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Mario birthday party ideas for your children is the best choice to celebrate your children`s birthday. If you don’t know who Mario is, I will tell you who he is. Mario is a fictional character in the Mario video game, if you have console game like Nintendo, Sega, or PlayStation, and like to play Mario`s games you should know him. He is eponymous protagonist in every series of the game, also he has brother and his name is Luigi. He has beard, wear a red hat, always help people and everyone loves him so much.

How to organize Mario birthday party ideas?

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Before you held a party, there are some materials that you need to prepare. First, you need a birthday cake with Mario design on it and you can buy it for $20, $1 for each candy, 15$ for Mario statue, $15 for Mario`s table covers, $1 for each balloon, $3 for each invitation card, 15$ for Mario costume, 1$ for Mario hat, and 13$ for Mario toys for kids.

Princess Peach birthday cake for your daughter

If you have a daughter, you can give a cake with Princess Peach as a design. She is a Princess that exists in every Mario game as main playable character. Princess Peach’s personality is well mannered and generally sweet. Your daughter will be happy if you give her that cake as a birthday`s present.