Gingerbread House Party Ideas


Kids absolutely love all of these Gingerbread House Party Ideas! I’ve got links to all the supplies, food, and printables to pull off this fabulous holiday party.

This Gingerbread House Party the perfect Christmas Party theme for kids. Decorating these houses kept them entertained the whole time (well, some of them just ATE the gingerbread houses)! If you make the yourself, it’s also very budget friendly. This was one of my earlier parties, and it’s still a favorite not only because it’s really cute, but it really is a fun idea that anyone can recreate.

As with all my , I go a little overboard, but if you’re doing this at home…pick and choose the details you like the best. Parties can be exhausting and you don’t want to miss out on the festivities because you’re tired!


And I’m excited to announce that my Gingerbread Party Printables are BACK IN THE SHOP! They are requested every year, and this year I’m also providing PNG files so you can print and cut with your cutting machine! I, of course, used my Cricut 🙂

You may also like my Gingerbread SVG Files…as long as we’re on the topic of the Cricut. By the way, all my digital files are always Buy Two Get One FREE! So pick out another design from my Holiday collection!

Gingerbread House Party Ideas for Food

We had gingerbread cake pops, gingerbread cake with cream cheese frosting, cinnamon sugar cookies, cinnamon roll cupcakes and lot of CANDY.

All the baked goods but the cupcakes were created by Inspired Sugar. If you live in the Phoenix area, you must give them a try for your next party. Everything was so beautiful and delicious! They also created all the treats for my daughter’s When I Grow Up Party.

Plus, they’re extra cool since they were on the first episode of Sugar Rush. I felt so special that I knew them before they were famous!

Gingerbread Party Decor

I created most of the decor using my Gingerbread House Party Printables. All the paper items from the gable boxes to the trees were created with my printables. The garland hanging in the middle of the table and on the desk are Christmas garlands from Hobby Lobby. I got the scoops were from the Sucre Shop. I accented everything with glitter and ribbon! A little bit goes a long way 🙂

A few of these items aren’t available any longer, like the milk jugs and the cake stands…but you can definitely improvise with those. Search through Amazon

and Etsy for cake stand and Target usually has fun items in the dollar bin.

And the food also doubles as decor for this Gingerbread House party…so WIN/WIN.

This was the first time I made gingerbread houses. I was nervous, but it’s actually really easy. I used this recipe from the Food Network and I created a custom template so they would be the perfect size for kids. But let’s just say…I won’t be entering any gingerbread house competitions any time soon. That is definitely NOT my forte. 

I’ll stick to printables, thank you.

I know it’s early, but hopefully these Gingerbread House Party Ideas will help you get ready for the holidays!