Branding Yourself: How to Create a Great Elevator Pitch

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Can you tell a stranger what you do within 30 seconds in a concise, succinct and interesting way? Are you able to differentiate yourself from all of your competitors in only a few sentences? When you meet someone new, do they hear what you do and say WOW!!! Does your website, brochure and business card draw interest and attention to you? If not, you need a great elevator pitch – a verbal and possibly written calling card lasting only the length of time it takes to ride an elevator to the top of an average building, about 30 seconds. A good elevator pitch will differentiate you from your competition. It will help develop referrals because your clients will tell their friends exactly who you are and what you do. If you don’t define yourself first, others will do it for you. It is tempting to be a generalist: everything to everybody. But the result is becoming a commodity.

It is the job of your prospect to decrease your expertise. That way they can cheapen and drive down your value. For example, “You should go see my financial advisor. He is really good. Why? I don’t know, I just like him.” That doesn’t give them any reason to change from their advisor to you. But if you say, “My financial advisor is brilliant. He keeps in contact me every three months and gets above-market returns with below-market risk.” Now that is a reason to book an appointment. It’s your job to appear an expert and gain their interest and later respect.

Recently after a tennis match, one of my buddies, “Hollywood,” was asked by a club member what he did for a living. Hollywood said he was a financial advisor and went back to his beer. He completely lost any opportunity to gain a client. Anyone who asks what you do or asks you to explain something related is asking your advice. If you are successful, you may also gain an appointment.

Five steps to successfully tell others what you do and generate interest

  1. Label yourself in three sentences or less.
  2. Articulate three benefits you deliver to your clients.
  3. Tell a story using those three benefits.
  4. Probe for needs.

Here is a possible elevator speech using all three steps.

I am a financial advisor specializing in helping my clients make their money last as long as they do during retirement. (One of my coaching clients calls himself a “disaster recovery specialist.” He helps people recover from financial meltdowns and bad investment advice.)

2- Articulate three benefits

I do three things for my clients:

1. Get above market returns with below market risk.

2. Make sure they never run out of money during retirement.

3. Promise to keep in contact every three months and keep them informed

One of my recent clients came to me worried about running out of money during retirement. She was a new grandmother and terrified at the prospect of being unable to travel and see her kids and grandkids at least every three months. I looked at her portfolio and noticed that she was paying high fees with volatility that was keeping her up at night. We decreased her fees and put her into investments that were not only safer, but also helped her see her grandkids every three months.

Tell me, when is the last time you took a hard look at your portfolio? Do you know what you are paying in fees? Do you know for a fact you will hit your retirement goals? (Research has shown if you can uncover one need, there is a 35% chance of booking an appointment; two needs, 56%; and three or more needs, you have greater than a 90% chance.)

(Assuming that you have uncovered some needs.)

If I could help you decrease your fees and hit your retirement goals, would that be a benefit?

(If they say yes, book an appointment.)

I am a best-selling author and speaker. I have written nine books, including three best sellers. Some of those are Mastering the Game, Peak Performance: How to increase your business by 80% in 8 weeks and my newest book, Why Smart People Make Dumb Mistakes with Their Money. I also have an executive coaching company that produces an 80% increase in business in eight weeks through one-on-one coaching.

In fact, one of my clients, a financial advisor from Omaha, Nebraska, recently increased his revenue from $200K to $1.2 million in only one year. We put together a business plan, helped him increase his ability to gain referrals and dramatically increased his closing rate. Tell me, how much has your business increased over the last twelve months? If we could help you get an 80% increase this year, would that help? Can we meet next week about your goals?

An elevator pitch will build your confidence and book appointments from networking. It will also drive more referrals to you. If your elevator pitch doesn’t cause people to say, “WOW, I need that,” you’re not doing it right.

Kerry Johnson, MBA, Ph.D. is a best-selling author and frequent speaker at financial planning and insurance conferences around the world. Peak Performance Coaching (his one on one coaching program) promises to increase your business by 80% in 8 weeks. Click here and take a free evaluation test. Or call 714-368-3650 for more information.


Vadilal Industries managing director: ‘We regularly work on our branding strategies to always stay on top of the game’

At the time when Government’s initiative of ‘Make in India’ is gaining pace, Indian ice cream brands are re-branding themselves to combat foreign brands like Haagen-Dazs and Baskin Robbins.

According to TechSci Research, the ice cream market in India will grow with a CAGR of 17.03% from 2016 to 2021.

The Drum spoke with Devanshu Gandhi, managing director of one of India’s oldest ice cream brand, Vadilal which was twice voted as the most trusted brand by the 2014’s Brand Trust Report, a pan-India study by Trust Research Advisory to know its marketing strategy in India.

He says: “Vadilal brand is synonyms with Ice Cream in India and has a legacy of 100 years of trust and loyalty. Brand Vadilal is serving quality products since more than 100 years in India. We are the second largest ice cream manufacturer and have extensive brand recall. As a brand with variety of products we have fan followers who love to enjoy taste of our brand across India and in many other countries.”

“We firmly believe in consumer and trade research and do them extensively to understand the consumers’ demand better. We have launched several campaigns in the past based on same parameters to successfully stay ahead in the game. Our previous campaigns included TVC campaign ‘The Best Part of Everyday.’ The campaign is directly targeted at groups of friends and family to promote premium ice cream category. It was promoted across various media channels including TV, print, outdoor, social media and various online channels. The commercial was supported by digital and social media elements using the hashtag “#thebestpartofeveryday”.

Vadilal is further leveraging social media platforms and influencers for its marketing campaigns since long. It recently signed Bollywood actress Parineeti Chopra as its brand ambassador.

Vadilal also entered the Limca Book of Records for producing the largest ice-cream sundae. It has further included local flavours (kaju drakhsh, kesar pista, kaju anjir, rajbhog, etc) which has seen its consumer base expanding.

Gandhi further elaborates on how Vadilal is working on different platforms to penetrate target audience and market its products.

He says: “From our experience, we have noticed a change in consumer behaviour. It is more feasible to have a dedicated online marketing campaign as almost everyone today is on the internet. This strategy is not only effective in targeting customers, but it is also cost effective with the serving consumers and trade better with delivering the best quality products with the brand innovation from time to time.

Besides, we are able to be in touch with our consumers in much efficient way. Unlike one way communication, with social media, even our customers can communicate with us and that is helping us understand their demand more precisely.”

Vadilal is constantly rebranding itself according to Gandhi. Vadilal has active contact spots with consumers including ice cream outlets — Vadilal Scoop Shops, Vadilal Hangouts, Kiosks and Happinezz Parlours and ‘Vadilal on Wheels’.

Gandhi adds: “Vadilal has taken a leap from mid premium market brand to premium category brand with the introduction of new flavours and range. We have also introduced various price touch points to serve our consumers better. We have successfully launched new products in the premium category, which now has higher contribution in overall sales.”

“New age media campaigns including social media, print and electronic media and outdoor advertisements has helped us keep up with ever changing dynamics of the industry and we regularly work on our branding strategies to always stay on top of the game.”

There were rumours about Vadilal promoters selling the brand, to which Gandhi says: “there is no such plan.”

One of The Drum’s biggest and most prestigious events, The Drum Marketing Awards celebrate the very best marketers and campaigns from across the globe. The awards are open to brands, advertising agen…

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Branding Yourself For Non-Stop Growth, with Dan Schawbel

If you saw an opening and a need in the marketplace would you be willing to work 100 hours a week to fill it and create a name for yourself in that gap? That’s exactly what our guest for episode 66 has been doing and it has paid off!

Dan Schawbel is THE go-to expert on personal branding; he’s been named Top 30 Under 30 by Inc. Magazine and Forbes (on Forbes‘ Marketing and Advertising list) and he’s a New York Times best-selling author.

He’s done so by concentrating on Generation Y, also known as the Millennials. When he started down this path no one else was talking about the Millennials in the workplace: what their expectations are, how to work with them and make the most of their assets in the workforce.

He was savvy enough to see the need for a voice on this subject. He created a long-term plan to be that voice and make himself a major player in the process.

Dan shared much of this with me when I met him recently at a BBQ at Ramit Sethi’s and the more he told me, the more I knew he’d be a terrific guest to have on this show. People often ask me about personal branding and it’s something we cover on many these episodes so it makes Dan a great fit!

In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • How I define personal branding.
  • What article changed everything for Dan?
  • Branding by association: what is it and can you use it?
  • The three main reasons Millenials are choosing entrepreneurship.
  • The Rule of One: what it is and how it applies to your business.
  • How visibility multiplies: Dan shares a real-life example.
  • Much, much more!

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  • , Dan’s latest book
  • , Dan’s first book
  • Tropical Think Tank (Tickets on sale now!)

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When Dan got started in the field of personal branding for Millennials he threw himself into it wholeheartedly. He wrote 10-12 blog posts a week, started a magazine called Personal Branding magazine, created the Personal Branding Awards and Personal Brand TV. He carved out his niche and made sure he did everything he could to project himself as a leader.

From there he worked tirelessly in his efforts to stay at the forefront of the personal branding niche; he leveraged his connections to spread the word and the clout of his brand. He did what he calls “branding by association”: he interviewed Donald Trump and Jack Welch for his Personal Branding magazine. As a result, when people saw his name attached to theirs they automatically gave him a new level of authority and respect. The weight of their names gave more to his.

That’s just one of the tips Dan gives us on today’s show. We also talk about how to get on national media outlets, something he has done over and over again. He says editors and producers in today’s media already have an agenda, they know what topics they’re going to cover and they find their guests by using Google.

So your best bet, instead of sending endless emails and phone calls, is to position yourself at the top on Google. Figure out the best keywords for your industry, your niche and the subjects you are best at and then find ways to get your web site to the top of the search engine rankings. Then when those editors and producers are online searching for experts in the niches they want to cover in upcoming segments, they can find you. It’s a lot easier to land a gig on a show like Today or CNN when the producers ask you, not the other way around.

A great way to build your online presence and increase your position in search engine rankings is to write content. But not just any content to release on any old web site. If you really want to add some firepower, offer to write articles for various online publications with your byline attached. Dan gives us a real-life example of how he started with the web site and worked his way up to the Wall Street Journal.

Dan also gives us real-life examples of importance of connections and relationship-building. There’s so much in the way of insights and valuable suggestions he gives away in this interview, be sure to have a listen and then take action. All of what he shared here today made him such a great guest, please join me in thanking him for being here. Thank you too and we’ll see you next time!

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What are you doing next to increase the recognition of your personal brand?  I want to hear from you in the comments below!

4 Tips for Developing Strong Corporate Branding

Cultivating a strong corporate branding should be every organization’s goal. After all, doing so can bring in a lot of opportunities – from more leads and significant sales, to prestigious marketing partnerships.

Below are some tips for nurturing a company’s brand, and making it stand out from the competition.

Think in the long-term.The people behind the company’s marketing efforts must understand that a good brand is supposed to stand the test of time. This kind of thinking, which looks at the long-term, would push them more towards timeless elements – a solid color scheme and font combination, a classic logo, long-term industry partnerships, and lasting marketing messages built around long-term business goals, instead of passing design trends and marketing gimmicks.

Be original. A strong brand is deeply rooted in an understanding of what makes the company different from the rest. The brand identity and the marketing campaigns built around it should then be very original: based not on what has worked for the big brands, but on what the organization truly believes it can offer its target market.

Train all the employees what the company branding is about. Promoting the brand is not just the duty of the marketing officers and brand ambassadors, but of every member of the entire organization – from the CEO to the rank and file employees. This means that everyone should undergo a comprehensive training on what the company’s brand is about, and what it means in terms of corporate communications, design templates, marketing videos, among other factors. All employees need to understand what inspired it and what can be achieved through it, to be able to appreciate the importance of committing to it. Said training should also feature presentations on the required layouts and color palettes when using the company logo or tagline, the correct tone and diction when addressing customers, and the parameters for selecting potential partners, or spaces for marketing. There should be a written document outlining all these standards, and it must be accessible to everyone.

Regularly conduct a brand audit. It is good to conduct this on a regular basis, to know whether the branding continues to be effective in conveying the company’s essence. The audit should likewise be able to show whether the branding has a good recall among the members of the target market, and whether it is observed on the organization’s various marketing platforms.How are people responding to the brand? What are its strengths and weaknesses? An audit would be able to show if a rebrand is needed. It is, indeed, a possibility that what the company aims to achieve or offer its customers has changed:a business may realize that it wants to expand its target market, focus on a niche segment, or even decide to limit its product offerings, based on the customer reception.

This work by is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International


Why Personal and Corporate Branding Are Critical for Entrepreneurs

By Fabrizio Moreira, CEO at The Moreira Organization, LLC.

When you wake up in the morning, who are you? If you answer anyone other than your given name, you might need a psychiatrist. Kidding…kind of.

But, in all seriousness, entrepreneurs need to pay careful attention to who and what we are as we go through our daily life. Branding is everything — both personal and corporate. When you meet with a new potential client or strategic partner, both of these reputations precede you.

Your corporate and personal brands communicate authenticity and value. If you let one of these brands fall down, you’re making the path ahead that much rougher. For example: 

If someone uses your restroom and realizes there isn’t toilet paper on the roll, the light bulb is burnt out and the toilet doesn’t flush, do they want to hear about how sorry you are? No. They want you to get them a roll of toilet paper, fix the light and get the toilet working again.

This analogy is something I share with members of my team when they come up short. Driven entrepreneurs focus on solving the problem, instead of talking about how sorry they are. If you can quickly jump from problem to solution, your brand will benefit from your customer’s faith in your ability to deliver — even if it isn’t perfectly executed.

If you find a way to execute every plan perfectly, let me know. Mistakes happen. Communicate and fix it.

Here’s how you can master your personal and corporate branding in a way that generates positive impressions and opens new doors so that you can achieve your true potential.

Communicate Benefits and Values in a Relatable Way

A brand is just a fancy word for a reputation. And how do you earn a reputation? You earn it by helping people. Whether you’re chasing wealth or votes, you need to communicate how your work can help the people you want to attract. Then you need to deliver on those promises.

Step back from just hawking a product. Dig in and look for all of the ways that your product or service will help your target audience. Literally create a list of five different ways you can help your target audience.

Luxury brands tend to dive into selling a lifestyle or an experience. Commodity brands love to compare themselves to the competition on price, quality or availability. And artists do an incredible job of communicating a passion and passing that feeling onto their audience.

Pursue Feedback With Intensity

Now that you have your five items, go and interact with your audience. Gauge what they care about most on the list. It’s virtually impossible to guess what will be most important to the people you want to sell to. The feedback, as you hone your message and craft your brand, is invaluable.

I love providing free samples, sneak-peeks at new offerings or special discounts to clients who are willing to give me their feedback at every stage of the relationship. The feedback keeps my company on course to achieve all of our revenue goals.

Evolve With Your Clients

This one’s really important. Even after all of the research and valuable feedback from clients, you need to keep hustling. Get more information, learn about how your audience is changing with time. Answer these five questions:

  1. Is my customer base experiencing financial success or personal setbacks?
  2. Do my customers understand and appreciate the values of my brand?
  3. Are they more connected to my corporate or personal brand?
  4. What products or services do my customers need that I am not currently offering them?
  5. How can you personalize your brand to the individual customer?

If your goal is to provide a narrowly focused set of services without growing outside of that category in the future, your corporate brand is more important than anything else. But, if you want to unlock a world of entrepreneurial opportunities (think of Sir Richard Branson), you have to pay attention to how consumers feel about both your personal and corporate brand.

By staying closely in touch with your customer base, you’ll get real feedback on how your efforts are helping or hurting your personal brand. Join me on the journey to financial freedom by establishing your own brand, aggressively communicating with your client base and acting on feedback to create a brand that customers can trust.


Offshore Drilling Rigs Market Players Adopt Branding Strategies to Emerge as a Stronger Player in 2017


Offshore Drilling Rigs Market Players Adopt Branding Strategies to Emerge as a Stronger Player in 2017

Radiant Insight Announce Addition of New Report “Global Offshore Drilling Rigs Market Professional Survey Report 2017”

The goal of this report is to characterize, portray, and estimate the market on the premise of sort, application, therapeutic condition, and area. It gives point-by-point data with respect to the main considerations influencing the development of the market. This report likewise tracks and examines aggressive improvements of the key players regarding market advancements, item portfolios, and financials

This report studies Offshore Drilling Rigs in Global market, especially in North America, China, Europe, Southeast Asia, Japan and India, with production, revenue, consumption, import and export in these regions, from 2012 to 2016, and forecast to 2022

This report focuses on top manufacturers in global market, with production, price, revenue and market share for each manufacturer, covering

    China Oilfield Services Limited.

    Diamond Offshore Drilling

On the basis of product, this report displays the production, revenue, price, market share and growth rate of each type, primarily split into

By Application, the market can be split into

By Regions, this report covers (we can add the regions/countries as you want)

This report is a total investigation of ebb and flow inclines in the market, business development drivers, and restrictions. It gives showcase projections to the coming years. It incorporates investigation of late advancements in innovation, Doorman’s five power demonstrate examination and point by point profiles of best industry players. The report additionally incorporates a survey of miniaturized scale and large-scale factors fundamental for the current market players and new participants alongside nitty gritty esteem chain examination

Radiant Insights is a market research and consulting company offering syndicated research studies, customized reports, and consulting services. Our market research studies are designed to facilitate strategic decision making, on the basis of extensive and in-depth quantitative information, supported by extensive analysis and industry insights. Using a patented and robust research methodology, we publish exhaustive research reports covering a host of industries such as Technology, Chemicals, Materials, and Energy. Radiant Insights has a strong base of analysts, consultants and domain experts, with global experience helping us deliver excellence in all research projects we undertake

Corporate Sales Specialist, USA

201 Spear Street 1100, Suite 3036, San Francisco, CA 94105, United States

Toll Free: 1-888-928-9744



Offshore Drilling Rigs MarketOffshore Drilling RigsDrilling Riggs

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How to Spot Generic Plays in Employer Branding Strategies and Opportunities to Be Different

Spotting generic plays in employer branding strategies and opportunities to be different involves identifying common patterns of communication — words, phrases, and images that crop up with noticeable frequency across your competitive set. Patterns tend to be particularly obvious within industries where companies often reach the same “route one” conclusions about what will attract target …

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Online Courses in Marketing, Branding, Brand Management #marketing #course #online, #online #marketing #course #courses



Online Marketing Courses

Online marketing courses can prepare you for a fast-paced career in the world of advertising, marketing strategy, and promotions. Read more about the skills you can learn in marketing courses and what this career entails.

Online marketing courses aim to prepare students for the world of marketing and brand management. Students in these programs typically study a wide range of topics related to this industry. Core marketing skills, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), include:

  • Tracking sales and marketing trends
  • Designing methods through which meaningful marketing data can be collected
  • Analyzing data points to measure effectiveness of marketing programs

Students interested in this field can choose from a range of educational options like earning an internet marketing certificate online, or pursuing an associate or bachelor’s degree.

What Skills Do Students Learn in Marketing Courses?

Students pursuing an online marketing course typically encounter a curriculum focused on the basic components of a successful marketing campaign. For example, why consumers behave the way they do and how an effective marketing campaign might influence their decisions.

A breakdown of an introductory marketing course from Coursera and University of Pennsylvania provides a three-module syllabus:

  • Branding. Three weeks focused on marketing strategy, branding and brand communications
  • Customer Centricity. Weeks 4-6 cover the integration of customer service into marketing strategy.
  • Go-to Marketing Strategies. Weeks 7-9 cover strategies for online and offline customer interactions as well as methods of exerting influence and social advertising.

A similar syllabus from an online marketing degree program at Franklin University mentions major elective courses in internet marketing, e-commerce, global marketing and public relations in addition to various other related subjects.

According to the BLS, professionals in marketing also need analytical skills, critical thinking skills and the ability to make important decisions. Marketing typically requires a certain level of creativity and organization as well as the ability to work with a wide range of personalities, the BLS states. Marketing courses aim to provide students with the opportunity to hone these skills and put them to use in a professional environment.

How Do Marketing Skills Apply to the Real World?

O*NET Online’s breakdown of work activities for marketing specialists lists the following work activities as important:

  • Data analysis of consumer trends, industry trends and market trends
  • Collecting information from relevant sources
  • Interpreting data to discern its meaning for others
  • Working with computers and computer systems

These skills could conceivably be applied to other industries like public relations or sales.

“13-1161.00 – Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists,” O*NET Online, July 14, 2014,

“Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Managers,” U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, July 14, 2014,

“An Introduction to Marketing,” Coursera, July 14, 2014,

“Marketing Major Area Course Description,” Franklin University, July 14, 2014,

“Online Marketing Certificate Programs: Marketing Strategy,” eCornell, July 14, 2014,

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