Take Me Out To The Ballgame – Baseball Themed Party Ideas

What a weekend!  My best friend Erica hosted a wonderful baseball themed birthday party for her kids, my not-so-little cuties Tony (10) & Maddy (4).  I was so happy to be part of all of the festivities and to be able to help with the decorations and I could not wait to share everything with all of you!

With help from my other best friend Dominique, we created some of the special touches that made this party go above and beyond any normal baseball themed birthday party out there!  Take a look!

DIY Baseball Lanterns & DIY Pennant Banner

For the baseball lanterns, Dominique just used some white paper lanterns, a red Sharpie marker and a little creativity for the stitching.  For the pennant banner, well, it’s actually really simple, but I’ll save that for another blog post and I promise to include some free templates!

DIY Baseball Scoreboard

All this took was some matte black wrapping paper, white ribbon for the lining, a little help from my handy little Cricut for the letters and numbers, lots of glue tape and walah!

(And by-the-way, we DO know how to count…we just used the kid’s birthdates for the inning scores – 03/30/2009 & 03/05/2003 – and their ages for the final scores – 4 & 10 – so much cuter right?!)

And for the centerpieces…rubber baseball bases ($11 for 5 bases at Target), plastic buckets, a scooper, a baseball for added detail and peanuts of course!!

This was what was left of our “Snackbar” setup, we just captured this picture a little too late…but it included popcorn, hot dogs, nachos and a little favorite we like to call “pepperbellies”(Frito-Lays, chili beans and cheese)  Yum!

And what’s a baseball party without a good hotdog?  Aren’t these wrappers just downright adorable?!

So that’s it for our fun-tastic baseball themed birthday party!  I hope y’all enjoyed!  And here’s to my two best friends!

(Dominique, Erica & Laurie)

Kik, thanks for allowing me to take part in the festivities!  Dom, thanks for being my crafty counterpart!  Love you both!

<3 Lulubell Elaine