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Sixteen birthday ideas based on this post will be amazing by applying simple and cheap references for quite enchanting decorations at high value especially for boys. 16th birthday ideas are available in quite simple decorating styles to make sure in matter of enjoyable atmosphere for all of people to fully have. You can put on sixteen party references based on boys’ themes to make sure in matter of enjoyable atmosphere for all of people to have from start until the party ends. There are different sixteenth birthday gift ideas available to apply based on liking and requirement within your affordability on budget.

Sixteenth Birthday Cake Ideas

Sixteenth birthday party ideas for boys based on this post provide best and unique references in how to plan cute themes for sixteen boy party in a very significant way. Pinterest has to offer different unique ideas for sixteen themes to be applied into boys’ party to accommodate all of people for fascinating party decorations. In planning your homemade sixteenth birthday gift ideas, just make sure in preserving beautiful and enchanting decorations so that amazing in creating joyous atmosphere. Sixteenth birthday ideas can be accessed in form of images in this post and Pinterest for amazing references in how to plan unique sixteen party themes with real boys’ styles. You can also pour sixteenth birthday games into the party to make the theme quite enjoyable in preserving fun and fascinating atmosphere to all of attendants.

16 Inspiration Gallery from Homemade Sixteenth Birthday Ideas for Boys

Dinosaur 6th Birthday Party Ideas

Boys dig dinosaur parties!

Is it because they are so hugely ferocious or because of the mystery surrounding their extinction or because of their (supposed) resounding roar?


All I know for sure is these ideas make for a terrific boy birthday party theme that never misses the mark.

Cakes and cupcakes, invitations and favors, games and decorations, all combine into a colossal party that makes boys roar!

Amy from Coffee, Crafts and Cupcakes worked with Jess, over at Party Box Design, to throw a super-sized, backyard, dinosaur bash for Amy’s six-year-old son.

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A balloon and pom decorated party canopy not only provided a focal point, but afforded shade as well.

Yellow, green, and orange, with contrasting brown accents, coordinated well with the great outdoors to provide some prehistoric party ambiance. Burlap and brown/white chevron added visual texture too.

Celebration pennants hanging from the fence posts were punctuated with colorful dinosaur masks.

Lunch was simple finger foods. Peanuts, candy, Oreo popcorn, dinosaur cookies and birthday cake filled any remaining empty tummy spots.

Distinctive “Extinction” Ale, water bottles in dinosaur wraps and lemonade quenched thirst.

In addition to imaginative dino play, a burlap covered sandpit offered a spot for dinosaurs to dig.

After a full afternoon of sunshine and friendship, Amy sent her guests home with fantastic favor boxes.

The take-out boxes were dressed in party colors and they were full, too; little paleontologists discovered themed stickers, rings, masks, dinosaur figures and a dinosaur pincher (bet that was fun!) — in addition to a custom made dinosaur cupcake bath bomb.

Bet they all roared with appreciation!

Plan a dinosaur birthday party with these party supplies:

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Birthday Ideas for 9 year olds ⋆

With 13 nieces and nephews plus my own 3 you would think I was a dab hand at buying gifts. I’m not! even I struggle to come up with something that they would love! I hope this guide shows some new birthday gift ideas, suitable for both boys and girls.

Birthday Gift Ideas for 9 year olds

Project MC2 Slumber Party Science Kit– £29.99 – Use science to create the ultimate slumber party for you and your besties! This awesome slumber party science kit contains six amazing skin care experiments that will help you totally chill out. Make your own glitter body gel, sugar scrub, rainbow facemasks, and more. Experiment again and again with all the spa experiments in the Slumber Party Science Kit and check out the new, scientifically-improved you!

Create your own makeup with these awesome cosmetic experiments. The Ultimate Makeover Bag helps a secret agent experiment and look amazing with these makeup experiments disguised as art supplies. Create your own custom nail polish, lip gloss, hair mascara and crayon makeup. Store all your secrets in the super chic lab station disguised as a fashion backpack. Experiment again and again and take your cosmetic chemistry wherever you go.

Customize your Project Mc2 Ultimate Makeover Bag that opens to reveal an awesome makeup mixing and storage station. Create your own custom nail polish, lip gloss, hair mascara and crayon makeup.

Take the whole bag with you wherever you go or snap off the removable palettes filled with your homemade makeup to make touch-ups on the-go even easier. Includes backpack with storage, lip gloss pen, nail polish pen, hair mascara tube, cosmetic jar, 2 pipettes, experiment booklet and makeup ingredients: crayon wheel with 6 colours, shimmer nail polish base, nail polish colourant and scented glitter lip gloss. Additional household ingredients not included.

Make-up and Perfume

– £39.99 – Alert! NOV8 is issuing the best of their top secret spy gadgets to new recruits. Prove that you have what it takes to become one of their top operatives! the ultimate spy bag contains everything a super chic sleuth needs to go on NOV8 missions! it’s patterned after the same bag worn by Adrienne in the TV series.

• Unlock the chic Ultimate Spy Bag — just like the one worn by Adrienne Attoms — to reveal 20+ secret agent pieces.

• Fingerprinting kit — includes dusting powder that can also be used as shimmer makeup powder

Project MC2 Perfume Maker – £29.99 –  Project Mc2 is a team of smart and seriously cool girls who use their love of science and their spy skills as they go on missions for secret organization, NOV8. They are real girls with real skills ready to take on anything. Watch new episodes of the project Mc2 original series, only on Netflix. Adrienne Atoms next mission is to use her cosmetic chemistry skills to formulate the ideal look for saving the world. Formulate your own perfumes with project Mc2 perfume maker. You can perform this same cool steam. Experiment at home using just household items again and again.

Glam Goo Deluxe Pack – £29.99 – The glam goo Deluxe pack has everything you need to make cool slime fashion for your own unique style! fill the compartments of your cute slime purse with your sparkly creations to show them off. Add scents and colour to get really creative. Then add slime to the wearable ring. Accessories include 3 tubes of confetti, 2 colour pots, 1 scent, and mixing spoon.

For the nails

– £14.99 – Gel-A-Peel allows you to express yourself through your own designer creations! create fashionable fuzzy jewellery and lifestyle accessories! it’s so easy and fun! use the gel colour tube to trace the templates, peel the gel design, and your creations are ready to wear! use the gel tray and squeegee tool to make charms and jewels! make over 60 accessories to wear or share with your friends! this Gel-A-Peel fuzzy accessory kit has everything you need to design and create your own bracelets, earrings and accessories.

Accessory kit includes; 3 Gel-A-Peel fuzzy colour tubes, 16 design templates, 5 designer tips, and a gel tray. Design. Peel. Wear & share! additional colours available in other Gel-A-Peel kits. Ages: 8+ years

– £19.99 – Give yourself a 3D manicure! Using new 3D nail technology, you can polish your nails in your choice of fun, pastel colours and then add 3D designs. Finish off the look with some nail décor! A completely new, creative way to do your nails! The Sugar Rush Theme Nail Kits provide a unique set of polishes and nail décor for you to take your 3D nail design to the next level. Make 50+ nail designs! Nail-a-Peel offers a completely new, creative way to do your nails! Use the gel to polish your nails and then decorate in 3D! Finish the look with some nail décor! Polish your nails in your choice of fun colours and then add 3D designs Make 50+ nail designs!

Contents: 3 x gel polish tubes, 3 x nail décor tubes, 16 x design templates, Nail stencils, Nail tray, 5 x designer tips, 3 x nail wheels, Manicure and design tools Batteries Not Required


£12.99 – Elasti Plasti is the brand new super soft plastic that expands, stretches, bubbles and much more.  Grab some friends and create a giant, thin plastic parachute. Elasti Plast super stretches further than anything ever created and lets you blow giant bubbles 20x its size with a regular straw.

Electric Plane Launcher – £18.99 – Assemble a twin-motor electric launcher to send planes skyward at amazing speeds. Experiment with your own paper airplane designs for maximum flight distance and speed.

Let’s go Retro!

– £11.99 – If the 9 year old is a fan of gaming then this Retro TV Game is a lovely introduction to the world of retro games! With a library of over 200 retro games to play they will be spoilt for choice. All you have to do is plug in and play… it really is that simple. The controller is really fab too, it has a working mini joystick and A, B buttons. There is a game for everybody!

Crunchy Munchy 7 inch Chocolate Pizza– £11.99 – The 7″ Crunchy Munchy is ideal for those who have a choccy tooth! Superb for smaller budgets and appetites, this yummy treat is made from the finest Belgian chocolate, fudge, brownie pieces and white chocolate shavings. The Pizza is pre-cut into 8 slices and comes ready to serve in a pizza box too! It tastes great, looks great and any 9 year old would love this!

*The items were sent out for inclusion in the guide

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5 Summer Birthday Party Ideas

Even though your birthday falls in winter in other parts of the world, if you live in Australia, being born in December or January means that you can have a hell of a summer birthday party. These people are always super lucky as you have a plethora of options to choose from; you can opt for an inside or an outside party, choose among various venues, and practically have any theme that you want (either a Xmas one or a summer one – it’s up to you). So, if you are one of these lucky people and you happen to live in Australia, this is how you can celebrate your upcoming birthday. Take a look at these 5 summer birthday party ideas, grab a pen and paper (or simply bookmark this page) and start with the preparations!

1. The classic pool party

The most common summer parties are thrown next to a pool, so why would your birthday party be any different? Even though it’s very common, it’s still not a cliché, as all of us can’t wait to be invited to a pool party, and this is something that you can give to the friends you love and still celebrate your life. In order to do this, you don’t have to own a pool at your house. Sydney and Melbourne, for example, have a plethora of indoor and outdoor pool parties, and some of them even offer the option of celebrating your birthday there. If you opt for an outdoor pool party, make sure that everyone has sunscreen and a gift, and you can take care of the food and drinks.

2. A backyard party

If you happen to be living in a house and have a wonderful green backyard, you can take your party there. There’s not a better venue for a birthday than your beautiful yard, and you should definitely use this perk – people who live in building never have this chance, so you might as well use it. Apart from the decoration that you will choose (and you should make sure that your backyard is nicely decorated), take care of the food and drinks. The best options would be summery drinks, and you can save time by ordering certain drinks such as gin online, and then make great cocktails that are perfect for summertime. As far as food is concerned, opt for a barbeque if there’s an option, or go with good old finger food.

3. Party in the woods

This is another extremely unique idea. First of all, it’s very important that you have a specific place in mind where you would want to have your birthday celebration. It could be your own cottage in the woods if you own one, or you can simply rent one for a day. Make sure that all the attendees have a detailed map of how to get there, and take care of decorations. The best idea would be to make a wooden floor where you would have your dance floor, buffet and bar. This might be a bit more expensive, but it’s definitely something that’s extremely original and interesting. Your party will definitely be one of the most memorable ones of the year.

  1. Let’s go to the beach

As Nicki Minaj would say “Let’s go to the beach, beach, let’s go get away”, and this is exactly what you should do if you have the option to. Australia has magnificent beaches, so choosing a secluded and empty one might be a great idea. Again, this means that all of your friends need to have a detailed map in order to get there safely and not get lost. You can also choose a plethora of beach activities, and if you and your friends are surfers, you can also surf your birthday away with food and drinks waiting on the beach. Disclaimer: Don’t drink and surf! Make sure to surf first for a bit and then drink and eat the night away!

5. An indoors decorated summer party

However, you can always go back to basics, and have your party somewhere indoors. This could either be your house or a venue that you booked beforehand, but if you want to make your birthday quite summery, make sure that you don’t save on the decorations. You can have a California-style birthday party indoors as well, with so many accessories and decorations that will make the party simply amazing.

Lucky you if you get to have a summer birthday party! The options are numerous, you just need to get a bit creative and actually want to throw the party of the decade. Good luck and happy birthday!

Easy First Birthday Party Ideas On a Budget

My sweet, little baby Elijah turned one last weekend. It seems like just yesterday I was writing his birth story and recovering from spending a week in the NICU. I am known for simple birthday parties. When you have a large family, blowout birthday parties just aren’t in the budget, and I really believe an at-home party can be just as memorable. I decided to put together a list of easy first birthday party ideas on a budget. Besides, a one year old has no idea what’s going on anyway! That first birthday party is all for the parents and guests!

First Birthday Party Ideas for Moms on a Budget

DIY Smash Cake

So, excuse the messy cutting board. I wasn’t planning on turning this into a blog post when I took the picture, BUT I discovered that making a smash cake myself was super easy! Wilton sells a small 6 x 2 inch cake pan. I simply made up a batch of Duncan Hines white cake mix and poured about half of it into this pan. I baked the rest of that mix in a larger cake pan. 

I ended up using store bought whipped icing for the smash cake. I smoothed it with an icing spatula and icing smoother from Wilton. I printed out a large 1 on paper, cut it out, and placed it in the middle of the cake. Then I sprinkled rainbow sprinkles all around it. When I was happy with the way the sprinkles looked, I pulled the 1 off. I attempted to smooth the icing, but didn’t get it perfect. I’m a totally novice cake decorator and this was literally the first time I ever worked with any of those tools, so I was happy with it.

DIY Sprinkle Cake

I also decided to make his actual birthday cake myself. I made two layer cake by watching tutorials on YouTube. I even made my own batch of buttercream icing. I was so hesitant about my husband purchasing my KitchenAid mixer back when he was deployed, but I literally use that thing at least two or three times a week. Such a good investment.

Once again, I smoothed the icing with the icing tools from Wilton. I let the cake firm up a bit in the fridge, then sprinkled it, too! I love how it looks on my Pioneer Woman cake stand.

I simply used PicMonkey to create the little banner and a candle from the Dollar Tree.

First Birthday Party Decor

All of the decorations came from the Dollar Tree. I love that place for party decor. We didn’t go all out with balloons or streamers this year, but I’ve purchased those from the Dollar Tree in the past, too.

DIY First Birthday Photos

I was most concerned about capturing my little man on his first birthday, so I dressed him up in a cute outfit from Target and took pictures of him outside with his cake. The pictures aren’t professional, but they are perfect for me. I do own a DSLR and have slowly been teaching myself how to use it over the past 8 years, but you could also take decent pictures with an iPhone. Study other first birthday images online and practice, practice, practice. Photography gets better with practice.

First Birthday Party Games

I decided not to plan any games this time since we are new to the area with no family around, it was just the kids and my husband. We have done traditional games in the past, and the kids always enjoy those. By traditional games I mean Pin the Tail on the Donkey (or a themed version), scavenger hunts, and of course, a piñata. A one year old would enjoy a mini ball pit and the opportunity to play with balloons. 

Other Birthday Party Ideas

I have shared several of our birthday parties here on the blog.

Kids’ Game Themed Birthday Party

Large Family Birthday Parties

DIY Rapunzel Birthday Party

Frozen Themed Birthday Party

Are you prepping a birthday party? Head on over to the shop to snag my free printable Party Planning Checklist!

6 BIRTHDAY PARTY IDEAS – How to make it Pop!

birthday party ideas

Some of my best memories from my childhood are the ones from my birthday parties. Birthday parties have a unique charm to attract youngsters, as well as grownups, and something that always brings a smile to everyone’s face.

Coming up with birthday party ideas is one hell of a job though! They’re not easy to plan, and you have to be creative enough to keep the kids engaging and enjoying. Here are a few ideas that are still a success at any party, especially if you have kids coming over!

1. Decorating Your Own Cup Cake:

This has always been a fun, a bit messy, but a very engaging contest. The kids love it as they are able to choose the colors and flavors of icing and their favorite candy to decorate their cupcakes with. There are edible flowers, birds, trees, and tiny animals as well that can be added! I would recommend this activity to be done after eating something healthy.

2. Having a Piñata:

Piñatas have been a part of almost all birthdays back in our days, but I’ve not found them much common in parties these days. Piñatas can be of any shape and size of your choice. You can ask the kids to fill it up, or you can buy them from any nearby store, and then take turns to burst it. The breaking of piñata leads to a shower of candies, more than enough for everyone! Also, this should be done at the end, and have enough candy bags for everyone, so the kids can collect their candy and store in the candy bag and take it home with them.

3. Scavenger Hunt:

Another activity that brings back so many memories! Scavenger hunts are easy to create, and they can be tailored to any theme, and any age! They add the element of competition and excitement.

4. Decorating with Neon Letters:

Neon letters or glow in the dark party ideas is something that isn’t very old. It is one of the newer versions of parties. These Neon themed parties are something that the teens have been raving about and I’ll be honest, it does look pretty awesome! You can cut alphabets or designs from neon colored paper and paste it on a black back-drop to give a unique look to the event! You can also use neon lights and neon drinks to add to the theme. Click here for further assistance.

5. Sleep Overs:

This is one of the cheap but fun ways of having fun! Depending on the crowd, you can rent a movie of the majority’s choice, make popcorn, have cookies and milk, paint toenails, play board games, tell scary stories and what not!

6. Trick Candles:

This one always gets everyone! Place a few trick candles on the cake along with a few real ones. The birthday boy/girl will have a tough time blowing them out, and the rest of the crowd will have a good laugh!

Don’t get stressed about planning a party! These are only six ideas that have always made me very happy and that have helped engage the crowd the most. There are a ton of other ideas like musical chairs, and themed parties to make your party a memorable one. You can always brainstorm and make changes as you wish! Feel free to add that whatever you want, as long as you can manage it. If something does not go as planned, don’t freak out, roll with the punches. You should always remember that apart from planning the event, you should also enjoy the game equally! Your efforts will pay off, and people will have fun, and so should you!

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5 Alcohol free birthday party ideas for 15 to 16 year olds

Oh the minefield of teen birthday parties…

You’ll walk a tightrope trying to satisfy your teen they’re doing something ‘seriously cool’, while satisfying yourself that it’s within the realms of possibility, budget and family rules.

Having worked your way through 15 or 16 birthday parties by now, you’ll be getting pretty good at negotiating and planning teen birthday parties. It’s these teen years you’ll find the hardest to satisfy everyone, but here’s some party ideas that may just help.

5 Alcohol free birthday party ideas for 15 to 16 year olds

By the age of 16 it’s likely your kids are being invited to ‘Drinking Parties’ by now (whether you know it or not!).

So we wanted to offer you guys some other birthday party ideas that aren’t alcohol related and also aren’t considered too ‘naff’; in the eyes of a Teenager.

1. Bach / Holiday House / Crib for a weekend with a big group

Hunt the many holiday rental websites like Book a Bach or Holiday Houses in New Zealand or Home Away in the US and find something cool, beachy (or with a pool) and with plenty of room to spread out and chill.

Or ask around, you could be surprised with just whose sister’s-cousin’s-aunt has one that they rent out, or would let you use for the weekend.

Start your search early, as it takes a bit of organising, but it’s worth the time. Because of the often coastal or lakeside locations, there’ll be endless hours of entertainment with water sports or messing about in the pool and many places have good sized yards to set up some backyard volleyball, lay in the sun, listen to music and muck about in.

Take a wide variety of entertainment like tennis rackets, volley balls, boogie boards, movies, and even that old Playstation with long forgotten games like Sing Star and Buzz games.

If you can borrow a project and a screen, or just use a white wall or sheet, you could even screen old school movies on the wall. There’ll be lots of reminiscing and ‘awww remember this from when we were young’ (you know, 4 years ago) type comments.

Some holiday houses have everything you need, including water sports and sports equipment, and some don’t, just check out the full listing first on the website and ask questions via the links.

At 16 they mostly want to do things and be by themselves, so try to balance ‘having to be there to supervise’ with also being mostly ‘invisible’ and kind of like you’re not there. Take plenty of your own things to do and you’ll keep mostly out of their hair.

You could even ask the teen guests to bring all their own snacks and junkfood for the weekend, so that you’re just providing the staple meals and accommodation.

Budget: $100 – $600 per night (dependant on place and guests numbers)

Holiday rentals are priced all over the spectrum, but do your homework, spend the time and you can definitely find some great places for good prices.

Top Tip: Check for Linen and Cleaning Costs.  You can save yourself money by making the teens all bring their own sleeping bags, towels, etc. and then doing a team cleanup at the end. But if you can afford it, spring for the extra cost so you can just pack up and go at the end, which is less stressful.

2. Forest Adventure Games (Paint Ball)

Now we are not talking about the ‘woosie laser tag type’ one you go to when you’re 10! We’re talking a full on ‘forest’ adventure games paint ball fight to the death (ok, not quite to the death, but you know, nearly!).

Picture your teens fully decked out in camo gear, full face masks and impressive looking machine type guns. They’ll even walk different when they strut off into the forest brandishing their weapons for what will be an epic showdown.

If you really want to theme it, you could do so around a Hunger Games, Maze Runner or The 5th Wave type event, picking teams early on and creating other challenges to conquer throughout your day.

You could even extend the friendly ‘factions’ that’ll be created for when you get back home. Keep the camo on and set up army-style obstacle course games, like jumping through tyres, or crawling under nets.

Budget: $20 – $30 per person (usually receive a good discount with a larger group booking)

Top Tip: Take lots of snacks, I know you want us to say ‘good healthy snacks’, but NO, we mean the salty, doughy and chocolate kind and a bunch of water bottles for afterwards. They’ll be exhausted but running high on adrenaline and need fast re-fuelling!

3. High Tea and dressed to the 9’s

Get the girls to pull out their best dresses or raid their mother’s… sister’s… friend’s wardrobes and head out for the fine experience of a high tea. Some girls may never have heard of a high tea, so you may need to show them.  You can have a high tea in many places, some average to good, but do your research and find one in your location that goes ‘all out’ and really makes it a true experience and one worthy of a party.

In Wellington, we’re talking like Martha’s Pantry (Vintage), Hippopotamus (High Class), Louis Sergeant (Contemporary French).

The girls will be served in elegance on fine china, a wide variety of teas they may have never heard of or even knew were available.  They’ll have their taste buds delighted with perfect crafted sandwiches, savouries, dainty cakes and sweets all painstakingly handcrafted.  Some even look almost too good to eat off their 3 tiered high stands.

You could extend the day by gathering them together for a few hours earlier and getting dressed to the 9’s first.  They could spend time curling their hair, trying out some different makeup techniques. Have Mum or someone on hand to take photos of them all glammed up, while they’re having high tea and of course they’ll take a bunch of glam selfies for their online profiles.

High tea is an age-old tradition, that’s totally come back to be retro-cool, and the girls will be talking about this event for some time to come!

Budget: $25 – $55 per person (dependant on location and range of eats)

Top Tip: Commit to a group number and book early, as they book up really fast. Don’t rush the experience, allow plenty of time to prepare and really make a whole day of it.

4. Hire a Makeup Artist for a day

Most teens these days love to watch You Tube makeup tutorials and try to re-create the looks of their favourite ones.

Hunt down on the internet local, qualified and experienced makeup artists that share their looks on Instagram or Facebook (so your teen knows they like what they do) that provides a mobile service. A Google search is probably the best place to start for this.

Grab a bunch of friends, pump up the music and make an afternoon of it. Have Mum or someone else on hand to take photos and to provide snacks of course!

If they’ve got 5 friends, get them to pick out in advance 5 celebrity looks they love from magazines or screenshots from a vid (but a bit bigger than their phone!) and arrange with the makeup artist to recreate one of these looks on each of them. Or, have the makeup artist teach them all with their own bought makeup, techniques like mastering the perfect cats eye, contouring, highlighting, strobing or ‘less is more’.

Budget: $100 – $180 per hour (very much depends on the makeup artist’s costs)

Top Tip: Talk in detail with the makeup artist beforehand of what you want, and what they offer, including what type of kit they’ll bring, so everyone’s on the same page.

5. Bonfire Party on the Beach

Find a nice wide stretch of coastal beach, check the fire restrictions in that area thoroughly and apply for a permit through your local authority, if required. Every area will have different rules. In Wellington, for instance, there’s only 2 beaches that allow bonfires.

Once you have a permit, gather lot’s of dry wood in advance (not pallets unless nails have been removed) and make good plans with your teen and preparation around having water sources, hoses, buckets and alike to ensure their safety. Safety and wellbeing is paramount for this sort of party.

Take deck chairs, headlamps, rugs for sitting on and wrapping up in, marshmallows and sticks, ingredients for smores and of course music. You can’t beat sitting out under the evening stars, in front of a roaring fire. You could even organise a ‘big dig’, but bury things your teens will actually want to find.

Parental supervision is vital with this one. But good thought and planning around reacting quickly if things get out of hand, control around unexpected gate crashers, responsibility around complete dousing and extinguishing of fire etc is essential.

Budget: $FREE

Top Tip: Apply for your permit early as they can take time and try to look at the long range forecast to pick a good calm upcoming bonfire night. Douse that fire good, check, walk away, then scurry back and douse it some more! You might want to have an all-weather backup plan too (especially in New Zealand).

Extra Birthday Negotiating Tip:

Lay out your expectations early and upfront with your teen and their friends’ parents around supervision, details, no alcohol etc. Don’t be afraid to spell it out in a text message to friends’ parents. Your teen will HATE that (but soon get over it) and other parents LOVE it and appreciate you being transparent.

Find out more about Negotiating teen birthday parties, then check out even more great party ideas for teens here.

7 Unique Kids Birthday Party Themes

Are you sick of the same old children party songs during your kid’s birthdays? Are you looking for something different-big and exciting?


Gone are the days when a kid’s birthday party meant children were filling your room, eating ice, singing birthdays songs and watching a DVD. Instead, you can get creative with modern birthday party themes that makes that kid’s milestone unforgettable.

We all have experienced different fantastic birthday party themes for children; however, it is feasible to say that most of the best have been given to girls. Others are traditional — with lots of princesses, pink, dolls, tutus, and mermaids.

Some have given us a new perspective on how a girl party can be, inclusive of superhero, safari themes, and glam-camping. Should you want birthday party themes ideas for your little girl, then here is the catch: the following nine party ideas for girls are full of different unique ideas for sweets, favors, and décor.

Chocolate-Making theme

Most girls love making treats. The smooth and favorite treat is to make chocolate. There are different playful molds and flavors you can get from the craft store.

Put the chocolate in the microwave to melt then let the kids pour into the images the gooey goodness while they get creative as much as they can. The shapes can be put in the freezer or fridge to set them quickly.

Carnival Theme

However authentic it may seem, this theme requires effort and a spacious backyard or garage to set it up. It’s one frugal alternative option to gymnastic or bowling alley. You can play games such as bean bag toss, soda bottle ring toss, minute golf course et al. You can award prizes after holding competitions.

To make the event more memorable, you can interpolate balloons, face painting and tattoo station. If that idea doesn’t excite you, make that party scientifically carnival.

Yeah, why not equip your young ones to be scientific by doing stellar experiments like blowing up of a balloon.

Let the guests engage in party preparation via blowing balloons effortlessly without breathing in it than sending them off with test tubes and lab gadgets. Before your party, put vinegar inches in recycled bottles, then fill uninflated balloons with bicarbonate of soda.

Then attach those balloons to the bottle mouths without spilling the fizz in. When it’s time, put the baking soda inside the bottle and watch the fizzling magic spontaneously inflate your balloons.

Unicorn Theme

Unicorns might be mythical creatures. Nonetheless, they’ll make your party be banging hot! Let your little ones have themselves whimsical parties that will leave them mesmerized.

Spread that party with wreath backdrop and grotesque papier-mâché unicorns. Unicorns are trendy and gather everyone together with desserts and fruits as your menu. The theme is easy to set up and affordable.

All you need to make that bash meticulous is the unicorn theme because it comes with gold foil and elegant pastels. Make that party gorgeous, sleek and chic!

Mermaid Theme Party

Mermaids are a splash in every party. Haven’t you noticed it! Why not elevate that party to be under water orientated? Give your young one a treat on their birthday by getting a gorgeous Ariel cake with Nilla wafer, coral gummies, dinglehopper as well as another frosted buttered cake.

Enchanted Forest Theme

Not only should it be for kids’ bash but weddings and elderly parties. This theme is worth the have if you are deciding to keep it woody. It features a bohemian style as well as moss cookies. Make everything look forest-like with brown, yellow and brown dress codes.

Tropical Orientated Party

Keep it simple with bounty flavors like fruits and various colors. The theme is very gorgeous and lowly as it could be. Are you a mom and dad who wants to make your little one’s party different? Alright, Tropical oriented party will hit.

Castle-Themed Birthday Party

Everyone wishes to be a king/queen. Grant that favor for your child by making the royal castle theme. The cake in castle shapes with herald decorations and the golden and purple look is all you need for that party.

Rainbow Birthday Party

A rainbow themed birthday party features adorable decorations. It is easy, colorful and easy to host. You need to coordinate everything from ribbon to tables to come up with a vibrant atmosphere for your party guests.

Star Wars Themed Party

Although the star wars are many decades old, its effects feel so fresh to date. The presence of the last Jedi and its newest generation of rebel fighters makes it a strong theme.

Is your kid obsessed with Star Wars? Then planning star wars themed birthday party for them is simple. The party should be decorated with favors and activities all star wars centered on bringing the fun out.

You can also organize an area with a backdrop of Star Wars portraits, Death Star vases, and Darth Vader mask. Always keep kids hydrated with Yodapple Jedi Juice and “Jawa Wawa” served in Star Wars themed reusable milk bottles.

Birthdays come only once in a year. Therefore you are supposed to make the party all fun, something that sticks in the memory of your kid. The above birthday themes will not only make the event enjoyable but also make your kid feel unique and valued.

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