133: Social Media Marketing Power, Customer Service and Rebranding with Kyra Reed

Kyra Reed from Made to Order Agency tells us about the power of social media including the story of how she was able to save the Roxy Theater in Los Angeles using internet marketing. Her social system consists of five points:

Who are you? (brainding)
Who are you talking to? (understand how your customers “feel”)
What are you saying? (content strategy)
How are you selling?
What is your growth & maintenance plan? (what platforms)

[showhide type=”transcript” more_text=”Display Transcript” less_text=”Hide Transcript”]Robert Plank: We have, today, Kyra Reed. She’s the co-founder of MTO Agency and author and business coach and is a nationally recognized industry veteran and a community-focused brand innovator. Sounds like lots of good stuff, so, strap yourselves in.

Kyra, welcome to the show. Tell us about yourself and what makes you different and special.

Kyra Reed: I’ve been in the industry 12 years now. I was very fortunate to have my first client in my agency in LA. The Roxy Theater on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles in West Hollywood … Legendary club, family owned … I was able to at the very beginning of social media, go in and really help them save, not only the business, but the entire Sunset Strip. It was featured in “The New York Times,” “TechCrunch,” “Entrepreneur Magazine” and on and on. Lots of national publications …

Became one of the biggest case studies around music and social media to date … That gave me a tremendous amount of insight. I had a lot of freedom to really play and explore and check out this new emerging technology. Really see what works, what doesn’t because I’ve been there since the very beginning.

That led me and my business partner to develop a process that we call “The Social System,” where we help companies, actually, in our 5-point system accomplish everything that they need in their social strategy. No one has anything like it. Whether you’re a solo-preneur or a Fortune 500 company, it scales. It’s usable. It’s simple, and it encompasses everything that you need. That’s what makes me different.

Robert Plank: Cool. What are the 5 points of that system, or is that a secret?

Kyra Reed: No. We’re happy to talk about it. It is something that we developed because we wanted to create some standards in this industry. Everybody seems to be an expert or a guru. The industry itself, can’t decide on what are the specific processes that we should all agree with.

What we came up with is very simple 5 steps. They boil down to this. Number 1, first thing you have to know is who are you? You got to look at your branding and your messaging. That has to come first. Second, who are you talking to? How do you look at your customers and really understand them from a social perspective, which means, how are they feeling when they come through that door? What is their emotional state? What is your promise to them and the needs that they have? This is a very different way of looking at your customers.

Next is, what are you saying? That’s your content strategy. We can’t put your content strategy together until we know who you are and what you’re saying. Thing is, most people want to come in, and they want to get right into that content strategy or right into growth strategy. It’s impossible to do that effectively and authentically, which you must do when you’re working in social media, unless we know who are you and who are you talking to.

Who are you? Who are you talking to? What are you saying? How are you selling? Selling on social media is absolutely possible. You can do it very successfully, but again, you’ve got to know who are you, who are you talking to, and what are you saying, before you can get into the sell.

The last piece of it is, actually, growth and maintenance.