All about content writing

Though the word content marketing is not a familiar word to everybody, it has an impact on everybody’s life.  The world which we live, is designed by the advertisements. The way of life, the manner of behavior and even the thoughts are designed and leveled by the brain of some body. Even the small innocent children in their innocent and carefree world is restricted and led by the advertisements in their innocent selection. Do you ever think of the heads behind the influential advertisements?

A product is introduced to the mind of the people than to the market through the beautiful words and concepts. Once it is stamped, will stay for generations… this is content marketing. It started in 1895 with the launch of John Deere’s The Furrow. The venture which started barely 120 years ago follows the excellence still. Content Marketing is creating and distributing non branded, high valued content with the intention of a long term customer engagement. It was making different marketing strategies.

In 1900 The Mischeline Guide helped the drivers to find the places to stay and eat in their long journeys by providing a list of restaurants. It was nicely designed and provided all information. In 1930s, Proctor and Gamble created radio serial dramas for featuring their detergents which often called as “soap operas.” It heralds the era of content marketing.

After some year’s interval, in 1980s it appeared in some comic books as part of toy marketing. But in 90s with the emergence of internet and mass media it became wide in use. Microsoft even launched their own blog in 1998 for content marketing. It was followed by the great companies like Apple and Nike. Procter and Gamble created a site for teen girls in 2008, called Being Girl.Com. Instant blogs and social media made content marketing wide to fulfill the business needs

Though technology provides the accessibility, the method is highly expensive; it is expensive and time consuming to bring the writers, artists, publishers and distributers together to reach people. There lies the importance of content writers. The whole will be created together in a ground.

As content marketing continues its high value and adaptability among people, it has its space which has to be utilized by the creative heads. Brevity is the soul of wit. The same brevity is the soul content marketing too….