Content Writing Tutorial To Create And Write Faster


When I started my freelance writing business, I had to write a lot of content.  Content writing is still the fastest way for a freelance writer to earn money.  Yet sometimes it would take me two to three days to get out one good article written.  Clearly, I wasn’t going to maximize my time, and my income, this way.

I’m always looking for ways to write content and copy faster. The truth is, creating high quality content does take some time.   The good news is I’ve got eight steps I’ve adopted over the years to write content faster.  If you use these eight steps I guarantee it will help you create high quality content even faster.


1. Flip your your self-talk.

If you want to change anything in your life, you first have to take look at your own self talk.  No content writing tutorial is going to help you if you are telling yourself the wrong things.

What are you saying to yourself? What’s the story you’re telling yourself about the thing you want to change?  If you are telling yourself, “I’m a really slow writer and it takes me forever to write these newsletters,” … guess what? You will be a really be a slow writer and it will take you forever to finish your writing jobs.

Your subconscious mind is a powerful little machine.  You want this machine working for you in a good way.

If it is tellin you  “Man, you write way to slow!” Call it a lie and change what you are telling yourself, … “Mama, you so fast!”

So before you do anything else, flip your internal script.

2. Start With The End.

This is actually one of Covey’s 7 Habits.  He calls it “Begin with the end in mind”.

You want to think about your end result. What is the thing that you want your reader to walk away with? What action, if any, do you want them to take?

Then you have to reverse-engineer your content to get them there. For example, as I was creating the answer to this very question, I asked myself, “What do I want you to walk away with after this article?”

And my answer?

A highly actionable list of things that will help you write faster and a resource that you’d want to share with your friends.

3. Constantly grow you list of ideas.

Let me be open with.   Sometimes I’ve wasted a lot of time trying to figure out what I should write about in the first place.  I’m betting you have done this too?

Solution: Keep a running topic list of all your ideas.

If you get inspired by magazine articles or interviews or anything you watched on TV, write it down. Something that works well for me is questions that people ask all the time.  This is excellent source material.

You can use a notebook, you can use Google Docs, or you can use Evernote which is what I do. Some writers I know use their iPhone and get Siri to help out.

4. Brevity is sometimes best.

High quality content does not mean long content. While it is important to stick to your client’s guidelines for the content you are producing, sometimes the best way to serve your audience is to make it short and sweet. nobody’s not going read your content because it is too short.

5. Make a sketch.

You might consider this an outline, but not in the formal sense.  I often use a single flip-chart sheet for this.

With my marker, I write the action I want my reader to take at the top of the page.  Then under that, sometimes in a different color marker, I list the main points I’m going to write about.  This also prompts me to note what main points I may need to research a bit more.  Under each main point, I try to come up with one to no more than three sub-points.

Once I have this sketch, I just need to join it all together with my words!

6. Don’t edit while you write.

This is my BIGGEST point in the content writing tutorial.  This is the step that will dramatically increase your content creation speed. Get everything out and don’t edit as you go.  It only slows you down.

For instance… if you are writing and you think of better way to say something, don’t delete what you just wrote. Just stop, write the sentence the new way and keep going. This frees you up from making it perfect the first time and allows you to just get everything out. Editing is usually much faster process when you have a lot of content on a page.

7. Pay attention to “Parkinson’s Law”.

 “The amount of time one has to perform a task is the amount of time it will take to complete the task.”

Another way to say it is work expands with the time allotted, so give yourself a time limit.

Now you have seven great principles to follow so you can create and writing content faster.  I hope it helps you. Please come back and comment about know how it goes.

Also, if you’ve got strategies on how to write faster or you want to let me know what strategy from this post resonated with you the most, I want to hear it all about it.  Tell me about it in the comments below.