Best Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

When my son came to me and said he wanted an epic birthday party this year, I was stumped because that’s just not what have done in the past.  I’m more of a “great- let’s have a party on Friday and invite a few good friends.”   Luckily, they love those kinds of parties and in their minds, they qualify as “epic”.

However, I have been opening my e-mail to find more & more requests for ideas for parties, so I asked on my blog Facebook Page for ideas.    You guys were amazing, as usual. :).  Here are some great ideas that you gave:

At Home Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

  • Petting Zoo Party

That’s right, this birthday party brings a petting zoo to your backyard. Wendy, one of our amazing moms, said they “had a petting zoo with pony rides, an alpaca, a calf, chicks, rabbits, ducklings, piglets, and more.” Do a quick internet search for “petting zoo parties (in your zip code)” to find a service that will bring the zoo to you!

  • Book Party

Is your little one a fan of a favorite book? Host a Book Party with a character focus! Play treasure-hunts with different “treasures” from the story, play “finish the story” and let kids tell funny endings, or even let them dress up as their favorite book character.
One mom even suggested asking guests to bring books to donate instead of gifts!

  • Super Hero Party

Turn that old refrigerator box into a telephone booth for Superman and have an epic Super Hero Birthday Party! Capes and eye masks made out of felt make the perfect party wear while fruits and veggies can be arranged to look like Captain America’s shield or Thor’s hammer. Have plenty of super hero games ready for your active super guests!

  • Wrestling Birthday Party

If your wrestling fan is having a birthday, remove the furniture and line the walls and floors with mats for a hands-on WWE party! Birthday party planning mom, Tara, recommends a wrestling ring cake as well. “I didn’t get much sleep, but they all loved it and still talk about it 10 years later,” she said. That’s definitely a memorable party!

  • Pet Adoption Party

If your child loves animals or is big into animal rescue, create a birthday party to celebrate those things! A dozen stuffed animals will be waiting for adoption by party guests in this unique celebration. Mom Lindsay said, “[I] printed out fake animal adoption certificates and fake animal hospital check-up pages. [I] also bought a few dollar store doctor kits. The kids chose their animals, gave them check-ups, picked out names, and filled out their adoption papers. It was a huge hit!”

  • Drive-In Movie Birthday Party

For those warm month birthdays, host a Drive-In in the backyard! Hang a white sheet against the house and use an inexpensive movie projector to show a film to party guests. Large cardboard boxes can be decorated as cars, so each guest gets his or her own vehicle! Moms and dads can be car hops, bringing popcorn and juice boxes to each child.

Parties on the Go

  • Indoor Sports Park

From bounce houses to volleyball tournaments, indoor sports parks host birthday parties all year long. Some parks even have rock climbing walls and adventure ropes courses! The best part? It doesn’t matter what time of year your child’s birthday is, the temperature will always be the same inside!

  • Rent a Stadium

For sports loving birthday kids, renting out an entire stadium would be a dream. That’s just what one family did for their son’s birthday party. “We rented Texas stadium (where the Dallas Cowboys played) just months before it was imploded. The whole stadium. We had 10 year old boys playing football all over the field. It’s gone now and the kids are 17 now, [but] they still talk about how huge that was to them.” If you can afford it, renting a stadium would definitely make for an epic birthday party!

  • Down on the Farm

Contact your local farm or orchard to find out about the birthday parties they offer. Many include hay rides, animal petting, fruit or vegetable picking, and more! Get inexpensive bandanas or straw hats for party guests!

Remember, no matter what type of party you decide to have for your child, he or she will cherish the memories forever!