Fully Utilize Content Writing To Enhance Your Business Website

ContentWriting is writing any kind of content for releases, newsletter, blogs, articles, etc.

ContentWriting seems to be very easy as it just means to describe any product or services or a website but its lot more complicated if we dig in deep. A relevant information with effective keywords and a proper data on product and services will help the website in search engines to grow and through that organic traffic will be attracted towards the website. Today I am going to discuss about how to enhance your content writing to grow your business website.

Content Writing is a process of writing the data it’s very simple to understand but implementation of writing it takes time. So today I am going to discuss few ways about how to write content or to process it properly.

First to begin with writing the content the person must know for what he is writing for what he needs to describe.

Second thing is most important thing for whom you are writing i.e. what kind of audience you are targeting or going to be addressing depends upon type of audience assemble or write the content keeping in the mind about their ideology it can be understood by proper research.

Third thing is to generate the idea for writing by proper research on the particular topic selected a unique idea and content is always appreciated by the audience because it grabs their interest as they are learning something new.

Fourth Thing is that while writing content don’t make it too big or too small depending upon the idea stretch the content but never make it too large that the reader even if interested leaves the content in the mid-way.

Fifth Thing is concentrate on keywords effective keywords will help you generate the traffic but don’t stuff false keywords in your content this will only generate inorganic traffic and search engines even can penalize your website for posting false content.

Sixth Thing Be Original and don’t copy from anyone else because same content on all the website is not appreciated by audience/visitor at the end it will affect your reputation only.

Seventh Thing Keep it simple and try not to make grammatical mistakes and write in simple English language so that people around the world can understand.

This is the simplest guide this is how I personally write content. If you have your website and you are looking for a content writer for your website than you are at the right place we will assist you in writing the best content which will create the best outcome for your website. We wish you to connect with us.



Is Your Website Content Writing as Good as it Seems?

Okay, let’s first do an exercise: Pretend you know nothing about your company and you somehow stumble upon your website. Can you immediately tell what it’s about or what it offers? Does landing on the home page prompt you to pursue further pages? Is everything you’re trying to say crystal clear? If the answer is no, then you need to revamp the website content writing now and refresh your site, before you start losing out on prospective customers.

Here are a few ways you can identify if your website content is good enough or not:

Do you have what they need?

The traffic that enters your site through search engines, can do so from anywhere and land up on any page. It’s vital to let them immediately know that you have what they’re looking for. A good website content writing strategy is to add an introductory paragraph that sums up everything on the page and gives the visitors an insight on what your site is all about.

Be descriptive

Remember, your website isn’t a brochure that gives you the creative freedom to vague and distinct. That’s why it’s necessary to be as descriptive as possible in your website content writing. Most websites ‘optimize’ the text by sticking keywords everywhere, which doesn’t make any sense to the reader. If there’s no descriptive text, the visitor will easily skip on to another that will tell them what they need.

Let them know you have it

Imagine you run a florist shop. Do you have 24/7 delivery? Check. Do you have all varieties of roses? Check. Do you support CoD? Check. You know you do it all and are probably even better than your competitor at it, yet a visitor may end up exiting your site and making a purchase from your competitor. Why? Because you didn’t tell them what you’re offering them in the right manner. Always ask your website content writing team to prioritize content! What matters needs to be clearly visible with bold Call-to-Action to support it, and the other superfluous stuff, such as descriptions can take a sideline.

So, how does your website fare? If you worry that a revamp is going to cost you heavily, our advice is to think long-term. You’re bound to lose a lot of potential business if you don’t act now and hire professional content writers to rewrite your website copy.



Content Writing Internship in Bhopal at Loopbyte Web Services | Website

Documentary The Bhopal Disaster INDIA Nat Geo Full 2014 720p HD

The Bhopal disaster, also referred to as the Bhopal gas tragedy, was a gas leak incident in India, considered the world\’s worst industrial disaster.[1] It oc. The Bhopal disaster, also referred to as the Bhopal gas tragedy, was a gas leak incident in India, considered the world\’s worst industrial d

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Yet you haven\’t visited Bhopal.. Watch this video you will love to see this lakes and greenery of Bhopal. must share subscribe and like. created by:- Nishchal Malviya subscribe:- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNBQPKFhb5DiZGmpQEbkEoA

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BBC   One Night In Bhopal 2004 TVRip d0x
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Bhopal Gas Tragedy in 165 Seconds
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biker in Bhopal is being praised for the courage he displayed while standing up against an SUV driver who was driving on the wrong side of the road. The biker was badly beaten up during the standoff.भोपालकेएकबाइकसवारकीतारीफइनदिनोंसोशलमीडियापरखूबहोरहीहै।इसबाइकसवारयुवकनेऐसीहिम्मत

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Facebook page Mumbiker nikhil : https://www.facebook.com/Mumbiker-Nikhil-1485406921724673/timeline/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/nikkkhil/ Subscribe to me i put new videos every week. If there is anything you want me to cover then do let me know.

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Decades after the worst industrial accident in India\’s history, many residents of Bhopal feel they were abandoned to suffer its toxic effects. For more multimedia content from The Economist visit our website: http://econ.st/1rWMZDf

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Bhopal ijtima 2017, Tablighi ijtema Documentary, Bhopal Ijtema 2017, Aalami Tablighi Ijtima | भोपालइस्तिमा,

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Bhopal to Agra

Facebook page Mumbiker nikhil : https://www.facebook.com/Mumbiker-Nikhil-1485406921724673/timeline/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/nikkkhil/ Subscribe to me i put new videos every week. If there is anything you want me to cover then do let me know.

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Traffic Police Bhopal Road accident video 01

Traffic police bhopal Accident video 01

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भोपाल की सबसे भूतिया जगह | Most Haunted Places In Bhopal |

भोपालकीसबसेभूतियाजगह | Most Hunted Places In Bhopal | Agar Aap Bhopali Hai So Friends Subscribe Kara To banta Hai.. Salute Bhopalis… Namaste Dosto, Aaj Mai apko bhopal Ki Kuch Bahut Hi Rahasya bhari Or bhutiya Jagaho KE Baare Mai Batane Jaa Raha Hu Jo Bhooto Ke Rahne Ka place Mana jata Hai.

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Bird, Fish & Animal on Sale in Pet shops at Bhopal India

I traveled to Bhopal, Central India to check out the prices of Pigeons, Parrots, African Birds, Fishes, Turkeys, Rabbits, Chickens, Lovebirds, Persian Cats and Dogs at Jahangirabad Animal Market. Figured out that the prices were quite cheap compared to Mumbai. The shopkeepers were extremely polite a

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First Documentary on Bhopal Ijtema 2017 | Aalmi Tablighi Ijtima Bhopal India VIDEO | بھوپال اجتماع

Documentary Aalmi Tablighi Ijtima Bhopal بھوپالاجتماعپردنیاکیکسیبھیزبانمیںپہلیمکملڈاکومنٹریمنظرعامپر Bhopal Tablighi Ijtema is an annual Islamic Ijtema (congregation) held in Bhopal, India during December but it has changed to November. The three day congregation includes discussio

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"Smart City Bhopal"- Proposed to have all Modern Amenities | MP MyGov

The smart city mission of the Government of India seeks to address the issue of urbanization through the transformation of selected cities. The intent is to create sustainable cities that can provide a good quality life to its citizens. Register at MP MyGov : https://goo.gl/YXC7RH Subscribe to MP

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La catastrophe : Une nuit à Bhopal (Inde) / Documentaire

Un rêve américain qui a tourné au cauchemar pour les Indiens.

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La vorazidad por el dinero sobre el bienestar de las personas.

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IBC24, पुलिसकेहत्थेचढ़ाकुख्यातइनामीबदमाश-जुबैरमौलाना

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Bhopal: A Prayer for Rain in Hindi (भोपाल : वर्षा के लिए प्रार्थना हिन्दी में )

यूनियनकार्बाइडसंयुक्तराज्यअमेरिकाकीरसायनऔरबहुलकबनानेवालीसबसेबड़ीकंपनियोंमेसेएकहैतीनदिसंबर, 1984 कोआधीरातकेबादमध्यप्रदेशकीराजधानीभोपालमेंयूनियनकार्बाइडकीफैक्टरीसेनिकलीज़हरीलीगैसनेहज़ारोंलोगोंकीजानलेलीथीं. 1984 मेंकम्पनीकेभारतकेराज्यमध्यप्रदेशकेशह

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Bhopal student gangrape: Police arrest 3 accused, 1 still absconding

Police have arrested 3 accused of gang raping a girl from Bhopal while 1 accused is still absconding. Bhopal is witnessing protests against this gangrape as people are accusing Police of inaction. About Channel: Zee News is a Hindi news channel with 24 hour coverage. Zee News covers breaking news,

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6 Types of Content Writing Jobs You Can Find For Your Career

With astronomical growth in content marketing, content buzz is soaring that led to the creation of content jobs. Some of these are – technical writer, copy writer, subject matter expert, blogger, SEO writer and many others. Launching a career in this market is not only challenging, but it calls for certain requirements of education, certifications, training, experience and skills.

Technical writer

Although, there is no accurate definition of technical writing, it includes, medical, scientific, pedagogy, technology and business research. It also includes sales reports, business catalogues and financial reports. Writing researched content is much hard and requires specialized writing skills to provide quality information. Accuracy, critical decision making are necessary to draft technical content.


Known for being most popular and greatly in want by Internet businesses, copywriter is mostly a freelancer. Some of the copywriting basics are – analyse the market, own strong vocabulary, create a personality for products, write sharp headlines, develop effective advertising campaign, multiple skills in writing and vast knowledge in copy writing.

Subject Matter Expert (SME)

Relevant to the software technology domain, Subject-matter expert (SME) is a domain expert who has wide expertise in an subject area or topic. Software technology is a prominent industry that requires SMEs who have proficiency to create software webcontent, articles, press releases and CMS (Content Management System)

SEO Writer

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a huge market and for search engine ranking, SEO article marketing is most crucial to beat the competition. With given SEO keywords, writing most unique and original content can push towards a better ranking. To be found in top 10 search results in Google search engine, finding a qualified and experienced SEO writer is regularly in need. Apart from achieving Google Analytics, Google advertising certification, taking a good practice of publishing SEO articles brings adequate capabilities. Additionally, SEO knowledge is the paramount need to launch a career. Either low or excessive keyword density negatively impacts an article.


With simple registration procedures in wordpress and Blogger, there is rapid increase in blogs. Writing for blogs not only requires long-form content, but it also takes lot of time in searching for keywords, headline score and skills to write various different topics for content development. For those who take blogging as career, there are many prospects for revenue. Dedication, arduous work and commitment is necessary to be a successful blogger. Many start off small before they take off in earning through adsense, selling ad space and affiliate network. With no pre-qualification, blogging is easy and there is much scope for success.

News Article Writer

As news articles invite volumes of traffic for latest updates in news, career in news writing is prospective. Since, news information is active, it cannot be written alternatively both for local and international news. It is also essential that appropriate writing style, grammar and vocabulary need to be an asset.


As English language is most commonly spoken worldwide, establishing in content market is quite profitable. You can work from home or take up a full-time job. With constant flow of latest content ideas, your unique writing style can be an attractive talent for clients to hire you. Creativity and exceedingly effective communication brings you outpouring contracts in any of the career discussed above.



Content Writing Services How Help Your Business To Grow

Web Content Writing Services Help Your Business Grow

When you have a great website and one that has great content, you don’t really have to do anything as the website will do all the talking for you. There are a number of internet users all over the world and internet searches are carried out regularly.



5 Essential SEO Content Writing Tips for 2018

The digital world is filled with attention seeking materials. Everyone wants to talk to someone or everybody. From businesses talking to businesses, to businesses talking to their prospective customers and creating lasting relationship with the existing ones, to people talking to people because they have something to say. All these are not the most important things to give concentration to, the question is, are your writings SEO sensitive?

Content Writing Tips

We are all aware of the fact that content is vital for every website to run smoothly and perfectly. That’s why we cannot underestimate the importance of SEO content writing services. Another thing to note is that websites would appear dull, boring and uninviting in the absence of an enriched content solution. For this reason, it is important for beginners to learn the most effective content writing tips that remain crucial before they start their writing careers in this present digital age.

Today, the digital world is witnessing a diversified need for content for it to thrive with its traffic-centric existence. You cannot rely only on content to thrive but it’s the SEO optimized content that actually appeals to all and sundry. The proven fact still remains that ‘Content does Matter’ and it will always boost the search rankings thus resultantly driving traffic to your website.

Every career has its own start-up tools, ones that would guide anyone coming in for the first time through the trails of the new found world. So is content writing. If you are seeking out a career in content writing, you need to understand the SEO strategies and its relationship with writing to distinguish yourself in this profession with a throng of heads.

There are several forms of content writing that span across different platforms. They include, but not limited to: web content writing, press release content writing, research content writing, creative content writing, article content writing and the list goes on.

All these forms have their basic requirements but in all, if they would thrive in the traffic-centric internet world, they need to be SEO optimized or sensitive. When one says ‘SEO Optimized Content Writing’, it means it is SEO friendly and worthy to be used due to the incorporation of proper and well-researched keywords, adoption of effective keyword suggestion tool, genuine anchor texts for internal/external linking, catchy headlines, H1 to H6 etc., which appeal to search engines and humans alike.

Several conventional, as well as definable factors, are responsible to bring improvement in your website rankings. It is then not a gainsaying when one says one of the important factors which cannot be ruled out is content. Therefore, you need an informative, problem-solving and action capable content to convert your visitors into leads or sales. Otherwise, you will end up spending your time, money and resources to bring traffic to your website without any conversions.

To be productive with a well-defined and professional content development in today’s digital world, it is not a negotiation, it is what it is, you have to be able to develop your content to meet the SEO optimized standard.

SEO Content Writing Tips for 2018

We have carefully researched and developed the 5 most appealing content writing tips that can be easily adopted by the beginners. These tips are like a start-up kit for every beginner and would prove helpful for anyone who wants to learn content writing in the true sense to improve SEO and to generate traffic that leads to conversion (leads or sales).

#Content Writing Tip 1 – Write for Humans and not for the Search Engines

A lot of people make a grave mistake whenever they see instructions that their content needs to be SEO sensitive or optimized by beginning to focus on the keywords suggested by search engines, thereby, making them write for robots. While you start writing a piece of content, you must ensure that you’re writing for humans instead of search engines, robots or pandas.

Content Writing Tips

This particular mistake leads a lot of people to start adopting black hat techniques to get their websites ranked quickly. Unknown to them, it can bring more harm than benefits in the long run to their websites. Writing for humans makes you approachable to everyone who comes across your content as people see that your content is addressed to them.

No matter how padded a content written for search engines is, the human factor that comes with the feeling of communication would still be missing in the content. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while generating content:

  • Easy to understand content
  • Well-researched content
  • Grammatically and factually correct content

#Content Writing Tip 2 – Write Well-Researched & Actionable Content

It is not only when you are writing SEO optimized content that this should be your concern. When you are writing content generally, you are obligated to make a detailed research on whatever you want to write; it basically brings you a feel of originality and readers would see the ingenuity that comes with the content you have written.

The purpose of your content is to educate readers and to lure them to either fill in the online query form or to make a call to your customer care thereafter. It should be known that if you are able to provide them with well researched and informative content, undoubtedly it will coax the audience to love and read so much that they will come back to your site again and again for more updates. They also end up becoming your advocates or influencers who direct people to your website in the form of referrals.

Content Writing Tips

When you write fresh and high quality content, it is what search engines love thus making your chances of getting your website ranked on the top in search results equally high. One of the advantages that writing accurate SEO optimized content brings to your website is that it increases your website’s visibility to whoever is looking for something pertaining to the category of your website.

There is a pool of websites doing what you are doing or that focused on the same niche you are focusing on therefore; you have to write stuff that makes the SEO algorithm to prioritize your content as one of the leading search results.

#Content Writing Tip 3 – Edit once you prepare content

It is never enough to write and just dish out your first draft as a content developer. Editing is essential to your pursuit to quality. One of the most important factors as an effective content writing tip in 2018 is that, when you write a piece of content, get that edited by a professional content writer. There are cases whereas a website owner, you are also a professional content writer yet, it does not take away the fact that you need to double check your content before uploading it on your website or blog.

Content Writing Tips

Such steps will prove helpful for you to learn several key factors and to avoid future mistakes. Approach any of the professional editing and proofreading services companies which will not only tune your copy into a SEO friendly one but also working on issues like rectifying grammatical and factual errors, if there are any.

Editing is never too much because it does not end with giving it out to professional writers alone, it also extends to you proofreading again and again. Once you get the edited content, give yourself ample time to check or double-check it before you hit the publish button. The reason for this is that it will help you find out your own mistakes and avoid those in the next pages.

You are not only doing this to have a website full of SEO optimized content or trying to prove to readers that you are grounded in the language, it will surely prove worthy and come to you as an educating experience.

#Content Writing Tip 4 – Support with Images

The digital space has grown away from writing long and boring content because microblogging platforms Twitter and Instagram are now more focused on images than text-heavy content. This has also graduated to website and blog articles.

Content Writing Tips

Before you hit the publish button, make sure that your content is supported by befitting and related visuals. While uploading images, you should also ensure you are collecting SEO optimized images to secure ranking benefits. You can always rename your visuals to go along with the major keywords in your content.

Content with proper visuals not only improve the traffic to your website but also encourage people to go through your page. It makes readers see you as the original source of such content even when they have seen some in line with what you have on your website; this is how you get noticed.

Having pieces of content with supporting images is also a great way to highlight the most important points as they convey your messages in the first place. A survey highlights that content with supporting images do receive more avenues for engagement than content without any supporting visuals. Basically, images are known to best explain major points in any content on the internet.

#Content Writing Tip 5 – Catchy Texts (Heading, Bullets, Highlights etc.)

Content Writing Tips

Developing catchy texts means your readers can easily scan through the page within seconds and thereafter they can decide whether they should go through it word by word or just ignore it completely. When you are putting up your content, you should also have in mind that the attention span of most internet users is not like those going through traditional means of getting information like books, magazine and newspapers. Therefore, you should be able to communicate your message accurately even when they are scanning through which would then lead to your audience reading the content fully.

Such content pieces should, therefore, have proper headings, subheadings, bullets and highlights as they are helpful for the readers to get to the core of the specific pages. There is a sense of direction and navigation when you put these things in place.

A catchy heading or subheading always lures the masses to go through the content that you are presenting to them. It draws action from them, be it to respond to a set of instructions on the website or to make them call your customer care to make more enquiries.

Actionable and rich content will be helpful to improve ranking and generate leads, and in turn, allows one to convert such leads into sales, not only that, it also leads to making loyalties out of your website users thereby getting unpaid referrals through them.


Up till now, content was all about the keywords. Over a period of time, the concept has changed drastically. Today, content writing and its formatting have changed a lot. Beginners, therefore, need to learn from the tips on how to write quality content to guarantee that it can easily be ranked on the search engines.

To stay ahead in this cut-throat competition, beginners must learn from the above-mentioned content writing tips. These tips and tricks will prove helpful and come handy for them to generate the most industry-specific content pieces. The content should be luring enough to make readers, as well as search engines, love their website and to bring definite success. It is, therefore, an undeniable fact that top ranking content gets traffic thus, you can easily convert them into sales.

Being relevant and staying at the top of the content generation process begins with these tips by the time you enter the new year. With the rate content development and writing is going, it will end up becoming a chase of relevance and results that would keep anyone alive in this digital space.

As beginners, these content writing tips are what you need to be conscious of every time you get to your PCs or tablets to develop a piece of content. You should know that you are engaging in that content creation because you need to stay alive and be relevant both to your readers and other professionals that may need your services as a sound SEO content writer. This is how you are recognized for your worth of an engaging content creation professional.

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A highly qualified digital marketing expert, Diana Ford has been blogging for several years. Her article writing experience spans across online marketing, SEO, Social media and Content writing. Besides that, she also indulges in outreach marketing for SEranking.com, product reviews and online marketing guides.

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  • 5 Essential SEO Content Writing Tips for 2018

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5 Essential SEO Content Writing Tips for 2018

10 Useful Tools for Creating Content, Writing, and Researching : Social Media Examiner

Are you a busy social media marketer?

Looking for tools to improve the way you work?

In this article, you’ll discover 10 apps and browser extensions to streamline the way you create content, write copy, and organize research.

10 Useful Tools for Creating Content, Writing, and Researching by Joel Widmer on Social Media Examiner.

10 Useful Tools for Creating Content, Writing, and Researching by Joel Widmer on Social Media Examiner.

#1: Speed Up Your Writing With TextExpander

TextExpander (available for Windows, Mac, and iOS) will match frequently used words, phrases, and templates to preset shortcuts to speed up your typing. When you type the shortcut, the expander automatically replaces it with the full text. If you use the same phrases over and over in your social media posts, this tool is for you.

You can sign up for a free trial of TextExpander to test it out. After that, you’ll need to upgrade to one of the paid plans, which start at $3.33/month when billed annually.

After you download and install the app on your computer, click the + button to create a new snippet, such as a thank-you message.

TextExpander add snippet

Next, select Plain Text from the Content drop-down list, write or paste the text you want to abbreviate in the big white box, and type your shortcut in the Abbreviation field, as shown below.

TextExpander create snippet

I recommend choosing an abbreviation you’ll remember, but not something you’d ordinarily type. It helps to start your abbreviation with a punctuation mark so you don’t accidentally type it.

To use your shortcut, just type your abbreviation in a text box (such as the Compose New Tweet box) and it autofills with your text.

TextExpander use snippet

Here are some words and phrases that likely deserve their own abbreviations:

  • Social media post templates
  • Brand/company names
  • People’s names
  • Website URLs
  • Email addresses and signatures
  • Phone numbers
  • Answers to common questions
  • Quick publishing checklists
  • Autocorrect for common typos
  • Frequently used social media responses
  • Once you customize this tool, you’ll type at lightning speed!

#2: Organize Online Research With OneTab

How often does your Google Chrome browser look like this?

multiple browser tabs open

It’s not unusual to have dozens of tabs open, especially when you’re searching for social media content to share. But opening too many tabs at once can noticeably affect your computer’s performance. And if any of those tabs display content that automatically updates or streams (like a video, a rotating ad, or real-time comments), your bandwidth is strained.

The solution is OneTab, a free Chrome extension that will convert all of your tabs into a single list of links, which is less taxing on your computer’s memory and bandwidth. It’s also easier to use because you can actually read the page titles.

The biggest benefit of OneTab is that you can save groups of similar tabs so you can quickly open them at any time. For instance, if you share content from a group of similar blogs, you can conveniently open one tab that lists all of those sites. (You can also combine this feature with TextExpander to open multiple tabs with one shortcut.)

After you install the extension, click the OneTab icon on the toolbar to reduce all of your currently open tabs to a single tab. To quickly restore them, click Restore All.

OneTab Chrome extension

When you consolidate your tabs with OneTab, your browser will run more smoothly and you’ll have all of your research organized in one place.

#3: Create Screenshots, Screencasts, and GIFs With CloudApp

CloudApp is a convenient way to create screenshots, GIFs, and screen recordings. Once you capture the media, it’s automatically stored on CloudApp’s server, so there’s no need to move it to your own space. It’s a remarkably fast way to capture social media content once you master the keyboard flow.

CloudApp has a great free version and paid plans starting at $8/month. After you download and install the app, press Ctrl+Shift+C (Windows) or Control+Option+C (Mac) to open the CloudApp window.

Then choose your action: screenshot, GIF, or screen recording.

Cloudapp open

Next, click and drag a box around the content you want to capture. The app lets you take a screenshot of only the part of your screen that matters so browser windows or empty space don’t distract your audience.

Cloudapp draw box around content to capture

If you’re taking a screenshot, CloudApp captures the image as soon as you release your mouse. When you take a GIF or video, you have to click to start and stop the recording.

Cloudapp start and stop recording

CloudApp automatically copies the URL of your image, GIF, or video to your clipboard and you’ll get a notification like this:

Just press Ctrl+V (Windows) or Command+V (Mac) to paste the URL into a browser tab, and your image, GIF, or video will appear.

Here’s the best part: You can annotate your images, too! Paste your file into a browser window and click Annotate.

Cloudapp annotate

On the annotation screen, you can add shapes, arrows, lines, and text, and even blur sensitive info.

Cloudapp annotation options

When you’re satisfied with your image, GIF, or video, save it for sharing later or simply paste the URL (don’t worry, it’s public) into a social media post.

Open your CloudApp dashboard to view, sort, and organize your content. Store your files here in case you want to repost the content later.

Cloudapp dashboard

Once you get the hang of CloudApp, you’ll spend less time editing images in Photoshop or Illustrator and more time creating visual content.

#4: Build UTM Links With Google Analytics URL Builder Extension

Understanding where your traffic comes from is important, but Google Analytics has some limitations. For instance, it can tell you traffic came from Twitter, but it doesn’t tell you which link your Twitter followers clicked unless you include UTM parameters in the URL.

UTM parameters may sound complicated but they’re just lines of code attached to the end of a URL that allow Google Analytics to track your links for specific pages. They look like this:

utm parameters

Adding UTM parameters manually can be tedious. That’s where Google Analytics URL Builder comes in. It’s a free Chrome extension that lets you quickly craft UTM URLs for your social posts without having to leave the page.

This tool is especially helpful if you run cooperative social media campaigns with other brands. Give each brand its own UTM URL link so you can identify specific traffic sources.

To use it, install the extension and then navigate to the page you want to link to. Click the extension’s icon on the toolbar and fill out the appropriate fields.

Google URL Builder Chrome extension

Here’s how to fill out each field:

  • Source: Where the traffic is coming from (Example: Facebook Page)
  • Medium: The specific element (Example: Cute Puppies Post)
  • Keyword (optional): The term you used in any paid ads (Example: cute poodles)
  • Content (optional): Additional details for split testing links
  • Campaign: The overall campaign (Example: Cute Puppies Week)

Tip: Unless you’re running paid ads or split tests, you don’t need to fill in the Keyword, Content, or Campaign fields.

Use the presets section to remember your most-usedparameters and save even more time!

Google URL Builder Chrome extension presets

#5: Set Up Shortcuts to Find Files With Alfred

If you use a Mac (sorry, Windows users), Alfred is about to become your favorite productivity weapon. It’s packed with features but it’s especially powerful for social media marketing.

You already know there’s a lot more to consistently creating stellar social content than what your followers see. There are behind-the-scenes planning and organizing, not to mention the editorial calendars and publishing standards you have to consult.

That’s where Alfred comes in.

It’s a free app similar to Mac’s Spotlight search, but 10 times smarter and more powerful. You can use a simple shortcut to open any file, folder, or Google doc on your computer. The best part: It learns your search habits and automatically sorts the results based on what you search most.

Alfred app search

The Custom Search feature lets you create URL shortcuts to quickly open any page. For example, you can set it up to open Google Drive docs with a single keyword. Once you get the hang of it, it’s much quicker than digging through your bookmarks.

This technique is especially helpful to stay organized if you create social media campaigns for several clients and open multiple folders throughout the day.

Alfred create shortcuts to Google Drive folders

For $25, you can upgrade to Alfred’s Powerpack, which is where the real magic happens. Here are a few of the features that can help you stay organized while managing multiple social media campaigns:

  • It has a built-in text expander (like the tool I mentioned above) that syncs across your computers.
  • You get access to hundreds of you can use to automate tasks like shortening URLs, converting time zones, and testing landing pages in multiple browsers, all with just one keystroke.
  • The clipboard manager lets you browse through your clipboard history so you aren’t constantly copying the same URLs between apps.

Even if you stick with the free option, Alfred is an enormous productivity boost.

#6: Improve Your Writing With ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid is a free online editing tool that helps you improve your writing. Not only does it flag errors, but it also recommends style improvements and helps you find the right words. If you write your social media posts in batches, the web app lets you check them all at once so you can proofread quickly and efficiently.

After you sign up, click Editing Tool at the top of the page.

ProWritingAid Editing Tool

On the next page, click Menu and select New.

Enter a title for your new document.

ProWritingAid create new document

Next, paste your copy into the editor and select one of the writing checks at the top. Click the More button to see additional options such as my favorite, the Combo check.

ProWritingAid combo check report

ProWritingAid will load for a second and then identify your mistakes. Simply go through the document and fix (or ignore) each flagged item.

ProWritingAid combo check report

This method is a great way to edit multiple social media posts at once, but it’s clunky to proofread them one at a time. For that, you want to install the . After it’s installed, just hover your mouse over the icon in any field to open the editing options.

ProWritingAid extension check

ProWritingAid also integrates with Google Docs, OpenOffice, Word, and Scrivener to make proofreading easier. Which proofreading reports are most important? Here are the best reports to run for social media posts (click for the full list):

  • Writing Style Report– Improve readability.
  • Corporate Wording Report– Simplify your language.
  • House Style Check– Set your own rules (like “Always capitalize the word ‘Marketing.’”) for ProWritingAid to flag.
  • Sticky Sentence Report– Identify sticky sentences (with too many words like “to,”“of,”“at,”“if,” etc.) so you can clarify.
  • Overused Words Report– Add variety to your posts. Overused words are particularly noticeable in social media content where there isn’t much text to begin with.
  • Plagiarism Report– Avoid plagiarized content.
  • Combo Report– Customize any combination of reports to run at once.

#7: Record Tutorial Videos With Loom

Loom is a free, lightweight, easy-to-use tool for creating your own video tutorials. With just two clicks, you can capture your screen, camera, or both. Plus, Loom creates a unique page for each video that you can share on social media without downloading and uploading to another source.

After you install the Chrome extension and log in, click the Loom icon in your browser toolbar. You’ll then see the following window.

Loom app recording settings

Click Capture and choose what you want to record: your current browser tab, entire desktop, or cam only. Click Mic to choose a microphone. Click Camera to choose a camera or turn yours off if you don’t want to record your face.

Next, click Start Recording. Loom will give you 3 seconds to prepare yourself. Use the controls at the bottom left to pause, finish, or cancel. (If you’re recording your camera, you’ll see yourself here as well.)

Loom app recording controls

Once you click Finish, Loom will redirect you to the video’s page, which looks like this:

Loom app video page

On this page, you can add a description and comments, which everyone who visits the page can see. You can also share the video on social media or copy HTML code to embed it on a web page.

Tip: If you like making videos for your fans, another great tool worth checking out is Soapbox. It lets you switch seamlessly between your camera and desktop, offers several easy-to-use editing features, and lets you create a call to action at the end of your video.

#8: Expand Your Clipboard With Weava

Have you ever copied text or an image to your clipboard, only to realize you just overwrote something else you’d saved? If so, you need Weava. It’s a powerful free Chrome extension with a suite of organization and highlighting features, but the expanded clipboard is especially useful for juggling a lot of social media content.

After you install the extension, highlight a section of text or an image like you normally would and then choose a color from the pop-up palette. Your text or image is then saved to Weava.

Next, highlight something else, but this time select a different color.

Weava highlight text

Click the Weava icon in your browser to open your collection. You’ll see a list of everything you’ve highlighted.

Weava highlights window

Hover over a selection you want to use and click the Copy icon. Then press Ctrl+V (Windows) or Command+V (Mac) to paste it into your social media post.

With Weava, you’ll never lose copied material again!

#9: Transcribe Posts With Google Docs Voice Typing

Google Docs Voice Typing is a powerful transcription tool built into Google Docs, and of course, it’s free! It’s a clever way to jot downyour thoughts as you perform your social media research.

For instance, you could let it run while you read articles. If you learn something interesting that deserves its own social post, simply dictate your thoughts to Google while you browse. Later, you can turn those thoughts into captions for your social posts.

Google Docs Voice Typing is remarkably easy to use. Just open a Google doc in Chrome and select Voice Typing from the Tools menu.

Google Docs Voice Typing option

A microphone toggle will appear (you may have to authorize Google to access your mic). Simply click the icon to turn on the transcription. Then start speaking.

Google Docs Voice Typing example

Pro Tip: Say “period” and Google will end your sentence with a period. Say “new line” and Google will drop down a line.

Use this tool to speed up your note-taking so you can focus on curating awesome content and writing engaging copy.

#10: Identify Who Shared Your Content With CrowdTangle

Wouldn’t it be great to know exactly who shares your content? Then you could reach out to those people and build deeper relationships. To get this information, you need a free app called CrowdTangle.

After you install the CrowdTangle Chrome extension, open any page and click the extension’s icon in your browser toolbar. A menu will appear with the names of everyone who shared that page.

CrowdTangle example

Click the social media icon next to an influencer’s name to open the post where they shared your content. Show your support by liking, sharing, or commenting on their post.

CrowdTangle social media links

Look at the Interactions column to see the number of times an influencer has interacted with the page. Use this to find people who have shared your page multiple times. Reach out to these people to build relationships!

CrowdTangle interactions

To take CrowdTangle one step further, examine your competitors’ pages. Uncover who’s sharing their content and contact those influencers.

Over to You

These unique social media tools can save time, improve your content creation and curation, and make your life and work easier. Experiment to find the tools that work best for you.

What do you think? Which of these tools are your favorites for social media marketing? How do they fit into your workflow? Let us know in comments below!

Discover 10 apps and browser extensions to streamline the way you create content, write copy, and organize research.


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