4 Steps to Personal Branding

Self-Branding Without Being a Braggadocio

If you’re in business for yourself or operate in a small company, often times the outward brand that customers see is YOU. So did you ever consider yourself a brand? Ok, so you’re not Michael Jordan or Danica Patrick, but to your customers you are the face of the company.

Holding that type of sway in the minds of your customers can be a lot of stress for most mortals to cope with. But branding yourself as an extension of the business doesn’t have to be difficult. Nor does it have to be an “all about me” proposition that positions you as some high-horse riding, better than you, stuck up braggart.

To build your personal brand without alienating others, just follow these 4 simple rules:

  1. Keep Things Modest & Courteous
    You’ve got skills and you know it. But there’s a fine line between knowing what you have on the inside and forcibly projecting that onto others. If you want your branding message to be received by those you care to influence then start by giving something of value. The best way to attract a tribe is to take care of those in your circle. The act of giving unto others leads to an open door that allows people to not only see, but feel your true worth.

    And when it does come time to share your accomplishments, focus on tempering your speech so that it comes across as humble. Show a little sensitivity in how you appear to others. Being modest doesn’t mean hiding your achievements. It simply means directing the focus off WHAT you did and shining a brighter light on WHY it means so much to you. That’s a tact people can relate to.

Conclusion: When building yourself as the entirety of your business or simply the face of the company, keep these simple rules in mind to avoid turning people off. Use these as a guide to sell yourself without alienating those around you.

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