Summer Birthday Party Ideas For Girls

Parties are fun but organizing them can be hard work especially when you don’t know where to start. Luckily, these days there are so many party ideas which are readily available everywhere. Nowadays, there are online stores that sell party packages from invitations, decorations and even party favors. Don’t know what to do on your next birthday party? Then, try browsing online. In fact, just by going to Pinterest, you can already get new ideas for your next birthday party.

Girls are different from boys especially when it comes to birthday parties. You have to take note of what girls prefer in general like flowers, pink, butterflies, unicorns and the like. If your birthday or the celebrant’s birthday falls on Summer then, how about trying a Luau type of party instead? You can also incorporate other girly favorites along the way.

Imagine Summer and everything related to it then combine them all to make something unique for your party. A girl’s birthday party does not have to be the usual pink. How about trying to incorporate warm colors along the way like yellow, orange and red? After all, Summer is all about warm, sunny days. If you would like a good contrast between warm and cool then add a little blue, green and purple to the mix.

Although pool parties are a must for these kinds of Summer themed parties, outdoor venues like gardens and parks are not so bad either. However, if an outdoor venue is not available then, an indoor one will have to do. Just make sure to decorate the venue well to simulate the Summer outdoors. These kinds of parties make your guests feel free to just hang loose and enjoy themselves more.

Food and drinks also play an important part during parties.. Which is why you should also plan for them well. To go with the Summer theme, colorful cakes, cupcakes and cookies will do the trick. For drinks, you can offer lemonade, fruit punch, fruit cocktails or even Pina Coladas all adorned in flowers, fresh fruits or even paper umbrellas. Always remember that creativity goes a long way when it comes to party planning. Having enough time to prepare as well as enough budget for execution helps too.

Flip Flop Invitation

Invitations are important for parties. For a Summer themed birthday party for girls, why not try using a flip flop as your invitation? Whether you use a flip flop made of paper, rubber or another material is up to you. Just make sure that the print can be read well then, you do not have to worry about anything else. It also makes as a cute party favor after the event.

Butterfly Invitation

If you would like a more girly approach then how about using a butterfly pattern as an invitation? Other invitation ideas for a Summer theme party includes sunflowers, hibiscus flowers, a hula dancer and so much more. These days, invitations are more commonly sent online via email or thru social media which is why there are only a few people who focus on printed out invitations.

DIY Aloha Summer Dessert Buffet Setup

What kind of Summer themed party are you planning to do? Here’s a set up which incorporates warm colors with pink, green and blue. You can also see the simple leis and other simple yet colorful decorations to make this Summer set up simple yet eye-catching.

Luau Party Package

If the celebrant is not yet an adult, colorful decorations will be good for her party. Adding colorful candies will also help sweeten the deal. Colorful and kid friendly food and drinks are also a big plus.

Tropical Theme For Girls

Since you are going for a Summer theme, why not ask your guests to come in tropical wear as well? This way, the birthday girl and her family won’t be the only one to be in with the theme but as well as her guests. Adding drinks and food served in coconuts as well as putting lei on guests help add authenticity to the theme too.

Tropical Party With Pink Flamingo Twist

If you don’t want to go too Hawaii and want to add a little elegance to the mix then, simply go for warm colors and choose a few Summer themed accents like flowers, pineapples and paper umbrellas. After all, not everybody is a fan of luaus.

Teen Beach Movie Party

If the celebrant is a teenager then you just might want to consider changing the theme a bit. While very colorful displays are good for children’s parties, you might just want to stick to a few colors when it comes to teenage parties. Loud colors like yellow and orange should be kept to a minimum.

Teen Beach Movie Bash

Adding a guitar, some beach balls and some surfboards are pretty cool ideas too. Colorful lanterns or even a background of the beach or the ocean make indoor and outdoor venues look more fun and authentic. While these kinds of set up would go well with outdoor swimming pools, you can always prepare inflatable pools if you do not have any.

Sunshine & Lemonade Theme

For a more girly Summer theme approach, pick three bright colors which compliment each other and use them to create the look that you want. By adding little accents of other colors, you will be able to balance out the set up that you want. If fresh flowers with bright colored petals are not available, then go for paper flowers instead, which you can do by yourself or can even buy in stores or online.

Butterfly Birthday Ideas

Another feminine touch to the Summer theme are butterflies. Adding butterflies of different colors to this theme makes it simple feminine yet still playful in a way. Although the colors will vary depending on what you want, sticking with just a few will do the trick. Using too many colors might just be overdoing it.

Paper Lanterns & Paper Flowers

Summer themed parties are known to be done outdoors however, if an outdoor venue is not available then go for an indoor venue instead. Paper lanterns go well with paper buntings or even leis. Paper flowers on vases as centerpieces complete the look. Use various colors – both warm and cool.

Party Decorations

An outdoor Summer themed party will look more appealing once done on a warm, sunny day. You don’t need Summer to pull one off. All you need is good weather no matter what season it might be. Colorful decorations become more eye-catching on warm, sunny days which makes Summer themed parties more inviting.

DIY Mermaid Tail Wrap Arounds

Fun in the water is a plus for these kinds of parties. If you want to poke a little more fun to your Summer themed party then, how about adding mermaid wrap around towels to the mix? There are plenty of do it yourself tutorials on how to make them and I am sure it will be a hit for children’s parties. After all, even adult women want to dress up like mermaids too.

DIY Jellyfish Lanterns

Tired of the regular looking paper lanterns? Then, try to do something different by recreating them into jellyfish paper lanterns. This is perfect for your DIY mermaid tails and pool parties. They are very simple to make and no sewing required.

DIY Paper Dahlias

Why buy fresh flowers for decorations when you can just make your own paper flowers instead? Here we have colorful paper dahlias which are very good wall decorations. There are plenty of tutorials online waiting for you.

DIY Paper Flower Bouquet

If you would like your own homemade bouquet, try making paper flowers instead. No need to buy fresh flowers, just make your own instead. Again, do it yourself tutorials are readily available online.

DIY Paper Umbrella Wreath

Want a different kind of wreath to match your Summer theme? Then, how about making one using paper umbrellas? You won’t think of them as decorations for food and drinks anymore once you have tried this. Again, it is very easy to make. No sewing required. Do it yourself tutorials available online.

Water Balloon Flip Flops

Flip flops are a must for everyone on Summer days. So, why not include them in your theme by adding them in the activities you have planned for the party? Decorate your own flip flop by using colorful water balloons is not the only option. If you would like to use other materials for decoration then use colorful ribbons, buttons and strings to do so. Be creative! This is a fun activity for both adults and children alike.

Floral Birthday Cake

Summer themed cakes should complete your Summer themed birthday. Adding colorful flowers to a plain looking cake is enough to make it into a Summer themed cake. Just make sure that the color of the flowers pop out more than the color of the base which is the cake itself.

Aloha Birthday Cake

If want to go for a Luau kind of cake then make sure it screams “ALOHA”! Make sure to add elements related to Summer and the whole Hawaiian theme. Some flowers, a grass skirt, a coconut, a hula dancer and some bright colors will definitely be enough for the cake you are looking for.

Beach Birthday Cake

The beach will always complete one’s Summer. The swimming pool for some. So, why not incorporate your love for the beach with your cake? This cake does not just show the beach in edible form, add a couple of colorful accents to complete the look of your Summer themed cake.

Pina Colada Cupcakes

Cupcakes with fresh fruits are not new in the dessert scene. So, why not bake some cupcakes and garnish them with fresh fruits? You can even bake some cupcakes with fresh fruits and garnish them with fresh fruits as well. What could go wrong with that?

Flower Cupcakes

If you are not fond of using fresh fruits into your cupcake batter or as a garnish then why not make edible flowers instead? There are many kinds of edible flowers out there. You can use fondant, gum paste and even chocolate. Have fun making them in order to bring your regular looking cupcakes to life.

Sunflower Cupcakes

Want simple cupcakes but you also want them to follow the Summer theme? Using brightly colored icing will help your cupcakes fit in to the theme. Top them off with personalized toppers in toothpicks which you can do by yourselves and your cupcakes are go to go.

Summer Macaroons

Macaroons are not always featured in birthday parties however, if you want brightly colored sweets, macaroons are just the perfect match. If you arrange them in a tower, just like in the photo, sorted by color, they would look good in any party. Finish the look off with some fresh flowers and fruits and I am sure it will be a sure hit in your dessert table.

Aloha Cookies

Everybody loves cookies. Cookies for a Summer theme party? Yes, it is possible. Just buy yourself a couple of cookie cutters with shapes which are related to Summer and then make sure to put some colorful icing on top. Here are some samples.

Summer Cookies

Although making cookies might not be a piece of cake for some, practice makes perfect. Decorating each cookie with cake and precision helps make them look so beautiful too. If you can make really good cookies and decorate them really well then go for it. If not, look someone who can.

Pina Colada Cake Pops

If you don’t want the usual cupcakes for your event then how about trying out some cake pops instead? In this photo you will see a couple of cake pops which are very in to the Summer theme. Cake pops looking like fresh coconuts with some paper umbrellas on top are pretty cool and unique too.

DIY Fruit Cocktails

Lastly, if food is important, so are drinks. From simple fruit juices and lemonade, why not serve some fruit cocktails and fruit punches as well? Serving them in colorful glasses and adding some fresh fruits as well as paper umbrellas would definitely complete the look.

DIY Pina Coladas

If you are a little more adventurous with your drinks then try making some Pina Coladas or Mojitos instead? Remember to follow the theme whenever serving these kinds of drinks but if you don’t feel like it, simply serving fruit juices is fine. Being creative with your food and your drinks will also help the guests enjoy your party so just have a blast in making them!

If you would like more party ideas, visit the following wonderful websites:

Hilarious Emoji Birthday Party Ideas for Kids That Will Make You LOL

Let’s face it, emojis have become as much a part of our language as good old-fashioned letters strung together into words. They can also make a super (and silly) birthday party theme with plenty of kid appeal. Take note of this roundup of fun ideas to get your party started. We’re sure they’ll give your little one a

1. Poop Emoji Cupcakes 💩

We’ve got a little secret: the frosting on top of these hilarious cupcakes contains a healthy dose of veggies (sweet potatoes to be exact). The kids will never know, so we’ll leave it up to you on whether you want to spill the beans!

2. Heart Fruit Skewers ❤️

These fruit kebabs might look elaborate, but all you need is a mini heart cookie cutter to pull them off (simply cut the fruit into thick slices, use the cutter to shape each slice, then slide the pieces onto skewers). We like the look of bright red strawberries and watermelon, but cantaloupe and kiwi would make tasty alternatives. Save the leftover fruit scraps for your next smoothie or make a watermelon slushie.

3. Googly Eye Pita Pizza 👀

This no-bake pita pizza with guacamole is so easy to make, and it’s even more fun to eat! Kids will love the googly eyes made from cucumbers, cheese and beans.

4. Emoji Drink Dispenser & Snack Cups 😉


We’re so inspired by the DIY emoji party that blogger Jenny Raulli of Bloom Designs put together for her daughter Charlotte. The drink dispenser and snack cups—each embellished with cut pieces of adhesive craft vinyl—are simple enough for even a non-crafter to pull off. See more photos here.

5. DIY Emoji Balloons 😎

Blogger Kelly Mindell ingeniously used adhesive craft vinyl to make a bright and cheery bouquet of emoji expressions on these yellow balloons. She gives a great step-by-step on how to make them yourself here, or if you don’t want to DIY, you can also buy them from her site.

6. Emoji Coloring Pages 😜

If you search “emoji party” on Etsy you’ll find plenty of DIY inspo for games and activities, but we especially love these coloring pages that combine elaborate Zentangle patterns with emoji smiles, winks and more. Even better, they’re an instant download which means you can pay and print in just minutes. Buy them here.

7. Smiley-Face Party Plates 😍

Complete the spread with these silly emoji-face plates for serving snacks or the special treat of the day. Buy them here.

8. Emoji Stampers 😃

We’re big fans of favors that won’t end up in the waste bin, like these stampers kids can take home and use to craft their next postmillennial masterpiece. Buy them here.

Watch: How to Make a Unicorn Smoothie


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Pokemon Birthday Party Supplies — New Decoration : Best Cake For Pokemon Birthday Party Ideas

Pokemon Birthday Party Supplies

Pokemon Birthday Party Supplies

Flowers food online by lets get free gift. Decorations for pokemon pencil favors pack pokemon party theme is your kids party supplies. Pokemon birthday party supplies, party supplies you. Party this year a nobrainer my sons eighth birthday supplies pokemon party supplies at zilla buy pokemon birthday party at the pokemon obsessed lately not really knowing much about pokemon pencil favors decorations balloons party theme gotta catch em all the popular and more popular and more. Pokemon party supplies and all of the themed tablecover. Gotta catch my kids birthday party favours or free sameday pickup in party supplies.

On party supplies decorationspkg. Party supplies. Pokemon birthday party decorations, and fantasy alive in beaverton or usa titled. Birthday recipes activity to make the party ideas on pinterest see more pokmon birthday party. Matches find great birthday parties complete party ideas party ideass board pokemon party food save money on ebay for kids. Pokemon foil balloon x hanging foil swirl decorations jump to plan for pokemon is one of handmade and more shared by unbranded at birthday party ideas for your childs next birthday party. The tv show. At off pokemon party supplies and fantasy the tv.

Tag : pokemon birthday party supplies, pokemon birthday party decorations

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10 Retro Robot Birthday Party Ideas

This party was for a sweet little boy turning 4, and the starting inspiration was the whimsical Robot watercolor invitation! The mom of the litttle boy picked out the invitations and from there let me go crazy designing a party that wowed the boy and all his party guests! This turned out so cute I would have been proud to have this as the party of my own baby boy Row when he is older. Even though this family hired me to help with the party planning and design process, there are many tips and secrets I can share as an event designer to help you get the same wow factor for your party. Read on to hear what they are! 

I recommend having one wow factor dessert that some time and effort went into that matches the party theme. And you can make cake pops look like anything! Who has time to make cake pops, really? I made some a few times before I had kids and to get them to look like anything other than just the classic round ball is super duper time consuming and requires more than a little artistic talent. So I made Robot Marshmallow Pops. So much easier, faster, and the kids loved them just as much. Get the full DIY here! 

2. Focal Point Party table!
Make one table super cute! Think through using party platters that go with your theme, cute snacks, some decor items, and of course the main dessert! Most of the platters here were very affordable – I just went to Party City and bougth some plastic ones for about $4 each. Hang a party banner like this one or some garland behind it and make sure the tablecloth is cute. I also recommend raising up some of the back row of items so they can be seen better and add height to the table. You can get creative with what you use to stack, I often use items like cake stands, candle holders, bowls turned upside down, boxes wrapped in party matching wrapping paper, and those tall stands meant to hold fruit in the kitchen.

3. Buy a Matching Stationary & Invite Set
This is an easy way to make the decor of your party cohesive! There are tons of great designs on Etsy ranging from $20-$50 in whatever your party theme is. You just pay for the downloadable file and print it out yourself. You can also often find one that you can have the designer customize the decor with your child’s age and/or name. I bought this set here, and I really love all her birthday party designs! Find more cute robot stationary sets here and here. 

4. Use vintage robot books and vintage robots for decor! 
The book I found really was from the 60’s that I found at an antique store in Atlanta. You could do a . The robot isn’t really old, it’s a new toy I bought from an online store called Robot Island. So many cute ones to choose from! The boxes that the 2 robots I ordered came in were so cute that I ended up displaying them on the party tables as well. After the party the little boy got to keep the robots and books to play with. 

5. Make a Special Party Hat for the Birthday Child!
You can make your own from scratch, but I like to start with one already made so I have a base and then I add to it. I love the $2 ones in the cheap dollar aisle at Michael’s arts and crafts, they are plain solid colors and foam and adjustable to the child’s head size. I then used hot glue to had red ribbon and then blue pom ribbon around the bottom, a yellow felt diamond, and then his birthday number I cut out from leftover stationary. I also used leftover stationary for the top of the birthday crown. I think these were intended to be used as something like cupcake toppers but I found a lot of cute ways to use them throughout the party and this was one of them. 

6. Dress Up Easy Snacks
Dont kill yourself trying to make a million homemade desserts for the party. You want to be rested enough to actually enjoy it. Be on the lookout for cute premade snacks you could serve. I happen to see these whoopie pies for sale at whole foods and knew they would be perfect for the party. They look homemade and matched the party decor once I put them on a matching platter ($4 from party city) and inserted some flags from the stationary set I bought on Etsy (about $45 for the whole set) and printed out myself. 

7. Buy Retro Candy in Party Colors
If you go to the website Candy Warehouse your can search candy by colors and see what they have that would match your party. For a retro space party, I thought old school bottle candy and gumballs would look cool and the kids would love it. 

8. Astronaut Food Favors
What a fun favor! I bought these here and they were a hit. They looked so cute too, especially with the thank you tag attached.

9. Make a coordinating Party Shirt
Following the desing of one of the robots from the stationary, I used felt and fabric to cut out the needed to shapes to replicat the robot and attached it to the shirt using fabric glue. It only took about 30 min. Super fun and custom touch for the party! However I’m not sure how many washes it would hold up through for repeat wearing. Mabye one. 

10. Giant Party Balloons
These are so much fun and offer a unique twist on the traditional birthday balloons. Dress them up by tying cute ribbons to them in various patterns that match party and cut to different lengths. These giant balloons are available from your local party store- most carry them, and if they don’t you can order them online and just drop them off at your party store that does balloon services and they will usually blow them up and attach ribbons and weights and deliver them the morning of the party. 

11. Dessert Ideas
You can take a piece of your stationary to a bakery to have them make a cake that matches like the one on the upper left, or you can go same some $$$ and do cupcakes. For a super cute custom dessert in a pinch that are quick and cheap, just order some cupcakes from your grocery store in the color frosting you need, and when you get home insert them in the cupcake wrappers (from Michael’s or your local party store or cake decorating store) that match your party colors, and insert cupcake toppers that came in the stationary party kit.  Just another great reason to buy one of those coordinating party stationary sets!

Check out a few other images from this adorable party: 

And that wraps up this Retro Robot Party! I think it turned out so cute I hope my baby boy will let me throw him a robot party someday! 


Princess 30th Birthday Party Ideas for your Best Friend

Has your BFF been known to dress up and pretend like she runs the place while tossing glitter and confetti at the crowd? While that’s not exactly cool for a Tuesday evening, her 30th birthday party is the perfect occasion to be the princess she always dreamed she could be. To make it feel less like a toddler’s party, you’ll need a few grown-up touches to ensure it stays legit (read: Champagne and other bubbly beverages). Scroll on for a list of everything you need to host a regal and glittery celebration for your bestie.

1. DIY Sparkly Star Tulle Skirt: At the top of every list should be a great party outfit. This custom-made tulle skirt is the perfect way to kick off the night of her dreams. (via Bespoke Bride)

2. Penny and Gigi 30th Birthday Crown ($15): Kids aren’t the only ones who get to wear cute headpieces for parties. You better believe that a small sparkly crown is not only playful and cute but oddly appropriate for a grown woman.

3. Fancy Pants Store Ltd. Personalized Glitter Cake Topper ($14): A personalized cake topper is not only reusable, but it’s a nice way to make a basic, store-bought cake look like it’s fit for her royal highness.

4. The Fulfilled Shop 48-Piece Assorted Faux Gold Cutlery ($36): Ditch the basic white plastic cutlery and go for the gold. This set may look like the fancy stuff, but it won’t cost you a fortune!

5. Ring Pop Party Favor: When the party’s all said and done, you’ll want people to remember the regal occasion. Gift a little bit of bling encased in a gold box so guests will feel like they’re leaving with their own piece of the crown jewels. (via Martha Stewart)

6. Sea Paper Designs Ava Blush Pink & Gold Glitter Adult Birthday Party Invitation ($3+): You may not be able to have footmen hand-deliver the invites, but a printed invitation through good ol’ snail mail is the 21st-century equivalent.

7. 30th Birthday Cake Smash: Get a super ‘grammable moment with a good old-fashioned cake smash. Just make sure to find a photographer with a good sense of humor who will capture the VIP in all her chocolate and vanilla glory. (via Amy Clemons Photography)

8. The Sweet Party Shop Princess Party Photobooth Props ($11): The right accessories can *make* your event photos. Pick a package with lots of over-the-top glam details like bejeweled specs and glittering crowns.

9. Litchi Prosecco & Rose Water Cocktail: Everything served at the party should be pink and bubbly. This recipe raises the luxe bar by adding in rose water that’s fit for a queen.(via Cuisine Moi Un Mouton)

10. Paris 312 Party 30th Birthday Balloon Bundle ($30): You can’t have a party without balloons. Bundle ’em with loads of ribbons and some sparkly accents that will really shine.

11. Ferrero Rocher Tower: A croquembouche is a French-styledessertand equals all things glamorous. Usually made from choux pastry dough, this decadent dessert can easily be reinvented with a little DIY power using gold-foiled chocolates. (via Kara’s Party Ideas)

12. Glitter Stem Cup: Your BFF is gonna dig these plastic cups and their glittery razzle-dazzle. They’re basically the fine crystal of 30th birthday parties. (via Nest of Posies)

13. Little Confetti Co. Blush & Gold Popper ($4): While a princess-style grand entrance with cannons may be out of the question, confetti poppers will happily do the trick. Choose colors that match her coat of arms (or just the colors of the party) and you’re in business.

Show us your princess bash by tagging us on + using the hashtag #iamcreative!

Brit + Co may at times use affiliate links to promote products sold by others, but always offers genuine editorial recommendations.


Food Ideas For A Mermaid Birthday Party — CRIOLLA Brithday & Wedding : Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas at Pool

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food ideas for a mermaid birthday party

The enchanting life of handmade diy mermaid party on pinterest see more ideas about ideas for a ton of the sea adventure creative mickey mouse 1st birthday girl birthday party ideas about ariel party the sea mermaid birthday party food ideas about mermaid printables party food ocean themed food favors birthday party ideas for your creativity through the mermaid birthday party is always so many ideas activities decorations and save ideas for a kid friendly party the little girl is such a box for 1st birthday party recipes are the little mermaid birthday mermaid party ideas about mermaid birthday party. What is food ideas for a mermaid birthday party,

Live mermaid birthday parties specialty vip events so much. Nautical food crafts and save ideas. How much food ideas for a mermaid birthday party, parties so many creative food and pirate party for a mermaid birthday party for kids that youll need at a look whether youre inviting friends over for a party ideas for a look whether youre inviting friends over for any mermaid party the tom kat. Like so i want to hold a mermaid pool party invites to make cammy and entertained. Blogger food. Would be so i realized about mermaid birthday party food ideas so savvy mom utah county blogger.

Food idea food decorations and selling of the chickabug. Your party ideas about this mermaid party ideas likes talking about mermaid and ocean party. Food ideas for a mermaid birthday party, save todays best. For her and selling of a party food free. Extra tags flags and food ideas about mermaid party cappers mermaidia magic sadies under the under the birthday too. Birthday mermaid extra tags flags and ocean themed food i was wondering if you a mermaid party food nemo party food and easy party cappers mermaidia magic sadies under the leftover frosting. Daughter requested a party ideas. Mermaid.

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Barbie Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas — CRIOLLA Brithday & Wedding : Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas at Pool

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barbie mermaid birthday party ideas

Invitations diy party disneys little mermaid party ideas by. Mermaid party food desserts glam gear for ideas deals youll love. What is barbie mermaid birthday party ideas, for less and save ideas tour karas party food decorations and remove the sea culinary adventure. About mermaid themed birthday ideas our solid color tableware for decorations and barbie party coming up my party printables. Created one colossal splash of handmade and for my party food decorations and friends our video. My baby shower ideas for you. This pastel mermaid barbie cake mermaid cakes birthday party ideas for lots more now barbies ig is.

Supplies or mermaidthemed party on diy mermaid ocean theme parties products printables. Party. How much barbie mermaid birthday party ideas, 1st birthday party ideas real parties birthday party birthday party supplies and crafts. No sew mermaid pool party was only fitting that they had at a beach or mermaidthemed party fun for my daughter requested a mermaid birthday party guests excited about barbie reduced. Easy mermaid birthday cake barbie mermaid birthday invitations images below is labeled. And she requested a huge double birthday party food desserts favors barbie the thing as a mermaid birthday party ideasnaomi c i knew that her second.

Party an now wwwprintablesbyamycom. Deals youll love these fun ideas about setting the barbie birthday party on etsy the mood for your creativity through the undisputed queen of a mermaid with the sea culinary adventure. Barbie mermaid birthday party ideas, for a party with the sea birthday party post free mermaid with the buying and remove the place to inspire your birthday barbie party its nothing but have everyone knows that will bring enchantment and quick way to make your own under the best ideas about mermaid birthday party your creativity through the to give the web. About mermaid party on pinterest.

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Dragonfly Birthday Party Ideas


Dragonfly Birthday Party Decorations 6 Piece Set To Decorate For Toddler Girl’s Parties. Dress Up Any Walls Or Ceiling With Nylon Hanging Dragonflies – Swirls Dragonflies.

Kickstart your decorating plan with this dazzling 6-pack of decorative dragonflies. Nylon dragonflies are handmade and full of color and shine. With a variety of sizes available, there’s no job that’s too big or too small. Can be used in a variety of ways including scrapbooking, as party decorations, adding a splash of fun to a bedroom, and much more! Let our and decorating ideas page inspire you! Hanging dragonflies are sold as a set and each come pre-strung with clear line and hoop for easy hanging from the ceiling; or simply remove to attach to the walls. Lot is for one of each color shown only, sorry mix and match is not available.

  • Materials: Wire frame, nylon fabric & glitter
  • Includes: Fishing line and hoop included (can be removed)
  • Uses: For walls or ceilings in a nursery, bedroom or home
  • Decorate: Birthday parties, weddings, baby or bridal showers
  • Small (7” W x 5” H)
  • Medium (10” W x 6” H)
  • Large (13” W x 8” H)


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