Crafting Your Business: Personal Branding

Personal Branding

I see it again and again: amazingly talented artists, designers, and creative entrepreneurs who create stellar products or content, but don’t know how to speak about it to the masses. Self-promotion seemingly rides a fine line between narcissism and compartmentalized disassociation. In the age of influencers however, not having a braggadocios bone in your body can be detrimental to your business — especially if YOU are that business. Fortunately, now more than ever though, there’s a method for almost all types of marketing madness; meaning that we can find a platform or two (Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, etc.) that fits within our respective comfort zones and thrive in a way that feels relatively authentic. The key, I believe, is to start with visual branding and working your way outward. Use the image (literally or figuratively) you’d like to represent your brand as the genesis of the mind map that you’ll build your message from. I’ve found that this exercise can help psychologically shift self-promotion from feeling like tooting your own horn, to you doing your job as a marketer of a brand or product. Once you relinquish the fear of public perception as being personal, it’s much easier to strategize messaging that encompasses you as a business.

On Air!

Recently, CEO of Stitchcraft Marketing Leanne Pressly, interviewed me to discuss building a personal brand including: visual cues, authentic community engagement, and intent versus accidental incarnation. Listen to our conversation now on the Stitchcraft Marketing Podcast!

Here are links to where the show can be heard: 

Interested in working with me on your own personal branding, or your businesses’ community building strategy? Message me; I’d love to talk!

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