Easy Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas and Magical Supplies


These easy Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas are in partnership with Aries Supply.

Unicorns are everywhere right now! Unicorn food, unicorn decor, , unicorn tattoos, and even unicorn cocktails have been filling my Pinterest feed. Not gonna lie, I’m currently in love with the theme and even made an All Things Unicorn Pinterest Boardto save all the magical stuff, like these easy Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas!

Easy Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas

If you are planning a unicorn themed party, this package of Unicorn Birthday Party Supplies will make everything easier! With 32 it overs a great selection of party decor. These unicorn party supplies include:

  • 10 Gold Confetti Balloons (after blowing up the balloon rub it with a dry cloth to help the confetti float)
  • 10 Unicorn Cupcake Toppers
  • 10 Unicorn Hair Tie Party Favors
  • (these also work great as cup markers, and kids can keep their color at the end)
  • 1 Gold Unicorn “Happy Birthday” Banner
  • 1 Unicorn Themed Cake Topper (I bet you could also attach this to a headband!)


A felt letter board is a quick way to add a magical birthday message to a Unicorn party table! Here’s a few unicorn-themed quotes for birthday parties you could use:

  • May your birthday be a glitter-filled bag of rainbows.
  • Ride a unicorn and chase your birthday dreams.
  • She was born to ride unicorns.
  • Party like a unicorn.

Cupcakes are one of my go-to party desserts. Kids love them and I really love decorating them. Gold sprinkles are a quick and easy way to give cupcakes a unicorn touch. I’m also loving these easy unicorn desserts that are perfect for a unicorn birthday party:

  • Unicorn Muddy Buddies

No party is complete without games and I found some awesome Unicorn Birthday Party Games! Check these out for an extra magical touch:

  • Edible Jewelry Station
  • Pin the Tail on the Pony
  • Rainbow Scavenger Hunt
  • Unicorn Party Art
  • Unicorn Treasure Hunt

Hopefully, this gives you some ideas for throwing a unicorn party! Save them for later when you are ready to get the party started!

Easy and Affordable DIY Birthday Ideas

Easy and Affordable DIY Birthday Ideas

Children only turn 1 once, and that’s usually the excuse that parents make in order to throw the biggest and most lavish party possible for their kid, even if it means spending more than a half year’s worth of their monthly salary on it. If you have that much money to spare, great for you, but if you don’t, what kind of party can you throw for your little one?

The answer: a meaningful party! Whether you invite 10 or 1,000 people to your party, what matters to your child is that he or she feels loved and they have your undivided attention. Oftentimes the best gift you can give to a child is your presence! (Get more tips on how to throw affordable birthday party here.)

But given that you still want to throw a party for your child, here are a few ideas that you can execute yourself, plus it won’t take the spotlight away from your child (and won’t stress you out, either!)

1. Neon

This by far is the easiest theme, because it’s easy for your guests to dress according to the theme and you can easily find decorations, like crepe paper and balloons, in neon colors in the nearby school supplies store. And most kiddie food will come in bright or neon colors too, so that will be easy to request from your caterer.

2. Treasure Hunt

Kids love (and get a bit competitive!) when it comes to anything related to hunts—why do you think Easter egg hunts are still so popular? Treasure hunts, on the other hand, add more detail into the hunting activity. You can choose to make it as simple or complicated as you like, but it will of course depend on the age range of your guests, too. For the younger set, the parents can help out, but for those 4 and above, they can search for treasure well on their own—just make sure to keep an eye on them. Hide goodies, like chocolate coins or eggs with surprises inside, or a ton of random toys scattered all over the area. They will go crazy over them!

3. Bubble Time

Kids of all ages adore bubbles. From blowing them to getting inside them, bubbles appeal to kids, no matter how old they get. The best part is that bubble solution and bubble wands are very affordable, especially if you head down to Divisoria and get them for a bulk price. Hold your party in an outdoor, preferably grassy area, and hand the bubbles over to your guests as soon as they get to your party. Go the extra mile and hire professional bubble show entertainers and it will definitely be the highlight of your guest’s day.

Read this for more DIY decoration ideas. If you want to get ideas for the theme of your kid’s party, check this.

For more party planning tips, like us on Facebook at Hizon’s Catering or Subscribe to our daily Newsletter below.

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Baby’s First Winnie the Pooh Birthday Party Ideas

Baby’s First Winnie the Pooh Birthday Party Ideas A.A. Milne’s tales of the adventures of a

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21st Birthday Ideas – How to Plan The beginning Of A Milestone Birthday

21st Birthday Ideas

There is seems to be with the number “21” for many people. Many regard it as the product of 3 x 7. However, when it comes to turning 21, it is held regards as the onset of adulthood. It is the age when you can buy things like liquor and can, therefore, drink legally.

If you are about to reach the age very soon, you need to be aware of the 21st birthday ideas to help you make the most of your special day. There are plenty of ways to make your 21st birthday an extraordinary one! You don’t need to settle for a house party or go out for a bar hopping to make your day the best day of your life. Choose from the wide selection of birthday ideas and have fun on your birthday.

You can host a bonfire, hit the road with your friends or take a bartending class to learn more about cocktails. Whatever you choose, dodge waiting until the last minute to decide on the perfect idea and make sure that you are excited about your plans. Below are a bunch of 21st birthday ideas that are guaranteed to expand your birthday options.

Birthday Road Trip

Since you are 21, you can finally rent a car! Hit the road with your friends and take a road trip. You can also prepare a playlist, grab your favorite sunglasses and load up with snacks for a breezy joy ride. If you are planning a birthday road trip, you can also try heading to some beautiful spots in your place. Enjoy your 21st birthday as you go on with your first road trip as an adult!

House Party

A collected and cool night at home with some of your friends can be great fun. Gather everyone around for some party games, or simply listen to music. Talk about your good old days when you are still naïve and young. A good 21st birthday is inevitable when you are spending it with friends who are not minding if you are dancing to the songs of Lady Gaga on the kitchen table.

To liven up your house, you can throw up some fun decorations such as booze inspired jello shots and cupcakes. Savor the moment of the first time you step into the liquor store to buy the goods. Research some party cocktail and party punch recipes, this will give you a better idea of the taste that you exactly want.

All-Out Bar Crawl

Ideally, your city or town has a block full of bars and clubs that allow you to walk to your destinations with ease. Pick the bunch of bars that depends on your taste and the kind of atmosphere you are looking for a bar. Some may be more upbeat, and some are more laid back but if you want to start somewhere calm, then choose that club then work your way up to the crazier spots the next time. You can ask your older pals about the clubs they prefer.

Celebrating your birthday with your friends on a bar is a great way to have fun. Most bars have their specialty shots or cocktails – you should try it! Dipping your toe into bars will allow you to figure out which spots you desire and want to return to.

Birthday Getaways

The best way to celebrate your birthday is to treat yourself to a relaxing vacation. Travel is very flexible, considering that is planned for time. You can also plan your 21st birthday trip with your family and friends, all while savoring the day you blessed the world with your existence. There are plenty of choices for your birthday travel for all times of the year across the world. Whatever your limitations or budget may be, there will always be a perfect vacation for your 21st birthday.


As you step onto the age of 21, you will have the sense of independence. You might also want to explore a new life, new world after 20. Skydiving is the unique and terrific activity to do during your 21st birthday. Unlike other birthday ideas, it is very risky, but with extra care and proper orientation will surely avoid accidents. You can also contact the Country’s Parachute Association to make sure that everything is set for your birthday skydiving.

As you float up in the air, you will get to see scenic spots and spectacular spots that will encourage you to be thankful for your life. After soaring up in the air like an eagle, you will land down as a different person, with a sense of decision and stronger. You will also gain lessons while you are up there and apply it to your life at the age of 21.

Celebrating with Charity

Instead of going out and letting your friends treat you, ask them to donate the money they would have spent for you to a charity of your choice. Giving money to charity is a great alternative to honor your 21st birthday if you don’t plan on spending a lot. You can also ask your friends to contribute $21 to tie in your birthday celebration with a cause. If not money, you can also ask a favor from your friends to get a small gift from the company that gives back to the charity with each purchase.

Here are other birthday ideas you should try:

Birthday Brunch

Head to brunch and order mimosas! Days before your 21st birthday, start finding the best spot in town and reserve a patio or table for a daytime celebration together with your family and friends. To spread the cheer, send some champagne-inspired cocktail party invitations.

Spa Day

Do you want to skip the chaos and get some relaxation? On your 21st birthday, have a fun day trip to the spa! Faces masks, massages, mimosas and mani-pedis are fun birthday ideas for your 21st birthday! Head to the spa on your birthday for a stress-free 21st birthday celebration.

Wine Tasting Party

Another unique birthday idea is a wine tasting party. Learn everything you want about wine through hosting a wine tasting party with your friends. If you are stress, this party idea can help you reduce all the stresses of life.

Hotel Retreat

Celebrating your 21st birthday can also be fun by going on an overnight trip with your friends. Spend the rest of the weekend at the hotel that you have never stayed before with few of your closest friends. Hit the pool, indulge in a massage service, order room service and have fun!

Birthday Bonfire

If you are fond of going to the beach and you can’t stay away from it, then this party is for you. Gather your family and other friends for a night bonfire and start telling stories at a local beach. Also, bring plenty of pillows, blankets and end the night off with sparklers.

When planning for your 21st birthday party, the wide selection of birthday ideas seem too overwhelming, but the list above are great options! No matter what you opt to do on your special day, remember to be smart and don’t forget to smile. Celebrating your birthday is more exciting when you choose to celebrate it with your family and friends. Enjoy your 21st birthday!

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Best Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

When my son came to me and said he wanted an epic birthday party this year, I was stumped because that’s just not what have done in the past.  I’m more of a “great- let’s have a party on Friday and invite a few good friends.”   Luckily, they love those kinds of parties and in their minds, they qualify as “epic”.

However, I have been opening my e-mail to find more & more requests for ideas for parties, so I asked on my blog Facebook Page for ideas.    You guys were amazing, as usual. :).  Here are some great ideas that you gave:

At Home Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

  • Petting Zoo Party

That’s right, this birthday party brings a petting zoo to your backyard. Wendy, one of our amazing moms, said they “had a petting zoo with pony rides, an alpaca, a calf, chicks, rabbits, ducklings, piglets, and more.” Do a quick internet search for “petting zoo parties (in your zip code)” to find a service that will bring the zoo to you!

  • Book Party

Is your little one a fan of a favorite book? Host a Book Party with a character focus! Play treasure-hunts with different “treasures” from the story, play “finish the story” and let kids tell funny endings, or even let them dress up as their favorite book character.
One mom even suggested asking guests to bring books to donate instead of gifts!

  • Super Hero Party

Turn that old refrigerator box into a telephone booth for Superman and have an epic Super Hero Birthday Party! Capes and eye masks made out of felt make the perfect party wear while fruits and veggies can be arranged to look like Captain America’s shield or Thor’s hammer. Have plenty of super hero games ready for your active super guests!

  • Wrestling Birthday Party

If your wrestling fan is having a birthday, remove the furniture and line the walls and floors with mats for a hands-on WWE party! Birthday party planning mom, Tara, recommends a wrestling ring cake as well. “I didn’t get much sleep, but they all loved it and still talk about it 10 years later,” she said. That’s definitely a memorable party!

  • Pet Adoption Party

If your child loves animals or is big into animal rescue, create a birthday party to celebrate those things! A dozen stuffed animals will be waiting for adoption by party guests in this unique celebration. Mom Lindsay said, “[I] printed out fake animal adoption certificates and fake animal hospital check-up pages. [I] also bought a few dollar store doctor kits. The kids chose their animals, gave them check-ups, picked out names, and filled out their adoption papers. It was a huge hit!”

  • Drive-In Movie Birthday Party

For those warm month birthdays, host a Drive-In in the backyard! Hang a white sheet against the house and use an inexpensive movie projector to show a film to party guests. Large cardboard boxes can be decorated as cars, so each guest gets his or her own vehicle! Moms and dads can be car hops, bringing popcorn and juice boxes to each child.

Parties on the Go

  • Indoor Sports Park

From bounce houses to volleyball tournaments, indoor sports parks host birthday parties all year long. Some parks even have rock climbing walls and adventure ropes courses! The best part? It doesn’t matter what time of year your child’s birthday is, the temperature will always be the same inside!

  • Rent a Stadium

For sports loving birthday kids, renting out an entire stadium would be a dream. That’s just what one family did for their son’s birthday party. “We rented Texas stadium (where the Dallas Cowboys played) just months before it was imploded. The whole stadium. We had 10 year old boys playing football all over the field. It’s gone now and the kids are 17 now, [but] they still talk about how huge that was to them.” If you can afford it, renting a stadium would definitely make for an epic birthday party!

  • Down on the Farm

Contact your local farm or orchard to find out about the birthday parties they offer. Many include hay rides, animal petting, fruit or vegetable picking, and more! Get inexpensive bandanas or straw hats for party guests!

Remember, no matter what type of party you decide to have for your child, he or she will cherish the memories forever!


Best Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Sweet 16 Birthday Party Ideas – Make Her Coming of Age More Memorable

Sweet 16 Birthday Party Ideas

It is not every day that you turn 16, so a lot of young girls make a big deal out of sweet sixteen celebrations. Sweet 16 is a turning point in girl’s life, a transition point to womanhood so it’s indeed an event that needs to be a memorable celebration. But, how do you exactly celebrate a Sweet 16 birthday? Are there guidelines? Is there a ritualistic component to the celebration? This is where sweet 16 birthday ideas come in.

Sweet 16 Birthday Ideas Really Help

A Sweet 16 birthday is a very special day in the life of every teenager. So at the very least, all the important person in her life must be present. When it comes to rituals, a girl can choose from anything she wants to do. There are customs and traditions though like the show, candle and tiara observance that some people incorporate into the program to indicate the transition to womanhood. Still, lots of people do away with the typical ceremonies and simply hold the grandest parties they can to celebrate. There lots of sweet 16 birthday ideas out there so you have lots of choices to consider that is a good thing since sometimes there are never enough choices for a girl.

If you are volunteering as an event planner, you can break down the list of party ideas by selecting things like what the celebrant is interested in and may be interested in. You can find these birthday ideas through looking online, borrowing ideas from family and friends, or looking through magazines or books on the subject. Weeding through Sweet 16 birthday ideas can be trickier if you are planning a big celebration. If this is the case, then the simpler but unique Sweet 16 birthday ideas will be the best bet.

Top Sweet 16 Birthday Ideas Available

There are lots of fun filled and exceptionally sweet 16 birthday ideas, from which you can pick the suitable one to make the party a lively, energized as well as an enjoyable affair. Below are the top sweet 16 birthday ideas to consider.

Paris Themed Birthday Party Idea

Everybody knows that Paris is an extremely romantic place. At this point in time, Paris themed birthday party is a very popular trend. A Parisian decoration like ornamental Eiffel towers of diverse sizes and shapes, gloves, costume hats, a café scene and hanging lights will electrify your visitors. Don’t forget to include French cuisines such as macarons, beignets, fancy cheese platters, madeleines and more. Serving your guests with French cuisine will surely give a real touch to your birthday party.

Tiffany Theme

If you’re searching for a lively, fun yet elegant sweet 16 birthday party idea, then this is a good choice. The ever-popular Tiffany blue box is a global representation of style and sophistication. In this birthday party idea for girl’s turning sweet sixteen, you can imitate iconic branding of Tiffany adding the touch of silver, teal and white all throughout.

Neon or Glow in the Dark Theme

This is considered one of the most memorably, trendy as well as creative sweet sixteen birthday party ideas out there. This theme proves to be thrilling and encourages every visitor to join in the fun. Glow in the dark party theme appeals to girls and boys alike. When it comes to decoration, buy glow in the dark stick accessories, utilize glowing in the dark plates and glasses. Serve party drinks and foods with pops of striking color like colored jelly beans, rock candy, fruit punch and many others.

Wonderland Birthday Party

If you are searching for a sweet sixteen birthday party theme ideas that set apart, then a wonderland theme is the best choice. Alice in Wonderland is the most adored and beloved fairy tales. Alice Wonderlands provides lots of possibilities for sweet 16 party decors, food, beverage as well as entertainment.

Dance Party Theme Idea

A dance party theme idea provides a chance to the teens to show what they’ve got when it comes to dancing. Dancing to the trendiest and most popular disco music played by a Disc Jockey will surely make a lively and energetic environment. To make this event more thrilling, serve French fries, chicken bites, and other types of finger foods. Don’t forget to serve fruit punch as well.

Masquerade Birthday Party Idea

This birthday party idea for sweet 16 encourages the youngster to come dressed in fine attire with masques. You can join force masquerade party with an enjoyable challenge or an artistic costume contest to make the event more exciting and awe-inspiring to everyone. Don’t forget to add up 2 to 3 tone hue schemes into the masquerade party decors in order to obtain a magnificent look and feel.

Cooking Lesson Birthday Party Idea

If you want an intimate and refined sweet 16 birthday celebration, then hosting an exclusive cooking class with close friends is a good idea. Here, you and your guests will learn how to prepare special meals like sushi, pasta, how to make homemade pizzas, how to decorate cake. You and your friends can also watch the cooking show of your admired chef. When it comes to this birthday party idea, the possibilities are endless. Cooking class is an intimate birthday party idea that is perfect to create memories with your friends and guests that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Black And White Ball Birthday Party Idea

Everybody loves black and white decoration. Your guests will surely amaze by the style and cuteness that this party theme has to give. Medium size black and white cake as sweet 16 written at the top can also serve as a decoration. You can also setup a station or dessert table to make the party well organize. You can also fill jars with candies. You can setup chocolate fountains in white and dark chocolate to go along with the theme.

When it comes to decoration, fill the room with black and white balloons and streamers. Adding black and white table accessories is also a good idea. Think polka dots or stripes. A sweet 16 party will not be memorable without displaying the number 16 around the venue.

Sweet 16 Celebration Must Work With a Budget

There are lots of birthday party ideas for Sweet 16 celebration and they are able to be tweaked to fit most anything you want, like a certain budget. That is why you do not have to worry about finding out that your celebration will have limits because of financial matters. Make sure it a reasonable counterpart, so you can still be posh and trendy without the need of spending a lot of your money. All you need to do is to know how to be ingenious and flexible. This is your Sweet 16 celebration and there is nothing like going against the odds to express that you really are ready to be a woman.

A sweet sixteen celebration is all about glam, fun, excitement, fashion as well as glitz. For parents who want to make this affair an event to remember, then it’s very critical to pick the best venue if you have limited space and choose a professional catering service in case you don’t have time to prepare foods for guests.



Outdoor Summer Birthday Party Ideas

With two cold-weather babies, I’ve always envied moms who could plan an outdoor birthday party and take advantage of their backyard or local park. Nature makes

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Top 5 Memorable Kids’ Birthday Party Ideas

Kids' Birthday Party Ideas

Are you looking for an extra special way to celebrate your child’s next birthday?

Had enough of indoor play centres and uninspiring birthday party venues? Maybe you just want something more exciting than pass the parcel and musical chairs at your home this year. Or maybe you’d like to make the most of a party in the park!
Whatever the case may be, we know that when it comes to planning your child’s birthday party, there’s really only one thing that matters – making your child’s heart sing with joy.
If you’d like to delight your child and their guests with something truly special this year, look no further! Our top 5 memorable kids’ birthday party ideas list is packed full of exciting adventures sure to delight your child with memories that will last a lifetime.

1. Medieval Sword Fighting Party

Do you have a young knight who loves to sword fight? Bring their dreams to life with a Medieval Sword Fighting Party at home or a location of your choice!
Ideal for children 5 years+, this exciting party is led by a qualified fencing instructor who specialises in medieval and renaissance combat.
First, guests are given replica swords made of foam and taught basic fighting techniques and customs. Next, everyone gets the opportunity to put their newly learnt skills into action with team battle games!
Knights, swords, and combat – this epic party experience takes guests back in time for some Middle Ages madness. Dress-ups encouraged!

2. Giant Bubble Party

Does your child love to blow bubbles? (Who doesn’t!) Kids will be wide-eyed with wonder as they learn to create bubbles bigger than themselves in this Giant Bubble Party.
Let our Bubbleologist teach your guests how to make bubbles up to 1 metre x 3 metres long. Guests will also learn how to hold a bubble without popping it, juggle bubbles and make bubbles insideof bubbles!
This birthday party gets kids moving and inspires their creativity as they explore the magic of bubbles. They not only love to make the bubbles, they love chasing them too! Perfect for ages 3 years+.


Does your child love to make music? Many children are attracted to drums due to their powerful sounds and the physical movement involved in playing them!
This African Drumming Celebration is a unique experience that the whole family will enjoy, and it’s sure to get everyone moving, dancing and singing to African beats!
Led by one of Australia’s leading percussionists, all guests will become immersed in the power and rhythm of traditional African drumming and the atmosphere of your celebration will be bursting with creative energy.

4. Henna Art Birthday Party

Bring a sense of occasion to your child’s party in a unique way. Our Henna Art Birthday Party gives children an opportunity to celebrate their personalities in an artistic and ceremonial gathering.
Henna art is over 5000 years old and is an all-natural, safe, temporary and painless way to decorate your body.
Led by an internationally renowned henna artist, your birthday girl and her friends will feel very special being adorned with beautiful henna artwork that mirrors their personality, age and occasion. Suitable for children aged 8 years+.

5. Hula Hooping Birthday Party

Does your child like to move, shake and dance with their friends? Our Hula Hooping Birthday Party is led by a professional hula hooper and is packed full of colour, dance, music and laughter! This party is thoroughly enjoyed by boys and girls and across a variety of ages.
Your birthday child and their friends will enjoy an energising hour of hula hoop activities including group games and tricks, with plenty of time and space to show off their fanciest hoop dance and moves!
Perfect for children aged 6 years+, this is a fun-filled and energetic party that will delight your child, their friends, and even the adults who love to have a go too!

Want more amazing kids’ birthday party ideas? Take a look at what else we have for you:

  • Super Soccer Party
  • Magnificent Magician Show
  • Brazilian Capoeira Birthday Party
  • Arabian Nights Birthday Party
  • Fire Show and Circus Play

Kids’ party entertainers with a difference

At Waggle Dance, we know how important it is to have a truly outstanding entertainer hosting your child’s birthday party. That’s why we are so selective when it comes to choosing a host for you – because only the best will do! Every single one of our party hosts are professional, passionate, and genuinely love making children laugh!
If you’d like to find out more about one of our first-class kids’ birthday party ideas and packages – or if you’d prefer us to tailor something special for your child – we’d love to hear from you.

To chat about what we can do to delight your child on their special day, contact Waggle Dance today!

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Top 5 Memorable Kids’ Birthday Party Ideas

Birthday celebration Ideas. Great things to earn your birthday different from every various other day

Today is your birthday, and every-one must understand that. Okay comprehend you might wish to maintain quiet regarding it. Actually, it’s ideal if you come clean.

Today is currently your ‘do something different day’. Just one distinction will do. Life could chug along predictably when you do the exact same things every day. Just what you require is a break in the regimen. Make a difference with also simply one of these birthday ideas. Do not regret this. Make today stick out from all the birthday celebrations before. You won’t fail to remember today.

If an office is your usual area of work. Leave currently! Make for the closest store and acquisition cake. Then email all your colleagues notifying them of birthday celebration cake. All will certainly really feel obliged to want you pleased birthday, as well as you’ll feel just fantastic!

Place on your own initially today. Attempt it out today if you the circumstance emerges. It’ll frases bonitas de cumpleaños really feel great, its your birthday today!

Make time for your self. Make you way to the closest department shop and also request a complimentary makeover, inform them it’s your birthday celebration.

While your in the store, moving towards one of the most unique as well as costly designer collection they do. Try out garments you wouldn’t generally desire for. You’ll really feel terrific. Make certain you do not take your charge card with you!

Execute random acts of generosity. Every act of generosity sends out tiny ripples, like a stone in a swimming pool, and changes the world. Study shows that random acts of compassion boost endorphins and serotonin degrees in the brain. These chemicals are present in high levels in ‘satisfied people’. They will definitely improve your mood. Even basic acts such as aiding some-one throughout the road, or with their buying, or giving away to charity matter.

If you were trying to find wonderful birthday concepts to earn your birthday celebration different. You have actually currently made that first step by locating this page. Satisfied Birthday, have a great day!

Today is your birthday, and every-one must know that. Make a difference with even just one of these birthday celebration ideas. Make today stand out from all the birthdays before. It’ll feel fantastic, its your birthday celebration today!

If you were looking for wonderful birthday celebration ideas to make your birthday celebration various.


Birthday celebration Ideas. Great things to earn your birthday different from every various other day