15 of The Best Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas The Girls Will Love

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Inside: A unicorn birthday party is the perfect ‘on trend’ party theme for girls.  It’s fun and pretty, and there are plenty of ways you can create a gorgeous DIY party on a budget.

Here you will find 15 unicorn birthday party ideas for food, decorations and activities ensuring that this is a party the girls will absolutely love.

Unicorn birthday party ideas

My daughter is 6 and is absolutely obsessed with unicorns.  She has unicorn clothing, jeweler, soft toys, ornaments etc.  If it has a unicorn on it, she is in love.

When we were preparing for her 6th birthday party, I was absolutely certain she was going to choose a unicorn themed party.  But no, she chose Trolls!  I knew she loved Trolls, but I was still pretty shocked as I thought her unicorn obsession far outweighed her Trolls obsession.  Clearly I was wrong!

But, besides my daughter choosing not to have this theme, she has been ecstatic when her friends have!  To be honest, a unicorn birthday party is one of those party themes that just gives you all the warm fuzzies. So if in doubt, you really wont stray too far wrong if you pick this theme.

Creating a unicorn birthday party on a budget is pretty easy to when you know how.  Read on to find out more.

Unicorn Birthday Party Food

1. Unicorn Birthday Cake

It wouldn’t be a party without a birthday cake and this unicorn cake by “Love The Day” is simply gorgeous.

If you would like to try making your own cake for the unicorn birthday party, then this one will be sure to wow everyone that comes!

2. Unicorn Cupcakes

Cupcakes are pretty essential for a birthday party in my opinion.  Maybe I’m just a cupcake freak!  These unicorn cupcakes by “Tikkido” are gorgeous and would definitely be the hit of the party.

3. Unicorn Parfait

This unicorn parfait by “Celebration Shoppe” would be an awesome treat for the dessert table. It’s easy to make, taste delicious and is healthy too.  That’s a super bonus for a birthday party!

There is even a little video for you to follow.

4. Unicorn Cookies

These unicorn cookies by “Saving you Dinero” are super simple to make.  If you can make a packet mix, then you can make these!  The sprinkles in them makes them perfect for a unicorn birthday party.

5. Marshmallow Pops

Knowing how to make marshmallow pops is crucial for kids parties.  Why?  Simple.  They are quick and easy to make, they can be made according to any party theme and they always disappear!

For unicorn birthday party you can cover them with multi colored sprinkles or stick to the color theme of the party.  Either way they will look fab and taste delicious.

6. Unicorn Toast

If you love fairy bread, then you will love this alternative of unicorn toast by “Meraki Mother”.   It’s also a healthier alternative and one that the kids can have a lot of fun with.

This could even be made into a party activity with the kids making their own unicorn toast!

7. Unicorn Chocolate Bark

I just love chocolate bark.  It must be the fact that it’s so simplistic but also very exciting.  I mean, who doesn’t like chocolate covered with other chocolate goodness!

This unicorn chocolate bark by “Ever After In The Woods” is super simple to make, but it will be incredibly popular at the party.

Unicorn Party Printable’s & Decoration

8. Unicorn Water Bottle Labels

One of the best ways to decorate a party is to use printable’s.  These unicorn water bottle labels are perfect for adding instant appeal and they don’t require much effort to prepare.  This is a win win for busy mom’s!

9. Unicorn Art

This unicorn art by “DIY Candy” would look super cute sitting on the party table, and once the party is over it can easily be transferred to some bedroom wall art.

There are two designs to choose from and both are equally adorable.

10. Party Backdrop

Whilst this party backdrop was initially made for my daughter’s Princess birthday party, it can literally be used for any party theme and it would look adorable at a unicorn birthday party. Choose the colors of the backdrop related to the colors in your party, and then simply follow the tutorial.

This is a stunning backdrop that will really give maximum impact to the party table.

Unicorn Party Favors or Party Activities

11. Unicorn Wall Ring

I did debate whether to list this beautiful unicorn wall ring by “Sparkles to Sprinkles” under decorations or activities, as it really is both!

It would be perfect to make a few prior to the party to hang around as decoration, and then incorporate making one into a party activity.  The kids could all then take one home as a favor item.  It makes the perfect all rounder!

12. How To Make A Unicorn Headband

Unicorn head bands are gorgeous.  With this super cute trend that is happening right now, I’ve seen headbands popping up everywhere.  They would be awesome as a party favor, but if you have 10 or more kids attending a party, they would get pretty expensive to buy.

This tutorial by “Creative Green Living” is therefore the perfect answer.  Make your own unicorn headbands and then you can hand them out to every child at the party.  How adorable would it be to see all the children wearing one.

Maybe it’s also an excuse to get the girls over for a night of catch up and wine drinking, whilst also conveniently making a bunch of headbands for the party!

13. Unicorn Terracotta Pot Plants

These unicorn pot plants would be ideal as a party activity.  They are simple to make, but also fun for the kids to take home and continue to enjoy.  Kids love the idea of taking care of plants as they grow, so what better way to do this than turn the pot into a magical unicorn pot.

The tutorial by “Mod Podge Rocks” will show you exactly how it’s done.

14. Unicorn Party Pail

These gorgeous unicorn party pail’s would be perfect as party favors, filled with candy. “Michelle’s Party Plan-It” has an easy tutorial to follow so that you can have these gorgeous pails sitting at you unicorn party.

15. Unicorn Hobby Horse Craft

As far as a craft and an activity goes, I love these unicorn hobby horses by “Red Ted Art”. Not only will the kids enjoy making them, but they will have a great time playing with them afterwards.

I think it is safe to say that a unicorn birthday party is anything but boring and dull.

This is one of those party themes that everyone is going to love and us adults will wish we were kids again so we can have a party like it ourselves!

Let me know which one of these party ideas you are going to try, I would love to hear about it.15 of the best Unicorn birthday party ideas

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A unicorn birthday party is the perfect 'on trend' party theme for girls.  It's fun and pretty, and there are plenty of ways you can create a gorgeous DIY party on a budget. Here you will find 15 unicorn birthday party ideas for food, decorations and activities ensuring that this is a party the girls will absolutely love. #Unicornbirthdayparty #Unicornideas #Forgirls #DIY