36 Seriously Awesome Harry Potter Party Ideas

Throwing a Harry Potter party? From invitations to decor and everything in between, these awesome Harry Potter party ideas will help make this the best birthday ever!

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My 10 year old seriously loves Harry Potter. She read all the books within a four month period in third grade. After that, we had a Harry Potter movie night every Friday until we’d watched the entire series. Even I’m a Harry Potter fan now!

We were originally planning to have a Harry Potter party for Ashling last year but she and I’d already planned some awesome Harry Potter recipes. In the end, she opted to take a family vacation to Universal Studios instead.

This year I’m not getting off that easy and she’s definitely looking forward to a Harry Potter birthday. I’ve got a couple months but I’m planning now because time always seems to sneak up on me!

I’ve rounded up a selection of Harry Potter gifts already but there will still be invitations to design, decor to set up and food to make. What on earth did people do before the internet? I’ve been able to find so many awesome Harry Potter party ideas that this should be easy!

Harry Potter Party Ideas

Some of these are creative ideas that you can make yourself. Others are things you can easily order because let’s face it, sometimes we just can’t do it all and a little help is nice! Either way, these are some of my favorite ideas for a Harry Potter themed birthday.

Harry Potter Invitations

Hogwarts Letter Party Invitation

This party invitation comes in the form of a Hogwarts letter. What kid wouldn’t want to find one of these in the mail?!

Daily Prophet Invitations – Etsy

How awesome are these invitations? Designed to look like the Daily Prophet, you can even add your child’s photo…they look pretty authentic to me! Plus, this Etsy shop has lots of other Harry Potter invitations to choose from too.

Hogwarts Express Invitations – Etsy

If you’re just way too busy to customize your own invites, this company on Etsy will do all the work for you. Just send them the party info and they’ll send you the completed invitations. All you have to do is hand them out. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Harry Potter Party Decor

DIY Portrait Backdrop – My Poppet

The kids will really feel like they’re at Hogwarts when you hang this brick wall and DIY portraits!

Harry Potter Flying Keys – Tikkido

These flying keys will look great hanging from the ceiling at your Harry Potter party.

Platform 9 3/4 – Tuxedo Cats & Coffee

This is just one of the awesome ideas that I found on this site. They also made a life sized Dementor and Hedwig Welcome Sign to greet all the guests.

This site has so many great ideas that I couldn’t even list them all! From the Harry Potter phone booth to printable signs, there are a lot of fun Harry Potter decorations to choose from!

Mirror Of Erised – Delicious Reads

If you have a little extra time, okay a LOT of extra time, it might be pretty cool to have this prop at the party!

Floating Candles – HP Wish List

These DIY floating candles will add a cool ambiance to the party!

Flying Acceptance Letters – Craftster Chic

I love that these “flying” acceptance letters were used as a photo backdrop…such a great idea!

If you don’t feel like making your own decor (or just run out of time like I often do, you can order these fun Harry Potter decorations online:

Etsy%20(US)” target=_blank rel=noopener>Harry Potter Flying Keys Mobile

Brick Wall for Platform 9 3/4

Harry Potter Balloons

Hogwarts Wall Banner

Harry Potter Decoration Kit

Harry Potter Crafts & Activities

Wizard Wand With Paper – The Tiptoe Fairy

This is a fun tutorial for making Harry Potter wands out of paper.

Chocolate Golden Snitches – My Poppet

These chocolate golden snitches are a cross between a craft and a yummy treat…the best of both worlds!

Divinations Class Fortune Telling Trick – Tikkido

My girls would have so much fun with this that we may not even wait to have a party to do it! This fortune telling trick will be hugely popular at any Harry Potter party!

Harry Potter Origami Sorting Hat – Get Away Today

This free printable from Get Away Today reminds me of similar ones I made when I was a kid…though that was a few years before Harry Potter came along. Putting this origami craft together will keep the kids entertained for awhile.

Need some quick & easy Harry Potter activities and crafts? Check these out…

Harry Potter Photo Booth Props

Harry Potter Bingo

Etsy%20(US)” target=_blank rel=noopener>Harry Potter Code Breaker Game

Make Your Own Wand Craft Kit

Harry Potter Goodie Bag Ideas

Hogwarts House Bookmarks – Artsy Fartsy Mama

I love how colorful these Hogwarts bookmarks are and they’re perfect for your Harry Potter goodie bags.

Chocolate Frogs – Creative Southern Home

Goodie bags should always include some kind of treat (at least ours do) and what could be better than these chocolate frogs.

Print these out and put them together to make your own cool Harry Potter Book Of Spells.

Glow Stick Broomsticks – One Little Project

You can never go wrong with glow sticks, especially when they come with a Harry Potter theme!

You might like these Harry Potter goodie bag ideas:

Etsy%20(US)” target=_blank rel=”nofollow noopener”>Potion Labels For Hand Sanitizer

Mini Cauldrons and Broom Pens

Etsy%20(US)” target=_blank rel=”nofollow noopener”>Harry Potter Wands

Etsy%20(US)” target=_blank rel=”nofollow noopener”>Harry Potter Favor Bags

Butterbeer Recipes

So I already have an entire post filled with Harry Potter recipes but I HAD to include a few Butterbeer recipes. These are some of my favorites…

Homemade Butterbeer Recipe – My Name Is Snickerdoodle

You can’t have a Harry Potter birthday party without Butterbeer.

Butterbeer Cookie Mugs – Hungry Happenings

How cute are these Butterbeer cookie mugs! I love the glass effect in the middle and definitely plan to try making these sometime soon!

Butterbeer Frozen Custard – Whip & Wander

What goes better with your Harry Potter cake than Butterbeer frozen custard? It seems like a perfect match to me!

Hot Butterbeer – Tip Toe Fairy

I love the idea of hot Butterbeer for fall or winter Harry Potter parties.

Easy Butterbeer Cupcakes – My Poppet

Yumm…it might be worth having a party just to make these cupcakes!

Once you’ve got your invitations, decor and entertainment, you’ll need food! Check out my Harry Potter recipes post for tons of delicious choices from Pumpkin Pastries to Polyjuice Potion Punch.

Magical Harry Potter Recipes

If you’re looking for awesome Harry Potter gift ideas, you’ll definitely want to check these out!

Harry Potter Gift Ideas

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