9 Casual Wedding Ideas For All Types Of Couples

Nowadays people want to try out wedding ideas and themes that are as far away from conventional as possible. Even though casual weddings are still something that most people opt for you do not have to stay in the mold so to speak to have a casual wedding. Casual weddings are excellent for couples who are getting married on a tight budget or just want something that is relaxing as opposed to being stressful. That being said the nine ideas below should help causal wedding couples add a bit of unconventional wisdom to their event.

Idea no. 1: Throw in paper lanterns to add a bit of glow

Paper lanterns can be added to any wedding venue and can spice things up quite a bit. The somewhat diffused yet romantic glow of the lanterns indoors and outdoors will make for some beautiful wedding photos not to mention keep people interested in the aura of the event. These cost just a few dollars a piece at most online and offline stores, plus they are very simple to setup.

Idea no. 2: Casual celebration at the beach

If you have the perfect spot on the beach then why not use it as your wedding’s venue. When you’re getting married near the beach all you need to serve is a few simple foods and setup picnic tables. A few chairs lined up in rows will give everyone the opportunity to see you and your bride walk down to the aisle. This can make the wedding highly cost effective, entertaining and romantic.

Idea no. 3: Get married in a barn

If you live near the country then this would be the best, most cost effective way to get married. A big red barn overlooking the summer’s sunny day can make for an excellent country wedding setting. A few haystacks, sun flowers and farm animals will complete the theme and make it fun.

Simple Country Wedding Reception

Backyard or Farmhouse Wedding Reception In Tuscany

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars if you want a casual and relaxed wedding especially if someone in your family has a large backyard. Getting married in the backyard or farmhouse will open you up to a host of decoration, seating and photography opportunities. A few pretty white chairs, tables and lights will help to polish this theme.

Idea no. 5: Let your dog be the ring bearer

If you have a dog that is as much as a part of your family as anyone else then why not make him or her your ring bearer. Nothing makes saying “I do” more fun than having a dog by your side. However, this is one idea that needs to be given lots of thought because animals are known to act rather unpredictably. Perhaps the dog will need a few rehearsals to get things right.

Idea no. 6: Getting married like in Vegas

Vegas is known for its spur of the moment casual weddings. However, getting married in Vegas is glamorous, and there is nothing common or casual about it. The event can consist of a few close friends and family members, coupled with a luxury car and a ride through the fabled sin city. The beauty of getting married Vegas style is that you can get married wearing anything even a t-shirt!

Idea no. 7: Married like in a restaurant

Many restaurants today have banquet halls or a certain section of the place that would be great for a warm wedding. The restaurant will be responsible for catering, prep-work, decoration and cleanup. The choice of restaurant will mainly depend on the type of cuisine most of your family members or the people you are inviting will enjoy.

Idea no. 8: A wedding destination

Do you have a place in mind you’ve always wanted to visit and spend some time in? Then this may be the perfect place to get married to the woman you love. Destination weddings happen to be a surprisingly cheap yet fun affair for everyone that attends it. You can choose from a warm destination to one where subzero temperatures are fun all year long.

Idea no. 9: An adventure wedding

If you and your wife to be are thrill seeking then Modern Weddings recommends an adventure wedding. These are far from traditional casual weddings but fun and romantic. Consider getting married on a ski slope, roller coaster or before you dive off an airplane. However, finding a celebrant to preside over your wedding in the air can be hard to find!

Manu Alias has been a wedding planner for over twenty years. His experience spans hundreds of unconventional weddings organized for both regular people and celebrities alike. He is the author of a number of books where he outlines different casual wedding ideas and tips.

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