Unforgettable Sedona Bachelorette Party Ideas and Itinerary

Early yesterday morning, I got back from Sedona, Arizona, where my best friend’s bachelorette party commenced over the weekend. We had TOO MUCH fun eating, drinking, hiking, lounging, and enjoying the scenery. For a quick two-night trip, we squeezed in a lot of activity, so if you have a Sedona bachelorette party on the books, below I’ve outlined our itinerary for the weekend. You’ll find all of my recommendations on where to stay and what to do with a large group of ladies while in Sedona.


Where to stay in Sedona:

Amara Resort

We had 11 ladies in our group for my friend’s bachelorette party, so we needed to find accommodations that were reasonably priced and could house a large group. Amara Resort ended up being the perfect spot for us, as it had a gorgeous pool, as well as a restaurant and bar on-site, and is near town. For 11 girls, we booked three rooms and all fit comfortabley

We spent our Friday afternoon and most of the day Saturday poolside with a covered cabana. There’s a full bar out by the pool, as well as lunch and towel service, so everything you need is right there. There’s also yoga in the mornings, a spa, happy hour (with lots of FREE wine and cocktails), a pretty lawn with chairs and cushions for relaxing in the evenings (we had a lingerie shower on the lawn), and stunning views. It was a great choice for our Sedona bachelorette party needs.

Where to eat in Sedona:

The Hudson

On Friday night, we ate at The Hudson, and it did not disappoint. Everywhere in Sedona is pretty casual, but we considered this our “fancier” night out. Not only was the food delicious, but the views of the red rocks were STUNNING. Floor-to-ceiling windows flanked the backside of the restaurant, so you can see the mountains whether you’re sitting inside or outside. Order the fig and ginger mule. It was the best drink we had all weekend.

The other “fancy” restaurant in town is Mariposa, but we went with The Hudson because the prices were more reasonable for a large group, they’ll split checks, and the views are just as good.


On Saturday night, we walked in to town and ate at 89Agave, which had a great atmosphere and even better food. 89Agave is a bright, colorful spot close to Amara Resort (perfect since we all had margaritas), with some of the best salsa I’ve ever had. And I’m from Texas. The restaurant is lively and fun. We sang along to the Spanish covers of the top 40 songs that played through the speakers all night.


Both days for breakfast we ate at SaltRock, which is the restaurant located inside Amara Resort. Everything was always delicious, and they have healthy options if you need to come down from your queso high at 89Agave. I liked the egg white omelette, but the other girls were RAVING about the breakfast burrito with scrambled eggs, chorizo, and roasted potatoes. They also have mimosas and bloody marys.

Lunch was always spent by the pool, so we’d order a bunch of items like the turkey wrap, chips and queso, fries, and chicken tenders to be shared. Everything was always tasty!

Where to do in Sedona:

Page Springs Cellars

The bride only had a couple of requests for her Sedona bachelorette party. She wanted to sit by the pool, visit a winery, and go on a hike. So when we arrived in Sedona, the first thing we did was head straight to the pool at Amara. At 4 p.m., we had reservations at Page Springs Cellars for a wine tasting and tour, which was absolutely beautiful. And who would have thought Arizona could produce such fantastic wine?

Page Springs Cellars was about a 25-minute drive from Amara Resort. The exterior of the winery was adorable. It looked like a cross between a pretty white cottage and something you’d see on Chip and Joanna design on Fixer-Upper. You’ll enjoy cute white barns, a covered deck overlooking the grape vines, and lush green grounds. And it’s right off a creek, so you can hear running water as you walk around the winery with your tour guide.

After our wine tour, we went inside to the café and had charcuterie, cheese, and more wine before heading off to The Hudson.

Devil’s Bridge

For our hike, we decided to challenge ourselves to make it to Devil’s Bridge, one of Sedona’s most iconic landmarks. The hike was not what I’d call easy, but it wasn’t super difficult, either. If you’re relatively fit, you’ll be fine on this hike. Just bring a bunch of water and wear good shoes. It took us about three hours to complete the hike, and the views at the top were unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

Seriously, photos don’t do it a justice:

Downtown Sedona

When in Sedona, you need to spend some time walking around the cute downtown area. Go to the Sedona Center for ice cream and smoothies, Western Trading Post for cute t-shirts, and Sedona Fudge Company for the most insanely rich desserts you’ll ever taste. Get the peanut putter and cookies ‘n’ cream fudge. You won’t regret it.

Also, Sedona is known for it’s New Age vibes. There are a ton of art galleries and crystal shops, so look out for opportunities to learn about moonstones, psychics, and spirituality.

How to get around in Sedona:

If you’re planning a Sedona bachelorette party, you HAVE to get in touch with Jeff from Zeus M. Uber isn’t really a thing in Sedona, so you’ll need to plan ahead to avoid headaches when it comes to transportation around town.

Zeus M has a van that fits up to 11 people. Jeff picked us up from the airport, took us to the resort, and drove us to the winery, dinner, hike starting point, and back to the airport at a super reasonable price. He also ran to the grocery store for us to pick up beer and champagne for Saturday at the pool. Can’t recommend Zeus M enough for a large group.

All this to say we had a blast in Sedona for my best friend’s bachelorette party. If you’re trying to find a great destination for a bachelorette party that will be relaxing but also full of fun things to do, Sedona is a great option. The bride and all of us loved every moment of it!

Read about my bachelorette party in San Francisco, California here. Leave me a comment below if you have any questions about planning a Sedona bachelorette party!