Top 10 must-try hen party ideas

If you’re searching for the perfect hen party ideas then you’re in luck! Here, the experts from Last Night of Freedom share their top 10 hen activities to get the party started…

With all the stress of having to organise a wedding, the hen do is a chance for the bride to unwind and de-stress from the rigmarole of planning their big day. But with any hen do, the activities are key. Most will tell you that as long as all the girls are together, it wouldn’t matter on the destination. Yet with the brides different social circles coming together to celebrate her last night of freedom, there should be a consorted effort to break the ice and what better way than an activity or two to get that party started; because unlike stags, you’re not all about drinking until you pass out.

Here are our top ten hen party ideas:

Dance Classes

Having become more popular over the years, dance classes are the ideal way to break the ice for groups. Themes range from learning the steps to single ladies to bumping and grinding to R. Kelly – there is a signature tune for everyone! You’ll be all hot and sweaty, but well prepared for a night on the tiles to show off your newly acquired moves.

Cocktail Workshop

Ever wanted to know what went into your favourite cocktail, or how to make them at home? Then here is your chance. Select your chosen cocktail and get a step-by-step guide from a top quality mixologist to making the perfect Porn Star Martini, or Strawberry Daiquiri. Then take your new found skills back to your accommodation and practice them during pre-drinks before heading out. No doubt you’ll have a bad head in the morning though!

Nude Life Drawing

Time to test those drawing skills. It doesn’t matter if you’re Pablo Picasso or more of an abstract portrait painter, you’ll still have the chance to come up with your own masterpiece when sat behind an easel with a naked hunk in front of you. A little tip: don’t focus too much on one part.

Boozy Brunch

The PERFECT ice-breaker. Take up a boozy brunch either the morning of the first day, or the morning after that big night out. Alcohol might be the last thing on your mind but trust us, the old saying “what makes you bad, makes you better” is true. Enjoy a nice brunch with a glass of Prosecco and we promise you’ll be as right as rain and ready for what the day has in store.

A firm favourite in our office, this latest sensation is ready to take over when it comes to hen activities. Arrive at the venue and get ready to flitter that glitter, with a glass of Prosecco in hand. A team of professional glitter artists will transform you into something so spectacular no one will be able to take their eyes off you.

Not one for the faint-hearted! The art of foreplay is something that everyone can improve on, no matter how good you think you are. In the dominatrix classes, you are shown the basics and even allowed to practice on a semi-nude model who you can pretend is your slave for the afternoon. Take heed and listen to your mistress as they take you through the basics.

If the bride is a fan of Great British Bake Off then this one is a must. Put that apron on and roll up those sleeves, ready to learn how to make the perfect tart or how to avoid getting a soggy bottom from a star of the show. With bakers such as 2015 contestant Paul Jagger, Jane Beedle from season seven, and 2016 finalist Andrew Smyth you will be in good hands and hopefully pick up some tips on making that culinary masterpiece or the perfect artisan roll.

Locations: Prague and Amsterdam

Take in the sights and sounds of the city in style, with your very own beer and prosecco bike. Sit back with your girls and take it all in, with a glass of prosecco or a pint of beer in your hand. Tours normally last for around two hours and include enough alcohol to cover the whole trip, unless you’re rather thirsty.

Private Catamaran

Sometimes it is best to treat a hen do as a mini holiday; away with the girls and normally somewhere warm. So why not take advantage of the beautiful weather and scenery and hire a private catamaran? Take to the sea with your girls, a good few bottles of prosecco, and drink and tan while appreciating your time away. Don’t forget the sun screen though.

Another favourite of our office, the Dreamboys shows are becoming one of the go-to shows for hen parties over the past few years. With hunky celebs hitting the stag, performing Full Monty-esque moves that dazzle their audiences, it’s easy to see why hen parties are flocking to their nearest show. Heart-throbs from the likes of Love Island, X-Factor and Geordie Shore have been amongst the cast, with the show gaining notoriety for their lust-full and raunchy moves. Not a one to be missed ladies.