Disney Princess Party Ideas

Can’t decide who your favorite Disney Princess is? Why don’t you celebrate all of your favorites?! My Disney Princess Party Ideas post is full of food and favor ideas.

What’s a girl to do when she has lots of Disney Princess favorites? Celebrate them all with a Disney Princess themed birthday party! This princess themed candy and favor bar is definitely princess approved! Check out all these Disney Princess Party Ideas sure to make your birthday girl feel like royalty!

Disney Princess Party Ideas

A good old fashioned princess party never gets old. There are so many things you can do and so many ways you can decorate for a princess themed party. I love watching Disney Princess movies with my daughter…and sometimes without her (don’t tell!) Live Action Cinderella has to by one of my all time favorites now. Since we’re on the subject of movies…do you know how many Disney Princesses there are? Read on to find out.

Who Was the First Disney Princess?

Snow White was the very first and original Disney Princess, the “OP” if you will. The movie was released in 1937 and was based on a story by the Brothers Grimm written in 1812.

Fun Fact: The woman who voiced Snow White, Adriana Caselotti, lived around the block from my childhood home on Larchmont Boulevard in Hancock Park, Los Angeles. Everyone in the neighborhood knew, “The Snow White House” because of the distinctive red wishing well in her front yard.

How Many Disney Princesses Are There Now?

There are currently 11 Disney Princesses:

You might be asking yourself, “Are Elsa and Anna Disney Princesses too?”. Well, Elsa is a Queen so she pretty stands alone (if you don’t count the villain queens) so that leaves Anna. Anna is a princess for sure but she has yet to have her own coronation ceremony. Some theorize that “Frozen” is so incredibly successful that they don’t need to be added to the official Disney Princess franchise. Maybe one day.

Now let’s talk princess parties…

Disney Princess Candy Buffet

As I said, there is so much you can do with a Disney Princess themed party. You can find a ton of Disney Princess party supplies at birthdayinabox.com including plates, napkins, cups, table covers, a princess carriage photo prop, candy, favor bags, and decorations.

For this princess candy bar I put together vases of candy in colors that were easily recognizable for each princess.

I found images of each princess online, printed them, cut them out,  glued them to lollipop sticks, and stuck them in each vase.

Rapunzel: Pink Buttermints and lavender chocolate drops.

Cinderella: Blue shimmer Sixlets and Gum Balls and topped with white Sixlets.

Belle: Gold shimmer Sixlets

Ariel: Green jelly beans, green Sixlets, and purple jelly beans

Snow White: Yellow Sixlets, royal blue Sixlets, and red Sixlets

Aurora: Pink Buttermints and pink shimmer Sixlets

Disney Princess Treat Table

An alternative to a candy buffet is a treat and favor table. Here I created food and favors to represent each princess.

Tangled Rapunzel Party Food and Favor

  • Rapunzel’s Golden Locks: Yellow Twizzlers tied with lavender ribbons

Cinderella Party Food and Favor

Beauty and the Beast Belle Party Food and Favor

Little Mermaid Ariel Party Food & Favor

Snow White Party Food and Favor

  • Wicked Queen’s Poison Apples: Tint white cake mix using red gel food coloring. It might take a lot of gel to get to the desired color. Create a stem using a small piece of Tootsie Roll then pipe leaves using a leaf tip.

Sleeping Beauty Aurora Party Food and Favor

  • Aurora’s Crown Jewels: Every princess needs a crown and Aurora is happy to share. Set out plastic crowns for each guest to wear during the party and then take home as a party favor.

There are so many things you can do with a Disney Princess party, from decorations to food to favors. No matter what, always remember to, “Dream Big Princess!”

Thank you for checking out my Disney Princess Party Ideas! I hope you found something in here you and your little princess will enjoy.

To see the full party details, please visit www.birthdayinabox.com. You will find all the princess decorations, princess party supplies, and princess party favors you need to throw the ultimate princess party!

Disney Princess Movie List

Here are the Disney princess movies in order:

List of upcoming Disney Princess Movies

  • Live Action Aladdin, May 24, 2019
  • Frozen 2, November 27, 2019
  • Live Action Mulan, March 27, 2020
  • Live Action Maleficent II, May 29, 2020

Live Action Cinderella and Live Action Beauty and the Beast are my favorite Disney Princess movies! So, who do you think is the best Disney Princess?