Social Media Marketing: What Role Do Paid Ads Play?

Discover How You Can Start Leveraging the Benefits of Paid Advertising Through These Social Media Networks

What are your feelings towards online advertising?

Some people see ads as a nuisance, something disruptive to their browsing experience. Others don’t mind so much—as long as it’s not too flashy or pushy. Some might even enjoy when an ad’s message truly resonates. The bottom line is this: when executed correctly, paid advertising works.

Facebook – The Social Networking Goliath

If you feel like you’re too unsavvy for social media marketing, don’t fret. Facebook makes it easy to create ad campaigns through a user-friendly interface with simple steps that anyone can follow.

Needless to say, speaking to the right audience is vital. Fortunately, you can target specific demographics based on gender, income, ethnicity, education, location, relationship status, and more. This social media giant’s paid advertising model is definitely the most established of all the social networks, and our certified Facebook ad management team is equipped with the right tools to help you get the exposure you need.

Say it With TwitterSEO TWIST Twitter account news feed.

Two hundred and eighty characters can be incredibly powerful. One tasteless celebrity Tweet can send the media into a frenzy. Hastily-written witticisms can go viral, garner thousands of favourites and Retweets. And of course, the right Tweets can effectively drive high customer engagement. Since the introduction of Twitter ads, which include Promoted Posts, Promoted Accounts, and Promoted Trends, businesses have been purchasing prime real estate on users’ Twitter feeds.

You can also create campaigns based on different objectives, such as increasing followers, website clicks, conversions, Tweet engagements, app installs or re-engagements, leads on Twitter, or video views.

YouTube – You’ve Got 30 Seconds

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably seen a YouTube ad… or 50. Now that video content has shifted to computer screens, mobile phones, and tablets, it only makes sense that marketers would follow suit. After all, if you can watch commercials on TV, then why not on YouTube?

When it comes to ad management, there are two types of ads that run on YouTube: TrueView in-stream ads and TrueView in-display ads. In-stream ads play right before your video, and you’ll only be charged when the viewer watches 30 seconds or more of the video, or when they interact with it (e.g. clicking a call-to-action).

These features make YouTube ads incredibly cost-effective since you only pay for views from people who are showing interest in your content, as opposed to paying for every view—many of which could be from people who click away after only a few seconds. YouTube also enables you to choose the people you want to reach with topics, keywords, and demographics, such as targeting “women under 35,” for example.

Get Inspired (And Shop!) on Instagram

Instragram sponsored post for artist.No longer just for selfies, “fitspiration”, and expertly-filtered travel photos, Instagram has become a powerful tool for businesses to promote themselves. It jumped on the social advertising bandwagon back in November 2013, and it has since been vastly expanding. For marketers, it’s interesting to watch Instagram evolve as an effective paid advertising program. Initially, Sponsored posts were reserved only for the big brands, but realising the potential, Instagram opened its doors to small and medium-sized businesses this since August, 2017.

Taking full advantage of having Facebook as its parent company, the photo- and video-sharing app uses the public information from linked Facebook accounts to tailor its ads, attracting advertisers of all kinds.

From photo, video, and carousel (multiple photos) ads, businesses are able to choose what types of posts show up in users’ feeds.

Create sponsored posts with these objectives:

  • Clicks to Website
  • Video Views
  • Mobile App Installs
  • Mass Awareness

Telling Stories Through Snapchat

Ah, Snapchat— every millennial and Gen Z social media obsession. The hugely popular video messaging app possesses a unique and undeniable “cool” factor, especially among today’s younger generations. Let it be known, however, that if you’re going to advertise on Snapchat’s “Discover” or “Live” sections, you will have fork over some big bucks. For example, right now, at a $50,000. Daily. Yes, you read that correctly. Some brands have reportedly paid a whopping $750,000 to have their ads appear on the app. Snapchat then lowered their rate to two cents per view back in May of last year. In any case, it’s certainly not the ideal channel for your local mom-and-pop shop or a budding start up.snapchat discover and live ads

Brands like National Geographic, Mashable, Vice, MTV, Food Network, and more can be seen in the “Discover” section. The “Live” section spotlights promoted events (e.g. festivals, sports, concerts etc.) or featured locations. What’s interesting about these brands and publishers, is that they’re already so big that advertising on Snapchat doesn’t necessarily mean they want to immediately increase sales. What it does do is serve to encourage top-of-mind awareness in order for the brand to maintain long-term relevancy.

Another unique characteristic that makes that makes Snapchat stand out from other social platforms is that it’s non-invasive; users have full control over the brands and content they see.

The future of Snapchat’s social media marketing is still unclear, but it’s possible we may see smaller companies advertising on the platform, with options based on location and more.


While the paid social media marketing capabilities on LinkedIn are not as well known, it definitely shouldn’t be ignored as a legitimate avenue for advertisers.

You can maximise your reach by placing ads on prominent pages and sections on LinkedIn. And of course, you can customise your target audience through job title, job function, industry, geography, age, gender, company name, company size, or which LinkedIn Groups they belong to.

Should you invest in LinkedIn Ads? Well, if you’re a local bakery and you want to increase sales in your area, LinkedIn might not be the most effective way to drive business. What’s different about LinkedIn as a social network is that it is geared towards professionals, and primarily thought of as a B2B platform. So if you’re an association that wants more qualified members to join or if you want to promote your corporate party and event planning services, then LinkedIn Ads could be what you need to give your business a promotional push.

The Takeaway

The advent of social networking has completely changed the way people communicate with each other. For a business not to take advantage of these channels through paid advertising and organic reach would be to completely miss out on countless opportunities stimulate brand awareness. Because everyone has something to say on social media, your message could very likely get lost in all the “noise.”


Quick Birthday Party Ideas for the Working Mom

Quick Birthday Party Ideas for the Working Mom

Extravagant birthday parties tend to be impossible to tackle for working mothers. Quick, easy, and fun birthday parties are the best option; the less work they require to put together, the easier it is for the mother. Buying decor, making a cake, and reserving the perfect space can be very hard between long shifts at work. Thankfully, birthday parties don’t have to be difficult!

Booking a Child’s Favorite Restaurant

Every child has a favorite restaurant, and most of them allow families to book a party room to host birthday parties, showers, and celebrations. This type of setting is perfect for large guest lists; each family can pay for their own meals, eliminating the need to plan for or purchase food. Party rooms tend to be free to book, as well. All the family needs is a few balloons, a store bought cake, and some gifts to complete the party.

Bowling Parties

Bowling parties are a hit with children between the ages of six and twelve. Bowling is cheap, it’s fun, and a few pizzas will suffice as a birthday dinner. Many bowling centers also have exciting light shows during the weekends, making the bowling party even better.

Hiring Planners

With an event planner, the mother is completely free of birthday planning worries. The child can have an impressive party complete with a beautiful cake, showstopping decor, and even prime entertainment if the parents are interested. offers great examples of party planning and how families can benefit from it.

Dancing & Pizza Party

For a simple at-home party on the weekend, a classic dance & pizza party will definitely put a smile on the face of each child! With cheese, pepperoni, and sausage pizzas, every kid will find something that they like. The kids can decorate the “dance floor” with some balloons and streamers for a few hours before the party truly begins, giving parents time to relax and prepare the gifts, cake, and pizza.

For children, birthdays are all about having fun, eating amazing food, opening gifts, and making birthday wishes. With some great friends, any type of party is sure to be a hit.

One of the Prettiest Kids’ Birthday Party Themes We’ve Ever Seen

At first, you might mistake this kids party for a mini-sized wedding. I did. It’s just that good. Elegant, yet playful—Shaw Events, Mums Garden Floral and the entire vendor team really outdid themselves with a bunny theme that is just too cute to boot. “Pin the tail on the bunny”? Dead. How ADORABLE? You can bet your bunny tail I’ll be pinning every last detail in hopes it will remind me I need to do this for my son’s spring birthday next year. Please, please make sure to scope out the full gallery from Elza Photographie, because there was just too much sweetness for me to include in all the boards below.

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One of the Prettiest Kids’ Birthday Party Themes We’ve Ever Seen

At first, you might mistake this kids party for a mini-sized wedding. I did. It’s just that good. Elegant, yet playful—Shaw Events, Mums Garden Floral and the entire vendor team really outdid themselves with a bunny theme that is just too cute to boot. “Pin the tail on the bunny”? Dead. How ADORABLE? You can bet your bunny tail I’ll be pinning every last detail in hopes it will remind me I need to do this for my son’s spring birthday next year. Please, please make sure to scope out the full gallery from Elza Photographie, because there was just too much sweetness for me to include in all the boards below.

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Personal Branding Package For All Professions – Internet Marketing Success –

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Warning: 6 Unique Office Party Ideas that will Blow Your Mind

Last updated on December 13th, 2017 at 08:27 pm

So the boss tapped you on the shoulder and said, “You are in charge of hiring the entertainment for the company party this year.” After you swallow hard and begin to collect your thoughts he adds, “And I want some unique office party ideas this time. Something new and fresh that will blow our minds! Not the standard magician who pulls a rabbit out of his hat, or a juggler who can only do three balls at a time. I want something the folks will be talking about for a long, long time.”

Easy enough said, boss, you think. Where do I start in planning my unique office party ideas?

Finding good entertainers like stand-up comics, magicians, jugglers and musicians who fit the tastes and interests of your company and its employees would be nearly impossible without the help of a professional talent and booking agency. Moreover, fortunately for you, the job has been made even easier through the use of the internet. Now you have the ability to work online with a talent agency and view all of their recommendations before making any final bookings for your unique company party ideas.

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For instance, would any of the following performers fill the bill of planning unique office party ideas that would knock the socks off your boss and fellow employees?

The Best Talent for Unique Office Party Ideas

Adam Trent, billed as a magician who combines magic with comedy, music and dancing, Trent interacts with his audience in mystifying ways. Described as ‘Justin Timberlake meets David Copperfield,’ Trent does nearly 300 solo events each year as well as appears on the show “The Illusionists – Live on Broadway” under the billing of ‘The Futurists’ along with six other entertainers who perform a wide variety of on-the-edge magic and illusion acts.

Joe Castillo, showcased on America Has Talent, this Mexico-born artist and performer creates wondrous sand pictures using only his hands, raw powder, a clear flat table, and a projector and screen. His talent has been described as awe-inspiring, captivating and hugely entertaining. He speaks in Spanish or English when he creates his “SandStory” images for his audiences. The unique sand art form has been described as inspirational and captivating and often brings cheering crowds to their feet after each sand picture is completed.

Catapult is a talented troupe of dancers uses an Interactive Shadow
Screen to project their live shadow performances in silhouette. Very popular at corporate functions, Catapult often creates storylines for each company and invites personnel on stage to interact with the troupe in front of the shadow screen. Their founder and director, Adam Battelstein, spent 19 years with a renowned dance company and had performed at the Oscars and on the Oprah show.

Ron Pearson is a  well-known comedian has been called “a comic ball of fire,” by The Hollywood Reporter. A Los Angeles Times reviewer wrote, “I laughed so hard my jaws ached.” The Seattle native held a World Record for juggling at the age of 15 before taking his street performance act to Hollywood. Person has been seen on hundreds of television sitcoms and as the host of shows on the Disney and Discovery channels.

Bob Stromberg is a man of many entertaining talents, Stromberg performs a hand puppet show, entertains audiences with his family stories and performs what he calls ‘clean-comic therapy.’ He was also a writer and performer with “Triple Espresso- A Highly Caffeinated Comedy”, a vaudeville-style comedy act popular in the U.S. and Europe in the late 1990s through 2008. The Chicago Sun Times called the show, “Mesmerizing!” The London Metro added, “Stunning!”

Piff the Magic Dragon, the stage name of John van der Put; the British magician and comedian perform in a corny-looking but funny dragon costume along with a Chihuahua. Recently seen on the TV show America Got Talent, his raw humor, zany antics, and an array of magic tricks makes for a fun night for any audience. Piff’s dog, dressed in a matching green dragon costume, is nearly as funny as Piff as he performs an assortment of dumb-dog tricks.

Typical of the wide array of entertainment talent to be found on talent agency websites, your choice of acts like these that fit your criteria for unique company party ideas will hinge on several factors. What’s the size of the audience? How large is the venue and what are its physical characteristics and limitations. Most important, what is the size of your entertainment budget? Once you narrow your choices down using the above criteria, you have to determine if they are available for the date of the corporate function. Hopefully, you’ll have more than one act to choose from. This is the time to bring in some peers, or even the boss, to review video presentations. Never mind that the Edsel was designed by a committee, using your fellow workers to help pick the act that will perform at your company party and blow the minds of everyone in attendance is sage advice.

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