Employer Branding Strategies Conference 2018: Most Valuable Tweets

Continuity + pace + momentum are the key ingredients to build your employer brand. @Charlotte_Co#EBrandCon

— Abby Cheesman (@AbbyNeilson) May 23, 2018

Your mobile career site is ranked more importantly by @Google than your desktop career site per @marenhogan#EBrandCon

— Craig Fisher (@Fishdogs) May 23, 2018

“culture is more effective when you talk about purpose before function in orientation” @kevin_richeson#ebrandcon

— Susan S. LaMotte (@SusanLaMotte) May 24, 2018

Look! Leads!! You get more apps than job boards. #ebrandconpic.twitter.com/SzRDOKGh6G

— Tracey Parsons (@tparsons) May 24, 2018

Facebook live is engagement gold. #ebrandcon

— Tracey Parsons (@tparsons) May 24, 2018

The best content is from your employees and people love dogs. Social tips from @JenNewbill@Dell#EBrandCon#continentalcareers

— Ally Brown (@mrsallybrown) May 23, 2018

Leverage your employees for content. That’s one way to create an employee brand, not and employer brand. @JenNewbill@Fishdogs#EBrandConpic.twitter.com/M0pWlSzrON

— Jared Nypen (@jarednypen) May 23, 2018

People are 24x more likely to share something coming from a friend than a brand! #EBrandCon

— Jared Nypen (@jarednypen) May 23, 2018

So many incredible presentations at #EBrandCon – #EmployeeAdvocacy is a hot topic this year. @aleigho shares what they are doing at @thermofisher – what’s worked?
1. Leadership Buy-in
2. Content Strategy
3. Rally the Team
4. Feedback Loop pic.twitter.com/0mPrpvd5Lu

— Rayanne (@Ray_anne) May 24, 2018

You don’t need a huge budget to have a great #contentstrategy! You already have lots of #content sources. – @aleigho#EBrandConpic.twitter.com/bLABBVVs7L

— Emily Fritz (@Social_Em) May 24, 2018

Some KPIs to consider when measuring employer brand content strategy. Nice, @aleighho #EBrandConpic.twitter.com/eO1d7q7MZf

— Jared Nypen (@jarednypen) May 24, 2018

Need an idea of how to measure employee brand. Here’s like 20. @JorgenSundberg#EBrandConpic.twitter.com/pFkCUGvK1M

— Jared Nypen (@jarednypen) May 24, 2018

Despite the excellent #employerbrand activation strategy @aleigho received a $0 budget and turned to #EmployeeAdvocacy! #EBrandConpic.twitter.com/W3d5gFGx9D

— Emily Fritz (@Social_Em) May 24, 2018

Here’s how to get budget for your #employerbrand@Charlotte_Co#EBrandConpic.twitter.com/yv7jokJzUn

— Abby Cheesman (@AbbyNeilson) May 23, 2018

Always repurpose content – don’t just share once, keep sharing it if it’s still relevant! – @media2knight#EBrandCon#ContentStrategypic.twitter.com/SoLREHP2WO

— Emily Fritz (@Social_Em) May 24, 2018

By the end of this year, 80% of all content will be video. For recruitment today, it’s less than 10% #EBrandCon

— ThirtyThree (@weare33) May 23, 2018

Thx for sharing practical employer branding strategies & keeping it real, @JenNewbill#EBrandCon, Love those dogs!!! pic.twitter.com/BGvKAm28P3

— Dionne Rodrigues (@DRodriguesHealy) May 24, 2018

Any interview question you can ask that leads to the purpose of someone’s work can lead to really great content. — @laurynsargent#EBrandCon#storytelling

— Eva Menezes (@evamenezes) May 24, 2018

1. What do you value most in your career? 2. In what areas does our company deliver exceptional value? 👈 the 2 questions @Charlotte_Co asks to uncover employer brand. #EBrandCon

— Abby Cheesman (@AbbyNeilson) May 23, 2018

Diversity & Inclusion at 10 Top Tech Companies https://t.co/nJPtvmmc49#EBrandConpic.twitter.com/qm7jFOoIoC

— Link Humans (@LinkHumans) May 25, 2018

Everyone cares about it, but lack the structure to successfully build an #employerbrand@marenhogan@RedBranch#EBrandConpic.twitter.com/m00CA6Axjt

— Abby Cheesman (@AbbyNeilson) May 23, 2018

One pillar of @MagellanHealth EVP, Work Life Flow (not balance!). ❤ this. @Charlotte_Co#EBrandConpic.twitter.com/0cowdqwnZf

— Abby Cheesman (@AbbyNeilson) May 23, 2018

Maren Hogan @RedBranch talking about benefits like being LGBT friendly on your careers site. @Atlassian found a 15% increase in diverse applicants just by saying they wanted them on their postings! https://t.co/rXdQ3jCoAt#EBrandCon

— Lauryn Sargent (@laurynsargent) May 23, 2018