London Personal Branding Photography by Anneli Marinovich

Over the years I have created beautiful brand imagery for many entrepreneurs and business owners. 2017 was the year Personal Branding Photography Sessions really took off for me and I am enjoying this growing part of my photography business. In 2017, I did Personal Branding Photography all over the world. I worked with wedding planners, florists, personal trainers, party planners, photographers, life coaches and interior designers. For London Personal Branding Photography I work mostly in Central London, but I am available all over the world.

Where do Personal Branding Photography Sessions take place?

I work with my clients to choose locations that fit their brand’s look & feel. We pay attention to background colours, available natural light and what the setting says about their brand. The session usually incorporates more than one location. This could include coffee at a chic London cafe, a stroll through the white-washed streets of Kensington, a trendy hotel bar or vibrant flower market. The world is our oyster!

Outfit inspiration for your London Personal Branding Photography Session:

It is crucial to dress for the occasion (so to speak). I give my clients guidance on what to wear for the session. Depending on which industry you work in, wear an outfit which makes you feel confident and beautiful. It is important to come across as approachable and friendly, while still looking professional. If you know your target market, you should wear an outfit you know your target client would potentially wear her/himself. This will help potential clients relate to you. To this end, I have a Pinterest board with outfit inspiration, which I share with clients and I help style their outfits at the session.

Why should I have a Personal Branding Photography Session for my business?

We live in an age where clients have become increasingly visual, with Instagram becoming one of the most popular platforms for finding suppliers. Clients spend hours scrolling through hundreds of images, planning their weddings, shopping and recommending businesses to friends. If your brand does not have strong imagery, it will be very difficult to stand out. Showing the ‘face behind the brand’ also adds personality to your business – personality that competitor brands may be lacking. The images we create together can be used on your website, social media and in your marketing material, with a consistent look & feel. In my own experience, clients very often say they feel like they know me already, based on the images of me on my website / social media. This goes a long way, when it comes to building rapport with prospective clients, from the moment they land on your website / social media.

Below are some of my favourite images from my 2017 sessions. Get in touch to discuss your 2018 London Personal Branding Photography Session and view my portfolio here.

The force of nature that is Anneliese Lambooy – health & wellness coach in Melbourne, Australia.

View her full shoot here.

Strong, beautiful and inspiring Liana – the face behind Live Practically PT in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Fairy Godmother Sarah – the face behind Regalo Design in Nashville, Tennessee.

Radiant Lisa Q. working on something very exciting. Stay tuned!

The thorn among st the roses, Wayne Marinovich (yes, my husband) – successful photographer, & best-selling author.