7 unconventional Christmas work party ideas that go beyond the usual

The standard Christmas work party is almost formulaic. Beginning with cocktails and polite conversation, followed by wine, beer and food, before perhaps, a little dancing. Then, just as Grant from accounts is performing his ‘hilarious’ David Brent impression, and the intern is oversharing with the boss, you bundle up your belongings and call it a night. It’s fun, if not a little repetitive. So this year, in an endeavour to change up the Yuletide celebrations, we have rounded up five less predictable party plans so that you can mix things up a bit.

If you’re after something a bit more cultured (but no less entertaining) consider the Basement Theatre’s Christmas Show your cue. This year, award-winning comics Alice Sneddon and Rose Matafeo are joining forces to bring you their ‘Christmas Party gone wrong’, a belly ache-inducing tale featuring a litany of Basement Theatre’s best talent. The best part about it, aside from the laughs, is that there’s a good chance your boss will have to put their pride aside and get up on stage. And the fact that you’ll be supporting a worthy, not-for-profit organisation, of course. Purchase tickets here.

The Gallery By Candlelight
Newmarket gallery Sanderson is teaming up with neighbouring eatery The Candy Shop to offer a truly unique end-of-year affair. Dubbed The Gallery by Candlelight, the partnership will see a three-course meal unfold within the gallery where guests are surrounded by contemporary New Zealand art, illuminated by candlelight. They can accommodate up to 20 people, where for $90 a head they will receive plates of nori tacos, spicy pork belly, tantalising mains and dessert with the option of BYO beverages or provisions of Craggy Range wines. Click here to inquire.

Holey MoleyIt’s the grown-up activity for big kids at heart that has caused quite a stir in Auckland’s Viaduct Harbour. Tapping into our penchant for all things nostalgic, the new locale will offer a wide range of themed drinks and a delicious selection of food to enjoy with your intrepid round of minigolf. Promising to inject a fair amount more ‘fun’ into the idea of going out, Holey Moley is the vibrant activity that’s worth booking the office into. 

Cork and Canvas
Hosted by a local artist, wine and art collide at this cultured event where you are invited to first examine a famed work before picking up a palette and emulating it in your own style. The wildly popular series has sold-out all of the public events for the rest of the year, but there is still space for private and corporate bookings. It’s particularly entertaining for those with a competitive streak and a fitting chance to bring out your inner Picasso.

Escape Rooms
Team bonding and seasonal get-together in one, if you haven’t yet tried to mastermind your way out of an escape room, now is the time to do it. Pitting team against team (or maybe management vs. others?), you and your colleagues will battle it out to solve the clues and break out of the room the fastest. There are plenty of options in Auckland, with Escape Masters, Great Escape, Escape Rooms NZ and Escapade being just a few of the finest.

Pamper Sessions
Moving onto something more indulgent, East Day Spa’s Corporate Christmas Parties are a relaxing way for the bosses to show they care. With 12 individual treatment rooms (five of which can be double suites), a generous relaxation area, a steam room, and group manicure and pedicure lounge, it’s the dream way for small teams to round off the year. Boasting an all-encompassing array of treatments for men and women, you can discover more about the luxurious services, here.

Ever since it launched in August, Akai Doa is living up to expectations of being a ‘theatrical dinner experience like nothing else’, making it the perfect place to take the work troops. Inside K’ Road’s famous Las Vegas nightclub, acclaimed chef Yukio Ozeki takes the stage to deliver some crazy delicious and somewhat experimental food using the influences of Japanese cuisine and Asahi beer. Having extended their season due to popular demand, there are sessions available up until 21st December with ‘late night surprises’ in store for the silly season. To book, click here.

Nightmare Before Christmas Party Ideas

“The Nightmare Before Christmas” can be the ideal party theme for just about any type of celebration, whether it’s Christmas, Halloween, birthdays or even a baby shower. If you want the Pumpkin King to be an integral part of your next gathering, check out these frighteningly fun and creepily clever “Nightmare Before Christmas” party ideas for any occasion.

Zero The Ghost Dog

Jack Skellington’s pet is a ghost dog named Zero. Krista Nash shared her DIY floating Zero decoration on her blog, Scrap Happens. All you need is some white fabric, felt, a pompom and wire (Krista recommends using white wire clothes hangers). 

Scrap Happens

Black And White Table Settings

Used for a boy’s birthday party, these “The Nightmare Before Christmas” table settings are black and white with a touch of orange for the perfect pop of color. Shannon at Partying with the Princesses used a combination of DIY and store-bought decor to create this festive look.

Fog Juice And Wine Glasses

Serve green punch in a glass bowl tucked into a pumpkin shell. Turn it into Sally’s fog juice by adding dry ice. You can find even more ideas like this at Mad Like Alyce.

Jack Skellington Marshmallows

All you need are some paper straws, a bag of marshmallows and a black, edible marker to create a delightful and delicious centerpiece. Michelle Sterling shared this and other “Nightmare Before Christmas” birthday party ideas on her blog, Avery and Augustine.

Glow In The Dark Cake

This amazing dessert made by Colorado-based Bold City Confections really takes the cake. The baker used special ingredients in the frosting to make the layers and decorations glow under a black light.

It’s October 1st!!! Bring on the Halloween fun! #nightmarebeforechristmas #nmbc #jackskellington #halloweencake #glowinthedark

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Jack Skellington Cupcakes

If a large cake is not your cup of tea, think smaller and go with cupcakes. Lynlee North Beckett made orange cupcakes, topped them with fondant Jack Skellington toppers and wrapped them in black and white striped paper for a scary Christmas party. She shares other details on her blog, Lynlee’s.

Favors And Treats

No tricks, only treats at this Halloween party. Guests received sweet oranges decorated like miniature pumpkins, jack-o-lantern-adorned milk bottles and goodie buckets with Jack Skellington, skulls and other black and white accents. Laura at Make Life Lovely used her trusty Cricut machine to create custom embellishments.

The Pumpkin King

Paint pumpkins to look like Jack, Oogie Boogie and other “The Nightmare Before Christmas” characters. Bonnie at A Compass Rose used pumpkins, squash, paint and other supplies to craft a collection of party-perfect gourds.

A Compass Rose

Halloween/Christmas Countdown Clock

The countdown clock hangs in Halloweentown in the movie as well as over the main entrance to Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion during the holiday season. Kristie at Nightmare Before Christmas Props explains how to make a replica of the wreath for your party.

Oogie Boogie Treat Bags

Send guests home with unique goodie bags filled with treats or favors. Tessa Smith at Mama’s Geeky stitched up these handmade containers. All you need is some burlap, yarn, a drawstring and black cloth for Oogie Boogie’s face.

Jack Skellington Chocolate Bowls

An edible bowl made to look like Jack’s face is a fun party addition. Fill the bowls with cookies and cream cheesecake mousse and your guests will be wowed. Beth at Hungry Happenings provides a tutorial for the bowls and a recipe for the mousse.

Sally’s Potion Bottles

Jack’s sweetheart Sally is an expert when it comes to powerful concoctions. Decorate your party with replicas of her potion bottles. Angie at Big Bear’s Wife turned plain old glass bottles into elixir containers using spray paint, mod podge and a few other simple materials.

Man-Eating Wreath

Jack drops off a wreath as a gift at an old woman’s house in the film. Shortly after, it opens its eyes, sports tentacles and attempts to eat its recipient. Learn how to make your own party prop with help from Chrissy at Adventures in DIY.

Banners And Bats

Don’t forget to deck the halls and decorate the walls. Lindsay at Artsy-Fartsy Mama used a Cricut to create a “This Is Halloween” banner and flying black bats. However, you could cut the shapes and letters out of paper by hand, as well.

[h/t: PopSugar]

Yes, You Really Do Need To Work On Branding Yourself

A company’s brand is extremely important. A business could have the best product or greatest service in the world, but if they have a negative image associated with their brand, they could end up having serious financial trouble.

Branding doesn’t just impact organizations, however. Individuals need to have positive brands associated with themselves, as well.

Unfortunately, you don’t have the vast resources that a company has at their disposal. A well-placed sign can expose local consumers to a company’s brand about 60 times per month, but you can’t just walk around with a sign promoting your personal brand. Or, at least, you shouldn’t.

Here are some great tips for improving and strengthening your personal brand:

  • Google Yourself — It feels weird, and try not to be the person who does this all the time, but searching yourself online can help you stay on track of your brand. There might not be anything other than your social media profiles, which is fine, but if you have a website, have published anything, or have any other links that could boost your image, try and get them higher up on Google just in case other people are searching for you.
  • Network with other positive people — Whether you’re attempting to promote your personal brand for professional success or just feel better about yourself, socializing and networking with other positive and creative people can be great. Find people who have excellent personal brands that are in your field and other careers, as well.

Keep in mind, while you’re focusing all this energy on strengthening your brand and image, you have to make sure that it’s your authentic voice. People can see through a fake image, so you have to stay true to yourself.



How Social Media Marketing Helps Indian Businesses to Soar

social media marketing and advertising a necessary strategy to promote a business or brand.

Popular social media and how it is used for business

Popular and widely used Online media platforms in India are Facebook, WhatsApp, Google Plus, Skype, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Wechat, etc. According to a statistics, it is estimated that there will be around 258.27 million social network users in India by 2019. With the help of social media marketing a business can record a user’s direct response and later analyze it for the growth of the business. A website’s position on the search engine rises when the Online networking pages it is connected with are active. Some of the common benefits of social media marketing and advertising include brand acknowledgment, targeting potential clients, Lead Generation, Conversion and boost in ROI. But the main advantage of this media is that it allows companies to engage with customers. Social media platform allows a space for personal interaction. Brands and individuals can connect with each other and build lasting relationships. It also helps to track the progress and engagement of the company with the customers. This is the reason why social networking channels like Twitter and Instagram are regarded as effective marketing tools by top marketing gurus.

Social Media Marketing Helps In Lead Generation. It has helped Indian businesses to soar, hence many businesses are taking the assistance of social media agencies .

How To Earn Money Using Social Media Marketing

There are some other players like Google+ and Orkut which are also used by a lot of net users all over the world. Google+ have come up with many innovative ideas of earning money online and social media marketing is the latest hunting ground of all internet marketing experts.

How Social Media Marketing Can Boost Your Business Prospects

Social networking is a lot more than a marketing tool. They have become a part of the lives of many people making it a strong alternative to push and advertise products. They can help you with social media marketing. They are the perfect approach to extend the life of evergreen content.

Written by: Ankita Majumder

The Best Way to Execute The Successful Social Media Marketing Initiative

Initiating with social marketing strategy can be sweat-breaking for small businesses who do not have a big support behind them. In the below article, you will read how to execute a successful social media marketing plan with available digital marketing solutions.



19 Harry Potter wedding ideas that are absolutely magical

If you’re going for a Hogwarts-approved Harry Potter themed wedding, you’re going to need all the magical inspiration you can get! From invitations and ring boxes to florals and tablescapes, here are 19 ideas to get you started on the wedding of your decidedly non-Muggle dreams. 

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2018 Top Social Media Tools

Creating top-notch content for your social media accounts has become a full-time job. Trying to keep up with all the platforms and all your accounts can be both physically and mentally exhausting. Luckily, some great social media tools are available to help you manage your presence and get back to your business.


Your unique branded images can make your account pop on social media. Canva makes this a snap. You can upload your brand colors, fonts, and logos to the dashboard, making them accessible whenever you design an image. Canva also makes sizing your images a breeze. A library of pre-sized templates at your fingertips offers versatility. From a Facebook banner to a Tumblr graphic, this handy platform has you covered. Save your images in your gallery, so you can access them whenever and wherever you need them. The best part is that Canva is very user-friendly. You will not need a degree in graphic design to stand out from the crowd with your own custom graphics.


If you can’t make your own graphic, a high-quality photo to complement your content is a must. Unsplash has a library full of images waiting to accompany your next post – a collection of high-resolution images at your fingertips. You can download them or add them to your image library for later use. Whether you are composing a Facebook post or adding an image to your latest blog post, you’ll be sure to find something relevant on this site. And the best part? It’s free.


The number one eye-catcher on social media right now is video content. People will stop scrolling to watch a video, interacting with your page, and creating a connection. Animoto helps you create content to stop your readers in their tracks. Even the most inexperienced editor can create jaw-dropping content. The social media tools help you create slideshows for photographers, marketing videos for business, and more. You can choose your style, add music, and finalize your product in the blink of an eye.


WordSwag is a mobile app that allows you to put custom text on a photo or a graphic. With several styles to choose from, you can customize the text and add a logo to your creation. There is also an option to add a variety of quotes. WordSwag offers the option to search the royalty-free database Pixabay to provide you with high-quality photographs and images, or you can grab one right from your camera roll. Download the app from iTunes or Google Play and take it with you wherever you go.


If you are looking for simple to use, stop right here. Crello has over 10,000 templates for you to use to create custom content. In a rush? Use one of the pre-designed templates and make it your own. If you’d rather start from scratch, that’s an option too. With tons of different elements to combine, the possibilities are endless. Plus, the drag-and-drop experience is so user-friendly you’ll want to make all your graphics this way.


Have you noticed the Stories option appear on your social media channels? It’s yet another way to connect with your audience. Consider Fastory the graphics maker for your stories on Instagram or Snapchat. Put yourself a step above the competition with this smart tool to get ahead with social media monitoring. Not everyone has jumped on the bandwagon for Stories yet. It’s a way to set yourself apart from the competition. Design your next campaign with your mobile audience in mind. With everyone on the go, it’s no wonder that mobile platforms are the future of digital marketing.


Storyheap also works with Instagram and Snapchat stories. You can create, schedule, and have the data analyzed from your latest stories. Keep tabs on your content and your audience while letting this handy social media tool do most of the heavy lifting. There is a slight question out there as to whether Storyheap is violating the Terms of Service in Instagram and Snapchat. It appears that it operates on a loophole, so the suggestion would be to keep an eye on any news stories or changes in policy as you use this handy tool.


Email newsletters seem to be drifting toward non-relevant. Inboxes are no longer places to read your mail from family and friends, but a pit of countless marketing emails and ads. If you are looking for a fresh way to send your company newsletter, try Botletter for a change. Botletter sends your newsletter via Facebook Messenger. With a high portion of the younger audiences on Facebook and using Messenger, you have a higher chance of reaching more subscribers by not sending yet another email to their inbox. In addition to text, you can send images and a call to action for your customers to visit your website or contact you for more information. Add this cutting-edge tool to your arsenal and get ready for results.

Anchor Videos

While videos are wonderful for catching attention, people frequently scroll their phones in a place where they can’t have the volume all the way up. If there are no captions on your video, you will lose a substantial portion of your audience. Enter Anchor Videos, which will take an audio file and translate it into video content for your site. Record your audio clip through the Anchor app and watch the magic come to life. This can also allow hearing-impaired customers to access your content with a lot less trouble.

Social-Media Marketing Services

If signing up for a ton of different apps and platforms to manage your content sounds like a headache, we’ve got exactly what you need. Our social media marketing services are simple, and we do all the heavy lifting for you. Our trained specialists can provide insight into what your audience is looking for in your industry, perform valuable research, and create focused engagement strategies to help lead your audience through your marketing funnel. We’ll also create a unique content strategy for your business to take you to the next level. If you want to go beyond a merely tactical approach, but don’t have the resources to devote the time and attention it takes, let us wear the social-media hat, and get you back to managing your business.


2018 Top Social Media Tools