Outdoor Birthday Celebration Ideas

Outdoor Birthday Celebration Ideas

Spring and Summer Birthdays give the perfect opportunity for children to get outdoors and explore the world around them. Why now celebrate your child’s birthday by allowing them to get messy, get adventurous and create unforgettable memories.

Teddy Bears Picnic

Age 1-5years approx

A teddy bears picnic is a perfect theme and activity if you are on a budget and looking for a unique way to celebrate your child’s birthday. You can do this is a park, forest, beach or simply in your own back garden!

All you will need is:

– Picnic food and drinks

– Picnic blanket

– Favourite teddy bear

– Story books

– Weather appropriate clothing and shoes.

Activities could include:

– A story;

– Rhymes and Songs;

– Go on your own bear hunt;

– Build a bear cave using sticks.

Pony Rides

4 – 7 Years approx

A pony party is ideal for any horses and pony fan. Did you know you can even have a ride on a ‘real’ unicorn? This is definitely an outdoor birthday celebration that will not be forgotten!

All you need is:

– Appropriate clothing and shoes (safety wear will be provided)

– A love for horses and Ponies

Pool Party

6 – 10years approx

Perfect for Summer birthdays when every one needs to find means of keeping cool. This one will require full adult supervision around the pool. But will be so much fun for the children.

Hey… you could even get the BBQ going and serve burgers and hot dogs!

All you need is:

– Paddling Pool

– Hose

– Water Balloons

– Swim wear

– Water shoes

– Towels

– If its hot out, sun cream, hats and means of shelter for shade

– Anything else for water fun!

Back Garden Camp out

10+ years approx

This is the must do party for explorers! Set up tents in the back garden for an all night camp out. You could even get a fire pit going and toast marsh mellows and serve hot chocolate (with full adult supervision). We all know how we all used to love telling stories until late at night and how much fun sleep overs were.

All you need is:

– Waterproof tents

– Sleeping bags

– Torches

– Fire pit and means of fuel

– Marshmallows

– Sticks

– Hot Chocolate, flasks and cups.

Activities could include:

– Chinese whispers

– Play ‘one-word-at-a-time’ story making game

– Night time treasure hunt


All ages

The possibilities for Forestry is endless from long adventures walks to splashing in lakes, exploring bugs and wildlife, building dens or leaf races in a river. This is ideal for children who love the great outdoors and exploring the world around them.

All you need is:

– Nature

– Appropriate shoes and clothing

– Picnic

– Means to fuel a camp fire and marsh mellows is toasting

– Story books

– old pots and pans etc, for a mud kitchen

– Fishing nets and buckets

– Magnifying glasses


– Bug and wildlife treasure hunt

– Water bug fishing

– Camp fire stories, songs and toasting marsh mellows

– Set up a mud kitchen with old pots, pans and cutlery

– Mud painting

– Make a stick man with natural materials

– Build a stick hut

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