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content marketing strategy, ignoring which will cost you dearly.

Interesting ways to use social media

Let’s look at some of the video platforms and tools that you can use to boost your content for local SEO marketing strategy.

1. Google+ Hangouts

I am slightly partial to Google, so am always on the lookout for the new features that they add constantly to promote unique content development and distribution. You can incorporate your live videos into your social media marketing strategy with Google+ Hangouts. So now you can record all your webinars, panel discussions, expert interviews and in some cases even business meetings  with Google+ Hangouts to YouTube and then share them with your social networks.

2. YouTube

It is one of the oldest video distribution platform that allows you to share your videos over social media network like Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. Give your business a human face with videos on YouTube and share them with your social network.

3. Facebook Video

Increase your Facebook engagement with Facebook videos added on to your business page. Add commercials, fan videos, testimonials and even personal messages through videos on Facebook and show the fans your personal side.

4. Vine

Vine is a different platform than the rest discussed above because it allows only six second looping videos to be created and shared across Facebook & Twitter. So you have to be really creative. rise above the normal commercials and promotional messages to give your audience a glimpse into something different. Maybe a teaser of your new product launch, or behind the scenes preparation of any upcoming event, or even better, give them a small tour of your office and people enjoying working.

5. Instagram

Instagram offers fifteen second non looping videos that can be shared to a larger social network with Tumblr, Flickr and even emails. Also, the editing feature allows you to modify the video to suit your requirements.

The key to success here is to be creative and be spontaneous. You cannot spend days planning for a six second video. You need to find out new ways to encourage user engagement over social media network to support your content marketing strategy.

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Improve Your Content & Social Media Marketing with Videos