Nanotech Updates Corporate Branding and Launches New Website

Justin Bieber - Company

‘PURPOSE’ AVAILABLE EVERYWHERE NOW: iTunes: Stream & Add To Your Spotify Playlist: Google Play: Amazon: Produc

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Tinashe - Company

Company Available Now: Apple Music: Spotify: Amazon: Google Play: Follow Tinashe:

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Company 2002-Hindi | Ajay Devgan | Hindi Movie |

Company 2002 | Ajay Devgan | Vivek Oberoi | Full Hindi Movie | Company is a 2002 Indian crime-thriller film directed by Ram Gopal Varma. The film stars Mohanlal, Manisha Koirala,Vivek Oberoi, Ajay Devgan, and Antara Maliin pivotal roles. It is a fictional exposé of the Mumbai underworld, loosely

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Justin Bieber - Company Lyrics
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Alkaline - Company

Best of Alkaline: Subscribe here: Alkaline\’s New Single \”Company\” on the Anju Blaxx Produced \”Zen Riddim\”, Video Directed & Edited By J Matthew Films @realalkaline @anjublaxx @jwonder21

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Company 2011 (Stephen Sondheim) - Subtitulos en Español

Company es una comedia musical con guión de George Furth, música y letra de Stephen Sondheim, siendo nominada a catorce premios Tony, de los que ganó seis, entre ellos, el Tony a mejor musical.

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Justin Bieber - Company (PURPOSE : The Movement)

‘Purpose’ Available Everywhere Now! iTunes: Stream & Add To Your Spotify Playlist: Google Play: Amazon: Follow Justin: http://fa

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Missouri Star Quilt Company Live- Sewing with Rayon Batiks

Join us live as Amy Barickman from Indygo Junction shares tips and tricks for sewing with rayons with us! Learn more and download her tips and tricks here:

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Justin Bieber - Company (Audio Only)

Use my code JB10 to get a 10% discount on your purpose tour merch —- Download Justin\’s new album on iTunes: Don\’t forget to Like this video and subscribe to this channel for more Justin Bieber Videos!

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Company Fixed Most Annoying Thing About Flip Flops

Portuguese company iGUANEYE have redesigned the flip-flop. The redesign—which is inspired by the Amazonian Indians—wraps around the toe and heel, securely holding onto the foot, allowing the user to jump and run in the shoes. They\’re available in two different versions, the \”Jungle LIGHT\” which is l

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Company - Metro (Official Video)

COMPANY RECORDS Tekst: Mihajlo Veruović(Voyage),Lazar Momirović(Scarrlo),Vukan Škorić(Fiji),Filip Bradarić(Bradda) Muzika: Ivan Đurđević i Lazar Momirović Mix/mastering: Marko Topalović(7AM) Shooting,Editing & Post Productio

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Tinashe - Company - Choreography by Jojo Gomez & Jake Kodish - Filmed by @TimMilgram

Get the TUTORIAL: Tinashe – Company – Choreography by Jojo Gomez & Jake Kodish Filmed by Tim Milgram Follow us: Dancers: Jojo Gomez, Jake Kodish, Haley Messick,

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Tinashe - Company (Audio)

New track “Company” available now! Apple Music: Spotify: Amazon: Google Play:

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Company - Justin Bieber / Bongyoung Park Choreography

Bongyoung Park teaches choreography to Company by Justin Bieber. Learn from instructors of 1MILLION Dance Studio on YouTube! 1MILLION Dance TUTORIALS YouTube Channel: 1MILLION Dance Studio YouTube Channel: OFFICIAL WEBS

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Company - Do Kraja (Official Video)

COMPANY RECORDS Tekst: Mihajlo Veruović, Vukan Škorić, Filip Bradarić i Lazar Momirović Muzika: Lazar Momirović (@veruovic_cmpny , @vukan.cmpny , @bradaricf i @cmpny_rovac) Snimano u \’Aristokrat\’ studiu Snimao: Uroš Popović i Vuk Ajdanić Edit: Uroš Popović i Vuk Ajdanić (@popovicuros_ , @zbideljj)

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Missouri Star Quilt Company Replay- Make a String Quilt with Jenny & Misty

We\’re diving into our scrap stash on today\’s Live Video! Join Jenny and Misty as they show us how to create a String Quilt! Watch Jenny\’s String Quilt tutorial here: Find the 10\” Paper Piecing Squares here: Find the Lapel Stic

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NEW Videos Everyday! Turn Our Notifications ON So You Never Miss A Video! #JTSQUAD🤘🏽 Subscribe to Ar\’mon & Trey: Cierra & Jordan: JAZZ&TAE:

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Company: Part 1

This is part one of my absolute favorite musical of all time, \”Company\” by Stephen Sondheim. This is the PBS \”Great Performances\” recording of the 2006 Revival of \”Company\” directed by John Doyle, the director of the 2005 Revival of \”Sweeney Todd\” also by Stephen Sondheim. In both of these revivals

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What!? Conservative John Boehner Joins Cannabis Company

John Boehner has seen the light.. and it\’s green. ===================== Support Us On Patreon! Follow David Doel at Follow The Rational National at ===================== Sources: https://www.acrea

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Company - Pridji blize (Official Video)

COMPANY RECORDS Tekst: Mihajlo Veruović i Vukan Škorić Muzika: Mihajlo Veruović i Vukan Škorić (@veruovic_ , @vukan.skoric) Snimano u \’Aristokrat\’ studiu Snimao: Vuk Ajdanić i Uroš Popović Edit: Vuk Ajdanić i Uroš Popović (@zbideljj , @popovicuros_) Hvala puno za pomoć Filipe ( @bradaricf ) Lok

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Platform: Branding Yourself as a Writer « Carrot Ranch Literary Community

Article by Ruchira Khanna, a member of the Congress of Rough Writers.

<< ♦ >>


It’s everywhere.

Rolex, Nestle, Audi, Coach, Tommy Filger, Hanes, Revlon, Prada, Bentley, GE, Kenmore, Maytag, Toyota, Mercedes, and the list goes on…

In fact, companies decide on a product, a brand logo and then go on about manufacturing their product. Such is the importance of a name and logo.

As a manufacturer, a brand is a window for him to peep outside and get noticed by consumers as he advertises his product on his website or a social media outlet, such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

Branding just doesn’t happen; it has to be thought about and well planned since ultimately that’s how the consumers will picture you.

Some useful advantages for having a brand are:

  • It helps give you a platform for ease, reliability and a recognition of what you stand for once you vouch for it, with ardor and passion.
  • Branding can put you in the limelight by setting you apart from the crowd that has that same product. You are given a stage where you can continue to exhibit your passion to thousands or millions of like-minded people who agree with the formation of your goods created.
  • Your brand once showcased well, can bring like-minded people together who would love to use your product, thus broadening your consumership.
  • Depending on your brand and the inspiration it can draw to your buyers. It can help motivate them and assist them to reach out high goals in their lives via the incentive of your A-rated product.
  • If your brand has been able to create a good and loyal consumership, chances are they will recommend your work to others while you just continue to be in the production line.
  • A strong brand will give a vision to the users on what to expect while easing the stress of the brand owner as he/she has been able to reproduce it with each production.
  • If you stick to your brand. If you are loyal to your brand, chances are your consumers will also be loyal to you!
  • This is your brand and your promise that you keep production after production. Thus, keeping your promise to your customers.
  • Creating a brand not only helps create loyal consumers, but also helps the producer to stay focused on his/her goal of creating best product to sustain the reputation of the brand name.
  • Once your feet are soaked in your brand, it will help you connect with your consumers on all levels as they have gotten used to using your name.

Aha! The importance of branding.

It helps differentiate the goods and services from other sellers while clearly delivering the message while confirming your credibility thus, creating user loyalty over time as your solid brand is motivating buyers to purchase the product.

This same fundamental applies to a serious writer who wants to succeed: branding himself to get recognition and be able to eventually sell books.

A writer has to analyze his write-ups and the subjects he is passionate to write about. He has to ponder over the kind of stories he likes to tell, narrate or serve to his readers. Eventually, that will help him attract the kind of readers that love to read such topics.

Typically genre comes first, and branding follows that. The brand has to exist within the genre the writer pens his words.

Some examples could be: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle a writer of a fictional genre, but it revolves around detective/mystery. He gave birth to Sherlock Holmes in his write ups that are still looked upon. Could brand this author as a “The detective writer.”

Nora Roberts published her first book in 1981, and since then she has not turned back. Thanks to her 594K followers she has been nicknamed by The New Yorker as, ” America’s favorite novelist.”

Although she would be branded under, “The romance writer.”

As a writer/author decides upon the theme of his book before penning it down. Have a certain topic in mind prior to penciling it down. Frame your characters and plot if planning to write fiction or a subject relevant to the theme if working on non-fiction. Climb the ladder gradually of plotting and scheming as you cling onto the topic of the book. Towards the end when you have published that work, you will be representing that particular brand.

For instance: “The ——– writer.”

The dash could fill in romantic, mysterious, inspirational, dramatic, comic, lover of life, etc.

After branding yourself; making your own website and showcase your brand by publicizing over the media.

“The adventurous writer” will be easily remembered and when searched upon, like-minded readers will be able to connect the dots via the author/writer’s website, and that would result in clicks on your book links, and voila! you have readers craving for that brand by following it with as much passion as you the writer continues to pen down words fervently.

Once a name has been established thanks to the various social media outlets, with a respectable number of readership; the chances are that along with the readers, a literary agent, and a reputed publishing house could also get drawn to your charismatic brand name.

Aha! The journey that unfolds when a writer decides upon a particular brand name! No doubt there is sweat, dedication, passion and lots of marketing involved from the writer/author.

But, in the end, it is all worth it!


Ruchira Khanna is just another soul trying to make a difference in this lifetime by juggling between her passion and responsibilities. A Biochemist turned Writer who draws inspiration from various sources and tries to pen them down to create awareness within her and the society. She’s the author of Choices, Voyagers into the Unknown, and a children’s book,The Mystery of the Missing Iguana. Ruchira has published her latest fiction-drama novel titled, available on amazon world-wide.


Platform is a series that discusses the balance between craft and creation. It’s a writer’s sum total of visibility comprised of branding, community, credibility and target audience. An author markets product (books, blog, podcasts, workshops) from a platform. This series offers tips from experienced authors, publishers and marketers specific to all writers interested in building a platform and selling books and related products. If you have an article to share with the community of writers at Carrot Ranch, pitch to Charli Mills, Lead Buckaroo, at

3 Proven Branding Strategies You Can Utilize For Your Startup

As a new start-up, you should first build the trust among your potential customers through effective branding strategies. When you among your prospective customers, you can definitely expect a boost in your sales figures and also demand a higher price for your products. Brand recognition is essential since customers decide on their purchase based on emotional attachments to a particular brand and perceived quality.

1. Visual branding through Logo and Images

Looks are always important when building a brand since the human brain understands pictures better than plain text. You should take great care in designing your logos, social media page, website, watermark, business cards and other brand identities so that they represent your brand in a positive way to your prospective clients. Even the colours and fonts you choose for your company’s logo carries a lot of meaning which gives a strong perception about your brand to the customers.

A logo is considered the face of your brand which will be used by customers to identity your company. You should make use of advanced AI-based branding platforms like to create a unique, creative and attractive logo for your start-up. You can also create colourful infographics, business cards and other marketing materials at affordable prices using the branding tools available with such advanced platforms.

Another effective visual branding technique is creating a colourful collage of images and infographics which represent your brand values and sharing it through social media like Instagram or Pinterest. You should focus on the choosing the right colours and textures that will create positive feelings about your brand to customers. Video advertising is also an effective technique for marketing your brand and you can create short and memorable videos to communicate your brand values to customers. You can share such interesting videos through YouTube and social media channels like Twitter and Facebook.

2. Storytelling through Blogs and Websites

You should constantly communicate with your customers and tell them great stores which are engaging and informative. Consistency is very important in brand building and you should always remain true to your brand and build a consistent voice for your company. Blogs and company websites are the best ways to share engaging content to your target audience. You can share stories related to your company’s history, type of goods and services you offer and useful information about latest trends in the market.

You should also maintain your consistency in services, understand the changing demands of your customers and also deliver your promises without fail to win your customer’s trust. You should always be accessible to your customer and respond to their queries in a timely manner.

4. Social Media Campaigns and Online Communities

Social Media is one of the most and share engaging content. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram are the currently the popular social media platforms which are used by Startups in brand building and customer engagement. You can host various events and social media campaigns to create awareness about your brand among potential customers. You should also share interesting and relevant content to your customers through social media forums.

In order to truly differentiate your brand in an increasingly crowded landscape, you should consistently communicate to your customers through social media channels and use visual branding effectively. are excellent for content curation. You can pick up topics which are relevant to your business and start sharing engaging content that reflect your brand’s personality through social media posts. You can also use various brand analytics tools to track your social media performance and make necessary changes to your strategy.

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Branding Yourself As A Neighborhood Expert

In today’s market, presenting yourself as a knowledgable and experienced agent couldn’t be more important. From establishing an online presence, to simply winning the trust of your potential clients, it’s not always easy to know what to focus on. If you’re looking for ways to win more listings, one great way to do that is by becoming an expert in the neighborhoods you serve.

We all know how important the features of a house are to buyers. The number of bedrooms, the size of the property, and the overall decor and layout are top factors that people consider when deciding to purchase a home. We also know, however, just how important location is to home buyers. In some cases, they’re willing to compromise all those other home features to score a house in the neighborhood they love.

Another variable in the complicated home-buying equation is low inventory. When there are not alot of choices out there, buyers are more willing to compromise their initial “wish list”, but not necessarily a home’s proximity to great schools, restaurants, and other amenities they’re seeking.

Photo by Andy Gould

This means that it’s all the more important to be an expert in the neighborhoods and areas your clients want to live in, so you can help them make an informed decision. You’ll want to study up on all of the things that make each neighborhood unique, and making sure you can recommend more than one area for your clients.

This also means demonstrating that you are an expert in the neighborhoods you serve. We recommend providing information that gives buyers confidence in your knowledge of each area. One great way to do this is by producing a neighborhood profile video.

Another advantage of a neighborhood feature video is to draw attention to yourself online. For example, when someone searches “Highlands Ranch, CO”, your video and company information will be one of the first things they see.

You can view another neighborhood profile we have produced here. We encourage you to give us a call to discuss all of the photography and video options we have available for branding yourself as your neighborhood expert and giving buyers the confidence that you will find them the home – and the neighborhood – they’ve been hoping for.

The New Corporate Branding Strategy

Building a brand for a startup or a small business with little capital is really not a simple problem. Especially in times of fierce competition today. If you want to build a brand, you need to focus on a variety of factors, where creativity in the article is one of the essential elements. I have read a lot of SEO articles, PR articles to introduce products from marketing experts, PR professionals, SEO experts, few articles leave a deep impression on me as the article I cited below.

Building a brand is the key to business success, which we do not need to argue for. Simply, if you has a strong brand, you have all: customer, revenue, profit, marketability, etc. However, building a strong brand is not instantaneous, but it is a long process of preparation, construction, adjustment and perfection. From a marketing perspective, branding is a top priority if you want to succeed in today’s tough competition. So what do you need to do to build a strong brand? Especially when your business has just been established, never known in the market. Moreover, the competition in your business is very high, with hundreds or even thousands of sellers with most of the same products, there are no features to make a difference attracting customer. Today in this article, I would like to share my branding story over the years. There are failures, mistakes and how I have perfected my strategy to get a good brand Overhead Crane CG today.

5 misconceptions in the past made me stomp on the spot during the first year of establishment

With the experience, accumulated knowledge when working in a large corporation of machinery and equipment industry of Vietnam in the year 2000, I was very confident when deciding to start my own business. In the fall of August 2013, the main products are Overhead crane, gantry crane and crane equipment. With the core philosophy is: High-quality crane products with cheap price. However, the first year results were not as good as expected because I had made five mistakes in business thinking. These mistakes basically stem from stereotypical thinking, mechanical thinking when you used to work in a big company then set up your own company. Specific:

  • Old customers will be loyal when you open a new company

I think so. After I established the company, I perfected my own supplier system and staff. I began to actively contact, inform all my old customers, “close” with me about the product and business philosophy of my new company. In the hope that they will continue to support, purchase the goods as I did for the big company. However, the result is just “good luck”, “ok, you will consider” .. etc. There are no actual orders, even though I tried to persuade them about the Improve the delivery mode, the superiority of the product I offer and the cheaper price.

  • Focus on push marketing instead of pull marketing

It is my second misconception strategy. By thinking about the pathway from my old company, I put the strategy of reaching customers to my employees with a clear strategy: “Locate potential customers, send emails, make an appointment to introduce the product you offer in the hope of future orders.” And I do nothing more. I look forward to and hopefully this leads to revenue for the business. But the results, really very poor. Every month orders are counted at the tip of a finger, revenue is barely enough to cover the cost.

  • Do not care about building content on the website

Although I know that the basic condition for a business operating in the information technology era is to have a professional website to provide information to customers. About the product, introduce the company’s capacity. But I did not thoroughly explore the strength of the website for the success of the business. I updated the content of the product in a very sketchy way, give perfunctory information about the product, sales policy, etc. The idea is that crane products, Gantry Cranes are large machines/equipments, need to make a phone call or meet face-to-face, not detailed information on the website. This is how wrong!!! Customers do not think so, they read everything they have on your website and only decide to call you when they really believe you have experience in the field you provide.

  • Ignore the search engine optimization (SEO) for my website

At that time my business did not have any “search keywords” in the first page even page 2 – 3 when searching by Google. This also means that I did business without the source of customers coming from the internet, from the world’s most famous search engine today. According to a recent study, it was found that every second there were nearly 40,000 searches on Google, which meant about 3.5 million searches per day and nearly 1.2 billion hits per month. I still do not care.

  • Do not advertise on Facebook, Google adwords, Twitter

Because of the specificity of industrial machine equipment, I really neglected to attract customers, build brand through social channels such as Facebook, twitter or Google adwords. Meanwhile, rival companies earn revenue, profit every day from these channels.

Fortunately, through a year of suffering a bad business, I realized I had to change. With enthusiastic advice from a close friend of mine, working in the field of PR. He analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of my company and made some conclusions that changed my mind by 180 degrees. I really understand how to build a business brand in the rapidly evolving era of information technology today.

Experience from a marketing expert makes my thinking change

  • Forget about old customers and focus on building your business brand on the internet, optimizing your SEO, doing everything to make sure your website appears on Google.
  • Provide really useful content on the website for customers.
  • Promote the promotion and introduction of products on social media such as facebook, twitter, G +, Linkedin … and so on.

It’s just that, but that talk is really a milestone in business thinking, branding, and my company’s development in the years to come. But that’s the story of the next year, not right after the talk.

I keep going wrong and deviate 

Only I think I’m on the right track. You just imagine me as a fresh graduate, struggling to find a job, make money. Then suddenly I was guided by a friend for a session, teach me how to make money, how to earn $5000 per month and I begin to do the instructions of him. And I thought, “The rival companies just wait, waiting for the anger of a superhero”. So, sometimes people can imagine that they are 100% sure they will succeed, will be superior to all just after realizing a truth. In fact, the opposite is true. Please see how I implemented what I learned in the next one year to see if something is wrong here.

  • The first thing I do is sign a keyword SEO contract, optimize your website with one of the famous Seo companies (find and click on the top website results), costing nearly 2500$ all. With thought: to fame, it costs a lot. The job is that they will optimize my website to SEO standards, write useful content for the reader and boost the keyword on the google search engine in the quickest time possible (commitment on contract is 6 months I will stand number one). The condition is that I entrust Seo Company with full control over the company’s website and only support and advise them on the technical information of the product. The results are unlikely to be as expected, as I will elaborate later.
  • I create fanpage on facebook, twitter, g + and start branding campaign by posting posts every day, even every hour about my product. I do not care whether anyone reads the post and even ignore the complaints of friends and colleagues about I’m spamming someone else’s wall. And the result is just like the first one: Completely failed
  • I recruited dozens of customer care staff, stock on all of my merchandise, and waited patiently for the surge in customer success. The result is called “expensive”

Time flies like an arrow. Time to get out, 6 month contract term keyword Seo has almost gone, fanpage is spam everyday, so the number of customers increased as I expected have not reached. While the pressure of staff salaries, the stock of inventory grows, makes me really shaky in my “superhero” thinking. My search keywords still do not appear, even worse than a year ago, the number of visitors from social media messages is almost zero. Up until this point, I have really gotten to know the nature of the branding issue, how it appears on the search engine, and also how I spent six months of valuable time, I made the mistake of hastily making decisions.

Why? I temporarily concluded my mistake in this six months as follows:

  • As a small business with little capital, you should never hire website development services from A-Z like I did. Delivering all the work to the seo company that manages both content updates and articles about product is really a big mistake for me. Service companies, they are only good at optimizing the website but not understand anything about your product. When they write product introductory content will not create useful content, only to junk your website only.
  • Never trust the commitment “within xxx months, your website will be number one” simply because they are committed to 99% of their customers. Everyone number 1, who will be number 2???
  • Spamming your fanpage daily, hourly with product – product – product will only make customers, friends turn away from your product only. Especially with products are less interested as machinery, industrial equipment.
  • Recruitment, stock goods massively before the customer is a double-edged sword, is the lightest lighter to burn your money fastest if no results are desired.
  • Want to build a brand on the top search engine, it must be done “slowly, step by step”.

These are 6 things I do to help the business stay strong, the website appears on the top sustainable and create a strong brand in the market today. 

Recognizing the following mistakes, I learned about online marketing, online business and how to optimize the website, even how to code a website sales. I spend months researching business theory in today’s technology development era and learning free marketing tools at low cost to apply for my business effectively. And the steps I do here are considered as the premise for the development of the brand Overhead Crane CG as today:

  • The first is that I terminate the contract of seo services, limit the scope of work in supporting the website code, correct errors when I request, but not content for my website. I will do the content myself.
  • I focus on the sharing of content that is truly useful to our customers with our hands-on experience and business philosophy. I write articles “experience buying crane” help customers avoid buying low quality goods and expensive price. I write articles about all the information the customer needs to know and more content really useful to customers, not “garbage”.
  • Then I share my quality articles on social networks, fan pages with sparse frequency, no spam, no hourly product talk but just useful experiences, Inspirational or fun stories for customers to read.
  • I pay more attention to participating in the forum about machines and equipment and share with other members about us, sharing useful knowledge to help newcomers reference easily about this industry.
  • I reduced the number of employees, added more staples based on the actual needs of customers based on the amount of searches and orders per day.

So, every day, I and some staff in the communications and marketing department do just a few simple things, not big. But the results were beyond my imagination in the early days of the founding. You can look at some preliminary statistics to understand the result is essentially:

  • The number of projects we have implemented up to now has nearly 100 large and small projects.
  • Daily inquiries from 40 to 50 asking for quotes.
  • Daily orders do not count big projects from 5-7 orders.
    The number of website visitors per month is 12-15k
  • Most of the keywords we SEO are on page 1 of our search results.

Such results are a process that goes from one mistake to another and then correcting, perfecting the thought. It is not an overburdened, overwhelming process, but I really feel like I should share with you to make sure Freelance businessmen or start-ups can avoid the blunders like me. Good luck!

(I do NOT own the images in this article. All rights belong to it’s rightful owner/owner’s. No copyright infringement intended. Source of image: google)

What corporate branding really is and how it differs from smaller organizations

In the headquarters of McDonalds, executives constantly remind colleagues of a company adage: “If you see a man in a $300 suit picking up paper in the parking lot, you’d better get out there and help him, because it’s Ray Kroc.” That is because Ray Kroc was so obsessed with McDonalds’ reputation for cleanliness that he would pick up the trash himself and shout at the local owner for not keeping the place tidy.

What is corporate branding?

It is precisely what Kroc was doing. When he cleaned each McDonalds outlet by himself, he maintained a consistent image of the company for outsiders and employees. That’s why McDonalds evokes the same picture everywhere you find it – happy meals for the kids, road trip food, dollar menu…and a clean premise.

Branding is to business what decorum is to people. Much the way everyone from analysts to vice presidents in New York banks come in freshly pressed, spotless shirts every morning to show a professional image, so do entire businesses maintain everything from their ads, websites, outdoor signs, and even internal business documents in a way that their aesthetics are consistent. If the aesthetics are not consistent – How could the product be consistent? How could customer support be consistent? How could the price and quality be consistent?

Read Next: Brand Consistency Builds Brand Integrity

Corporate branding example: AirBnB

AirBnB’s change from startup to global unicorn shows us one of these examples of corporate branding changes. Earlier, it saw itself as just a technology company and a platform. However, AirBnB’s user community grew to the size of a massive organization by itself. That’s when AirBnB decided its message had to be about community and belonging. This prompted AirBnB to change everything from its logos to pictures to designs to its entire communications style with customers and the customer journey in the website.

AirBnB shows that the definition of corporate branding changes for small businesses and for enterprises in that branding for small businesses is only about the product and the website, while branding for enterprises affects all internal and external communication by the corporation.

If you head the IT team for an enterprise, you may ask, “How is this any of my business? I just keep the software updated and the systems running.” This is correct. But that is why the heads of IT need to find a way to automate the work to maintain corporate branding identity. A small business can keep on-brand digital templates and assets within the Office applications for each user. But a large enterprise needs to manage these templates through a centralized administration system.

Get in touch with Templafy to find out how we can help centralize your template management system

BDO Norway: From one office to 70

Consider BDO Norway as a corporate branding example. As a single office company back in 1988 (as A/S Revisjon), this accounting firm had no troubles with branding – all it had to do was focus on building a font, logos, and a design style for presentations, reports, and documents, and then reuse them as templates repeatedly. However, once the firm had 70 offices in Norway, nearly every office ended up using a different template for their documents. As an international accounting firm, brand integrity is vital and that entails consistently using up-to-date document templates and digital assets.

At that point, BDO Norway realized it had to move from small business branding to corporate branding. Small business branding is just about logos and consistent visual features. However, corporate branding requires making sure that every activity the business undertakes communicates the same message. And to make sure that the same message is communicated, there must be one centralized team.

That is why BDO Norway used Templafy to offer its employees access to up-to-date templates, images, and logos from a single taskpane. No longer did employees have to worry about using outdated templates when the new templates were launched, and they saved time by having them where they needed them, such as in Word. This ensured that documents produced from any office of BDO Norway had the same look and structure, and hence, they would be reliable auditors for your company. Now, branding could be controlled in a centralized manner, Templafy’s Brandchecker feature could be used to ensure compliance, and employees would only focus on the content and not brand integrity.

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How else does small company branding differ from corporate branding?

• For small businesses, some employees develop one “killer” presentation style, and everyone else reuses it. In a large business, people compete to create better and better presentations, until every presentation has a different look. Having control over the look of every person’s output becomes important.

• A brand change in a small business requires a brief meeting. A brand relaunch for a large enterprise requires overhauling every single department and their IT and physical resources – often forcing everyone to redo their work to be brand compliant.

• Many small businesses ensure that each employee takes charge of learning about the brand and being brand compliant. But for enterprises, employees can lose time and it becomes necessary to find a way to automate brand compliance so everyone can focus on core tasks.

Are you a head of enterprise technology who is often asked to update the systems to manage brand compliance? Or are you a brand manager who wants to assure your company brand stays consistent? We at Templafy want to make this job easier for you, by automating this process through a centrally managed system.

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Are You Branding Yourself For Three-Second Success?

Three seconds. That’s how long you have. Three seconds before an online shopper decides to move on to something else. Or someone else.

In 2015, Time magazine let the world know our attention spans were shorter than a goldfish. Today, as the internet becomes even more crowded, your brand messaging needs to be more unique than ever before. It’s getting harder to stand out. People are busy. If you can’t solve their problems quickly, they’ll simply press the back button and find another site that can.

It’s no secret that first impressions count. But most marketers don’t seem to realize just how much it matters. Your potential customers are just a click away from leaving forever. Instantly, you must be:

  • Clear
  • Coherent
  • Compelling

If you’re not, wave goodbye to any hopes of those readers becoming loyal to your brand. Without an irresistible call-to-action, your website will NEVER get customers. It’s that simple.

The question is: How can you capture the attention of your target audience within three seconds?

Your Brand Messaging Must Offer Quick Solutions to Real Problems

Everyone has problems. Successful branding is all about giving your audience quick and easy access to the solution. The sites that can do that fast will enjoy the most success.

Amazingly, 53% of visits to shopping sites via MOBILE devices are abandoned if a site takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Desktop viewing and non-shopping site requirements may afford you 4 more seconds. Even so, designing and building fast-loading pages is crucial no matter how important your content is. A heavy page that takes more than 7 seconds can send prospects running before your site page fully loads!

Once visitors arrive, your site must “land the eye” with an immediate call-to-action. The website design and user interface need to make it easy for the reader to know where to go next.

The three-second rule is all about getting visitors to take action. Whether it’s a subscriber form or product offer, your visitors should be able to easily navigate to the next logical step with only a few clicks.

How to Make Your Branding Convert Visitors

Nobody likes pushy sales. By presenting your products and services as a solution instead, you will get more visitors to act. Here’s how you do it:

The Bottom Line of Branding Success

Businesses need higher conversion rates. People want solutions to their problems. The best way for everyone to get what they want, is the fastest way. To achieve this, you need the right balance of compelling brand messaging, creative graphic design and a fast, user-friendly website.

Three seconds and they’re gone. Are you ready?

Contact Vortex Communications to streamline your brand marketing. Engage visitors at all stages of the buying funnel, secure more leads and enhance brand loyalty.

Want to learn more? One of these resources may help.

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Build Personas Using a Template

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Create Effective Calls-To-Action

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3 Inexpensive Branding Strategies for E-Commerce Businesses

If you own a small e-commerce business (or any small business, for that matter) you may think that branding is out of reach for your company. Fortunately, that’s just not true. Great branding doesn’t always come from agencies; in the internet age, anyone can create a memorable brand for their business. These three inexpensive branding strategies for small businesses will help you get started.

1. Create a strong brand identity

A brand is a proxy for everything about a business: its look and feel, its reputation, its product or service, its customers, and more. Branding is much more than a simple logo or symbol. (Although a great logo is important!) You’ll need a strong brand identity — one that is clear and consistent — in order to make an impact and let your customers know what you stand for.

How can you create a strong brand identity? Do these three easy (and free!) things:

Determine your precise value proposition

What is it that makes your business different from every other, even those that offer the same types of products or services? This differentiator should be totally authentic to your business — and then make it part of your brand identity.

Determine your customer profile

You need a clear image in your mind of who your ideal customer is: their age, gender, income, education, and, most importantly, why your product or service will appeal to them. Then, make sure your brand speaks to that person. Trying to get your brand to appeal to everyone will have the opposite effect; instead, focus on your biggest fans and craft your brand around their wants, needs, and tastes. These customers will be your brand evangelists — they will tell everyone they know about you, and their feedback will help you continue to shape your brand over time.

Not knowing anything about the above company, I know the customer profile by looking at this logo: people who love coffee so much it’s a point of pride to them, they’re cranky when they don’t have it, professionals ages 20 to 40, etc. (Cranky Bear Coffee logo design by 99designs designer infernal kiss.)

Determine your core values and turn them into a mission statement

Your mission statement tells people what you do and why. It should embody your purpose and outline your core values as a business. In other words, it’s a summary of why your company exists.

2. Be unforgettable

It can be easy and inexpensive to make your brand unforgettable. Here’s how it works:

Choose a great name

Making a first impression takes an instant — and for most e-commerce businesses, it’s either your name or your logo that people see first. Getting your name right can help ensure your business succeeds, and a bad name can just as easily drive people away. To arrive at the best name, remember these tips:

  • Check for uniqueness by seeing what shows up when you Google your potential name (this will also help you make sure it doesn’t look terrible as an e-commerce domain name).
  • Avoid initials and obscure acronyms.
  • Avoid inside jokes or puns, unless you are 100 percent sure your audience will understand the reference.
  • Make sure your name is more than a descriptive phrase. “Bread Shop,” for example, is a little blah.

Clarify your look with a logo

You’ve already decided on a name and what that name stands for; it’s time to translate those elements into a logo. Unless you’re a designer, consider working with a professional graphic designer to create your logo instead of doing it yourself. A logo is the first step in creating the look and feel of your brand because it will stay at the heart of any visual branding strategy, and be woven throughout every bit of your brand’s presence, both online and in the real world.

This logo uses a hand-drawn look for an authentic, homey feel and turns the business’s name into an image. This kind of logo works brilliantly for a small business that wants a down-to-earth, homemade but still hip feel. (Bubble Tea House logo design by 99designs designer Dusan Klepik DK.)

You can get a fantastic-looking, inexpensive logo with a logo design contest, or work directly with a freelance designer and agree on a price that works for both of you. Working one-on-one with a designer is recommended if you already have a good idea about the direction you want your logo to go in, while the contest model works best if you want to see multiple concepts, ideas, and styles before making a decision.

3. Get your brand seen

All that’s left to do now is share your brand with the world! There is more than one great way to do this, even with a small budget.

Share your expertise

Establish yourself as an authority in your field by sharing your expertise. Display your knowledge, your credentials, and your skills. Host question and answer sessions and create podcasts to share your knowledge with current and prospective customers. All of your original content can display your expertise and credibility, and start conversations with your audience. Let customers know that you know what you’re doing and that they can trust you — and, by extension, your brand.

Get smart about your social

Leverage your social media platforms so they are part of your e-commerce branding strategy. This means ensuring that your profiles have the right brand look and voice and showcase your brand’s value to visitors. Don’t spin your wheels on every social media platform around; stick to where your customers spend their time the most.

Once you’ve chosen those 1, 2, or 3 platforms, update them every day if you can (or at least a few times a week) with awesome, original, and on-point curated content. Engage with your customers, don’t just share. And most importantly, make sure your brand comes across clearly on each platform.

If you work with a designer to create your logo, they can generate various iterations of the logo so you can brand yourself throughout each social media platform. (Arts Lobby logo and social media pack by 99designs designer signmade.)

Branded giveaways

Give away branded promotional products, but only if they’re useful and related to what you or your customers do. You can also consider teaming up with similar, like-minded businesses for giveaways. Just remember to keep the items relevant to your customers. Branded sticky notes are probably not exciting for customers of a sporting retail site — but customers of an online teaching supplies company or an e-commerce accounting website? Sounds like a win.

Final thoughts

Remember, branding is totally doable for all businesses, even if you’re managing an e-commerce store by yourself. By creating a strong, memorable brand identity and presenting it to potential customers, you’re executing high-level branding that any agency would be proud of.