Be in the Know: Social Media Marketing Stats 2018

Social media marketing is today’s way of advertising one’s brand. Gone are the days when getting banners/pamphlets printed for your business was enough. The contemporary marketers have to fret for several other things, connection with users being the most important of them all. Since an ever increasing population uses social media on daily basis, employing the said mode is profitable. That being said, it is important for marketers to have an elaborate understanding of all the social media platforms out there.

1. Facebook

The famous case on Facebook regarding the breaching of personal data has done almost nothing to affect its popularity. Instead it appears that it has had absolutely no negative consequences. It has increased advertising revenues. As of the first quarter of 2018, Facebook managed to earn $11.8 billion, exhibiting a 49% increase from previous year, same duration. It is interesting to note that 91% of advertisers used mobile phones to generate revenue in 2018. These statistics are not surprising. 3 million businesses use Facebook for marketing purposes, thus accounting for such high grossing. However, it has been observed that the approximate percentage of 12 year old American children using the said application has decreased from 67% to 62%.