harry potter birthday ideas

Some birthday parties are just extra special. Some, have a bit of magic that seems sprinkled over them. And the party I’m telling you about today … is one of those. This Harry Potter birthday party was a magical get-together put on by my neighbors, April and Chris. They were celebrating their daughter’s 10th birthday – and they pulled out all the stops! April, was like lot’s of moms looking for some Hogwarts inspiration – and she allowed me to take some photos and video of their party, in hopes that it will help you readers also in search of the perfect Harry Potter Birthday Party!

~Harry Potter Birthday Ideas ~

Invitations arrived to party attendees with the wax Hogwarts seal, and told them everything “first years” would need for this Harry Potter slumber party! Upon arrival, kids were sorted into “houses” and found their house colors displayed in the entryway!

Guests received Scarves in their house colors as they were sorted. These also served to let other party attendees know which guests were in their houses, and as a party favor!

After being sorted, attendees were given their own wand in an Olivanders box! Boxes were made using cardboard, duct tape, and painted. Wand handles were made from hot glue and then painted.

Each wand was a different color and design – and was completely unique to the wizard that received it!

Drinks were green poly potion punch, and make your own potions in mini cauldrons! Kids mixed various drink potions to create their own drinks around the table. Snacks and candies were served to nosh on while watching a Harry Potter movie. And were packaged as though they just came of the treat trolley on the Hogwarts Express or from a shelf at Honey Dukes!

April even made individual chocolate frogs for the kids, and mini Mandrake inspired rice treats set inside chocolate pudding pie crusts!

Some Games that were played at the party:

  • A Marauders Map was made of the neighboring park and kids were let loose with maps, lanterns and in their “houses” to scavenger hunt in teams. Relays during the hunt included keeping a broom between your legs while carrying a golden egg to the next person in line.
  • Keep up the balloons airborne in your house colors using your wands.
  • Adults wore robes and acted as characters from the book. Professor Trewlaney read the kids tea leaves and told fortunes!
  • A pinata was made to look like a dementor – and small animal toys fell out, to represent to finders patronus!

House Decorations were so stunning, and included a fireplace exploding with Hogwarts acceptance letters for the birthday girl! Each were hand addressed and included a the wax Hogwarts seal! April and Chris used fishing line to hold the letters aloft and decorating puddy to hold the line to the ceiling.

It looked incredible!

Another stand out decoration were the flying keys in the entryway! Spray painted keys were attacked to wings made of the pages of Harry Potter. The keys were attached at varying heights from the ceiling in a circular pattern.

The bathroom had plastic spiders attached to the walls an floors and the words “The Chamber has been opened” were scrawled across the powder room mirror!

Each part of this party was more adorable than the next, and had so many clever touches. And it was clear that each of the attendees knew how much love and care had been put into each aspect of the celebration. April and Chris put their whole heart into this slumber party and it showed!

Want an even closer look at this Harry Potter Birthday Party before you go? Check out this video…

Many special thanks to April and Chris for sharing a look inside this special Harry Potter birthday celebration with readers!

I hope these photos inspire your next Harry Potter inspired party!