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Country wedding ideas are definitely on the top list of popular wedding ideas to consider this day. Who can refuse the idea of having a wedding party with the touch of country and cowboy style? This kind of wedding can be done either in the country or even in the middle of big city, therefore this makes it a whole lot more fun.

There are many country wedding ideas to try and it can be customized based on the situation as well, so be creative and have fun with country wedding party

1. Have the wedding party held in a real barn or set the whole area like a barn

What could be better to create a country wedding rather than have it in a barn. The wood building, stack of hay bales, and perhaps a green field with horses out there are definitely great items to create country wedding.

2. Decorate the area with wild flower

Wild flower is one thing that people will associate with the country world, so have wild flower for the decoration or even best, create a bouquet for the bride that was made lovely wild flowers arrangement

3. Mason jar for everything

Somehow mason jar is also something that people will identify as part of country life style so make sure to incorporate it in every aspect of the wedding. It can be turn into wine glasses, hanging it around as row markers, use it as candle holder, flower vase and so on. It won’t go wrong with Mason jar

4. Wear cowboy boots

Why wearing the usual shoes if the groom can wear cowboy boots? Cowboy boots has distinct look that will create a country atmosphere instantly. Have the groom, the groomsmen and perhaps the bridesmaid to wear it

5. Cowboy hats

Cowboy boots and cowboys hats have its place in country wedding. Cowboy hats can be use to hold flowers on the wedding tables, and it also can be carry by the flower girls or the ring bearer on the aisle. Why not wear it as well?

6. Country flare music

Entertain the guest with country flare music. This is a great thing to have especially on the wedding reception party, where everyone can enjoy country music and get the feel of being a cowboy and cowgirl at that moment

Incorporating those country wedding ideas on a wedding party will definitely give a total country look, which is fun and of course very memorable as well.

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