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No matter what you think of the Internet and the online shopping craze…it is here to stay.

In the news we hear over 100 Macy stores, over 100 Kmart stores, over 50 Sears stores CLOSED.

Toy’s R Us filed for bankruptcy.

McDonalds is going 50% automated.

Walmart was the largest retail-shopping store in the world until Amazon overtook them… AMAZON DOESN’T EVEN OWN ANY REAL ESTATE!!!

UBER (the largest transportation system in the country) doesn’t even own 1 vehicle.

Starting a brick and mortar business today costs literally hundreds of thousands of dollars. The ROI takes at least 5 to 7 years, if not more. By that time a new replacement product will be to market. Market share is now attainable in months not years.

With the reality of reaching tens of thousands of people with the click of a button on social media, it is no wonder why these things I mention are happening.

So Are You Prepared?

Direct Sales and the Network Marketing industry have been around for years and years. Let me tell you a short story about (the late) Bill Britt, who made multi-millions of dollars with the Network Marketing Company of AMWAY way before the internet was here.

Bill put his opportunity in front of over 18,500 people…

3,268 people took a look at his opportunity…

304 people took action and joined him…

61 people started making $500 per month plus…

11 people made Bill RICH…

3 people made Bill a multi-millionaire…

Just think of the possibilities that Bill would have today with Social Media. You can take advantage of these possibilities.

Corporate America is changing fast, responding to the internet and social media.  The Direct Sales Industry is on trend to be the number one method for the average person to become wealthy.

The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) started to take action against some of the Network Marketing companies that were only focused on getting recruiters rather than acquiring customers. Some major companies were fined up to hundreds of thousands of dollars and some companies were even shut down.

There is a company out there that has attracted the attention of the FTC in a good way. The FTC says that this is the company setting the standards to follow into the future. This company has a 12 customer to 1 recruiter ratio.

There are amazing opportunities with this new company breaking barriers with social media shopping…

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