London Personal Branding Photographer for stylish small business owners.

Personal Branding Photography for London Nutritional Therapists.

As a London Personal Branding Photographer, I have worked with a range of small business owners. This was my first session with a Women’s Health Nutritionist and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Neema is a certified Nutritionist with a BSc and Diploma in Nutritional Therapy and her passion for healthy living is inspiring! She implements her wealth of knowledge and personal experience to help women navigate the waters of fertility & pregnancy.

London Personal Branding Photographer:

We spent a delightful few hours together at Neema’s stunning home in North London. Her clients are women who exceed in their careers – much like Neema herself, and our aim was to create imagery that would help clients identify with her and her lifestyle. Women today lead very demanding lives and very often suffer from burn-out, due to simply not having the time or knowledge to improve their health & wellness. This is where Neema comes in. Her passion for women’s fertility drives everything she does. She positions herself as her clients’ expert in health, teaching them to take as much care of themselves, as they do of their careers and families.

Women’s Nutritionist Personal Branding Photography:

The images below, communicate her brand values. She is confident, passionate, inspiring, knowledgable and fiercely caring, Her warm personality and focus on self-care shines through. We made sure to include her passion for healthy eating and “taking time for yourself” – curled up on the couch with a cuppa, while reading a book. I always keep my personal branding photography sessions very relaxed. I am a firm believer in treating my clients like friends, sharing life stories and experiences, while taking some photos along the way. The most natural photos are the ones where you catch a glimpse of what makes someone tick. These images are always my favourite and I am thankful to each and every client who lets me into their lives.

Below are a few of my favourites from Neema’s personal branding photography session in London.  To see more of my recent work, head to my personal branding portfolio or Instagram .  Be sure to follow Neema on Instagram too. Gorgeous hair & make up by my go-to girl, Sylwia Kunysz.