Entertaining birthday party ideas for your children

T-Rex costume inflatable product. These are generally available at a variety of online shops. We can’t guarantee that you’ll find a size suitable for your child, but one that is suitable for you, is certainly available somewhere. Also, a great idea would be to order a T-Rex themed cake and some similar snacks. This will certainly make your child, their friends, but also their friend’s parents have an amazing time at your backyard party.

Pool parties never disappoint

Pool parties are highly appreciated by children because they all love having a good soak on a torrid summer day. If your child is lucky enough to have their birthday during the summer, you can organize a pool party and forget about the fuss. Make sure to have other parents involved as well. Supervising a large number of children all by yourself is unlikely to turn out to be a good idea. The more parents, the better. This way you’ll be sure that all children are safe. Make sure to order some safety equipment as well. Life vests and pool noodles will do an amazing job at keeping your children safe.

A scavenger hunt birthday party

Children love scavenger hunt parties. These don’t have to involve expensive findings; symbolic ones work amazingly. However, you should make sure that the final rewards will be appreciated by everybody. Sweets and cake are mandatory, in this case. Make sure to do some research and find out about any potential allergies your child’s friends might have, if you want to avoid unexpected and unpleasant events.

A birthday cake with a twist

If you’re running out of time and the local bakery can’t bake your cake, you could always think of a fun and innovative alternative. A doughnut tower would leave a great impression in terms of a twist on a boring cake, while all the children and parents will certainly enjoy and appreciate your approach. This is by far the best idea for a birthday cake replacement. Also, you could swap the rest of the sweets with fruits for healthy snacks options. These are some birthday party ideas for your children that everybody will certainly appreciate, regardless of their age. Make sure to plan ahead and invite everybody important to your child.


Entertaining birthday party ideas for your children

Birthday party ideas that won’t put you in the poor house

I am not a butter cream hater. Nor do I abhor those kinda scary, you’re not sure if they’ve got a secret vodka flask stashed in their over sized giant clown pants birthday party “entertainers.” To be perfectly honest I just HATE how insanely OVER the top let’s all try to keep up with Joneses competition kid’s three year old birthday parties have morphed into. Which is why I had to share these Birthday party ideas that won’t put you in the poor house.

So dear parents an alternative to the three-ring circus type of birthday parties- where kids likely don’t even know three quarters of the adult guest list and are likely crouching in a corner rocking back and forth…I offer you the birthday party-lite. Keep reading for all the deets about Birthday party ideas that won’t put you in the poor house!

Birthday party ideas that won’t put you in the poor house

Stage a LIBRARY PARTY! If your Library has a large screen you can watch a movie and have that movie feel with out the cost.  You can buy balloons ( for each kid to take home!) swedish fish or other movie type snacks to keep with the feel (no popcorn cause it is a pain to clean up).  Some libraries have a Wii station and hook it up to a large screen you can get Wii party games (just make sure kids know they have to take turns) and they get wii games on a giant screen.

Age Appeal: Six to eight (perhaps a story time party for 1-2 year olds) stay away from active three and four year olds.

Cost: Donation (give as much as you can afford and tips for librarians)

What: kids will go gaga for: If it is the local library it is cool to use the facilities for private use.  You can hire someone for entertainment and younger siblings (dragged along) can read books right outside the party room. For younger kids you can ask a librarian to do a special story time and then do a simple project.

Parent Perks-This is a great way to use a very important part of the community and make a donation to a cause that really needs you.  Their budgets are always on the chopping block and they do so much for us and our kids.

Drawbacks:If you have a group of wild kids this is not the place to do a party.  Guests must be respectful of levels of noise and watch the types of treats you serve nothing to creamy or messy.

Overall:You can be very creative. We did a Lego party where we watched a made for DVD movie that no kids had seen yet and then brought in lots of legos that borrowed from our daughters classroom. The kids built away after the movie, we had cake and each kid left with a a lego set.  For girls they could watch a Disney Princess movie and have a tea party theme to finish up.  In our case the librarian who we knew well was very helpful setting up the dvd and projector and then let us do what we wanted.  Wii party puts the games up on the large screen which adds a new dimension to the fun but you need to keep the group small and make sure you have enough remotes.

Information: Check out your local library at and ask if you can use their private room

With minimal planning, a scavenger hunt party is a great way to pull off a fun activity for all of your party guests. It’s hands-on and experiential in nature so everyone can be involved and active at the same time.

Check out These top five tips for creating their very own scavenger hunt.

1. Pick a scavenger hunt theme that relates to the interests of the birthday boy/girl. Examples of themes include: pirate, garden, explorers, princess. Ways to incorporate the theme include:stickers on the clue cards that match the theme, rhymes/riddles that follow the theme, a map/treasure/scavenger hunt “kit” to bring along that fits the theme.

2. Have a good mix of easy and hard scavenger hunt clues. This will give your guests a sense of accomplishment and a challenge as well. Consider the ages of your guests as you develop your clues.

3. Set a time limit and be sure to end the hunt with the party guests still wanting more. Nothing is worse than a boring birthday party game so be sure to end on a high note.

4. Consider adding a point value to each of the scavenger hunt items. Be sure to have a prize for the winner. Or, if you are leading them from clue to clue, have a collection of prizes at the final stop so everyone goes home a winner.
5. Have fun planning the scavenger hunt. The more enthusiasm you put into your hunt, the more creative it will be.

A scavenger hunt can make a great birthday party idea for both kids and teens. For younger kids pick a “pirate” or “princess” theme and have the hunt take place around the house or yard. For teens, consider doing a “photo scavenger hunt” and sending them around the neighborhood, the mall or town to photograph your clues.

Parent perks: A scavenger hunt can take little to no planning or it can be really elaborate. You can come up with a simple list or create elaborate riddles.
Overall: It’s a hands-on, experiential activity so kids are actively engaged throughout the activity. It includes all of the guests. You just monitor/supervise.

Information: Contact who will help brainstorm ideas and create custom hunts for their group of kids, teens or adults.

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Birthday party ideas that won’t put you in the poor house

Incredible Hulk Cake Donuts Recipe | Hulk Birthday Party Ideas

Are you Hulking out over a kiddos birthday party? Don’t get angry- these Incredible Hulk Cake Donuts will save the day! Just like any good super hero (aka, mom!) knows: the best birthday party ideas are sometimes the simple ones. Here’s an easy Marvel inspired Hulk cake donut recipe for your next party. Affiliate links included.

With four kids, birthday party ideas are hard to come up with at times.

Thankfully my kids are willing to go with a theme- and this year the parties are all Marvel or superhero inspired. Because they are kinda my jam.

We’ve been watching the Marvel movies in order in anticipation of the Avengers: Infinity War coming out in a few weeks. And I’m also geeking out over the Incredibles 2 movie coming this summer.

My youngest is asking for an Incredibles 2 movie themed birthday party and I’ve already got one Incredibles birthday party idea for her: these Incredibles 2 movie Mask cookies. Check those out- they are so cute!

The next birthday party coming up is definitely going to be celebrated with sprinkled donuts because that’s how my oldest rolls.

I’m having so much fun finding Marvel Incredible Hulk birthday party ideas for kids of all ages!

Incredible Hulk Birthday Party Ideas

My first place to shop for Incredible Hulk birthday party ideas, and well, anything cute, is going to be Etsy.

There are so many small businesses coming up with clever ideas that I love taking a look to see what they have for me. Why reinvent the craft when they do it so well over there?

Incredible Hulk Mask from PartyAndPark on Etsy. Printable Hulk Water Bottle Label from ApothecaryTables on Etsy.
Comic book flannel fabric sleep masks for birthday party favors
Hosting a sleepover? Love this idea as a party favor. Fun Comic Book Sleep Masks from shopLANGUOR on Etsy.

Hopefully, that gives you a few ideas on what you can find for your Incredible Hulk birthday party.

Now on to the Hulk cake donuts!

Incredible Hulk Cake Donuts Recipe

These are actually pretty easy to make- and just easy in general.

My daughter just asked me if they were for Mardi Gras- nope. But they sure could be Mardi Gras donuts!

I think this also works well for a Maleficent or Disney Villians themed birthday party if your kid leans that way.

Incredible Hulk Cake Donut Ingredients

2 2/3 C flour
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp baking soda
1 tsp nutmeg
3/4 tsp salt
3/4 C sugar
1/2 C milk
1/4 C melted butter
1/2 C sour cream
2 large egg (room temp)
1/4 C vegetable oil
Green & purple food coloring
1 container green & purple sprinkles

Incredible Hulk Cake Donut Vanilla frosting ingredients

1/2 C milk
2 C powder sugar
2 tsp vanilla extract
green and purple gel food coloring
2 disposable piping bags
1/2 C green & purple sprinkles (for decorating)

Incredible Hulk Cake Donut Instructions

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

Use a baking spray to prep your doughnut pan.

Set aside.

Whisk together the flour, baking powder, baking soda, nutmeg, salt and sugar in a large bowl.

Whisk together the milk, sour cream, and eggs into a second bowl.

Whisk in the melted butter, vegetable oil, and vanilla

Gradually whisk in the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients and stir just until combined

Divide the batter into two bowls.

Add several drops of green food coloring in the first bowl.

Stir to mix the green color evenly in the batter.

In the second bowl add several drops of purple food coloring.

Stir to mix the purple color evenly in the batter.

Spoon equal amounts of the colored batter into the doughnut pan.

Bake at 400 degrees for 9 minutes. (or until the doughnuts spring back)

Allow doughnuts to cool a few minutes in the pan.

Transfer the donuts to a wire rack to completely cool.

Glaze instructions:

Whisk together the milk, powder sugar and vanilla extract until smooth

Spoon about 1/8 C of icing into two bowls and add a few green food coloring into one bowl and purple food coloring into the second bowl

Mix until both are combined

Spoon each color into their own piping bags

Cut the tip off the piping bags

Drizzle the colors into the white icing about 2 times going vertical and horizontal

Dip the doughnuts into the icing and turn the doughnut 90 degrees

Place back on the wire rack and repeat the previous steps for remaining doughnuts

Sprinkle with some green and purple sprinkles onto the doughnuts

Let dry for an hour before enjoying!

Other Superhero recipes you might enjoy

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Incredible Hulk Cake Donuts Recipe | Hulk Birthday Party Ideas

Creative Summer Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

Summer birthdays are a fabulous time because you can get outside and enjoy that warm day without having to clean-up after the birthday party has occurred. Although, my little girl’s birthday is not in summer, thought it would be still great to share a few creative Summer birthday party ideas for girls so that you can sit back, relax and enjoy the party!

Creative Summer Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

1. Everything Pink Birthday Theme

If your little girl loves the color pink, then take full advantage of this stage with an everything pink birthday theme. Try to make sure that all portions of her birthday party are in nothing but pink, right down to the cake and frosting. Have pink seating, pink décor, pink gifts for the guests and even pink colored activities.  

2. Under The Sea

 Think about Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” when it comes to planning this under the sea adventure themed birthday party for your girl. Use a color theme of blues, whites and other neutral colors you would see outside as well as shells, mermaids and other sea creatures for décor as you watch your girl’s eyes light up from amazement!

3. Tea Party Birthday Event

Gather up all of your old tea cups and set up little tables outside under a fancy little girl umbrella if you can as you work to make this creative Summer birthday party idea for girls into a tea party extravaganza.  Don’t worry, you can use juice in the color of tea versus serving the younger guests actual tea, have fun with this and use the imagination.

4. Ice Cream Social Theme

 Everyone knows that girls enjoy being social and with Summer break they barely see friends, create an ice cream social themed birthday party so that your girl can have a blast getting social with her friends while celebrating her special day. Make all décor and activities themed around the topic of ice cream.

5. Hawaiian Luau Theme

The Hawaiian luau theme birthday parties are starting to gain some traction, have fun making Hawaiian Luaus with your little girl as she prepares for her very own creative birthday party. Use colors that fit into the Hawaiian theme and be sure to make some fruity punch to serve to the guests.

While each of these ideas can be slightly modified to fit your family’s needs, celebrating your girl’s birthday party this Summer can prove to be an amazing time and well worth the effort put forth.  Life is all about making memories, so why not make this list of creative summer birthday party ideas for girls be your next memory making moment!

Want more birthday party ideas? Check out my party site for tons of party tips! 

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Creative Summer Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

12 Classy Birthday Party Themes for Adults –

Throw a completely classy birthday party for a adult in your life! These birthday party ideas and birthday party themes are great, and oh-so-classy.

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Elmo And Abby Birthday Cake 175 Best Ab Cadab Birthday Party Ideas Images On Pinterest

elmo and abby birthday cake ab elmo birthday cakes side view picture of bings bakery, elmo and abby birthday cake elmo and ab cadab birthday cake youtube, elmo and abby birthday cake 175 best ab cadab birthday party ideas images on pinterest, ab and elmo…

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15 of The Best Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas The Girls Will Love

This post contains affiliate links. We may earn money from the products mentioned in this post, but this is at no cost to you, and helps bring you more creative projects. Thank you for supporting Smart Party Planning.

Inside: A unicorn birthday party is the perfect ‘on trend’ party theme for girls.  It’s fun and pretty, and there are plenty of ways you can create a gorgeous DIY party on a budget.

Here you will find 15 unicorn birthday party ideas for food, decorations and activities ensuring that this is a party the girls will absolutely love.

Unicorn birthday party ideas

My daughter is 6 and is absolutely obsessed with unicorns.  She has unicorn clothing, jeweler, soft toys, ornaments etc.  If it has a unicorn on it, she is in love.

When we were preparing for her 6th birthday party, I was absolutely certain she was going to choose a unicorn themed party.  But no, she chose Trolls!  I knew she loved Trolls, but I was still pretty shocked as I thought her unicorn obsession far outweighed her Trolls obsession.  Clearly I was wrong!

But, besides my daughter choosing not to have this theme, she has been ecstatic when her friends have!  To be honest, a unicorn birthday party is one of those party themes that just gives you all the warm fuzzies. So if in doubt, you really wont stray too far wrong if you pick this theme.

Creating a unicorn birthday party on a budget is pretty easy to when you know how.  Read on to find out more.

Unicorn Birthday Party Food

1. Unicorn Birthday Cake

It wouldn’t be a party without a birthday cake and this unicorn cake by “Love The Day” is simply gorgeous.

If you would like to try making your own cake for the unicorn birthday party, then this one will be sure to wow everyone that comes!

2. Unicorn Cupcakes

Cupcakes are pretty essential for a birthday party in my opinion.  Maybe I’m just a cupcake freak!  These unicorn cupcakes by “Tikkido” are gorgeous and would definitely be the hit of the party.

3. Unicorn Parfait

This unicorn parfait by “Celebration Shoppe” would be an awesome treat for the dessert table. It’s easy to make, taste delicious and is healthy too.  That’s a super bonus for a birthday party!

There is even a little video for you to follow.

4. Unicorn Cookies

These unicorn cookies by “Saving you Dinero” are super simple to make.  If you can make a packet mix, then you can make these!  The sprinkles in them makes them perfect for a unicorn birthday party.

5. Marshmallow Pops

Knowing how to make marshmallow pops is crucial for kids parties.  Why?  Simple.  They are quick and easy to make, they can be made according to any party theme and they always disappear!

For unicorn birthday party you can cover them with multi colored sprinkles or stick to the color theme of the party.  Either way they will look fab and taste delicious.

6. Unicorn Toast

If you love fairy bread, then you will love this alternative of unicorn toast by “Meraki Mother”.   It’s also a healthier alternative and one that the kids can have a lot of fun with.

This could even be made into a party activity with the kids making their own unicorn toast!

7. Unicorn Chocolate Bark

I just love chocolate bark.  It must be the fact that it’s so simplistic but also very exciting.  I mean, who doesn’t like chocolate covered with other chocolate goodness!

This unicorn chocolate bark by “Ever After In The Woods” is super simple to make, but it will be incredibly popular at the party.

Unicorn Party Printable’s & Decoration

8. Unicorn Water Bottle Labels

One of the best ways to decorate a party is to use printable’s.  These unicorn water bottle labels are perfect for adding instant appeal and they don’t require much effort to prepare.  This is a win win for busy mom’s!

9. Unicorn Art

This unicorn art by “DIY Candy” would look super cute sitting on the party table, and once the party is over it can easily be transferred to some bedroom wall art.

There are two designs to choose from and both are equally adorable.

10. Party Backdrop

Whilst this party backdrop was initially made for my daughter’s Princess birthday party, it can literally be used for any party theme and it would look adorable at a unicorn birthday party. Choose the colors of the backdrop related to the colors in your party, and then simply follow the tutorial.

This is a stunning backdrop that will really give maximum impact to the party table.

Unicorn Party Favors or Party Activities

11. Unicorn Wall Ring

I did debate whether to list this beautiful unicorn wall ring by “Sparkles to Sprinkles” under decorations or activities, as it really is both!

It would be perfect to make a few prior to the party to hang around as decoration, and then incorporate making one into a party activity.  The kids could all then take one home as a favor item.  It makes the perfect all rounder!

12. How To Make A Unicorn Headband

Unicorn head bands are gorgeous.  With this super cute trend that is happening right now, I’ve seen headbands popping up everywhere.  They would be awesome as a party favor, but if you have 10 or more kids attending a party, they would get pretty expensive to buy.

This tutorial by “Creative Green Living” is therefore the perfect answer.  Make your own unicorn headbands and then you can hand them out to every child at the party.  How adorable would it be to see all the children wearing one.

Maybe it’s also an excuse to get the girls over for a night of catch up and wine drinking, whilst also conveniently making a bunch of headbands for the party!

13. Unicorn Terracotta Pot Plants

These unicorn pot plants would be ideal as a party activity.  They are simple to make, but also fun for the kids to take home and continue to enjoy.  Kids love the idea of taking care of plants as they grow, so what better way to do this than turn the pot into a magical unicorn pot.

The tutorial by “Mod Podge Rocks” will show you exactly how it’s done.

14. Unicorn Party Pail

These gorgeous unicorn party pail’s would be perfect as party favors, filled with candy. “Michelle’s Party Plan-It” has an easy tutorial to follow so that you can have these gorgeous pails sitting at you unicorn party.

15. Unicorn Hobby Horse Craft

As far as a craft and an activity goes, I love these unicorn hobby horses by “Red Ted Art”. Not only will the kids enjoy making them, but they will have a great time playing with them afterwards.

I think it is safe to say that a unicorn birthday party is anything but boring and dull.

This is one of those party themes that everyone is going to love and us adults will wish we were kids again so we can have a party like it ourselves!

Let me know which one of these party ideas you are going to try, I would love to hear about it.15 of the best Unicorn birthday party ideas

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A unicorn birthday party is the perfect 'on trend' party theme for girls.  It's fun and pretty, and there are plenty of ways you can create a gorgeous DIY party on a budget. Here you will find 15 unicorn birthday party ideas for food, decorations and activities ensuring that this is a party the girls will absolutely love. #Unicornbirthdayparty #Unicornideas #Forgirls #DIY


15 of The Best Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas The Girls Will Love

19 Incredible Nerf Birthday Party Ideas

Prepare for battle…a Nerf battle, that is! Arm yourself with these 19 incredible Nerf birthday party ideas, and you’ll be on target for one awesome Nerf-inspired celebration!

Find suggestions for creating a Nerf cake, cookies, push pops and an entire dessert table. Select from several great ideas for fun Nerf-inspired party favors and games.

You can even learn how to DIY your own Nerf battlefield. How cool is that?!

  • Don’t miss out on all the fun with these Mad Science Party Ideas.
  • Your music lover will love this Boy’s Music Themed Birthday Party.

1. :: Cake Central

Ready. Aim. Fire. This Nerf cake is perfect for a Nerf party. I love the simplicity of the 3-tiers covered in fondant. Plus, how cool are the Nerf bullets surrounding the bottom tier? I especially love them protruding from the cake like they were shot towards the fondant target.

2. Nerf Cookies :: Janis Bakes

If you want your Nerf party dessert table to hit the mark with your party crowd, consider making these Nerf cookies! They look just like the real Nerf guns, but no misfiring with these edible guns! Who doesn’t love a delicious sugar cookie? And the detailing with royal icing makes these Nerf cookies all the more cool! You could even package them and send them home as a party favor!

3. :: Connie E, as seen on Catch My Party

When camouflage and Nerf collide, you get an exciting Nerf war party theme! It’s all the fun of Nerf, paired with the intensity of battle. You’ll love the camouflage decorations (backdrop, table cover, cups, etc.…) that bring in that Nerf battle vibe, while the traditional orange, black, and yellow colors of Nerf guns and bullets are incorporated via the food and dessert table offerings, and party favor bags.

4. :: Frugal Fun 4 Boys

Target intended Nerf party guests with these ultra-cool printable Nerf party invitations. They can be personalized with your guest of honor’s name and all of the party details. Then, just print them from home or your favorite print shop prior to delivering to your party guests.

5. :: Hello My Sweet

Add this super cool Nerf dart push pops recipe idea to your Nerf party! You’ll need push pop containers and stand, blue raspberry Jell-O, vanilla pudding, vanilla frosting, orange and blue food coloring and blue-tinted mini whoopie pies. The layered cake, pudding and frosting results in a dessert that looks very much like the Nerf Elite darts.

6. :: Everything That I Need

Guests can gear up for all the fun they are bound to have at your Nerf party by way of this awesome party favor idea. Make Nerf party gear bags! These are created by rolling down brown grocery bags to give that rustic look. Next, fill them with essential gear for a Nerf party. Ideas could include, a bandana, packs of Nerf bullets, a Nerf gun, and protective eyewear. Guests can use their gear for the party, and take it home as a thank you from the guest of honor.

7. :: Michelle Paige Blog

Candy makes for an easy addition to any birthday party, but is especially great for a Nerf party. Be sure to get creative with the labeling of your candy, as well as the packaging. A few examples featured here, include gumballs labeled “sticky bullets” and Sixlet candies labeled “candy bullets”. Dipped marshmallows are cleverly named “bullseye bites”.

8. :: Steam Powered Family

You’ll be the hero at your child’s Nerf party if you DIY this awesome Nerf War battlefield! It’s an amazing way to upcycle materials and provides an incredible engineering challenge for kids. Plus, just think of all the playtime that will result! Items needed to construct this Nerf war battlefield include things like: wood pallets, old tires, long screws.

9. :: Anders Ruff Custom Designs

Coordinate the details of your Nerf party using a printable invitation and decoration package from Anders Ruff Custom Designs. There’s everything from a printable party backdrop poster, custom cake toppers for embellishing a store bought cake, personalized beverage wraps, party favor tags, party flags for straws, thank you tags, and customized gum and candy wrappers! You’ll love the tips for quickly setting up decorations for a coordinated party in less than 30 minutes.

10. :: Seven Thirty Three

Get ready to create something epic for your child’s Nerf party! This DIY Nerf gun target idea is so cool! To create the frame for the targets you’ll need: PVC pipe, elbow connectors, tee connectors, and end caps. The actual targets are made from chipboard and Gorilla glue with binder clips used to fasten the targets to the PVC piping.

11. :: Made It. Ate It. Loved It.

Engage guests at your Nerf party in a Nerf wars battle! You can DIY the battlefield by getting creative with upcycled wood pallets, stacked tires, water barrels and wood! Adding coordinating paint and vinyl Nerf logos to the various battlefield features can really make the party come alive. And don’t forget to add targets all over the war zone for shooting practice.

12. :: House Party

Kids love snacking on creative food at a party! When throwing a Nerf party, make these genius veggie Nerf bullets! You’ll just need baby carrots and olives! Just cut the olives in half to create the tip of the carrot bullet. Genius, right? These are sure to be a hit!

13. :: Darleen Meier

Set up a Nerf party table perfect for refueling your party guests! Use plates, napkins, favors and décor that coordinate with a Nerf inspired color palette. Add fun bullseye wraps to napkins and utensils, and beverage wraps to colorful drinks. “Refuel Fluid” sounds so much more fun than Gatorade or water, doesn’t it? Set packages of Nerf bullets, protective eyewear, and a Nerf gun by each plate to create excitement, but also function as a party favor. Add colorful Nerf inspired cookies, jars of colorful candy, and a cake embellished with Nerf printables for guests to enjoy.

14. :: Fireflies and Mud Pies

With this easy DIY Nerf dart belt hack, kids can keep up their arsenal of darts for easier loading and reloading during a Nerf War. You’ll love that no prep time is required! Just grab a roll of packing tape and loosely wrap some around your child’s waist (with the sticky side out) to create a holder/belt for their Nerf bullets.

15. :: The Yummy Paper Company, as seen on Catch My Party

Fun will be had by all at a Nerf war party! This party boasts an amazing dessert table, with fabulous DIY ideas. Bullseye sugar cookies, a chocolate explosion cake, Nerf pops, target cupcakes, energy juice and plenty of color coordinating candy were just a few of the not-to-be-missed details.

16. :: Holy Craft

For this fun Nerf party game, you’ll be making a tissue paper Nerf target. You’ll need tissue paper (yellow or orange would match best), black paper plates, and a black frame. Additionally, you’ll need a paper punch, tape and string to finalize construction. Begin by cutting out the center of the paper plates. Cut squares of tissue paper that will cover the hole and tape them to the back of your plates. Punch holes from which you can attach string for hanging from the frame. As targets are hit, replace with more tissue paper.

17. Nerf Target Pizza :: Larcie Bird

Get creative with your Nerf party food! You can DIY your own Nerf target pizza by getting creative with the placement of your sliced olives and pepperoni. I’m pretty sure all eyes were on this target!

18. :: LeAnne N, as seen on Catch My Party

Aim high when styling a Nerf party dessert table! This one boasts a smorgasbord of orange and yellow candy for guests to enjoy. Little take out boxes are in piles for guests to fill with their favorite picks! And check out the focal point Nerf inspired cake! The fondant bullets and target are awesome!

19. :: Second Generation Cake Design

You can get the look of a designer cake for less! This DIY Nerf cake was created for less than $30. Printable cake toppers from Anders Ruff Custom Designs’ collection were added to sucker sticks and inserted into the top of a store bought cake. A personalized name logo was added to the front. The base was decked out in orange gumballs. I’d say this cake hits the mark, wouldn’t you? Use it as inspiration for DIYing your own designer cake!

Planning a boy’s Nerf birthday party?  We’ve rounded up some on target birthday party supplies you can’t miss.

(Amazon Affiliate Links)

Be sure to check out more boy’s birthday party ideas here:

Plus, don’t miss a Boy’s Laser Tag Birthday Party…


19 Incredible Nerf Birthday Party Ideas

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1st Birthday Ideas : Holding the Birthday Party Ideas for Tween Girls – Three Dimensions Lab

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