Market Research Growing Area of Career Opportunities

Do you keenly watch Big Boss seasons? And still manage to steal a quick look of its repeated episodes? Some audience are attracted so much to it that it becomes addictive, then they form a huge audience group whose inputs run the shows content. The reaction, likes and dislikes are all calculated and forms the basis of corresponding episodes. Nearly all of this is facilitated by market researchers. This is an attractive and rewarding field for those with the inclination for questioning the reason of things. Opportunities in the field of market research as a profession are available worldwide and need a rich indulgence in market culture and quantitative methods. Market research is well thought-out to be the highest growing professional categories today.

Market Research includes collection of information and inputs regarding consumers’ opinions, tastes, needs and preferences. This data is compiled through a various methods and then used by companies for decision making regarding advertising, promotion, and distribution activities. Information gathered and analyzed by market research is also helpful to find out accurately who the companies’ target markets are. Market research analysts perform the day-to-day work of the marketing research industry.

Nature of work

Job profile of market researchers varies from the function of field data collection to data compiling, coding and analysis as well. Market research analysts are concerned about the prospective sales of a product or service. They evaluate statistical data on past sales to forecast future sales. They congregate facts and figures on competitors and explore prices, sales, and methods of promotion and distribution.

Market Research Analysts develop methods and measures to obtain the data they need. They often devise telephonic, electronic mail, or online surveys to understand and evaluate customer preferences. Some surveys are conducted as personal interviews by approaching consumers door-to-door, conducting focus group discussions, or setting up kiosks to capture data in public places such as shopping malls and trade fairs. Skilled interviewers, under the market research analyst’s track, mostly conduct the surveys.

After compiling the data, market research analysts assess them and formulate recommendations for their client or employer based on their studies. The information generated out of their analysis forms basis of various key decisions in the area of advertising and sales budgeting, marketing planning, distribution planning, pricing strategies, differential pricing in various geographical territories. Other strategic decision making areas like brand extensions, product line-stretching or pruning, opening new branches, capacity expansion and diversification of operations are also facilitated by such data analysis.

Market research analysts may contribute through his inputs towards developing promotional content for sales brochures, advertising leaflets and ad films, sales strategy, and product promotional offers like sample trials and freebees.

Research studies can be conducted for various agencies, organizations, businesses, rating agencies, government bodies, political parties and individual consultants as well.

Desired Skills in the area of market research

Inquisitiveness, Students aspiring to pursue market research as a career should be of basic nature as inquisitive, to look after reasons and facts for certain observed trends.

Data skills, aspirant must be good at figures and statistical operations. Knowledge of MS office, excel, powerpoint and even IBM SPSS is desirable and in fact must as these facilitate data compilation, analysis and presentation easier.

Team-spirit, as research projects in companies are across huge geographies, large teams are formed to conduct surveys and studies so candidate must be a good team person who can effectively and efficiently collaborate.

People skills and Communication skills, these skills are must to collect information and deal with a variety of audience and be able to understand them thoroughly.

Mentally agility, since this area calls for interaction with variety of target respondents and customer groups so the candidate should be of agile mindset to be able to adjust with the frequency of subject and be able to connect and articulate accordingly.

Ready to travel; since data collection is to be done from various geographic locations and organizations so frequent traveler is suited for the profile while simultaneously skills pertaining to focus and accuracy in data entry and analysis is also needed.

Market Research companies providing jobs in India

  • Nielson India
  • IMRB International
  • Milward Brown
  • RNB research
  • Market Xcel data matrix
  • IPSOS Indica research
  • Delphi Research Services
  • IDC India
  • Lamcon Finance and Management
  • Hansa Research
  • Market Pulse
  • Protech India
  • TNS India

Positions offered in Market Research:

Vice-President of Marketing Research: This position is one of the top-ranking position in the area of market research which is responsible for bringing client research projects to company and heads entire research functions by formulating goals and objectives of market research department of firm.

Research Director: A senior level position in the organization which holds responsibility of planning, directing and executing the entire research projects. It also deals with client interaction to understand needs and assess requirements.

Assistant Director of Research: This is an administrative position to assist the functions of director to identify resources and supervise the team of researchers.

(Senior) Project Manager: A position that calls for complete project execution responsibility by designing team and delegating responsibilities, monitoring processes.

Statistician/Data Processing Specialist: This position requires expertise in the area of data processing and analysis, requires up-to-date knowledge of all statistical tools and software to be able to process data with speed and precision.

Senior Analyst: This position has role of directly executing projects by developing research design as well as data collection and also preparation of final reports within time deadlines and the constraints of cost allocated.

Analyst: Functions at this position are designing questionnaire, data collection tools and preliminary data analysis under the supervision of senior analyst.

Junior Analyst: Executes assignments on regular basis and conducts collection and compilation of secondary data as well. His function is also associated with data presentation by coding and editing questionnaire.

Field Work Director: Job profile at this level includes identification and selection of field level personnel for data collection and training them for primary data collection activities.

To go with theory, it is said that, ” every marketing decision starts with a market research and ends with a market research” so the area will keep growing in terms of career opportunities and will continue to offer ample opportunities.


Dr. Pallavi Chandwaskar

Asst. Professor



Do Presentations Have a Place in Social Media Marketing?

By now, it should be abundantly clear that social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others are one of the most powerful tools that you have when it comes to forging a deeper, more organic and more valuable connection with your target audience.

But are all types of content created equally on social media?

Twitter and Instagram in particular come with built-in user bases that are positively massive. Those users also tend to prefer shorter, visual heavy bursts of information. That’s why content like Infographics tend to perform particularly well. They cut right to the point, they’re easy to digest and even easier to share.

So what does that mean for another type of collateral,

In truth, presentations absolutely have a place in social media marketing – one that can generate results that would be hard to replicate through other means. You just have to keep a few key things in mind regarding when, where and how you use them.

The Power of Presentations on Social Media

Think for a moment about a few of the major goals that social media marketers have for their content. , a massive 71% of small businesses in particular say that attracting new customers is one of their primary goals. Based on that, the chances are high that you’re among them.

When you’re trying to connect with people who likely have little-to-no exposure to your brand at this point, you need content that will “ease” them into the relationship that you’re trying to create. Something that will give them a good idea of not only what you do, but why that matters. Something that gives your message room to breathe, offering a more intimate experience than content designed for someone who may be farther along the sales funnel.

Now, what does that sound like?

If you said it sounded like a presentation – you’re absolutely right.

People follow brands because they want to know more about you. They want to hear your story, see what you’re all about, find out what you stand for and learn the ways in which your goals align with theirs. Any piece of collateral that you create to help further that goal, by definition, becomes incredibly valuable as a result.

By and large, the right type of presentation is an effective way to accomplish all of these things at roughly the same time. It really is a “best of all worlds” situation. You get the visual element that Twitter and Facebook users love, coupled with space to really tell a moving story, coupled with a delivery mechanism that lends itself to sharing with others.

So if anyone ever tells you that presentations have no place on social media marketing, they’re probably not making the right type of presentations to begin with.

Social Media Presentation Best Practices

None of this is to say that you can’t do presentations wrong on social media – because you can. As with just about anything, the key to your success involves remembering a few important rules as you craft that content in the first place.

Shorter is always better, even for a format that naturally lends itself to longer experiences like presentations. This is doubly true on social networking, where the value of one’s time is at an absolute premium. Based on that, it’s probably not a good idea to use the presentation format as a way to tell your entire life’s story, or the founding story of your company, or anything else that would quickly prove to be insurmountable in length. For the best results, try to design something that takes about five (or so) minutes to digest from start to finish. If you start to feel like your content is running long, don’t be afraid to break it up into shorter chunks.

Likewise, you should also make sure that you’re using as many visuals as possible in your presentation destined for social networking – even though the format itself lends itself pretty nicely to an equal balance between pictures and text. Fall back on the “spine” of your presentation and work to guarantee that it’s as strong as possible. Decide on your one-sentence summary or thesis statement for your presentation at the very beginning and then build everything around it. Anything that doesn’t “hang” on that spine needs to fall away for the sake of the end product.

Try to work hard to use as many bullet points as possible. Make your presentation easily skimmable for people who choose to use it that way. People who want to really dive deep into it and think about it can still do exactly that – but for those who are simply wondering “what is this all about?” and their urge is to get through the content as quickly as possible, they’ll still get the entirety of the “story” that you’re trying to tell.

Presenting the Best Version of Your Brand

The fact of the matter is that any type of collateral, when done properly, absolutely has a place in the hallowed halls of social media. When you sit down to create something with a presentation maker like  (which I founded), you’ve got everything you need to create something that will deeply resonate with your audience.

Whether you’re using such a tool to create Infographics or presentations or even as  what matters more is the story you’re trying to tell and the audience that is going to be captivated by it. Yes, it’s true that nobody wants to view a 300 page presentation on their Twitter feed – but that doesn’t mean the format itself won’t bring with it a huge number of advantages that would be hard to replicate through other means.

So long as you start with the audience, hone your message around their needs and questions and then build your collateral with those properties in mind, the format itself matters less than the person who is going to be viewing it. If you’ve taken great care to make sure that your content is created with that person in mind, at that point you can essentially do anything you want.

About the Author

Payman Taei is the founder of , an easy-to-use online tool to create engaging presentations, infographics, and other forms of visual content. He is also the founder of , an award-winning Maryland digital agency specializing in website design, user experience and web app development.

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Looking For Fall Glam Wedding Ideas? This Wedding Is It!

Have you ever been to an event that feels both relaxed AND high class? It is a very rare combination but when it happens the whole day feels like it is holding on to some kind of magic!  Leticia and Joan’s dream wedding styled and coordinated by Bodas de Cuento is just this kind of day and we cannot wait to share it with you! 

Keep on scrolling to find a pampas grass ceremony ring we know you’ll love along with a countless other vintage Fall inspired wedding details. You’ll find even more in the full gallery thanks to the fabulous photos from Raquel Benito.

The Ceremony

Leticia (Spanish) and Joan (Venezuelan) are living together in Belgium. Their dream was to get married in Spain and we found just the perfect place: Masia Ribas (Barcelona, Spain). We designed a vintage romantic wedding with a touch of modern details and a soft pink mood. 

For the ceremony, the guests sat comfortably in baroque armchairs and lounge sofas to enjoy the vows of the couple. After the ceremony, we prepared bubble blowers for the guests when the couple walked down the aisle. Overall it was spectacular! 

For the flower decoration, we worked closely together with Mireia Abras. The style was romantic but casual with a modern twist, you could see pampas all over the place, mixed with granate colored flowers and pastel pink roses. A giant circle was created with pampas and roses in soft tones for the ceremony. 

The Bridal Style

What to say about Leticia’s one in a million powder pink dress from the designer Emily Riggs, she looked absolutely breathtaking. Laia Martin, a professional makeup artist, transformed Leticia into an even more beautiful bride. 

The Food

The catering prepared a selection of typical authentic Venezuelan dishes: tequeños (fried breaded cheese stick), mini empanadas de cazon (fried stuffed pastry), cachapas (maize pancakes) and much more delicacies, the Venezuelan guests felt at home. They also enjoyed an extended national cheese buffet and the fresh soups. During the appetizer, we arranged a piano bar for some swing music while the guest could order their Camparis and Mojitos with the musicians directly! 

The Decor

The seating plan in watercolor pink was made with hand lettering by the bride herself. The place was filled with thousands of LED lights creating an intimate and romantic atmosphere. Each table had a hanging flower centerpiece with pampas and the table itself was decorated with the pastel pink roses and granate colored begonias and thousands of lights.  

The bride is an artist for a living and when we saw how good the hand lettering was, our eyes lit up! We asked her for a lot of things which she prepared herself, like the giant fabric sign with “Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars”. 

The icing on the cake, literally, was the dessert buffet before which the bride changed into here second wedding dress ready to celebrate all night long with her brand new husband. 

Get a closer look at this vintage Fall inspired wedding by watching the wedding video from A&Y video below.


The Personal Branding Strategy That Got Me On Par With Top Sales Leaders

personal-brand-sales-pros.jpgWhen I think back to my early days in sales, I owned a consulting firm, and I desperately needed to build a personal brand.

CEB stats show that 77% of B2B buyers said they only speak to a salesperson once they have performed independent research online. In other words, if you don’t have a strong personal brand, you’re not going to win over your buyer.

When it comes to building a personal brand, I’ll be the first to say I failed many times doing it. But finally, after many late nights staring at my computer screen, I finally hit something that worked.

What I recognized was that in every industry, there are rock stars. In the industry I was trying to target, my buyer was the VP of sales, the VP of marketing, and VP of sales enablement or sales operations. I recognized that if I wanted to get the attention of those VPs of sales, marketing, and sales enablement, I needed to align myself with those who already had their attention.

In marketing terms, you would call this, ‘influencer marketing,’ but I want you to forget that. In sales terms, it’s called socially surrounding the ecosystem of your buyer. And sales, rather than marketing, owns the initiative.

This is what I did: I drew a map of the typical VP of sales and/or marketing. To do this, I went into their LinkedIn profiles, I looked on them Twitter, and I started searching who these VPs had tagged in Twitter Lists and who they were following as influencers on LinkedIn.

I found common elements. There was this group of top sales leaders who they all followed: Ken Krouge at; Trish Bertuzzi, and Jill Konrath. I saw all these sales leaders and I thought to myself, okay, well right now when I call a VP of sales, he or she does not know me. So what I need to do is ensure that I’m grouped in the same conversations as Ken Krouge, Trish Bertuzzi, Jill Konrath, and other kinds of these people.

Next, I began engaging with Ken’s, Trish’s and Jill’s content. I started reading it, started commenting on it, started liking it, started creating my own derivatives of their own contents. I would even do reviews of their content.

Josiane-Feigon.pngThe engagement doesn’t end once I’ve built my own personal brand. To this day I still like, comment and share posts from top sales leaders. 

And what happens is you then get on their radar. Because you’re liking, commenting, sharing, retweeting their information, they start to notice that there is this guy in Toronto, Canada who finds them interesting. What happens is they naturally start taking notice of you, and when you create original ideas or you leave a comment on something they’ve done that is interesting, new, fresh, might engage with you too!

Then, your buyers, the VPs of sales and marketing start noticing that the people who they love, follow, admire and learn from also are also interested in this guy. This guy, Jamie Shanks in Toronto, Canada.

All of the sudden, you start slowly getting lumped into the same conversations as these people. And that’s where, for me, it all began.

Taking Online Value Offline

Of course, the real moment came for me when I attended Josiane Feigon’s session at the AA-ISP Leadership Summit in Dallas, Texas in April 2012. About 10 minutes into Josiane’s session, she asked the audience for specific examples of sales success leveraging social media. I sprung up and said, “We have been helping clients send LinkedIn InMail to prospects with a 12- to 20-percent message-sent-to-new-lead-created ratio.” That moment forever changed my life. After the session, Gary Ambrose and Ken Krouge approached me to exchange business cards. They both asked me to call them to discuss doing a joint webinar and ebook on the topic of LinkedIn. The rest is history.

This ebook was the result of socially surrounding the ecosystem of my buyers, and helped me bring a strong personal brand in the process. Source:

So to be clear: you have to rock offline to rock online. And you need the business acumen to back it up. Social allows us get insight into top sales leaders, but offline allows us to truly make an impression.

In my experience, building a personal brand isn’t just about sharing content from industry experts. There’s a million blogs on LinkedIn and Twitter on how to do that. The reality is, if you want to create a real brand, you need to be aligned with the people that already have a brand.

This strategy is no different than when your parents probably used to say, “show me your friends, I’ll show you your future,” and that old adage is so true—especially in the modern sales environment. Because those who you hang out with are those who you become.


Superhero Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Help your child feel like a strong, powerful, and confident superhero with these superhero birthday party ideas! These party planning ideas and superhero activities for kids will turn superhero dreams into a reality. As you plan your child’s super-spectacular birthday party, find more inspiration with the personalized superhero children’s book Super Kid!

Superhero Birthday Party Ideas

Party Favors for Kids

Thank your guests for coming with creative and affordable party favors. Here are some party favor ideas kids can use at the party or take home with them:

  • Superhero masks. Cut out masks from construction paper or purchase plastic ones from the store. Kids can decorate their masks for a superhero party activity!
  • Goody bags filled with candy. Write the words POW!, ZAP!, and BOOM! on construction paper, cut them out with triangular edges, in traditional comic-book style, and tape them to the outside of the bags.
  • Pillow case capes. Cut a hole from the top of pillow cases in different colors, for kids to stick their head through. Purchase large foam letters, so they can stick the letter of their name onto the back of their cape!
  • Medals of heroism. Make your own by cutting out circles from foam or construction paper and gluing a ribbon to each circle. Write a special reward on the medal, such as: Medal of Kindness, Medal of Confidence, Medal of Imagination, and so on. You can give out the awards throughout the party.

Kids Party Food: Super Snacks

Superheroes needs to keep up their strength! Here are some super-cool food and drink ideas:

  • Mini water bottles with capes. Cut a cape shape out of construction paper with a hole at the top. Slide the paper cape over the water bottle cap.
  • Superfoods that are packed with nutrients, like blueberries, avocado spread on crackers, and nuts. Write a note next to the snacks that say: Food to give you super strength!
  • Lightening bolt sandwiches. Cut a lightning bolt out of cheese and place it on top of each sandwich.
  • Superhero Jell-O cups. Make strawberry, berry, and lemon Jell-O according to the package, and add one layer at a time into the cup. Wait for each layer to solidify before adding the next.

Superhero Birthday Party Crafts and Superhero Games

These superhero crafts and games will spark your party guests’ creativity and imaginations!

Make Your Own Superhero Shield

Kids can design a popular superhero shield, like Captain America, or design their own! You’ll need:

  • Paper plates
  • Construction paper
  • Markers
  • Scissors
  • Elmer’s glue

For a shield like Captain America’s, color a blue circle in the center, followed by thin circles of red, white, and red. Cut out a star shape from white construction paper and glue it in the center. Cut out a long strip of construction paper and glue it to the back of the paper plate, to create a handle.

Power Smash Piñata

With their super strength, kids can take turns using a foam bat to power smash the piñata and reveal the candy surprises inside!

Capture the Villain

An adult will pretend to be the villain and hold a bag of candy. Kids must chase the villain and “catch” him by throwing a hula hoop over him. Once caught, the villain throws out candy to be released.

Mission Hidden Objects

Hide small objects around the yard or party space, and be sure there are duplicates of each object. After kids have formed groups, give each group an object list. Each group must locate every object on the list. The group to find all the objects first wins!


25 Superhero Food Ideas that Don’t Require Super Powers to Make


Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Ideas Photo Booth

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Ideas Photo Booth- Welcome to be able to our blog, with this time period I’ll show you concerning ugly christmas sweater party ideas photo booth. Now, this is actually the very first picture:

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Incorporating Social Media Platforms

Small business owners have probably been hearing for some time now that they need to be on social media. However, they may be wondering how they could possibly take on yet another thing? With so many social platforms they could be on, they may start believing that it’s too difficult to possibly manage every platform on an ongoing basis. There are many other parts of their businesses that are more important!

When business owners hear they need to be on social media, they may think they should be active on every social media platform: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Tumblr, and Pinterest may come to mind.

For someone who is in charge of their own business and manages all the aspects of their business (i.e. marketing, accounting, HR, sales, etc.), then yes, adding on social media can seem overwhelming and impossible.

But here’s the good news: when they say you should be on social media, they don’t mean every platform all at once!

Choose the platforms you need to be on

Image courtesy of Pixabay and antonin77

Image courtesy of Pixabay and

Certain social media platforms are better for some types of businesses as opposed to others. For example, if your business doesn’t have a physical location then Google+ may not be your top priority. If you have an accounting firm, then visual platforms such as Instagram may not be the best fit for your business.

When it comes to choosing which platforms you should be on, you should first do some research. Find answers to the following questions:

  • What are your competitors doing?
  • Are they on specific platforms and not others?

Ask for advice from a social media strategist for some help and guidance if you aren’t finding definitive answers.

Make a list of the platforms you eventually want to be on

Now that you’ve done some research on which platforms your competitors are on, your next step should involve creating a list of the platforms you want to eventually be on and then set some goals.

Start by choosing the three platforms that make sense for your business and are the most important to you. Next, set a timeline of when you want to be on those platforms and how long you need to build up your communities for each.

Don’t feel overwhelmed – you don’t have to be on all of them immediately!

steps-388914_1280Start with one

When deciding to start on the journey of incorporating social media into your marketing strategy, don’t feel like you need to start by jumping onto every platform all at once. Instead, take it one step at a time.

Is there a certain platform that you are more familiar with? Or, is social media a completely foreign topic to you? Choose a platform that feels most comfortable to you (or should we say more comfortable than the others!).

If you are totally lost and have no experience in the social marketing field, then we recommend that you start with Facebook. It is one of the easiest to set up and is pretty self-explanatory. You can post easily and maintain consistency when posting on Facebook. The platform makes it easy by allowing you the ability to schedule posts directly onto your Facebook page.

Claim the page

Think back to when you were choosing a name for your business, or better yet – buying a domain name for your business. Did you run into the difficulty of someone, somewhere having the same idea for a business name? Most likely, the original name you had in mind for your business was already taken.

Similarly, think about how many people are already using social media. If your goal is to be on social media, establish pages on all platforms you want to be on. This prevents anyone else from taking the name away from you.

When establishing your social media pages, you want to customize the URL’s. Traditionally, when you sign up for a social media platform- say Facebook- you are given a domain name such as Unless your business is named awer8342384aehtwiue8235, you will want to customize your URL to include the name of your business on every platform you are going to be on.

Build slowly

Image courtesy of Pixabay and geralt

Image courtesy of Pixabay and

Once you become comfortable with one platform, add another. Although the platforms are all a bit different than one another, there are numerous resources that can help you through the process of setting your business up on the various social media platforms. From blogs, to how-to videos, to social media experts willing to consult with you, you have everything you need to grow your business’ online presence.

Of course, it is completely normal to feel overwhelmed when learning a new platform. In fact, you may never feel completely comfortable with a platform. And that’s okay because each platform seems to change fairly often – they are regularly adding new features or making other changes to enhance their users’ experiences.

Keeping up with every change can be challenging, but don’t let the changes defeat your progress. Just keep going with the flow! As they say – practice makes perfect! And don’t be afraid to make some errors. The good news is that there is an edit button on some pages and delete buttons on others!

If you are still feeling hesitant about getting on the bandwagon and joining the social media world, then give us a call. We want to see your business prosper and by building a plan around your social media marketing strategy, you can see your business prosper online.


Fall Party Ideas: Pumpkin Place Cards

It’s time to decorate your home for the autumn season and get excited for the upcoming cooler weather, the colors of the leaves, pumpkin spice everything…you know what I mean.

We all know a big part of your autumn décor is decorating your table in a chic, cute, whimsical, or classic kind of way.  Why not top it off with lovely pumpkin place cards? These pumpkin place cards are perfect for any dinner party, fall weddings, or simply to complete the look of your autumn tablescape with your favorite fall expressions, like “thankful” or “autumn”.



You will need the following supplies to complete this project:

1. Small pumpkins with stem – available at your local Calloway’s or Cornelius
2. Fall Sprays of leaves and berries – available at your local Calloway’s or Cornelius
3. Twine
4. Metallic Paint Pens


Simply, cut a piece of twine about 2-3 inches long. Tie the twine around the base of the stem and tie into a knot. This will secure the twine.

Grab a leaf off your fall spray and write the name or expression of your choice with the paint marker.

Then, tie another knot around the stem of the leaf. This should secure the leaf to the pumpkin. Tie an additional knot it needed.


Grab your fine china, or cute plates. Fill a bowl or basket with our colorful gourds or any leftover spray pieces and pumpkins. Plant a lovely floral mum into beautiful pottery.

Finally, top it all off with your pumpkin place cards to complete the look.

Aren’t they gourd-eous!?!

Stop by our Pumpkin Fest, this Saturday at any of our store locations from 9am-7pm! Come pick out your quality autumn harvest selections and bring the kiddos for a day full of free family fun!


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