Inexpensive 16th Birthday Party Ideas

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A 16th birthday is a milestone that can be celebrated in an inexpensive, but memorable way. In a teenager’s life this birthday transitions them from being a kid to being a young adult. There are a number of different ways to celebrate sweet 16 withou

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A party is usually in order when someone turns 50 years old, but that does not mean the party needs to break the bank. Everyone can still have a fun and memorable time at an inexpensive 50th birthday party. Remember, it is more about honouring the gu

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Most teens look forward to their 16th birthday party with an energetic enthusiasm. For a truly memorable day, the milestone birthday must be celebrated with friends and an amazing party. Unfortunately for parents, these birthday parties can become ex

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Sweet 16 parties are typically associated with girls, but boys deserve a big bash for the milestone birthday as well. Consider the personality of the birthday boy when deciding on the details of the party. Use his hobbies or interests as a guide for

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Many teens dream of an extravagant 16th birthday party–causing much anxiety on the part of their parents. But you can throw a real celebration without spending a bundle. Pick a creative theme, host the party at home and entertain your 16-year-old in

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Turning 16 is a milestone for your son, so throw him the party that you know he’ll enjoy. Choose a theme that represents him well. If he likes sports, use a sports theme, or if he and his friends don’t mind dressing up in costumes, throw a costume pa

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Adult birthday parties are sometimes rather expensive, especially if you’re not sure of the best way to stick with a budget when planning one. Fortunately, there are many ways you can save money when throwing a birthday party. You may have to sacrifi

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While not typically as much of a production as a girl’s “Sweet Sixteen,” a boy’s 16th birthday is equally important. While manhood is in sight, 16-year-olds are still boys. The Denver area boasts a variety of places to go on a boy’s 16th birthday. Fr

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If your teen’s birthday is coming up, there are plenty of last-minute party ideas you can put together without spending a lot of time. All you need is a guest list and some room in your home for your teen’s friends. Finger foods and teen-friendly mus

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One of life’s turning points is the age 16 birthday when a teen gains the freedom and independence of the driving privilege. A birthday party to mark this milestone does not have to be traditional or “sweet.” It can be anything the teen wants, includ

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Turning 16 is a huge milestone in a young man’s life. Girls are often gifted with a sweet 16 party, and young men deserve a special celebration for this coming-of-age birthday, as well. Consult with your teen, and keep his likes and interests in mind

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The sweet 16 birthday is one of the biggest milestone birthdays that a girl reaches in adolescence. These parties need not be generic affairs with pink decorations commonly found at a range of other sweet 16 parties around the country. Instead, with

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When you host a group of 16-year-olds, keeping them entertained is one of the most important parts. Because a 16th birthday is a huge milestone for a teen, plan some special entertainment for your child’s party. Choose what type of party you want bas

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Turning 16 years old is a big event, but the celebration doesn’t have to be expensive to be special. Planning a Sweet 16 birthday party is like choosing a gift; the thought you put into it can mean much more than the amount of money you spend, and yo

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Planning an enjoyable teen birthday party does not have to be an expensive proposition. Instead of pouring money into your teen’s birthday party, choose an affordable option and save your cash for later purchases. There are an array of fun birthday p

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A party is imperative when a teenager turns 16. Make the celebration a creative event–include craft activities that guests can take home as a memento of the 16th birthday party. Canvas Bags Purchase a set of plain canvas bags from a craft store. You

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Celebrating a birthday is fun at any age, but especially fun for children, and it does not require a big budget. In fact, a number of fun birthday party ideas exist to make your next party enjoyable without breaking the bank. Cake-Only Party A cake-o

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Sixteen is one of those milestone birthdays that can either be taken extremely seriously, or can be made lighthearted and fun. Turning 16 is often thought of as the virtual line in the sand when a person goes from being a child to being a young adult

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The years before a girl becomes a teenager are called the preteen years or the tween years. Girls are beginning to express an interest in make-up, boys and fashion. Preteen birthday party ideas make use of these interests. But you can also customise

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A child’s 13th birthday is a milestone–it signals the end of childhood and the start of her teenage years. Planning a party for a 13-year-old can be fun, since she likely will be happy to have a more grown-up party. If the party will not be a surpri