3 Simple but Magical Unicorn Party Ideas

I have to admit, when my daughter asked me for a Unicorn party for her 5th birthday, I was pretty excited. I had been seeing these amazing unicorn party ideas on Pinterest for months and was secretly hoping she would ask me for one. So, off I went to start pinning everything Unicorn Party related. I really love this theme because it’s all about soft, pretty colors and super easy to add your own touch with DIY projects. I came across SO many amazing, beautiful ideas but really wanted to try and keep it as simple as possible while also keeping it magical, of course! So if you’re on the hunt for magical Unicorn party ideas, keep reading!

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Unicorn Decorations

I didn’t go over the top with the decor, just because I like simplicity and I find sometimes the decorations can be overwhelming. I usually only decorate one main area and don’t like to over do it. In this case, our dining room table became the focal point of the party. I love the Unicorn party theme because I was able to add girly touches like flowers and pretty pastel colors. I used the sparkle unicorn party supplies kit for basic decorations, like the banner, tablecloth and plates from Amazon and just light Pink, turquoise and funky rainbow balloons from Walmart.
Unicorn Party decorations

The big 5 you see on the table was made by me a few years ago for my Mom’s 50th birthday. I decided to store it away just for this occasion! It was pretty easy to make but very time consuming. Those tissue paper flowers kicked my ass. LOL! But the end result was definitely worth it, and I was able to reuse it so WIN! If you want to make your own, check out this tutorial.

Unicorn Cake

I know you’ve seen all those beautiful unicorn head cakes floating around Pinterest. I’ll be honest, I was pretty nervous to even attempt this cake but I’m so happy I did! Though a bit time consuming, it actually wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be and came out pretty good for my first try. Here’s how it went;

I used two 9 inch, round cake pans and made two Betty Crocker Rainbow Chip cake mixes as per the package directions. Once cooled I wrapped both cakes in cling wrap and placed in fridge until I was ready for the icing. I find the icing goes on better and doesn’t start getting gooey and melty if the cakes are cold.  I took the easy way out for the icing and bought a huge tub of Wilton White Icing.
Next I took three bowls and added some icing to each, then colored each bowl of icing a different color (for the “unicorn hair” flowers) with Wilton Gel Icing Colors. (I used Rose Petal Pink, Creamy Peach and cornflower Blue) Once I got the colors I wanted, I added the icing to separate ZipLock freezer bags, (DIY piping bags) Then stuck them in the fridge so the icing would firm up a bit.

Once ready to ice, I took both cakes out of the fridge and started with the first cake, which was the bottom layer. I iced the top of it, then added the second cake on top of it. You may need to trim off the tops of the cakes so they are more flat once you stack them. Ice the whole cake trying to get the icing as smooth as possible. It’s not the easiest task with icing, I guess that’s why people use fondant but I’m not a huge fan. Once the whole cake was iced I popped it in the fridge for about 30 minutes to allow the icing to firm up a bit before adding the flower hair.

For the flower hair I used this Wilton Drop Flower Tip Set, using a different tip for each color icing.
This was probably the easiest and most fun part of the cake because you can pretty much do whatever you want. I did most of the top of the cake as well as down one side. For the Unicorn horn I took an Ice cream cone, covered it with a thin layer of icing and then rolled it around a plate of sprinkles. I made a bunch of these and placed them in cupcake holders for an added treat =)
The ears were the only non edible part of the cake. I grabbed some pink cardstock, cut out the ear shapes and stuck them in the cake.

Unicorn Outfit

What’s a party without a great dress? I found my daughter’s party dress at H&M and it couldn’t have been more perfect for her Unicorn party theme. Covered in magical unicorns of course! Plus, it was on clearance! . SCORE!

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Have you or will you be throwing a Unicorn party? Let me know how it goes in the comments!