Super Channel unveils new corporate branding and new channel logos

Super Channel is pleased to reveal its new corporate branding and channel logos, which will go live across all Super Channel platforms on .  As previously announced, Super Channel 1 (SC1) and Super Channel 2 (SC2) will become Super Channel Fuse and Super Channel Heart & Home. These will join existing channels, Super Channel Vault and GINX Esports TV Canada, to form a newly branded suite of channels, under the Super Channel Entertainment Network flagship brand.

Viewers across the nation will be given an all-access pass to experience all that the new Super Channel Entertainment Network has to offer with a free preview from June 15 – July 2 with participating television providers across the country. In addition, potential subscribers can sample Super Channel programming via Super Channel On Demand with participating TV providers for the duration of the freeview.

“We couldn’t be more excited to be giving viewers across the country a chance to sample what the newly rebranded Super Channel has to offer,” said Don McDonald, President and CEO. “We are certain they will find our diverse network of channels provides unrivalled entertainment value, with exclusive, uncut series, movies, concerts and sports on Super Channel Fuse, heartwarming, wholesome and feel-good programming on Super Channel Heart & Home, fan favourite films on Super Channel Vault and all things eSports on GINX Esports TV Canada.”

To view the newly branded Super Channel trailer, click here<7e1942e0d68b>.

The new corporate brand identity and channel logos were designed by Super Channel’s in-house creative team, led by Creative Director, Michael Burgess. The new on-air design and channel logos will be teased out to current subscribers over the next two weeks with a series of on-air promo spots, as well as externally across social media platforms, leading into the full rebrand launch on .  Super Channel’s website will be updated to reflect the rebranded channels, with new social media feeds created specifically for Super Channel Heart & Home.

“The challenge for our small but talented in-house design team, was to create a fresher, more modern, and more uniform brand across all platforms, including on-air, web, on demand, social media, and affiliate and consumer marketing. The final corporate identity is a simple 16×9 format split into four quadrants that reflects our four diverse channels. The addition of the ‘Entertainment Network’ byline reiterates that we are a four-channel network,” said Michael Burgess, Creative Director. “We had some fun with the channel identities, creating designs that reference the corporate brand with the consistent use of orange, while maintaining some commonality between individual channels through font and style treatment. Subtle elements were used within the logos to allow the personalities of the individual channels to be expressed.”

Free Preview Programming Highlights (all programming subject to change, all times ET, please visit <> for local broadcast times):

Super Channel Fuse (SC Fuse): A dynamic fusion of premium programming including exclusive series, movies, documentaries, sports, stand-up comedy and concerts. All uncut and commercial free.

*   American Gods season one – premieres
*   Deep State – new episodes continue Sundays at
*   Pearl Jam: Let’s Play Two –  premieres (Super Channel Concert Series)
*   World Boxing Super Series – Super Middleweight final Groves vs Smith – from Manchester Arena (time tba)
Additional SC Fuse programming available via on Demand includes current Super Channel exclusive series such as Homeland season seven, Berlin Station seasons one and two, Mr. Mercedes, The Oath, Get Shorty, Harlots, ICE, and Canadian series What Would Sal Do? and Forgive Me.

Super Channel Heart & Home (SC H&H):  Feel-good entertainment featuring heartwarming and wholesome series and movies, for everyone in your home. TV you can trust, with shows you’ll love.

*   Cedar Cove season one (Hallmark original series) – Sundays at (premieres )
*   An Uncommon Grace (Hallmark original movie) – (Canadian premiere)
*   A Shine of Rainbows (movie) – premieres
*   Nearlyweds (Hallmark original movie) – premieres
*   The Ultimate Gift (movie) – (Canadian premiere)
Additional heartwarming movies available during the freeview period include Autumn Stables (Hallmark original), Very Very Valentine, How to Train Your Husband, High Rise Rescue and Love at First Bark. SC H&H will be anchored by top performing Hallmark series When Calls the Heart and Chesapeake Shores (coming later this Summer) and will include seasonal and holiday programming, as well as weekly movie premieres, all based on the channel’s key themes of romance, home and community.

Super Channel Vault (SC Vault):  A hand-picked collection of fan favourites and critically acclaimed movies, spanning a variety of genres and decades.

*   New titles premiering this month include Awakenings, Go, Lawrence of Arabia, U Turn, Rudy, Gattaca and Pineapple Express
*   Stephen King Day –  beginning at – Stand By Me, Carrie, Misery, The Green Mile, The Shawshank Redemption, The Shining, Apt Pupil, Christine
*   Father’s Day – beginning at – Mr. Mom, Due Date, Big Daddy, Stripes, 48 Hrs., King Pin, The Longest Yard, Hot Tub Time Machine, Hall Pass, Road House

GINX Esports TV Canada (launched May 2017): The definitive source for Canadian esports enthusiasts, featuring live tournaments, news and gaming lifestyle programming from around the world.

Super Channel On Demand: Entertainment at your fingertips. Unlimited access to Super Channel’s programming, included free with your subscription.

Corporate Branding: Use Custom Framing & Art to Tell Your Story

Hanging in our office, is a quote by Frank Lloyd Wright: “Whether people are fully conscious of this or not, they actually derive countenance and sustenance from the ‘atmosphere’ of things they live in and with.”

This philosophy drives the corporate culture at Coyle Studios. Each employee has a unique sense of humor, style, motivation, etc. Our company is made up of our collective uniqueness and is reflected throughout the studio on our walls. When we work with corporate clients on custom framing projects, we ask them about their corporate culture and frequently take a tour of their space.


Because it’s easy to slap a 2” white mat and a thin black frame on a piece of art and say, “Done. Put a nail in the wall.” It’s harder to evaluate your art, your space, and your brand to come to a creative framing solution.

Think about last year’s . When you walk into Planit, there is no mistaking their corporate culture. On their walls, you’ll see their branded colors, quotes, funky art, and things that inspire them. It is a modern, open environment that makes you envision collaboration, innovation, and creativity. (They also have some of the we’ve seen in a while).  

An office should reflect the company that inhabits it. If your space does not effectively convey you or your company to others, you can easily improve that by making a change in your art. Here are a few tips:

Think about your story and values.

Choose art that is meaningful and expresses your values. We had a client that wanted their walls to tell the history of their company. They were a non-profit that handled corneal tissue donations to help reverse corneal blindness, and they had albums of newspaper articles, donor photos, and letters throughout their 50+ years of business. The marketing team wanted the most compelling articles framed for their lobby, pictorial donor photos framed for their conference room, and recipient photos framed for their hallway. Their walls told their story in a way that words could not – you could see the impactful work they accomplished. Visitors were inspired to help. A floral canvas print from a box store would never have the same effect.

Embrace your accomplishments.

Diplomas, awards, articles about a company or employee – these are all strong additions to your walls. We’ve seen clients frame promotional items, successful campaigns, or group photos from an annual sales event. Framing an object with significance (i.e. a hammer, wooden spoon, gavel, stethoscope, presidential pen or conductor’s baton) will speak volumes. It is important to include employee and company achievements to not only impress clients, but to help employees feel valued and part of the team.

Can’t find what you want? Go custom.

Don’t settle for something because you feel you need to fill a space. One client wanted to surround himself with iconic images from the two places he’s lived – Maryland and Canada. He chose a few original Coyle fine art Maryland photographs and an aerial of Toronto to be framed for his office. Another client commissioned a local Baltimore artist to create a series of prints of one of their downtown locations to be framed for their corporate offices in Annapolis. If you want a piece of art that doesn’t exist, create it.

Be better than the black frame.

Most people choose a thin, black frame because they perceive it to be inexpensive and safe. While it is a safe option, it is not always the most cost effective option. There are so many cool frames out there for the same or even better price point as a black frame. We’ve seen clients embrace champagne, silver, weathered metal, color, and rustic wood frames for their corporate art because it works better in their space or accurately reflects their style. If you choose a black frame, choose it because it works – not because you’re afraid.

Think about alternative options.

Not everything needs to be framed. Yes, the framer is telling you this. One of our clients wanted to have original Baltimore fine art photos in their lobby, but they didn’t want it framed. They wanted , and the end result is phenomenal. Metal prints are a lightweight alternative framing solution that can work in even the most traditional office. If metal isn’t your thing, there are print options on wood, acrylic, and bamboo. We’ve worked on projects for clients who have loved these unique display options and enjoy having multiple choices.

Choosing art for an office doesn’t have to be hard or generic. is more than following a style guide in graphics or choosing the right photos for your social pages. Branding should extend to all of the spaces a company inhabits – physically and digitally. Take your offices to the next level, and surround yourself with pieces that inspire you and reflect your corporate culture.

Coyle Studios is a proud AMA Baltimore sponsor. To learn more about Coyle Studios, visit their . Photo credit: Coyle Studios.


467: The Basics to Branding Yourself and How to Grow Large International Teams by Dallas Baldri

People don’t have success because they want to do it their way. Dallas Baldri shows us that if you brand yourself as the best person you can be, people will join you no matter what you’re doing. Also, plug in and follow the type of leader that you can associate yourself with.

Who is Dallas Baldri?

Dallas Baldri is a top MLM leader who has built huge teams across North America, Latin America and Asia.

Prior to network marketing, Dallas has a law degree, an MBA and was a successful financial advisor. He and his wife are known as the HD Couple. Their focus is to help people around the world live their lives in High Definition.

This is the second time Dallas has been on MLM Nation. You can check out his previous episode on Episode 163.

Favorite Quote

“Successful people use obstacles as motivation, average people use them as excuses”

Must Read Book

The 10x Rule by Grant Cardone
Be Obsessed or Be Average by Grant Cardone

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What Did You Learn?

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CORPORATE BRANDING: An Epitome For Online Business

A brand remains at the cusp of satisfying wants and turns into a focal piece of lives when it finishes the transformative hover of getting to be significant. A brand is conceived when you have a convincing suggestion, the want to cross over any barrier in the market and the capacity to give your fantasies the desired push.

Graphing the development procedure of a brand is essential when you have a dream that does not know any cutoff points. Corporate branding is an entirety of making a special character that is associable over demography’s and encouraging correspondence crosswise over various media resources for brand synergy. Branding passes on the message in simples words and makes it worth recallable. Each brand needs to live up the principles of brilliance so as to break the messiness. With the natural quality of your brand and our corporate branding solutions, your brand can easily differentiate itself.

Branding Is Essential To A Successful Brand

Branding is just one part of a successful brand but it is an “oh so important one”. Think about your favorite brands and what it is that you love about them. It could be anything from the way they package their products to the weekly newsletters you receive from them to the way you feel when you enter their shop. This is all branding. Without branding, none of these feelings would be conceivable.

Branding Sets You Apart From Your Competitors

As an inventive entrepreneur, it’s likely that you are working in a saturated industry. Whether its wedding photography, wedding planning or interior design. There’s no doubt that there are many competitors out there. So how do you stand out? Well one of the ways is through your branding.

Don’t follow the crowd and use pink in your branding because that’s what everyone else is doing. Or maybe you’re seeing calligraphic logos everywhere and think that’s what you should do too. Think about what makes you different from others in your industry and use that to create a brand that speaks to your ideal client.

Branding Makes Your Business Memorable

Cohesive branding will ensure your business is memorable. You want to ensure that your branding is reliable ideal no matter how you look at it from your website to your business cards to your social media profiles to your brochure.

Branding Done Right Attracts Your Ideal Client

Well thought out and well designed branding will catch the eye of the types of users you want to attract. Think about some well known brands, take McDonalds for example. McDonalds branding is brightly colored and fun and they are known for a quick, cheap bite to eat. Now think of your favorite restaurant. Perhaps the branding there is more sophisticated and refined. It’s somewhere you go when you want to relax, have a good time and experience good service.

Branding Is Your Client’s First Impression

The same goes for your branding. It needs to be designed in a way that resonates with your ideal client. Your brand consists not only of branding but also of messaging and customer perception. Your brand is your business. You need to make sure that your brand speaks to your ideal client and before you can do this, you need to know who your ideal client is. This is why I go through an intensive brand strategy session with all my clients before we get started on the visuals of their branding. Without knowing your business goals and your target audience, it’s impossible to create a successful brand

Website Drona’s corporate branding solutions BUILD A UNIQUE IDENTITY FOR YOUR BRAND with the goal that you can appreciate a superior edge over the opposition.

Interested in working with us?

Don’t be shy, say hello!

Contact Us Today!

Mail us on-

Author Bio:

Website Drona – A leading Responsive Website Design Company based in New Delhi, India. Offer affordable E-Commerce Website design & online marketing solutions for your online business.

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Surviving Today’s Candidate-Driven Market: The 3 Most Critical Employment Branding Strategies

An extremely favorable candidate job market means companies must adapt, or risk talent acquisition failure.

The candidate-driven job market has officially reached all hiring levels. From highly specialized senior managers to more junior level generalists, employees of varying degrees all have one thing in common: They are increasingly holding the cards when it comes to their career options.

Statistically speaking, the numbers are telling a hard knock story for employers: Adapt or fail. Globally, the unemployment rate is expected to increase slightly, from 5.7 percent to 5.8 percent, a nominal percentage point increase but with implications for nearly three million people and mostly attributable to the availability of workers and the slower pace at which jobs are being created (International Labour Organization). In the states, however, near two-decade-low numbers in unemployment have talent of all levels opting for career opportunities of their choosing – and on their terms. This is leaving companies in a brutally competitive marketplace, and in an arms race to attract candidates.

To combat this reality, as an employer in today’s candidate-driven job market, you must abide by the three golden principles of employment branding. To ‘post and pray,’ as they say, is no longer a viable option; the candidate attraction lifecycle begins long before someone actually completes an application or considers working for your company.

The 3 Golden Principles to Employment Branding

1. Golden Principle No.1: Develop a sense of BELONGING.

The decision to make a job change is a big move; it’s life changing. Which is why successful recruiting starts long before someone considers changing jobs. All of the touchpoints that demonstrate who your company is and what you do should be authentic and consistent. Single-handedly, these two qualities in employment branding today – authenticity and consistency – will help your messaging resonate with someone who then considers you as a potential future employer.

In traditional marketing we refer to this as the “zero moment of truth.” The world is hyperconnected and anyone and any company can easily be found. If you don’t have a line of communication going – a constant drip feed of information about your company brand and the people who work for it – job seekers, and people who don’t even know they’re job seeking yet, won’t subconsciously be considering you as their next employer and this is where you will lose out to the companies who are.

Consumer brands struggle with this the most. They may have a great product following, but are they advertising their employer brand? In 2018, it’s paramount to outwardly be sharing your employee experience – and if you don’t, you will miss hiring targets for every level of position.

Share your company story. This means promotions, new hires, pictures from around the office, company awards and reviews – all of the “stuff” that show the real people behind the brand and what it means to work for it.

2. Golden Principle No.2: AUTHENTICITY; live the brand.

The experience of working for your company cannot be a lip service; if there is dissonance between what a candidate hears while learning about an organization and what it’s really like to work there, they will lose interest in becoming an employee.

Hiring managers, current employees and recruiters are all the physical manifestation of the brand that is being advertised to candidates. The brand belongs to everyone and it is up to the entire organization to create and contribute to a culture that exemplifies the employer value proposition. If recruiters, interviewers, hiring managers – everyone and anyone – don’t know how to speak to your employment brand, or worse, if they don’t believe in it, candidates will know, and feel, the disconnect. The key is not only to have accurate and attractive brand discussions, but to also make sure these narratives are consistent across the various interviewing streams, and with the people telling the story.

Create employment branding activities and use these as interactive training sessions that allow staff to feel a sense of involvement. Don’t be afraid to admit if your company doesn’t have a clear, compelling and accurate employment brand; your employees are your best resource and they should be part of creating your employer value proposition – include them!

3. Golden Principle No.3: Engage your audience through IMMERSION.

The recruiting cycle, much like any buying process cycle, requires anywhere from 7–10 touchpoints before someone completes an action. In the instance of recruiting, the desired action is often the completion of an application. In marketing, we refer to these repeated efforts as the “Rule of Seven,” which aligns closely with the idea that it takes seeing a message several times before remembering it.

Candidates today do quite a bit of research before making a decision to apply to a job. Companies need to invest the time in this accessibility and resonance to be remembered and considered, let alone sought after as a possible employer brand of choice. Social media, by far, is the most valuable and effective medium, but localized events and traditional email campaigns are also part of the engagement ecosystem.

Think as an applicant first and an employer second; always design your candidate engagement lifecycle assuming the most difficult to attract profile and imbed several touchpoints into the process.

The hiring market has changed. Long before your candidate pipeline has qualified applicants in it, you are introducing them to your company through your employment branding efforts. In essence, you’re lending them a view into what the experience would be like if they were to work there. Make sure that what you’re showing them is real, worthy of their attention and skill set, and desirable. Ensure your intake and interviewing process is well-manicured and turn potential lost candidates into your company’s new hires.

Urethral Dilator Market Product Strategies and Branding Strategies Analysis 2018

The Urethral Dilator Market analysis of market situations, growth drivers, key players etc. is provided for global and regional market. The Urethral Dilator market report provides this market data from 2013 to 2025. This analysis will help established and new companies as well to understand the market dynamics and plan business strategies accordingly. Regional landscape includesNorth America, Europe, China, Japan, Southeast Asia, India 

Also, for product strategies report helps with detailed analysis of Consumer Needs, Technology Progress, Economic and Political Environmental Changes. Manufacturing cost structure of the Urethral Dilator is analyzed with Manufacturing Cost, Raw Materials cost, Labour Cost etc. which will help buyer for deep understand current status of the Urethral Dilator market.

Ask for a sample PDF of report @ 

The Urethral Dilator market report includes in-depth profiles of following key players in the market like Cook Medical, Medline Industries, Inc., Bard Medical, Boston Scientific

Hydraulic Urethra Dilator, Other are the types considered as main product types in the Urethral Dilator market and these types are analyzed for their production, revenue, price, Export, Import, price trends etc.

Hospitals, Clinics, Ambulatory Surgical Center are considered as main applications and are analyzed for their consumption (sales), market share and growth rate etc.

We even do customized reports for our customers; we can add the list of manufacturers or application type or product types that you need in the report. Ask for it @ 

In the end, the Urethral Dilator market report presents forecast till 2025 on production, revenue, price, Export, Import, price trends, consumption (sales), market share and growth rate for each region and global (as the whole), by each product type, for each application etc. This analysis and forecast have been carefully done by the industry experts with deep knowledge, experience, and awareness of the Urethral Dilator industry using both primary and secondary sources. Additionally, this analysis is thoroughly cross verified with most up-to-date methods available today.

Purchase report at $ 2900 (Single User Licence) @ 

In short, in this report, the global Urethral Dilator market is valued at USD XX million in 2018 and is expected to reach USD XX million by the end of 2025, growing at a CAGR of XX% between 2018 and 2025.

5 essential concepts in corporate branding

Thought Leadership on Executive Recruiting by Search Consultants. If corporate branding is about one thing, it’s about building an authentic relationship with your consumer base. Consumers want to interact with a real company, one with values that aren’t just colourful catch-phrases visible only on the company’s website. Let these values inform your approach to doing business, and your consumers will take note. In doing so, you’ll be able to build the trust and reputation necessary to sustain and grow your brand. No matter where you are in the brand building process (which is never finished, as you’ll see below) keep the following corporate branding concepts in the front of your mind. Providing a solution In a world where every brand stakes a claim as an industry leader, how do you distance yourself from the pack? Instead of asserting claims that have no real meaning if everyone is making them, focus on how you can best provide a solution to your base. Learn what the needs of your base are and develop a strategy that will enable you to fulfil these needs. Shift your focus from your competitors to your base. This alone will demonstrate how your brand differentiates itself, and where your priorities lie. Interaction Consumers want to know that you care about their experience with your brand. The way to demonstrate this is through proactive interactions with your consumer base, both in the real world and the virtual world. Social media platforms have given companies a wealth of opportunities to engage their base in meaningful dialogue with no limit to participation. Match your online engagement with an equal effort in real-world interaction. Going the extra mile in personal interactions with your customers is one of the best things you can do to build lasting relationships that create brand loyalty. Practising what you preach All companies create an image of core values and beliefs that inform their actions. But if you don’t demonstrate to your base that you live by these values, consumers will easily see through the facade. If you’re an energy efficiency consultant, for example, make sure customers know that you’re not just selling energy efficiency, you’re living by it. You might think this is understood, but the reality is that you need to demonstrate this to your base in every facet of your operations. From simple tag-lines on emails advising recipients not to print this email unless it’s necessary, to environmentally-friendly packaging, show your base that you practice what you preach at every available opportunity. Consistency in experience The previous point leads well into this next essential branding concept: consistency in experience. Consumers want to know that regardless of platform or venue, the level of engagement they receive from your brand is the same as what they’ve come to expect from previous interactions. Consistency is the concept that will take your brand to the next level. You win a customer by providing them with a solution and engaging with them in a meaningful and positive way. You retain this customer by showing them that they can expect the same treatment no matter where they interact with your brand. Evolution A brand that has staying power is a brand that knows it needs to evolve alongside an ever-changing market. The wants and needs of your base are not static. It’s your job to re-evaluate your brand at strategic intervals and determine what changes need to be made. This is a delicate balancing act. You don’t want to alienate your existing base, but at the same time you do want to attract new customers by staying relevant. The key is to remember that no matter where the market goes, your brand’s reputation will still depend on the actions you’ve taken to get it to this point. Keep the previous four essential branding concepts in mind, and evolution will follow naturally.


5 Small Business Branding Guidelines = Big Opportunity

Many small businesses believe branding is only for BIG companies with BIG budgets.

They’re missing a huge opportunity. Small business branding is a super power; it enables your firm to appear more strategic and larger than it is.

In the rush to open for business don’t skip branding. Instead, take the necessary time to develop your brand and it will reap benefits for your firm in the long run.

Small business branding: why you need it

Here are the 3 major reasons why small businesses must develop their brands.

Small business branding reason :  maximizes resources.

Branding defines what’s needed when you create the components of your business. It streamlines decision making across a wide range of small business elements including:

  • Marketing
  • Communications
  • Sales and customer service
  • Signage
  • Business or store interior
  • Social media
  • Content marketing
  • Employee dress code
  • Website
  • Stationary and signature files.

(Here’s a 21 Point Small Business Brand Checklist.)

Small business branding reason :  makes your business look professional,

Even if you’re a one person shop, having a unique branded look takes your presentation up a notch. Everything from your business cards to your email signatures should be consistent and polished supporting the quality image you want to present.

By being  consistent, your small firm has a bigger impact because every piece of content or impression reinforces your message. People learn who you are. For example, Content Marketing Institute and Likeable Media both use orange as their brand color.

Small business branding reason :  protects your business from being defined by your competitors and others.

Without a well defined brand, every piece of content and communications you issue can look different. As a result, your prospects, customers and fans don’t know who you are or what you stand for.

Even worse, your competitors can define your business in a less flattering light without you even being aware of it.

5 Small business branding guidelines

The biggest branding challenge most small businesses face is finding the time to define their brand and to develop a set of brand guidelines.

Here are 5 small business branding guidelines to help you think about your brand.

Small business branding guideline :  State your business mission.

Go beyond monetary objectives. What do you want your business to accomplish that’s bigger than the work of the people involved? How do you want your organization to make a difference? This is important for millennials.

A business branding mission is a statement of the principles that motivate your operations and tie it to the larger aspirations of your audience.

It’s important that you share this vision with the creatives that are responsible for the look and feel of your company’s logo and other visual (and audio) communications.

Small business branding guideline :  Define your audience.

It can include prospects, customers, influencers, employees, and others.

Create a marketing persona to better understand your audience. Verify the details by surveys and interviews. What are their likes and dislikes? How do they feel towards your business? This has a significant impact on how easy or hard it’ll be to persuade them to purchase from you.

Don’t just think about the answers to these questions. Write them down to review and share them with your creative resource people.

Small business branding guideline :  Study the competition.

Assess a wide range of competitors, online and offline. Include the top players in your category and shopping in general like Walmart, Amazon and eBay. Examine how they represent their brands across channels and platforms.

Put yourself in your prospects’ shoes when evaluating near substitutes. What tradeoffs will they make and for what reasons? For example, a consumer may take a book out of the library instead of buying a physical book or download.

Answer the question “Why should a customer buy from you and not your competitors?” If you’re stumped about how to respond, chances are so are your prospects.

Small business branding guideline :  Define key context where you’re most relevant.

By its very nature a small business can’t appeal to everyone. You need to find that sweet spot where you can build a community requiring your specialized expertise.

Before hiring a design shop, assess the elements you want to represent your business. They should have a deeper meaning for you and your audience since they’ll be core to your logo and other brand representations.

Not sure how to start? Then create a mood board to make the process more tactile. It provides insights into how you view your brand. Go through magazines and other content finding visual elements you like. What colors and shapes appeal to you and why?

Develop a brand and related logo that exemplifies the core essence of your business, appears professional, and resonates with your target customers. Keep it simple and easy-to-use.  Take into account your 360° brand.

  • Look and feel. What’s visitors’ first impression of your brand?
  • Typography / font style. Is it legible for your core audience? Consider the size and spacing of the lettering.
  • Color. How does your color palette set your business apart from your competitors? How does it render on different devices?
  • Mascot/visual cues. Who or what represents your brand? Do you have a mascot or do your employees wear specific types of clothing?
  • Voice. How does your brand sound? Are your communications informal? (Remember, they must sound like a real person!)
  • Stories. What’s your business history or background? How’s this reflected in your branding?
  • Platforms. Where does your brand appear? In terms of social media, this applies to the social networks where you are actively engaged.

Small business branding guideline : Choose your name and tagline with great care.

Your business name matters more than you might think. It is the handle that sets you apart and makes you findable and memorable.

Research the name you choose for your business to verify that:

  • It’s not a trademark owned by someone else.
  • It doesn’t translate into something bad in a major foreign language
  • It’s available to register as a domain name and use in social media

Your tagline is the shortest embodiment of your business’ mission; your reason for existing.

You can apply Chris Brogan’s 3-word approach to craft your tagline. Choose three words that have meaning for your business and connect you to your audience. Words that signify your choice of actions in pursuit of your business mission.

Small business branding guideline conclusion

Developed your own small business branding guidelines for incorporating your branding elements into your business communications. Then document why and how they’ve been created and how to use these elements.

Consistency is very important in small business branding but there must also be enough flexibility in the guidelines for creative inventiveness and fun.

While branding documentation may seem time consuming in the short term, it reduces questions and redundant effort each time a communication or piece of content is created.

Further, it insures consistent representation of your business, eliminating wasted creation and promotion cost.

Even better, your business appears professional and can look bigger than it actually is.

How did you develop your small business branding guidelines?

Happy Marketing,
Heidi Cohen

Heidi Cohen is the President of Riverside Marketing Strategies.
You can find Heidi on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Photo Credits:  CC zero

Note: This article was originally published on May 1, 2014. It has been extensively updated and revised.

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Just speaking, he discovered the exercise empowered his students in several manners. Writing practice is actually a practice for people who adore creating. Truthfully, I understand a number of indigenous English speakers who may use a miniature practice. Moreover, training creating some easy sentences. Performing exercise assessments is not satisfactory. Within this instance many folks are faltering, not due to their own Language capacity but thanks for their lousy IELTS capacity, or capacity to learn how you can react to concerns within the assessment. So as to completely understand the various kinds of endeavors within the IELTS writing assessment you must practice composing as many different kinds as possible. Obviously if you’re performing exercise writing assessments that you’ll need an expert to provide you with comments in your blunders and the manner to prevent them.

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Most Language students do not appear to like to achieve this with their classmates, but I’d state it has virtues. I suggest that along with composing in a foreign language, the pupil is frequently understanding the best way to compose a quick article for the very first time. Essay writing is a superior strategy to internalize the details which continues to be observed or read. You’ll find some easy tips for creating successful fundamental and compoundsentences. Writing a blooming educational paragraph is much the very same. Usually a kid’s composition assignment would contain a few paragraphs. You are required to rehearse writing composition plans. In the other essays one needs to be fairly attentive to create in the 3rd individual.

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Such essays, one has to try to be intimate and common. The issue may decide the principal or main issue of the article. Once it’s welldefined, the other elements of the article can be easily developed. Utilize this entire composition construction to earn a thorough outline for your own documents. Pick out the essay writing part, for example. See your composition as a variety of thoughts rather than the usual vast block of text that should be created. There are plenty of areas where you could assemble info to set within the essay papers. I’ve talked about these 3 documents at size on my site The types I’ve underlined feature more significantly within the essay writing section.

Convey equally to every course and study session.

Effective writing is needed for a lifetime – long success. You’ll undoubtedly have the capacity to develop your writing here. Writing is frightful for batch of studentsand men and women generally. After composing your writing tasks you need to attempt to get a person to read them and get some responses. It’s quite complicated and surely will need far more preparation compared to the former structure. For the time being, however, novices are going to discover the fundamental composition structure. Moreover, In inclusion, there are several general abilities required for the article structure. The writing document is far more demanding. Secondly, obviously, you need great English!

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The depressing part is the fact that the brilliant assortment of students don’t have any thought on how best to come up with an analytical composition. They could utilize this composition sort to carefully characterize the patient alongside the thoughts they have as they decide the proper treatment. It doesn’t should be in the official essay kind or ideal sentences. That isn’t merely about proofreading for mistakes, you might have issues with the manner you’re constructing your essays.