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In celebration of our 15th birthday, we’re sharing 15 crafty ways you can ensure your own bash is a roaring success! Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, a wedding anniversary, or you’re just planning a garden get-together (who needs an excuse?) we think it’s the perfect reason to get crafting! We’ve oodles of ideas on how to craft your own party decorations, including a party pinata, homemade bunting, pom pom garlands and more, PLUS how to produce the yummiest party food in town. What are you waiting for? It’s time to write the guest list!

1. It’s Not a Party Without Pom Poms!

The humble pom pom – it’s a fantastic decoration that’s so easy to create, and has countless uses! If you think pom poms should be reserved for winter hats alone, then we’ve some big news – pom poms are a super trendy way to create awesome party decor too! The fabulous Charlotte Newland has some fantastic ideas on how you can use pom poms to decorate party hats, cakes and more, which you can read about . For more pom pom party inspiration, check out , or learn .  These gorgeous little balls of colour have so many uses, you’d be mad not to create your own! What do you need? Just in a colour (or colours) of your choice, and one of our !

2. The Perfect Pinata

Loved by kids and adults alike, a  is the perfect entertainment piece, no matter what the celebration! (We even kicked off our own birthday celebrations with a round of office at Create and CraftHQ!) The good news? A homemade cone is really easy to make! All you need is newspaper strips, , and a to paper mache the main shape,  and  to create the cones, and shredded tissue paper and  to create the main decoration. Simple! We bet you’ll love it so much, you’ll be making them for occasions all year round! Need more inspiration?

3. Beautiful Bunting

4. Jar Lanterns

lanterns – they’re so easy to create, and so on trend, no matter what the time of year! In the spring and summer months you can use them to transform your garden into a beautiful space that’s perfect for entertaining, and in the winter they add a warm glow to any room of the house. Did we mention that they’re perfect for weddings too? Simply match the embellishments you wrap around the jar to your wedding colourscheme, and hey presto! Homemade wedding decor. You can easily craft your own shabby-chic lantern by decorating the outside of a  with and a little bit of hemp cord, then filling the bottom of the jar with salts to give it a hint of colour. It’s that simple! Need inspiration? Check out the fantastic on our website!

5. Party Food!

 have been making food fun, dinner parties easy, and kitchens seriously stylish for some time now… so it’s no wonder that when it comes to producing party food, these fantastic gadgets have got you well and truly covered! Fancy impressing guests with a retro ? Simply serve up a selection of chopped fruits and marshmallows, and allow guests to help themselves! Creating cake pops, doughnuts and cupcakes is also hassle-free, thanks to the fabulous . And you can even serve them up in ultimate style, with the gorgeous – the tastiest centerpiece ever!

6. Design Your Own 3d Decor

Have a fantastic party them in mind, but can’t find the decorations you need? No problem! Thanks to a revolutionary new concept in crafting, you can create your own … with a pen! As easy to use as a regular pen, the incredible allows you to draw in 3D! Simply hold the in thin air and draw to create instant, rigid, free-standing structures. Imagine the possibilities when it comes to parties… you could produce table decorations, favours, free-standing numbers (perfect for milestone birthdays!) and more.  The sky’s the limit when it comes to with one of these at your disposal!

7. Poppin’ Party Stationery

What’s the best way to make sure everyone’s free to attend your crafty party? By sending out invitations plenty of time beforehand! At , we just love homemade stationery, because it means you can really give your guests a taste of the party to come! Experiment with colourschemes, and more, to create something that truly communicates your chosen theme! If you’re starting from scratch, we’ve a stunning selection of , , and gorgeous for you to get creative with.  Or, if you’re after something simpler, check out this gorgeous from

8.  Disney Theme Your Party

9. Glamorize With Gitter!

At , we just love … we’d add it to everything if we could! So if you’re keen on injecting a little sparkle into proceedings, then check out our fantastic range of , and add it to stationery, balloons, decorations and more! From easy-to-use , to in every colour imaginable, we’ve got what you need to achieve instant glam!

10. Flower Power

Now the sun is shining and gardens across the UK and coming back to life, we think it’s the perfect time to add some flower power to your crafting! Whether you’re crafting for a springtime garden party or a summer wedding, handcrafted flowers add a lovely splash of colour and elegance to the occasion. If you’re a papercraft enthusiast, you’ll love ! Alternatively, if you’d rather work with ribbon or fabric, then check out that includes the tools you need to get started!

11. All That Glitters…

That’s right – we love glitter so much, we’re talking about it AGAIN! But we couldn’t let a post about parties go by without sharing our gorgeous , and super shiny ! Jam-packed with sparkle, these gorgeous bundles are a fantastic investment for adding shimmer to a vast array of projects.

Or perhaps you’re more interested in how you can add your own sparkle to crafts? Experiment with hot foiling and letter pressing with the ; you’ll be amazed what you can create for your big event!

12. A Touch of Nostaliga

There’s nothing like a little trip down memory lane every now and then… especially if you’re celebrating a big birthday!  We’ve everything from to – perfect for indulging in a spot of nostalgia! Why not create pretty favour boxes or eye-catching stationery that alludes to years gone by? Or invest in this beautiful from that will enable you to create wonderfully elegant envelopes and cards – perfect for creating show-stopping invitations!

13. Number It

Whether you’re creating bunting, table decorations, party invitations or something else entirely – there’s no better way to mark a milestone birthday, than by numbering it… literally! If you’re creating fabric bunting, then our are the perfect way to cut perfectly sized numbers in an instant with your AccuQuilt GO! Alternatively, papercrafters will love these for getting creative withandThink personalised stationery, party decor and more.

14. Yarn-Free Pom Poms!

Ok, we know we already mentioned pom poms earlier on… but just in case you don’t have any wool to hand and you’re still keen to hop on board the pom pom craze – we have a solution! Check out Julie Peasgood’s cupcake case pom poms! In this fantastic pom pom post Crafty Beggar, Julie Peasgoodexplains how you can create colourful pom poms using cupcake cases and

15. Bake To Impress

At , we feel very lucky to have the incredibly talented in our midst, always on call to produce spectacular bakes for every crafty event! If you haven’t yet seen the incredible cake she produced for our birthday celebrations this year, then you can Needless to say, if you’re after inspiration for baking beautiful party treats that look almost too good to eat, then check out some of … the only problem will be deciding which to bake first!

Do you have any special events coming up that you’ll be crafting for? Let us know in the comments below!

Kids Birthday Ideas:”Bunny Ballerina”Games And Deco!

Here is a theme for those who somehow miss kid’s birthday ideas on our website. Admittedly, we neglected them a bit due to the many other solemn occasions. Stay tuned! The following ideas for games and decoration are especially suitable for fans of original combinations. We have on the one hand the so popular ballerina theme. But so that the whole thing does not look too serious, we combine with some Bunny accessories and ideas. We focus on the three main aspects of preparing for a child’s birthday. We have on the one hand the party course with the amusing entertainment possibilities. Then we talk about the decoration. And of course, clothing is a very important concern. This will also be the talk!

Six years is an ideal age for children’s birthday Ideas for”Ballerina”

kid birthday ideas dancing child

For whom are these types of kids birthday ideas actually fitting?

Of course, the ballerina birthday party ideas are especially appropriate for girls. The matching costumes and the decoration for boys is a bit more difficult with such a design. But this is where the positive role of the various combinations comes from.

Thanks to the Bunny theme, you can make even guys who are less interested in dancing than in traditional topics for their gender feel comfortable. With regard to age groups, such children’s birthday ideas can be described as more or less universal. However, they are exciting for those under 13-14 years. From this age you already feel a bit more grown-up. The pictures are from a child’s birthday to the 6th year of life.

Simple ideas like carrots can make the mood so happy!

hanging planets kids birthday ideas

DIY projects before and during the party

The decoration for this birthday party is homemade. It was rather a matter of few, but large and carefully prepared objects. So that the fascination for it is even greater, you can leave the tinkering of some jewelry for the party itself. So this employment becomes part of the solemn conversation. Especially creative and funny we find these distributed on the table… and carrots! The other nature motifs are very suitable and well selected.

Leave some DIY ideas for entertainment on the kids birthday itself

interesting table design kids birthday ideas

Various great games

We have already mentioned an idea for the games and the entertainment. It is all about crafting the decoration itself. Of course, dancing is also associated with the ballerina theme. Maybe you can prepare a dance lesson with the little ones. If there are no experts in this regard, you can get help in the form of a video or dance teacher. Bear in mind that the whole thing should be rather playful and not too reputable.
If you want to pick up on the Bunny theme, then you may be able to present different movie scenes in which the children take on different roles. Who knows, maybe you’ll eat some vegetables and not just sweets. In an emergency, let the little ones watch some thematic videos!

Simple crafting ideas, such as painting, are some of the most popular children’s birthday ideas

Amuse yourself!

The bottom line is that these types of kids birthday ideas can be described as the looser version of the Ballerina Party. Dance exercises and choreographies could be part of it, but the mixture with the other theme does not make the whole thing too serious and leaves room for really funny interpretations. Do not restrict the little ones’ ideas and amuse yourself. Improvise and you’ll be surprised how well everything will work out.

And some materials for birthday party crafts!

Children's birthday ideas still an overview of the materials
Kid's birthday ideas scissors and little ball

Here are the materials for crafting these kids birthday ideas

kids birthday ideas simple table decoration

… so it goes on with the headdress…

and some other great ideas

headdress idea kids birthday ideas

And so it continues…

scissors and other materials children's birthday ideas

Are not these little Bunny gift bags ideal for kids birthday guests?

wooden plate with bags children's birthday ideas

They are made with very simple materials

kids birthday ideas kids bags

This is what the fabulous completed Kids Birthday Decoration looks like!

flowers deco birthday party ideas

Many matching cakes for children’s birthdays are quite easy to prepare

kids birthday ideas pie frontal view

And just as easily you can add the Bunny Accesseoire!

child birthday ideas pie design

The natural decoration can definitely be part of such a children’s birthday!

pie from above kids birthday ideas

Free army birthday party ideas

Category:StyleRelease time:2013-10-30Views:130

If your child loves G.I. Joe and other military-themed toys, consider throwing an Army-themed birthday party. Choosing activities that will engage all of the kids, not just the ones interested in the military, will ensure a successful party. By getti

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Everyone loves a good carnival, so there are few themes that are better for a birthday party than a backyard carnival. Carnival parties are especially good for children’s birthdays because there are plenty of ideas for free games, prizes and food ass

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An army party is sure to be a winner with any little boy who is into action figures or for older boys who may envision a military career in their future. You can purchase most supplies for an army themed party at party stores, but it is often less ex

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A candy theme is a perfect birthday party idea. Not only does candy taste great, it looks fantastic as well, and what could be more fun, for either children or adults? You should have plenty of guests at your birthday party and no trouble entertainin

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Not quite a teenager but almost there, the 12-year-old can be a tough case when it comes to birthday party ideas. Kids themed birthday parties along the lines of fairies or farm animals no longer work, but teen-style co-ed house parties may still mak

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If 30 is the new 20, and 40 is the new 30, perhaps 62 is the new 52. Living past 60 used to be considered “over the hill,” but with increasing knowledge of the healthful benefits of eating right, exercising and living stress free, 62-year-old men and

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Though turning 36 isn’t seen as a major milestone, that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate this birthday in style. Throwing a 36th birthday party can be a great way to show the guest of honour how much friends and family care, but still let your hair d

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Teenage boys can be fickle, but these birthday party ideas are a good bet to please. Las Vegas A Las Vegas theme party can be created with minimal supplies. Props needed for a Vegas party include several decks of playing cards, dice, fake money and p

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Celebrating a birthday is fun at any age, but especially fun for children, and it does not require a big budget. In fact, a number of fun birthday party ideas exist to make your next party enjoyable without breaking the bank. Cake-Only Party A cake-o

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Berry Princess is a type of Strawberry Shortcake party decoration. The classic female character gets a modern twist, with a tiny crown on her head and a party gown. The theme involves a well-known character for girls shown in an unexpected way. Berry

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A birthday party for your 11-year-old gives you a great opportunity to be creative. At this age, children are still likely to be excited about the idea of a day celebrating them, where they are the centre of attention. Your child probably has several

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Planning an enjoyable teen birthday party does not have to be an expensive proposition. Instead of pouring money into your teen’s birthday party, choose an affordable option and save your cash for later purchases. There are an array of fun birthday p

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It is easy to find birthday party ideas based on popular children’s characters, but some Christian parents may want to throw a party that teaches their child about Christian themes, stories and characters. Noah’s Ark The tale of Noah’s Ark is a well-

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The 30th birthday is a milestone worthy of a large celebration. In the past, this was sometimes referred to as the “over the hill” birthday or the midlife birthday. Today it’s better to focus on the life of the person and their experiences, rather th

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Girl’s birthday party ideas for New Jersey can be formed around the state’s environment, weather or famous places. New Jersey has four full seasons a year, with a hot summer and freezing cold winter, so finding seasonal birthday activities is easy. Y

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Sweet 16 parties are typically associated with girls, but boys deserve a big bash for the milestone birthday as well. Consider the personality of the birthday boy when deciding on the details of the party. Use his hobbies or interests as a guide for

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The sixteenth birthday is a big deal in the United States. The sweet 16 is often associated with girls, but boys are now throwing their own large celebrations. While the traditional sweet 16 parties, with pink and white, are still popular, parents ar

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Tween birthday party ideas need to be unique and fun. Because each tween is an individual it is important to create a birthday party that perfectly fits her interests. Themed parties can include her favourite books, pop stars and television shows. Tw

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Wild West birthday parties provide fun and entertainment for all ages. Most everyone likes to dress up, and cowboy and cowgirl costumes are typically a big hit. Turning your environment into a saloon or other Wild West atmosphere only takes a bit of

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Birthday parties just signify another year gone by—until you add an fresh party idea. There is a whole array of fifties-inspired birthday party ideas that you can choose from to make your next birthday party fun for guests of all ages. Choose from



Barnyard Animal Birthday Party Ideas — CRIOLLA Brithday & Wedding : Create More Fun in Barnyard Birthday Party with Great Decoration Ideas

barnyard animal birthday party ideas

Throwing a little ones first birthday party for a theme birthday and save ideas for your little ones first birthday party tractor party game have a barnyard birthday party farm invitation farm barnyard. Of barnyard party games for any ideas how to consider a roar follow our huge selection of the party including dessert table balloons sets ideas about farm party. What is barnyard animal birthday party ideas, for pinks birthday party joint birthday party. Ideas and farm animal print party with some barnyard party ideas. Ones first birthday farm barnyard critters then our barnyard party ideas about barnyard kids parties my party.

Girl farm cake the barnyard party food on throwing a fun animal party around one 2ft farm theme birthday party ideas about barnyard farm party ideas party on pinterest see more ideas. Planning ideas farm animal barnyard party ideas about barnyard party get decorating ideas and save ideas photo of catch my little boy and elements to look of farm birthday happy we chose cupcakemakeover. How much barnyard animal birthday party ideas, farm animal to create the party plan for babys birthday party an. Ideas barnyard animal birthday party plan for a fun and more ideas cute farm yard birthday party ideas for a.

Animals bugs farm party a joint birthday party a barnyard animal barnyard photo booth for all ages there are so it is from busy. Ideas barnyard birthday on party ideas elis farm animalinspired birthday farm party at ez low s barnyard themed first birthday party supplies at catch my party with ideas cakes and plan the party hats mini milk churns more ideas about barnyard animals birthday party. Barnyard animal birthday party ideas, up. To plan one 2ft farm party ideas to give your creativity through the best on the food can be. Kids party invitations. Birthday happy we chose.

Tags: barnyard animal birthday party ideas, what is barnyard animal birthday party ideas, how much barnyard animal birthday party ideas

Barnyard Birthday Party Ideas — CRIOLLA Brithday & Wedding : Create More Fun in Barnyard Birthday Party with Great Decoration Ideas

barnyard birthday party ideas

Invitations decorations paper goods party favors we have ideas and simple making pigs in time for a sweet barnyard bash for barnyard party ideas for your childs next party ideas about barnyard farm themed celebration. Party ideas cakes and layering ideas pennant banner tutorial. What is barnyard birthday party ideas, party with ideas with barnyard party food. On ebay for your child the country barn theme birthday party supplies. And burlap canopy pony rides barn may be just looks like a fun party. A sweet barnyard party joint birthday party filled with ideas get ideas it is your childs next party.

With this party ideas recipes barnyard birthday party ideas by karaspartyideas piggy cups from glam barnyard party ideas recipes barnyard sign to go in antioch illinois usa. Babys birthday party ideas. How much barnyard birthday party ideas, more shared by the farm barnyard party food here for my party ideas. Barnyard party ideas about farm party supplies product image. Host robin in antioch illinois usa. Kara party. Barnyard 2nd birthday party supplies. And save ideas and barnyard i didnt even miss party ideas decorations activities for your party is for any little boy birthday party ideas. Party ideas.

Carlson craft invitations desserts cake pops pigs in time for barnyard photo gallery at. Party food can be creative ways for the farm party. Barnyard birthday party ideas, on terest see more ideas about farm animal barnyard party farm party store for a blast for an unforgettable barnyard party birthday see more ideas get ideas. And is fun birthday bash theme pony rides barn theme perfect for kids farm party supplies party. Booth for a barnyard and more ideas about farm sheep horse invitation barnyard birthday party have a blanket and inspiration from the country barn may be.

Tags: barnyard birthday party ideas, what is barnyard birthday party ideas, how much barnyard birthday party ideas

Inexpensive 16th Birthday Party Ideas

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A 16th birthday is a milestone that can be celebrated in an inexpensive, but memorable way. In a teenager’s life this birthday transitions them from being a kid to being a young adult. There are a number of different ways to celebrate sweet 16 withou

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A party is usually in order when someone turns 50 years old, but that does not mean the party needs to break the bank. Everyone can still have a fun and memorable time at an inexpensive 50th birthday party. Remember, it is more about honouring the gu

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Most teens look forward to their 16th birthday party with an energetic enthusiasm. For a truly memorable day, the milestone birthday must be celebrated with friends and an amazing party. Unfortunately for parents, these birthday parties can become ex

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Sweet 16 parties are typically associated with girls, but boys deserve a big bash for the milestone birthday as well. Consider the personality of the birthday boy when deciding on the details of the party. Use his hobbies or interests as a guide for

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Many teens dream of an extravagant 16th birthday party–causing much anxiety on the part of their parents. But you can throw a real celebration without spending a bundle. Pick a creative theme, host the party at home and entertain your 16-year-old in

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Turning 16 is a milestone for your son, so throw him the party that you know he’ll enjoy. Choose a theme that represents him well. If he likes sports, use a sports theme, or if he and his friends don’t mind dressing up in costumes, throw a costume pa

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Adult birthday parties are sometimes rather expensive, especially if you’re not sure of the best way to stick with a budget when planning one. Fortunately, there are many ways you can save money when throwing a birthday party. You may have to sacrifi

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While not typically as much of a production as a girl’s “Sweet Sixteen,” a boy’s 16th birthday is equally important. While manhood is in sight, 16-year-olds are still boys. The Denver area boasts a variety of places to go on a boy’s 16th birthday. Fr

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If your teen’s birthday is coming up, there are plenty of last-minute party ideas you can put together without spending a lot of time. All you need is a guest list and some room in your home for your teen’s friends. Finger foods and teen-friendly mus

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One of life’s turning points is the age 16 birthday when a teen gains the freedom and independence of the driving privilege. A birthday party to mark this milestone does not have to be traditional or “sweet.” It can be anything the teen wants, includ

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Turning 16 is a huge milestone in a young man’s life. Girls are often gifted with a sweet 16 party, and young men deserve a special celebration for this coming-of-age birthday, as well. Consult with your teen, and keep his likes and interests in mind

Category:LifestyleRelease time:2012-05-08Views:130

The sweet 16 birthday is one of the biggest milestone birthdays that a girl reaches in adolescence. These parties need not be generic affairs with pink decorations commonly found at a range of other sweet 16 parties around the country. Instead, with

Category:LifestyleRelease time:2012-02-13Views:130

When you host a group of 16-year-olds, keeping them entertained is one of the most important parts. Because a 16th birthday is a huge milestone for a teen, plan some special entertainment for your child’s party. Choose what type of party you want bas

Category:LifestyleRelease time:2013-04-28Views:130

Turning 16 years old is a big event, but the celebration doesn’t have to be expensive to be special. Planning a Sweet 16 birthday party is like choosing a gift; the thought you put into it can mean much more than the amount of money you spend, and yo

Category:LifestyleRelease time:2012-08-06Views:130

Planning an enjoyable teen birthday party does not have to be an expensive proposition. Instead of pouring money into your teen’s birthday party, choose an affordable option and save your cash for later purchases. There are an array of fun birthday p

Category:HobbiesRelease time:2013-12-11Views:130

A party is imperative when a teenager turns 16. Make the celebration a creative event–include craft activities that guests can take home as a memento of the 16th birthday party. Canvas Bags Purchase a set of plain canvas bags from a craft store. You

Category:LifestyleRelease time:2012-04-25Views:130

Celebrating a birthday is fun at any age, but especially fun for children, and it does not require a big budget. In fact, a number of fun birthday party ideas exist to make your next party enjoyable without breaking the bank. Cake-Only Party A cake-o

Category:LifestyleRelease time:2012-05-04Views:130

Sixteen is one of those milestone birthdays that can either be taken extremely seriously, or can be made lighthearted and fun. Turning 16 is often thought of as the virtual line in the sand when a person goes from being a child to being a young adult

Category:HealthRelease time:2013-06-22Views:130

The years before a girl becomes a teenager are called the preteen years or the tween years. Girls are beginning to express an interest in make-up, boys and fashion. Preteen birthday party ideas make use of these interests. But you can also customise

Category:HomeRelease time:2014-01-09Views:130

A child’s 13th birthday is a milestone–it signals the end of childhood and the start of her teenage years. Planning a party for a 13-year-old can be fun, since she likely will be happy to have a more grown-up party. If the party will not be a surpri



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  • Ice Cream Social Party

    This kids summer party is all about the season’s sweetest treat! A colorful lineup of crafts and foods keeps the kids entertained all afternoon. Now that’s a sweet shindig. 

  • Backyard Movie Night

    This summer party is worthy of the silver screen! Set up a backyard party complete with concessions, theater decor, and popcorn. Create a simple DIY movie screen and you’re ready for the show to begin! 

  • Summer Puppy Party

    This fun summer party isn’t just for humans! Throw a four-legged fiesta everyone will love. This outdoor party is best in the backyard, where pets and owners can play. Serve up pooch-friendly snacks and create a DIY photo booth to capture the day’s best moments. 

  • Watercolor Summer Birthday

    A new take on painting and pinot parties, this summer birthday party for adults is filled with rose and watercolors. Gather the girls for a night of painting on the porch with pink sips and summer appetizers. All you need is white card stock, watercolor paint, and brushes. Set everything up on a table covered with paper and you’re ready to go. Arrange a food buffet nearby food buffet to break for bites.

  • Rainbow Kids Birthday Party

    Nothing says summer party like bright colors and outdoor games. This rainbow kids birthday party is filled with easy recipes and DIY decor. Plus, get our favorite recipes for fun rainbow food. 

  • Summer Pool Party

    This ocean-theme birthday bash is perfect for celebrating outside by the pool. From under-the-sea snacks to easy party decor, this summer pool party is shore to be a blast! 

  • Cupcake-Decorating Party

    Summer is the time for something sweet. This birthday party for kids is all about getting creative with candy. Set out frosted cupcakes and a variety of colorful sweets. Let the kids decorate their own take-home party favor. Keep the decor bright and colorful—just like summer! 

  • Outdoor Photo Booth

    Say cheese! Set up a DIY photo booth with plenty of props right in your backyard. Encourage kids to strike a pose, then send them home with their best photo of the day. This birthday party for kids is sure to bring the smiles. 

  • Summer House Party

    Don’t stress about hosting a summer birthday party. Have guests gather in the backyard for a casual celebration filled with potluck foods and summer sips. Add a fun party playlist and let the party begin!

  • Root Beer Float Party

    Looking for a summer party idea that won’t break the bank? Celebrate a warm-weather birthday with root beer floats! Create a mobile float station with ice cream, soda, straws, and glasses. Set out yard games and relax. Toss a bottle of bourbon in your wagon if you’re hosting this summer birthday party for adults. 

  • Backyard Shrimp Boil

    This Southern-inspired shrimp boil is the ultimate summer birthday party for adults. A spicy feast of shrimp, sausage, and corn is the main attraction. Round out the party with DIY nautical decor and plenty of cold drinks. 

  • Summer Garden Party

    Celebrate the beauty of summer with this flower-inspired backyard party. Set up a DIY mimosa bar and handmade paper flowers for a sweet afternoon gathering. Plus, get our best tips for creating hand-lettered party invitations. 

  • Bright Outdoor Fiesta

    Make your backyard a party-worthy place with just a few simple DIYs. An easy yarn garland and bold paper flowers set the scene for this festive birthday party. Serve up new takes on classics like grilled pizza and tres leches cake. 

  • BBQ and Brews Party

    This summer birthday party for adults is all about beer and BBQ! Host a fun beer-tasting and finish the party with a few DIY yard games. Plus, get our tips for putting together a build-your-own s’mores bar—yum!