chocolate as you go. Heat chocolate in microwave for a few seconds if it starts to get too thick.
  16. Store in airtight container, being very careful with the mermaid tails.

If this project wasn’t enough, I’ve got a lot more under the sea party ideas for you. This under the sea themed honey lime fruit salad recipe is a hit for all ages. It features fun watermelon cutouts that kids will love and an amazing honey lime drizzle!

If you need a under the sea party drink for kids, look no further than this tropical punch recipe. It features my favorite tropical flavors including pineapple and pina colada. Yum!

If you need a under the sea party favor or mermaid party craft activity, try these sparkling mermaid wands. With just a few supplies you can make a beautiful wand craft to add a little extra magic to your party.

If your party features Ariel, check out these Little Mermaid birthday ideas from The Suburban Mom. I absolutely love her homemade jellyfish decorations and mermaid tails for her party guests to wear.

I hope you feel inspired by these under the sea party ideas!

*articles may contain affiliate links*

Students make anti-bullying social media page

Students make anti-bullying social media pageCopyright 2018 by Channel 3000. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

BELLEVILLE, Wis. – High school is hard enough without having to worry about being bullied. That’s why when one classmate was teased, her classmates not only defended her but chose to respond with kindness.

Hannah Matteson and Cassidy Evans decided to make a page on Twitter in response to recent online bullying after they say a couple of students started a Twitter page titled “Belleville personalities.”
They claim the site targeted and bullied students at the high school.

“At first it was little snarky comments about people and then it started going downhill,” said high school junior Hannah Matteson.

That Twitter page was taken down.  Instead of saying mean things back, Matteson and Evans decided to turn to social media too, with tweets of positivity.

photoCopyright 2018 by Channel 3000. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

“I want people to feel confident when they walk down the halls and know that if someone doesn’t know you they can have a positive outlook on you just by hearing the positive things on the page,” said Matteson.

Their page “Belleville’s (nice) personalities”  highlights classmates spotlighting students describing them with  words like “super smart,” “has a big heart” and “gets along with everyone.

Evans and Matteson said they stated the page to positively highlight students around school.

“Some of the comments that we are proud of you and what you’re doing is very good, and it’s helping people with confidence and stuff. I know that helps me to continue the page and make people feel good,” Evans said.

Matteson and Evans said another negative page was formed in response. The first post targeted a single student saying she “reeks of perfume,” “sings like a cow,” along with several inappropriate descriptions.

“Our page believes in spreading positive energy around BHS instead of tearing other students down,” they responded in a Twitter post.

The Belleville school district declined to respond to specific recent bullying incidents. District Superintendent Pam Yoder said the district takes proactive approaches to try to prevent bullying.

“The school district of Belleville administration and staff are very proactive in the prevention of bullying. We provide students annual education in digital citizenship, have sponsored multiple ethics symposiums and guest speakers for students, staff and parents, and host an online anonymous reporting system called Sprigeo,” Yoder  said in a statement.

Matteson and Evans hope their positive words will turn into change their classmates know they are not alone.

“I feel like it’s just really important for students to realize that their words have impact on how other people feel,” Matteson said.
“If this page can help someone from causing self-harm then that makes us feel really good,” Evans said.

Right now, they are trying to highlight students from every grade. Both students said they hope to highlight all the students in the school and don’t plan on leaving anyone out. When they graduate, they plan to pass the page down to other students to continue.


The Importance of Personal Branding For Your E-commerce Businesses Growth

E-commerce is one of the most vibrant and interesting industries out there. The presence of the internet in people’s lives has made shopping an almost completely virtual experience and this business can only grow both in terms of size and complexity.

It isn’t really that noticeable, but personal branding is essential to these types of businesses. That’s why no one talks about the e-commerce as such, but everyone knows about Amazon and eBay as the places to go online and buy things.

An overall strategy

In order to achieve this type of brand recognition, the businesses need to approach it as a part of a larger plan. Before you can go about creating a sense of business identity, you need to know what identity is, to who are you trying to market it and how you plan to do it.

This isn’t only about setting up goals and having an idea what your future plans will be. A branding strategy also needs to define the resources you have, both in terms of money and staff and how you plan to utilize them.

Listen to your customers

E-commerce, like any other business, in fact, is about fulfilling the needs of your customers. The only way to create a brand people will connect with is to ask them what kind of brand they want. This doesn’t mean that the whole branding strategy needs to be driven by polls and focus groups. It’s fine to be driven by a personal vision, but it has to be a reaction to the needs of actual customers.

A great thing about the internet being your business is that all of the data needed to accomplish such a thing is already available to you, just by letting the users interact with your company and analyzing the data that you get in the process.


There are numerous e-commerce businesses out there and there’s going to be plenty more pretty soon. That’s why it isn’t enough to have a product that does the job well (or even great). You need to create a compelling story about your brand and find a way to tell it to the audience.

This is mostly done by explaining why your business exists. The form and the channels through which you tell the story are less important if the story itself is good. The hardest part about this is that most businesses don’t really know why they exist and this is something you’re going to have to answer to yourself first.

A personal style

It’s essential for an e-commerce business to stand out from the crowd and develop a unique sense of style. It should come as a direct result of the features we have just mentioned. The aesthetic of the brand needs to be a part of its story and a response to the needs and interest of the users.

Once you’ve assessed your strengths and your unique point of view, the best way to go is to consult with an expert, such as this branding agency from Melbourne and turn these high concepts into a functioning design that can be altered as the business progresses.

Retaining customers

Attracting new customers to your e-commerce site is one thing, finding the way to keep them coming is something completely different and it takes a different approach. There are a lot of competitors in this field and the companies need to find the way to fight for each customer every day.

That’s why a lot of online shoppers say that customer experience is the most important part of the e-commerce business. After you’ve created a recognizable brand, you need to make sure that the customers associate it with a reliable and helpful customer service.


Those who have been in this business for a while will tell you that the worst thing to do is give up on a potential client. If a customer has already shown interest in your business and its offer, it would be a mistake to let them go just because they didn’t make a purchase.

Remarketing efforts need to be persistent and personalized, so they can address the specific reasons that made the customer abandon your business without making a purchase. However, even these personal messages need to share the overall aesthetic of your brand.

The ability to change

All of this focus on creating and maintaining a brand can make it seem like your e-commerce company needs to remain constant at all times. This isn’t the case at all. Like with any other branding exercise, you need to leave yourself a chance to grow and expand your business if needed.

The main core of the business should remain the same as well as the story you’re trying to tell. Everything else, from customer experience to aesthetic, needs to be adaptable and change when the demands of the business require it.

Personal branding is of the utmost importance for an e-commerce business. It needs to be a part of a larger marketing strategy and come from the needs of your users. By making branding a priority for your business, you’re showing the customers that you’re there for their needs.

5 Birthday Party Ideas That Your Kids Will Love – Premier Kiwi

Kids are all about birthday parties. Every year, they look forward to celebrating their own. The thought of inviting their friends and classmates can be very exciting to them. But since this is an annual thing, parents might find it difficult to make each party different from the last one.

But no need to fret. If you are throwing a kid’s birthday party in Dubai anytime soon, here are some ideas you can suggest to your kids:

  1. Space-themed party

If your kid is into space and rockets, this might be the perfect theme for his/her birthday party. A space-themed party is a pretty straightforward theme and quite easy to organize. However, you just need to do your homework and find out which activities for kids in Dubai would fit the theme. You can set up a station for building rockets and provide space-themed cupcakes for the guests. You can also have your kid dress up as an astronaut to complete the look.  As for the design, you may want to put some sort of NASA station as the backdrop to get the full effect.

  1. Science-inspired party

If your kid is mad about Science, then this theme is for him/her. A Mad Scientist birthday bash can bring out your guests’ inner geek. The kids and parents can do some simple Science experiments to pick their brains. The birthday celebrant can also showcase his/her stellar experiments to the crowd. Your menu can also be science-based like molecule cupcakes and juices and drinks in test tubes.

  1. Artsy soiree

If art is your kid’s passion, then this is the perfect birthday concept for him/her. Set up a station for arts and creative crafts and let your little Picasso show his/her masterpiece. The guests would also enjoy doing some DIY crafts that they can take home as their souvenirs. Make this bash as colorful as possible with cupcakes and sweet treats baked in different colors and flavors.

  1. Outdoor/camping party

If your kid just wants something laid-back for his/her birthday party, then the camping/trailblazing bash might be a good idea this year. Take the party outside your yard or in the park and let the guests sit on the grass. You can set up some tents and wooden benches. A scavenger hunt would also be a terrific idea. Kids and parents would definitely enjoy a hunting game with amazing prizes.

  1. Pajama party bash

Another laid back birthday theme that you can do at home is a sleepover party. The setup is pretty simple: guests can come in wearing their jammies and enjoy some laid-back movies and snacks. Games would include pillow fights and storytelling for kids.