Personal Branding: A #CMWorld Twitter Chat with the CMWorld Community

You can learn a lot about someone on social media. They tell teens to be careful what they post (which really is just a good life lesson in general, right?) and we hear that we shouldn’t overshare on social media.

But, what if you’re the voice of a brand, an active and engaged employee, or someone trying to build a business, grow a business, or make connections? Enter the world of personal branding. Personal brands can take many forms, but one thing is clear: personal branding establishes and promotes what you stand for.

In yesterday’s #CMWorld Twitter chat, our community talked about what we think about personal brands, how we grow our own, some caveats, and some opportunities.

Read on to get our community’s take on the idea of personal branding and check out some of the highlights on our Twitter Moment.

A2: Be like Frank Sinatra and heed the advice in “I Did It My Way.” Your personal brand is a reflection of who you are as a person. Ask yourself, “What do I want to be known for?” #CMWorld

A2 What makes me interesting? Why should people care? What value am I bring to their life? What am I doing to inspire myself thus inspiring others? Look at Will Smith’s IG. He is very much a personal brand that I enjoy watching. #cmworld

A2: Who you’re trying to reach, what value you bring, what sets you apart. #CMWorld

A5) First off, just be YOU. Trying to be like someone else creates a persona you have to work at maintaining and it shouldn’t be “work.”
2nd, find people who resonate w/ your values, views, ethics, etc. that you can connect with and grow together.#CMWorld

— Jason Schemmel – Podcaster. Speaker. #GSDChat🎙️🤯 (@JasonSchemmel) August 7, 2018

A5 YOU can help with the process. Be yourself. The more genuine you are, the less you focus on a “brand,” the stronger it will be. #cmworld

A5: I like looking through the list of great brands I follow, and wonder why I follow them. The answers will help me define my own brand. #CMWorld

So, what defines you? What is your personal brand? Is this important to you as you grow as a marketer, or as you grow your brand? We’d love your thoughts in the comments below!

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