Top 5 Branding Strategies for a Koozie Company

Whether you’re starting your own business or taking charge of the advertising of another business, everyone needs to understand the value of good branding. All great companies have strong branding at their backbone, and small companies need to take advantage of it even more.

Branding can be the difference for many brands between breaking even and cutting a profit. It can also be an important factor in promoting growth. Regardless of why you’re looking to improve your brand, here are 5 branding strategies for your koozie company.

1. The “Premier Product”

This strategy can be summarized best in one phrase: our product is the best, way better than the rest. If you approach your customers with the necessary support to prove that you are the best, any price tag is worth it.

Premier product brands must be premier in all ways. This means that on top of developing your product’s quality, you will also want all hands on deck with your customer service team. You will also want to keep the needs of your target market in mind.

2. The “Anti-Brand”

This branding strategy is intelligent because it feeds off the distrust by consumers of big brands. By painting your brand as a comparable outsider, your consumers believe that they are trend-setters and should use your company over others.

In order to take advantage of this strategy, be sure to use graphics that differentiate you the most from other products in your market. You may also want to take advantage of the support that consumers give to smaller, local brands.

3. The “Expert-Recommended”

Consumers tend to give a lot of trust to “experts” and will usually defer to their opinion over any other. If you can get experts to recommend your brand, you will stand out to your consumers.

If you can get a social media influencer on your side, even better. By having them promote your product, many of their followers will take after their lead.

4. The “Cult”

This is the most interesting branding strategy because it almost sacrifices mass-purchases and instead relies on the trust of your consumers a lot. By being different, you can create a cult that will promote your brand for you.

Just like many of the most memorable 80s and 90s movies, cult products can’t be ignored. They are often the most long-term successful examples in a market.

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5. The “Piggyback”

By associating your brand with another brand, you can try to piggyback on the success of that brand. For example, having a phone case brand that always promoted their products with iPhones will have found success with this strategy.

Be careful, though, when choosing the brand you piggyback off of. If that brand isn’t successful, you will have wasted a lot of effort for not much return.

Using Branding Strategies Successfully

Different branding strategies work well for different products and companies. Make sure to pick the branding strategy that works best based on the make-up of your market and your company.

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