20 Chic And Cozy Fur Wedding Ideas

    Faux fur is great for adding chic and comfort to your space, especially in cold winter months. Use it for your wedding decor to embrace the season and make your space cozier. Here are some cool and stylish ideas.

Wedding Attire

    Cover up with faux fur and offer such pieces to your bridesmaids and flower girls. Faux fur adds chic and texture to the look, especially if it’s of a contrasting color. You may also try faux fur mittens, scarves and hats depending on the look you want. Think of wearing faux fur boots outside, for the ceremony or some shots, the boots can be hidden under your dress easily if you don’t wanna show them.

a chic faux fur coverup adds texture and interest to the bridal look
a faux fur ccoat and matching boots for a woodland or lake bride
a faux fur coverup and a grey bridesmaid_s dress for a stylish look
a faux fur hat and a matching coat for a cozy and chic bridal outfit
a faux fur hat, a long coat and mittens for feeling warm outside
a faux fur wedding coverup makes the look very chic
a fuzzy white fur coat and a grey dress for a contrasting bridal look
a gorgeous long faux fur sleeveless coat is a stunning accessory for a snowy winter wedding
blush faux fur wedding heels
bridesmaids covered up with faux fur that contrasts the dresses
wear faux fur boots for outside shots and ceremony
winter faux fur boots will keep you warm

Wedding Decor

    Faux fur throws may be used for covering your chairs, benches for guests at the ceremony, it will add warmth and comfort to them. Layer airy colorful table runners and neutral faux fur on the table, make faux fur placemats. Serve food covering the stations with faux fur to make it feel like winter.

a picnic styled with various faux fur and colorful candles
a wedding dessert table styled with a sledge and faux fur
chic faux fur coverups for chairs
cover the benches with faux fur to make staying outside comfy
faux fur and a tender colorful tablecloth create a texture and a contrast
faux fur coverups are great to mark couple_s chairs

by Mia