Small Christmas Party Ideas For Startups

small Christmas party ideas girls champagne

Get some inspiration for your next festive event with our cracking Christmas party ideas for startups and small teams. 

On the top of the corporate social calendar lies an annual event which is eagerly anticipated by all: the infamous office Christmas party. However, when you’re in a startup or small team, the likelihood of being able to throw a grand Xmas bash is almost zero. But, this is not the time to be disheartened, everyone deserves the magical feeling that the festive season brings. So, without further ado, we’re gifting you five Christmas party ideas for startups and small teams…

If you’re working at an SME or startup you’ll be no stranger to the fact that co-working spaces have become extremely popular. If you’re one of those lucky people to be sharing a building with other companies, now is the perfect time to make friends whilst saving some cash. Consider throwing a joint Christmas party. Not only will this mean that there’ll be extra funds, but it’ll also be a great networking opportunity, and you’ll be able to host the party in an amazing venue for a much more reasonable price. You know what they say about Christmas bringing people together? Well, it’s time to get friendly with the neighbours!

2. Try a  team bonding activity

Christmas time is the perfect time for team bonding, and there are some awesome companies that can help you out here. Check out The Big Smoke Events and The Green Hat People for fun team events at a reasonable cost. They design interactive scavenger hunts, business games, and workshops, triggering collaboration and engagement amongst your team.

3. Hold your Xmas party in-house with DIY catering

Often, when companies are short on funds, outsourcing a venue is just not an option so the office is always a safe haven. Why not hold your Christmas party at the office, or even at home? Not only will this cut down on the spend, but you can actually make a whole day out it. Colleagues can work together to prep the all-important turkey, whilst others prepare Christmas cocktails. Add this to a selection of office games and you’ve got a winner. With everyone working together in a familiar setting a DIY-do is sure to bring out that warm ‘Christmassy’ feeling.

4. Opt for Christmas drinks

Christmas drinks are sure to get your colleagues into the Christmas spirit… gin, whiskey, and vodka that is. It’s a much more casual affair than a traditional Christmas party, and let’s face it, everyone bonds over booze. Just be mindful that over-drinking can be the biggest regret the day after, so don’t get sloppy drunk, and make sure everyone knows their limits. The best tip is to hold the Christmas drinks on a Friday, so no one can call in “sick” the next day.

5. Take advantage of being a small team

From all of the ideas above, the one thing that we can summarise is that bonding is key to a successful festive event. When you’re in a tight-knit team you’ll always have an advantage over big corporates when it comes to workplace relationships. A really easy way to ensure that everyone enjoys the Christmas party is to hold a brainstorming session with the whole team to encourage ideas. Even just a group trip to Winter Wonderland could be a great solution that you might not have previously thought of.