Branding Strategies, DIY Marketing Truth

Do you want to fit in… or stand out?

The truths about DIY marketing are hidden behind the importance of branding strategies. Most start-ups and entrepreneurs don’t know the role of branding strategies, how to build their brand, or that their brand is as important as their product. And this is not entirely their fault. There’s a big, dirty, marketing lie being spread on the interweb like a suburban myth at a pre-teen’s summer sleep-over; that you can piecemeal your branding through smart purchasing decisions by slapping a $50 logo onto all of your marketing. Well let me just respond as such: Yes, it’s not true, sort of… um, no.

Do You Know What You Need?

Most of my accounts start with a common statement from a potential client which goes something like this: “I need a web page.” After a short conversation, I find out that they need a lot more than just a web page site. They need a logo, some basic stationery, an effective social media strategy, and an attention grabbing keynote. And probably more. “It’s just that I thought I would just buy a logo and give it to you and you would use that as your base for the website, right?” Um, sorry, no, it does not work that way.

What Is Branding?

Branding is the whole picture. The messaging, the voice, the tagline accessory to the iconic logo. The Happy Meal with the movie tie-in toy. It’s the whole look and feel of your product, your company image, and your ticket into your audience’s hearts, and ultimately, their wallet. This is the importance of branding beyond cheap logos. How you present your business and service influences how it’s perceived. Branding ties it all together.

Branding Strategies, DIY Marketing Truth

Buying just a logo, or even paying someone for designing your logo, is not a complete outcome. Do you know how you will use it? By itself, will it emote everything you need it to? When you put together that nifty presentation for your financial backers, or your bank, will it look polished , finished, and thought out? Does your entire presentation of your business represent your values?

Branding Strategies and Tips

  1. Make it your own. Be sure that this logo is yours. Unique and unseen ever. If you are paying $50 for it online, I can guarantee you that you are not the only one with this design. You get what you pay for. If your logo is not worth that much, why do you think others will choose you over your competitors?  Stand out in a crowd. Make it more of “I spy with my little eye” rather than “where’s Waldo”

Eric Round has designed and created branding for dozens of businesses and industries; from consumer level to corporate internal projects and everything in between. Contact Eric Rounds for a free 1/2 hour discussion on your branding needs. Or if you think you need just a website. Or if you want a good corn muffin recipe.