20 Creative Fall Wedding Ideas

Fall weddings can offer some creative options as far as decorations, flowers, wedding cakes and more. We thought the best way for you to start to think about planning your fall wedding would be to offer you our 20 most creative fall wedding ideas and let you take it from there. Need more fall wedding inspiration check out our fall wedding section.

1. Serve Pie

Fall is a great time to serve up some pie at your wedding. You can either give guests individual small pies or your can display a large table of a variety of pie flavors.

2. Wear A Sweater

Keep warm on those chilly fall days by adding a sweater to your wedding day look. You can also bundle up your bridesmaids in sweaters so they are not as cold too.

3. Have Your Picture Taken In A Pumpkin Patch

Nothing says fall like a so make the most of what nature has to offer at this time of the year and have your photographer grab a picture or two in a pumpkin patch.

4. Decorate With White Pumpkins

White pumpkins, otherwise known as Boo pumpkins can really look great and elegant at a fall wedding. Keeping with the wedding white color theme these little fall treat are easy to find at farmer’s markets and can work in a wide variety of ways.

5. Use Pumpkins In Your Centerpiece

Wedding centerpieces are not always easy to decide on but I think anyone hosting a fall wedding can agree that a few centerpieces involving pumpkins can be a great option. See how some other brides have used pumpkins as wedding centerpieces.

6. Decorate With Apples

Apples might not be the most popular symbol for the fall season the way pumpkins are but they work really well for decorating a wedding. Apple wedding decorations like from this real wedding are so super easy to do and tasty.

7. Make Apple Place Cards

A great budget friendly place card option is to use either red or green apples to create your wedding guests place cards.

8. Have A Leaf Inspired Guestbook

Create your own or find someone on to make you a unique guestbook. Either way this leaf inspired guestbook is perfect for the season.

9. Use Maple Syrup As Your Favor

A classic New England staple, maple syrup makes for the perfect fall wedding favor and it is always a favorite of our Rustic Wedding Chic readers. See more fun maple syrup wedding favor ideas.

10. Use A Green Color Theme

Sometimes the color green gets passed over for a fall wedding color but I actually think it can work very well for this season. Think about using a few different shades of green to create the perfect pallet. See an entire green wedding theme.

11. Monogram Your Pumpkins

Ask your crafty cousin for some help and monogram your pumpkins so you can display a few at your reception. Everyone loves personalized wedding items so why not pumpkins?

12. Get A Picture With The Changing Leaves

Chances are one of the reasons you wanted to have your wedding in the fall is because of the dramatic and beautiful changing leaves. Make sure you talk to your photographer ahead of time about how to capture just the right picture.

13. Create A Pinecone Bouquet

Perfect for those later fall weddings that are fading into the winter season, a pinecone bouquet can look so amazing.

14. Create A DIY Leaf Place Setting

This creative rustic wedding DIY project is not only easy to make but can work perfectly for a bridal shower or the rehearsal dinner.

15. Use Hay Bales For Seats

One country wedding staple that works perfectly in the fall season is to dress some hay bales and magically change them in to seating. See our top 10 ways to use hay bales at your wedding for more ideas.

16. Commission A Birch Style Wedding Cake

This cake is one of our most popular pins on Pinterest and it is not very hard to see why. A birch wedding cake is the best way to show off your fall wedding spirit. See more rustic wedding cake ideas.

17. Get Cozy In Flannel

Not the most traditional of wedding outfits but adding a little flannel your wedding gown (at least for a picture or two) can be a great twist on a fall favorite.

18. Use A Wood Theme

Add a natural and woodsy feeling to your fall affair by going with a wood themed wedding. See our post on how to use a wood theme wedding inspiration.

19. Use Wheat As Centerpieces

Perfect for a country wedding or a barn style wedding, a wheat centerpiece can make any wedding table look fall inspired. See our entire list of ways to use wheat at your wedding.

20. Try A Plum Tone Wedding Theme

A wonderful and unexpected color theme to work with in the fall season is plum. See our post on using plum as a wedding color.

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