Why Outsourcing Content Writing for SEO Makes Sense

What happens if you need to create 500 compelling contents every week? Do you think you can still handle the load or is outsourcing an attractive option? This is the time when outsourcing content writing makes sense particularly for search engine optimization.

Digital marketing may seem to be a simple task that can be easily handled by an intern or someone who is just new on the job. Well, this may be true if you are handling just a couple of contents and do not have attract multiple markets.

Content Creation

What if you have an in-house staff, can’t they handle it? Perhaps, but, then again, you need to consider the operational challenge involved in creating content that is not only compelling, but consistent as well. How much manpower are you willing to dedicate to come up with brand-compliant contents that has the power of converting readers to customers?

Quite possibly you have an extremely talented in-house staff that can do the work with quality and precision. But at what cost? Don’t you think that outsourcing content writing for search engine optimization makes sense if it can bring down your operational costs? Have you even thought about scalability?

You have to consider the reality that there are limitations to what your in-house staff can producer regardless how excellent they are. If you outsource your content writing, you can be tapping into a production engine that has access to hundreds of writers that can easily output anywhere from 100 to 5,000 articles a week depending on your needs.

So what happens to your in-house staff? This gives them the luxury of focusing on marketing and content strategies  that will help you maximize the outputs of the content writing. The secret to successful content creation campaigns is to ensure the compelling stories are told. This helps not only to catch, but hold onto the attention of your target market.

The reality is that not everyone is a natural storyteller or a talented writer. If you don’t have this on your team, then all your content creation campaigns would fail. Therefore, it is only logical to outsource to crafty content writers who can do more than a decent job at a fraction of the cost of maintaining an in-house staff.

Staying Flexible

As a business person, how valuable is the ability to dial volumes up or down? Or do away with having to d eal with fixed staffing costs even during lean months? The answer, extremely valuable. Why? Because it gives you greater control over your finances.

Now, you also need to understand that as a business owner, it is not necessary to learn everything. By outsourcing content writing or creation, you can easily dial your volume up or down without having to worry about excessive staffing. Instead of learning how you can be successful at content marketing, you can let experts take care of that so you can focus at what you need to do, which is run the business. This also prevents you from being overwhelmed by all the details and intricacies.

Editorial Quality

Did you know that for most ecommerce businesses, quality editorial work is not their strong suit? For most online businesses, maintaining quality and consistency of content over various languages can be quite challenging.

But if you choose to outsource your content writing, you can benefit from the skills of companies that post less than 0.3% error rate. Without having to delve into details you will be able to create large volume of contents from a pool of dedicated writers and editors using time tested techniques. This can translate to a surge in your sales figures.

How good are you with social media? This is a time consuming activity that can turn frustrating if you do not really know what you are doing. The truth is that social media campaigns must appear several times a day to become effective and generate response. So instead of being overwhelmed by all the noise and activity online, why not consider outsourcing content writing for your search engine optimization.

Speak Globally

How many of your in-house staff can write in different languages? How about someone who has detailed knowledge of linguistics, culture, and shopping habits? These are all factors that you must look into seriously regardless whether you are looking to expand or not.

Outsourcing can give you the luxury of speaking globally while operating locally. Many content writers are capable of creating contents that can cut through various markets and adapt your content to appeal to local audiences. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, speaking your customer’s language is important if you want to achieve conversion.

Another important fact that you should know is that any company that is in expansion requires outsourcing of content writing. Why? Aside from not being able to produce enough materials to achieve your goals, it is virtually impossible to create content and focus on expansion simultaneously. Eventually one will suffer.

Considering that expansion requires concentrated effort, it would be worth investing in outsourcing your content writing. This will help you achieve your business goals while ensuring that you successfully expand the reach of your business.

Content Strategy

Whenever you maintain an in-house staff, you are facing tremendous costs. This can balloon to uncontrollable expenses over time, especially if you are not getting the results that you need. In order to make sure that you get acceptable returns on your investment, you need to double your marketing efforts.

This is where content strategy becomes important. The question is, how familiar are you with content strategy? You can always hire of course, but what would you do once you no longer need their services? Fire them? By outsourcing content writing, there is no need to go through the cycle of hiring and firing content strategy experts. Remember, one of the benefits of outsourcing is flexibility so this becomes a more cost effective option for you.

It is a given that outsourcing may cost a bit more on the surface, but, if you compute it in terms of returns on your investment, you may be surprised to find out that it is worth it. Keep in mind that many individual writers are not adept at content strategy advertising, they are quite limited so the level of output you get will be somewhat less.

Compared to outsourcing where content marketing is their core competence, you will get the benefit of content based on what you really need. This means getting writers to create content based on your content strategy goals.

It is understandable why business owners may be reluctant in going into outsourcing of their content creation. Most common reason is that they are afraid of losing control over the creation process. The truth is that by outsourcing content writing you are actually enforcing and strengthening your control over how your content marketing campaign is executed. Why? Because you have the right to reject or request revisions of the contents if you are not satisfied.

This is why outsourcing content writing for search engine optimization makes sense.

Web Content Writing Partners for Web Developers & Designers

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And no, I won’t write to a certain word count; I make sure I provide the right amount of content you need in order to get your point across.

Services I provide include:

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Beyond writing for your site I also take care of:

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  • Transfer websites over to new domains with no loss of content
  • Format your posts for easy readability
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  • Source photos to complement my blog posts
  • Editing and proofreading to make sure your content has no mistakes!

All blog posts with my byline also are shared with my Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ followers as well.

I care deeply about my work, and I know you care about your business–with my work I create compelling content that returns in high shares and visibility, positioning your business right in front of paying customers. I have written content for industries spanning from fitness to weddings to B2B marketing and web development. I am happy to tackle any and all content needs. 

Exactly as Promised

Elisabeth was great. Exactly as promised!



Elisabeth was great. Exactly as promised!

Exactly as Promised

Excellent Communication Skills

Great work! Thank you for adhering to a tight deadline! Amazing work! Excellent communication skills!



Great work! Thank you for adhering to a tight deadline! Amazing work! Excellent communication skills!

Excellent Communication Skills

Highly Recommend!

Elisabeth Jackson did a great job writing for the CancanIT blog. She provided prompt and high-quality copywriting services writing on such topics web developer certification, career development,  skills representation, etc. Elisabeth proved the ability to create interesting and high quality which became popular and widely shared with our readers. I would highly recommend her as a professional and talented freelance copywriter, and kind and responsible person to work with.

Michael S, President of CancanIT



Michael S, President of CancanIT

Elisabeth Jackson did a great job writing for the CancanIT blog. She provided prompt and high-quality copywriting services writing on such topics web developer certification, career development,  skills representation, etc. Elisabeth proved the ability to create interesting and high quality which became popular and widely shared with our readers. I would highly recommend her as a professional and talented freelance copywriter, and kind and responsible person to work with.

Highly Recommend!

Hits The Nail On The Head Everytime

I cannot put into words how good Elisabeth is at her work. The time and effort she takes to deliver excellent content is amazing. Whether it’s a blog article, content for a website or content for an email template, she hits the nail on the head every single time. I’ve hardly had to request any changes to the first draft for all the jobs awarded to her. Highly recommend.



I cannot put into words how good Elisabeth is at her work. The time and effort she takes to deliver excellent content is amazing. Whether it’s a blog article, content for a website or content for an email template, she hits the nail on the head every single time. I’ve hardly had to request any changes to the first draft for all the jobs awarded to her. Highly recommend.

Hits The Nail On The Head Everytime

Extremely Talented and Professional!

Elisabeth is extremely talented and professional. It’s hard to find freelancers with such a feeling for copy writing. I would love to work with her again and I could definitely recommend her to anyone!

Gustav, president of 12h Website Inc.



Gustav, president of 12h Website Inc.

Elisabeth is extremely talented and professional. It’s hard to find freelancers with such a feeling for copy writing. I would love to work with her again and I could definitely recommend her to anyone!

Extremely Talented and Professional!

Highly Recommend for anyone looking to keep reader’s engaged!

Elisabeth delivered quality copy for my website in a timely manner. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for website copy that reads well and keeps the reader engaged!

Michelle and Hans, Co-Executives for Causeblast.com



Michelle and Hans, Co-Executives for Causeblast.com

Elisabeth delivered quality copy for my website in a timely manner. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for website copy that reads well and keeps the reader engaged!

Highly Recommend for anyone looking to keep reader’s engaged!

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Content Writing Trends To Look For In 2018

Beginning of a year is a great opportunity to enhance the knowledge acquired earlier and take a look into the future. Both professionals and beginners realize how important it is to be competent and familiar with the key movements and trends appearing within their scope of activity. Minor changes happen all the time, and they should definitely be known to those who want to stay involved in business. There are trends writers should remember and take into consideration in 2018.

The E-World Develops
Currently, people are online 24/7. They get notifications about the most recent events concerning both their close environment, and the whole world. There are many e-books published every single year. The mass media, international companies, and sole proprietors work online; therefore, proficient writers should have no problem finding a place to work. However, despite the technology growth, one of the new trends is about people. The language the writers use has to be engaging and conversational.
Here is rule #1: focus on the readers first, and then deliver the message.

Context Matters
There is a popular phrase: it does not matter WHAT you say, but HOW you say it. This is another aspect every writer should focus on while working on his or her papers. People tend to get tired fast of old strategies prevailing, for example, in sales. Aggressive marketing is no longer as profitable as it was before. According to Jeff Hart, Head of Content Writing department at SolidEssay, whenever a reader sees a text, he or she has to find something interesting for themselves.
Rule #2: the percentage of individual approach has to be increased in order to make any text better in 2018.

Attention Span Shortens
One more trend can be described with the help of the following situation: there is a person surfing the Internet and scrolling pages. Their brain works fast to catch the most important points in the article they read. In the modern world it is complicated to find time to read long papers. Even if some piece of news is interesting but too lengthy, the reader will probably skip it and move to another shorter text. This is the reality people live in. It has to be accepted by writers who work for people to read their papers.
This makes rule #3 which consists of several subpoints:
-Every text has to be scannable: it should be clear what it is about from the first look; -Headlines should be engaging; -Bullet points should be used to organize the paper better; -Sentences should be short and precise.

Visual Content Wins the Game
“If it is hard for people to comprehend a classic written text for more than 8 seconds, then visual content spreading over the Internet can increase the attention span,” says Senior Content Marketing Manager Monica Roberts at ConfidentWriters. Any data presented in a form of a diagram, table, or chart becomes illustrative and easy to understand. This is always a plus when a lot of numbers should be analyzed within only one paper restricted in length. Therefore, rule #4: use graphs, pictures, and videos to attract readers’ attention. It is obvious that a proficient writer always seeks professional growth. People working in this sphere have to broaden their horizons and stay flexible. The guidelines presented above can help both beginners and experienced authors. In a solid paper of 2018 the attention is primarily on the reader, the sentences are precise and paragraphs short and well-organized, the visual content is added, and the language used is engaging and conversational.

Author bio:
Paul Bates is a content writing manager and proofreader at BeeStudent. He’s also a regular contributor to HuffPost, TheBalance and Instructables.

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SEO & Content Writing: Quality is King

If you haven’t heard, the Internet has quite a bit of information. As a digital marketer, you of course, want to set your business apart from all of the fluff that exists out there- essentially; you want to convey to both potential and existing customers that the products or services that your website offers are superior to your competitors’. Now, there are a number of ways in which Native Rank goes about executing this for our clients, but there seems to be one factor that transcends almost all high traffic e-commerce websites: that is, high quality content.

Presumably, there are reasons as to why this is the case. But before we dive into how and why quality content is imperative to your online marketing success, let’s discuss what composes it. Quality content can manifest itself in various forms; there are blog posts, articles relative to your business, industry trends that are in accordance with your specific business practices, etc. What it all boils down to is that your content must exhibit likeability and teachability. In order to produce high quality content, you first need to keep the following things in mind:

Determine your target audience’s needs, wants, and search habits

Quality is determined by how well your content attracts, connects, and engages with your customers—by understanding their wants, needs, interests and how they phrase them; you can optimize your content accordingly to ensure a greater searchability. Constructing an on-site search function will compile a list of terms that your visitors’ type in while browsing your site, making it much simpler to grasp their search habits.

High quality content is both likeable and practical

Finding a cohesive balance between content that is engaging, interesting, and impressionable, yetalso educational, useful, and informational is paramount to maintaining visitors’ loyalty to your site. The underlying essence of the Internet is for users to seek solutions, so your content must be practical, relevant, and appealing.

High quality content establishes trust

Posting high quality and engaging content serves the purpose of facilitating a trustworthy relationship between your customers and your business. Using web content such as blog posts to try and market and sell your products is detrimental to maintaining a mutually beneficial rapport with your clients.

Consistency is key

The implication behind a site that frequently posts high quality, engaging content is authenticity and credibility. When site visitors see that content is posted often, the perception will be that you are atop industry trends. Not to mention that there is a strong correlation between content generation and search queries.

Your web content is analogous with your web identity

What is posted, linked to, and shared in accordance with your site’s content becomes your brand’s identity. If content is consistently reputable, authentic, and relative, users will begin to associate your site with good rapport in your respective niche. Go the extra mile; if your content is of a higher quality and creativity than your competitors’, people will take notice.

Needless to say, content that is considered to be of high quality is contingent upon the realm that your business operates in. Search engines are focused on creating a relevant and user-friendly experience, which is why content creation is essential to effective SEO practices in the current search climate. The advantages of incorporating suitable and significant content exceed far beyond just rankings, for users will remain loyal to your business’ site if they are gathering constructive and practical information with each visit. What it comes down to is determining what and which types of content are most applicable to your business, devising a plan for delivering this quality content to your customers, and then implementing it accordingly on a consistent basis.

Written by Gabriel Holley on



Do You Outsource Content Writing? 4 Easy Upgrades to Go from Blah to Brilliant

Hiring a copywriter to help you with your content marketing is a popular solution, especially when you don’t have the time to write everything yourself.

For many of us, getting something written is the first step we need to keep going. Much better than a white screen. But…

Unless they’re a pro, copywriters have no idea who you really are, or how to write for your business staying on brand, within your niche, and with your tone. 

This article walks you through 4 upgrades you can bring your content, to take it from blah to brilliant. Or from good to great:

  1. Include Stories
  2. Answer Specific Objections
  3. Make it Personal
  4. Get a Second Opinion

TL;DR: Get the Key Takeaways

The Problem with Outsourcing Your Content Writing

A year ago, I left working at a correspondence school to join a startup for small business marketing. While there, I managing three school magazines; one published daily for parents, one posted quarterly for the kids, and an occasional achievements or awards notice board.

One of the constant challenges my team and I worked on was how to help our authors personalize their content. And stay on brand with the magazine’s vision. For the most part, they did really well, and the columns bustled with personality.

Then in leaving that to focus on my new startup team, we had to laser-focus on particular areas. And one of the areas that we were trying to figure out was content marketing for a range of clients in small businesses, such as home services, health care, and law firms.

So we turned to outsourcing. We hired competent writers who could make our clients look good, and speak with clarity on the topics we paid for.

But what kept happening was this. The content was formulaic. It was standard. It sounded like an article on About.com.

So we had to keep going back over it, making tweaks, and touching it up. We knew it needed to be personalized, even just a little. We just didn’t know how.

Pretty quickly, we stopped outsourcing, and pulled everything back inhouse. We knew our clients best, and we needed to bring them the best we could.

But we needed to figure out a standardized way to do that. Without practically rewriting everything from scratch.

Hiring a Copywriter for your Content Marketing

So none of it is the writer’s fault; they aren’t you. They can’t possibly know the details about your business the way you do.

When you commission them, they have to rely on the first three pages of Google searches, recent answers in Quora, reviews on Amazon books, and Reddit threads. That’s a lot of information to sift through, from all over the world.

Whereas if you’re a service-based business, then you’re grounded in a particular area, and you have experiences that no one else can share. Not to mention that you yourself are a unique person with a different attitude and viewpoint to most.

Regular content boosts your SEO, improves inbound leads, and in general, provides a sense of life and communication with current and potential customers.

So here’s what these four filters will do for you:

  • improve the length of your articles
  • make them stickier, or more memorable
  • infuse them with greater personality
  • make them distinct from other articles.

That last point is key: you never want to sound like someone else. Or you’ll lose to someone else. Cultivating your own voice and style of articles is what makes you unique.

“But we’re just an Lawn Care company. How unique do we need to be?”

If you want to stand out and be remembered, then you need to communicate how interesting you are. And if you’re going to share and communicate, then you need to share stuff that only you know about.

Remember, that copywriter you hired likely wrote a similar article on the same topic for your competition. That means potential visitors are looking for information online. And they have a bunch of beige content to sift through.

But you’re reading this article, and your competition isn’t.

Let’s blow your audience away, shall we?

1. Include Stories

No two companies have had the exact same experiences. They’re made up of different people, working in different places.

The stories that you can tell about the clients you’ve worked with, and the problems you’ve solved, are as important as your testimonials. They’re proof that you can deliver on your promises.

And they’re also usually the most interesting part of your conversation.

  • “Hey did you know that down on 5th street, a main blew, and, the whole time the lady was baking cookies…”
  • “Why just the other day,  I was prepping a used cylinder head fir installation, and guess what happened…”
  • “I was on call last week, and then this crazy guy calls in…”

Stories take everything you’re talking about and ground it in reality.

If your article is the Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Roof Leak-Proof This Rainy Season, add in some stories about clients you helped who’s roofs were nightmares. And then what you needed to do to fix them.

No one else can tell your stories. They make it easier for your visitors to believe that you’re a credible source of help.

Try to share one story per idea, and at least one per article.

2. Answer Specific Objections

What are the top questions and objections that your clients have for you about that topic?

Usually, questions are tied to location, the services you offer, and your particular promises your brand makes.

If you can anticipate the problems that arise in your reader’s mind, you’ll look like you’re ‘reading their mind,’ and knowing what they’re thinking.

This is another way to make it local, and individual to your experience.

Try to add at least one objection to your article. Ideally, answer one question per idea you bring up.

If you’re talking about HVAC in Hobbiton County, then perhaps someone has asked about how the water table in the valley affects homes.

No one else can answer that question. That kind of objection-answer instantly sets you up as a credible authority in your area, on this topic.

3. Make it Personal

As you read through the copy you’ve paid for, make notes about words and phrases  you would never use. And put in the kinds of things you would say.

Don’t get stuck in the trap of needing to sound erudite and professional on paper.

Websites are awash in horrible copy that sounds like a robot wrote it. Write like the way you talk.

Try reading it aloud; would you ever say that kind of thing in person? If you were describing one of the ideas in your article to a client, how would you phrase it?

Your blog is a way to rank for searchable content, but it’s your content. It’s your approach to solutions, your viewpoint and credibility, that makes you stand out and be remembered.

One mental hack you can try: if you were a movie character, who would you be? Or if your brand was a movie character, who would it be? What would that character sound like?

Dirty Harry sounds very different to Dwight Schrute, Joe Dirt, or Jessica Pearson.

How would Captain America talk about fixing roofs? What are the words and phrases that pepper his conversation?

Usually, the character you like best in a movie is the one you identify with. It’s quite possible that your favorite movie is a reflection of you.

One approach you can take is to grab your smartphone, sit back, and talk out loud through your topic. Or tell your story to a friend. Then play it back later and listen to how you talk.

It’s usually a lot looser and less form than the way you write.

People are coming to you for facts. But they will be pleasantly surprised when they get to read the facts through your personality and voice.

And then when they meet you, they feel like they already know you. Because they do.

4. Get a Second Opinion

Every writer knows this; have someone else read it and give you feedback.

Now that you’ve layered on stories, objections, and tone, print it off for a family member, or coworker. Or send them the link to your blog post.

Ask them to read it through for clarity and voice.

You want to know:

  • Does it sound like you?
  • Is it clear?
  • Was anything forgotten/missed?

Listen to all the feedback, and use the best advice. If you’ve ever labored over writing anything, the words and phrases start blurring into blocks, and we stop actually reading them.

This brings us to the last point.

Create a Checklist

Now that you’ve done all the heavy lifting, try to make it easier on yourself.

Put together your thoughts in a document that you can send to the next copywriter you hire. Ask them to include as much of this as they can.

  • Create a list of things that you would never say. Things you would say. Certain words that you like using, or are common where you live.
  • Try to summarize your location, and what makes it different from other counties.

All of these are valuable things for your next copywriter to keep in the back of their mind as they research and write your content.

TL;DR: Key Takeaways


Do You Outsource Content Writing? 4 Easy Upgrades to Go from Blah to Brilliant

SEO Content Writing & Blogging Help

SEO Content Writing & Blogging Help

How well does the content on your website sell your brand?

Before the era of the internet, companies relied on conventional advertising in TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, and the Yellow Pages. You can argue that a couple of them (such as television and radio) still work, but at what expense? The capital outlay needed to receive a good return on investment (ROI) with these mediums is massive.

Guru Marketing will help your company generate leads via your website quickly, and cost-effectively through content writing with strong keywords, and internet marketing techniques like blogging. The results are easily measured and ROI is much higher than with conventional advertising.

If you would like further information about our content writing and blogging service please fill out the form on this page, and someone from the Guru team will be in touch. Thank you for your interest!

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Content Writing/Blogging

Content writing trends to watch out for in 2017

Remaining up-to-date with the content market trends of the hour is an essential part of staying ahead of your competition and maintaining your audience numbers as well as attracting new followers.   Changes in format – Content marketing is principally about written content types (such as blogging and ebooks) that will generate additional email subscribers. Whilst this is certain to continue, we are likely to see much more long-form content, with serpIQ identifying that top-rated posts stood around 2000 words, signifying that weighty content is valuable to Google. Buying influencers – This was a trend that became in 2016 and

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10 Golden Rules for Effectual Content Writing

According to recent statistics produced by Bristol University, a web user on average reads about a quarter to one-fifth of a web page. Online users only absorb a small amount of information provided on a web page, so it is essential to deliver the main messages in a prominent manner.

In order to make your site more useful and reachable online, one must make use of the best techniques to format and produce effective web copy. Stated below are the ten golden rules for putting out effective content on your website:

1.Keep It Simple

Web text must be simple and straightforward. Furthermore, it is advertising copy, so make sure it offers mass appeal and is equipped with simple language that is free of jargon and technical words.

2.Short and Crisp

Majority of web pages are never read entirely. It is best to put your message across in fewer but impactful words. Using a lot of fluff and irrelevant words causes the write-up to lose its integrity and meaningfulness.

3.Equip It with Strong Words

A sentence that is packed with punches and is composed of verbs in present tense and short nouns tends to leave a distinct message in the minds of its readers. Phrases like “Call us now!” and “feel free to get in touch with us” elevates the effectiveness of the overall web copy.

4.Use Search-Friendly Phrases

Incorporating search-friendly phrases in web copy helps in maximizing search engine hits. You can achieve this by framing the phrases like a web search. For instance, the phrase “maintaining balance diet” is a content phrase that can also be entered in a search engine, unlike phrases such as “top 5 ways of maintaining healthy and balanced diet”.

5.Use Headers

Equipping the content article or blog with bold headers and graphical illustrations enhance the appeal of the overall copy, making it appear more user-friendly, readable and impactful.

6.Keep It A Little Informal

The two most desirable features of web copy are that they must be accessible and conversational. Readers tend to feel more engaged and connected with web copy that is more informal and similar to the language spoken ordinarily. Nonetheless, professional and formal language must be a part of web copies at the right places.

7.Simple English

Even if you are targeting the content to a technical audience, it is best to keep your writing simple and uncomplicated. Using layman’s language helps in obtaining top search results and customer interest.


The best web pages are those that can be scanned in a number of devices, such as mobile phones and tablets. Make sure that the key points rest at the top so that readers can instantly get the main message.


Nothing can beat well-written content that is complemented with an appropriate image. It is important to ensure that the words are linked with an image to reach a consistent tone and better understanding.

10.Grammatical Corrections

It is unequivocally important to proofread the copy prior to sending it for publication. Proofreading helps in averting embarrassing mistakes that distracts and disengages the reader.

Businesses must make sure no compromises are made on the content’s quality, integrity and impact. To hire the best talent for content writing and content marketing in Orange County, Web Casa Design is where you should head. Learn about our orange county search engine optimization or get a free SEO estimate to get the best content published for your website.


10 Golden Rules for Effectual Content Writing