The Professional Student: Branding Yourself Through Social Media

One of the most important purposes of a college degree is to help you land a good job that will eventually lead to a fulfilling career. The time to start pursuing that career, however, is not after you graduate, but as soon as you start school. College students today have an additional challenge that students of the past did not: protecting their online reputation. Whether or not you know it, you have a personal brand and protecting your brand is just as important for you as it is for any corporate giant out there.

Here are some tips for cleaning up your online image so it doesn’t ruin your career before it even begins.

Clean House

  • Edit your social media profiles to present yourself as a more serious business person. This doesn’t mean you can’t post any personal photos, but you might want to post more photos of charity work or fundraising endeavors and ditch the bikini or keg stand photos.
  • Google yourself to check and see if anything negative comes up. If it does, that might negatively impact you in the eyes of potential employers or other influential people when they search for you.
  • View your profiles from the perspective of a future boss or recruiter. Ask yourself if you would hire or recruit yourself based on the image that is projected by your social media pages. If not, you know what changes you need to make.

Power Up Your Linkedin

LinkedIn is a platform designed for business networking. It’s where you most need to be visible if you want to build a career. At this stage of your life, you want to highlight your achievements or accomplishments rather than specific positions. This also includes any academic or charitable endeavors.

If you belong to a sorority or fraternity, you’ll also want to keep the focus on your achievements rather than listing the sorority or fraternity itself. LinkedIn is also a great place to network.

Here are some great ways to build up strong connections on LinkedIn

  • Create connections with people you admire or professionals in your industry
  • Join professional groups in your industry and take part in discussions. You can post articles or even blog to showcase your knowledge in a certain field
  • Write references for other colleagues
  • Interact with potential employers to help get yourself on their radar

Clean Up Facebook

While LinkedIn may be the first stop for recruiters and employers, they certainly don’t stop there. In fact, up to 70% of potential employers and recruiters will check your Facebook page before making any decisions about you.

No matter how great your GPA or other academic accomplishments are, what you post and what kinds of groups you belong to will tell recruiters as much, if not more about you than your CV ever could.

No matter how great your GPA or other academic accomplishments are, what you post and what kinds of groups you belong to will tell recruiters as much, if not more about you than your CV ever could.

Keep in mind that both recruiters and employers are making an investment in you. Colleges and universities want to turn out graduates who go on to have illustrious careers and bring prestige to their alma mater, not graduates who tarnish their good name with a long string of personal scandals.

Training new employees is also expensive, particularly when they have little to no job experience. You can get relevant experience by taking on a job while you’re in college. Therefore, both potential recruiters and employers are taking a risk on you.

Make sure you do everything you can to set their mind at ease that it is a good one.

Spend Your Free Time Wisely

These days, almost everything you do has the potential to be filmed or recorded and spread on social media. While anyone can have one bad night or make one critical mistake that can change the course of their lives, the truth is, the more time you spend doing something, the more likely you are to be memorialized for that thing.

If you spend most of your time helping others and behaving like a responsible, mature adult, there is a good chance this will be the reputation you will take with you. If you spend most of your time drinking, partying or being largely irresponsible, that is far more likely to end up landing you in hot water.

How you spend your time will also go a long way to determining just how much one giant mistake can cost you.

Back Up Good Reputation With Good Intentions

Just remember how companies have weathered incredible scandals thanks to a good, solid reputation prior to the scandal. Wells Fargo, Facebook, and Nike are only a few of the corporate giants to successfully weather massive scandals in recent history but are still going strong.


Because they built a solid reputation prior to the scandal that carried them through.

Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, and Enron are only a few examples of businesses and individuals that did not fare so well. No matter how well you scrub your online image, presenting a squeaky-clean image online is just simply not enough.

Your real-life behavior is what actually matters most. While you don’t want your online image to derail you, it is also important that your real-life behavior doesn’t either.

Staying Away From Trouble Is The Best Approach

There are always going to be aspects of your online reputation that you cannot control. Others can use social media to spread rumors, innuendos or outright lies about you and there isn’t always a whole lot you can do about it. In addition, there is not a lot you can do about pictures you didn’t know were taken or that were taken without your knowledge.

You can, however, do your best to not place yourself in compromising situations where those types of things can happen. And you can definitely prevent giving off the wrong impression on your own social media pages by doing some careful planning and cultivating.

Remember, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Your online image may be the only impression some influential people will ever get of you, so make sure it’s a good one.




The prominence of vineyard-designated wines is another lesson in value-added agricultural branding which presents both the winery and the vineyard owner or lessee with a number of marketing and legal issues.

Recognizing the value of vineyard designated names, vineyards have long been designating blocks within their vineyards with proprietary names.

In this way, even though multiple wineries are purchasing grapes from the same vineyard property, each winery can have a distinct name to refer to the vineyard block where the grapes were grown, also known as the “block designate.” If a vineyard owner sells wine grapes to a winery under a vineyard designate or block designate, the winery may use that vineyard or block name on wine produced from those grapes to designate origin so long as such use complies with the vineyard designation labeling requirements of the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB). Accordingly, the vineyard owner — not the winery – theoretically owns rights in the name.

Wineries may consequently find their vineyard-designated wines embroiled in a trademark dispute between different winery owners. One of the most well-publicized vineyard name trademark disputes involved the famed To Kalon Vineyard. Originally planted in 1868, To Kalon was eventually divided up and by the 1990s, both the Robert Mondavi Winery and Andy Beckstoffer owned portions of the vineyard. Mondavi secured federal trademark registrations for both the TO KALON and TO KALON VINEYARD marks. Schrader Cellars had entered into an agreement to purchase grapes from Beckstoffer, and Schrader planned to use the “Beckstoffer Original To Kalon Vineyard” designation on its wine label. In 2002, Mondavi sued Schrader Cellars, and sought an injunction to bar Schrader’s sale of “To Kalon Vineyard” designated wine. The parties eventually settled their dispute, and Beckstoffer was granted a royalty free license to continue to use the To Kalon name.

Sauvignon blanc in the To Kalon Vineyard, Oakville, CA.

Thus, when the vineyard is owned by another party, the risk to the winery in marketing vineyard and block designated wines made from contract grapes is that once the contract ends, so can the rights to continue use of the vineyard and/or block designation. A winery must accept that by producing and marketing vineyard-designated wine made from grapes grown in a vineyard that the winery does not own, the winery is potentially spending time and money building brand equity for someone else. When the grape contract ends, there is considerable risk that the “brand” of the vineyard owner may be used by the vineyard owner itself, or potentially by other wineries that contract with the vineyard owner.

Wineries are often unaware that the vineyard designation or block designation actually belongs to the vineyard owner. Many wineries feel that if they are using the vineyard designation on wine and popularizing the vineyard name, they should own the rights in the vineyard or block designate as a trademark. While this may be a questionable legal position, this attitude among some wineries may nevertheless be problematic from a practical perspective. Should a winery successfully register rights in a mark which is used as a vineyard or block designate, the vineyard owner will need to spend considerable time and money in a potentially unsuccessful effort to regain clear rights in the name. The best way a vineyard owner can protect itself is to register its brands and properly license them to a winery.

Schulenburg Vineyard signs. Photos: Randy Caparoso.

To maintain trademark rights, an owner must control the quality of goods sold under the mark. For a vineyard owner, this can be accomplished through specific provisions in a grape contract or through a related trademark license agreement which is separate from the grape contract. A license will clearly establish that, as between the vineyard and the winery, the vineyard is the owner of the mark and that the winery (and its use of the designate) is subject to the terms of the license, as well as, the vineyard owner’s control of the quality of wine provided under the mark. In practice, such quality control can often be administered in a non-disruptive, non-intrusive manner (e.g., sufficient quality may be presumed based on maintenance of quality heretofore maintained by the winery operation).

The strategy of enhancing the value of grapes by naming the grapes from a certain vineyard is also widely used to enhance the value of other agricultural commodities, such as cattle from a certain ranch, or spinach from a particular farm. As the commodity producer, it is important to register the trademarks for the brands used with these agricultural products so that the commodities themselves (as well as the land from which they come) can accrue value, prestige and reputation which insures to the brand assets.

Are you adequately protecting your vineyard designate or agricultural commodity?

For inquiries, please contact Katja Loeffelholz, a registered attorney with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and Of Counsel to Dickenson, Peatman & Fogarty at

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Top 5 Branding Strategies for a Koozie Company

Whether you’re starting your own business or taking charge of the advertising of another business, everyone needs to understand the value of good branding. All great companies have strong branding at their backbone, and small companies need to take advantage of it even more.

Branding can be the difference for many brands between breaking even and cutting a profit. It can also be an important factor in promoting growth. Regardless of why you’re looking to improve your brand, here are 5 branding strategies for your koozie company.

1. The “Premier Product”

This strategy can be summarized best in one phrase: our product is the best, way better than the rest. If you approach your customers with the necessary support to prove that you are the best, any price tag is worth it.

Premier product brands must be premier in all ways. This means that on top of developing your product’s quality, you will also want all hands on deck with your customer service team. You will also want to keep the needs of your target market in mind.

2. The “Anti-Brand”

This branding strategy is intelligent because it feeds off the distrust by consumers of big brands. By painting your brand as a comparable outsider, your consumers believe that they are trend-setters and should use your company over others.

In order to take advantage of this strategy, be sure to use graphics that differentiate you the most from other products in your market. You may also want to take advantage of the support that consumers give to smaller, local brands.

3. The “Expert-Recommended”

Consumers tend to give a lot of trust to “experts” and will usually defer to their opinion over any other. If you can get experts to recommend your brand, you will stand out to your consumers.

If you can get a social media influencer on your side, even better. By having them promote your product, many of their followers will take after their lead.

4. The “Cult”

This is the most interesting branding strategy because it almost sacrifices mass-purchases and instead relies on the trust of your consumers a lot. By being different, you can create a cult that will promote your brand for you.

Just like many of the most memorable 80s and 90s movies, cult products can’t be ignored. They are often the most long-term successful examples in a market.

If you want to join a great growing koozie cult, Kooziez cannot be ignored! Be sure to shop now to see what the hype is about!

5. The “Piggyback”

By associating your brand with another brand, you can try to piggyback on the success of that brand. For example, having a phone case brand that always promoted their products with iPhones will have found success with this strategy.

Be careful, though, when choosing the brand you piggyback off of. If that brand isn’t successful, you will have wasted a lot of effort for not much return.

Using Branding Strategies Successfully

Different branding strategies work well for different products and companies. Make sure to pick the branding strategy that works best based on the make-up of your market and your company.

For more articles like these published every day, be sure to visit our website!

Branding Strategies that are Trending in 2018

Brands and brand consciousness are the two things which will always be in the discussion. That’s because however against or skeptic you may be about a brand or selection of a brand, it’s their presence only, which creates a benchmark for ideal comparison of quality between different products or services. Therefore, companies would always strive to stay ahead in branding to make their mark in the minds of consumers. The most noticeable trends seen in companies for branding in 2018, which are inspiring for the newcomers as well, are discussed below.

1. How authentic is the Brand?

Branding is a necessity of every company to strive in the market and make a place of its own. In this effort, the market and advertise, take part in social activities and campaigns, and sponsor events and programs, do charities and try all the alleys of gaining fame and spreading the name with heavy impact. Their main target is to impress people, and to create the impression hard on minds so that they are always visible, omnipresent, cannot be forgotten, as they come forth again and again with recurrent ads, billboards, stories, press releases etc. But in this whole process of branding, one factor looms inside the minds of most people who are trying to find the best product and services. And that is the factor of authenticity.

How authentic is the story, and the quality of services or products of the brand? Is it worth the hype? Is it worth the time you put in viewing its ads, logos etc? Is it worth the care you bestow upon it by using its branding gifts? When you are viewing those and you are using it, it must be able to gain your trust too. Gaining the trust by creating an impression and by living up to the buyers’ expectations one of the best ways to create the true brand value.

2. Branding has gotten tough

Earlier, brands were chosen by the upper middle class and higher class people. And their main focus was to go for the real thing irrespective of the cost. Now many brands have come up for every kind product and services, and the names are too many. Most of them are in the constant competition to offer the same product or service or similar thing at a better price thus trying to bend the focus of limelight towards their brand. In this competition, the common man has a big role. It’s due to the economic crisis, which took over in 2016, the common man in 2018, is now more inclined towards going for getting similar or compromised quality at lesser rates. And this is a problem for the old players, but also is a great opportunity for the new companies trying to establish themselves as a brand.

3. Public Relations has lesser grounds to conquer in modern-day branding

The new age of 2018 branding will not be based on efforts to grow public relations. Rather, professional to public relations and face to face sales pitches are slowly retracting back as a technology for distance communications has taken the most prominent role in all sphere starting from marketing, advertising, delivering services to customer support. Soon you would see how delivery vans and transport systems in short distances will be replaced by robotic systems like drones, though this may indicate more job terminations and increased unemployment. Hence, brands will not have to think about establishing improved public relations. In fact, the focus has shifted towards a great use of email communications, online payments and postal deliveries where you don’t see much faces, and rather you only know the company or brand you are transacting with.

4. Growing more Customer Centric

As stated earlier that public relations are not getting established at present due to the use of advanced distance communication techniques, the brands have grown conscious about its side effects too. If you don’t see a face and don’t hear a voice, then trust cannot be established on a colorful logo, and a digitally flashing name or word. That is plain human psychology. You would want to give everything a face and an identity in your own way. Realizing this, the new style of branding in 2018 revolves around getting more customer-centric. In this effort loyalty point programs for the less engaged irregular customers, and live help desks for voice interactions are being introduced and tried by brands. The idea is to help customers relate to some identity. Whether it’s a solo voice singing with an instrument in a radio advertisement, or an amiable model promising and providing high-quality customer support in some TV or YouTube commercial, it helps to relate to the brand through the voice or the face.

5. Content gets to the point

A considerable amount of branding is done online with help of Adelaide SEO, and some via print media like newspapers and flyers, brochures etc, and many via TV commercials, instant mobile messaging and SMS. The invincible part in all that is content. Whether it’s a sound clip, or video, or plain text, content has always been the main thing that speaks about you. The current trend of 2018 is “to the point content”. And the reasons are a fast life, impatient surfing habits, and the urge to reach the conclusion or final statement as quickly as possible.

In this age, if you have to deliver your brand message quickly, show ads, tell a story or show product review or description. You cannot simply take the help of catchy headlines and call to action click links, which used to rule the internet until 2015. In the current year, the content hungry lion inside every internet surfer looks for quality information, short snippets, quick videos, and small advertisements. The maximum utilization of time, and surfing more in a less time are some of the current demands which will hopefully increase in the coming years. Hence short videos, straightforward reviews, direct to the point informative blog, are on the making, and that brings on an authentic brand picture before the visitors.

6. Demand for quality content

You may consider this to be an extension of the earlier point. But this is actually not so. It’s about the new style of content that is replacing the traditional style of news and content. 2018 notices a change in the way news and brand stories are being shared. It’s now through podcasts, slides, videos etc. The shift from reading the traditional news, brochures, magazines etc towards online magazines, quick news snippets and news digest videos are becoming more prominent. Following this trend, the current branding specialists make their brand stories presentable in such interesting and quick flips online.

It’s quite an interesting observation that Apple’s products like the watch, the iPad pro and some of the iPhone stocks are not meeting adequate sales, and falling behind in price. That’s not because the value of apple depreciated as the brand. But that’s because of the emerging small player companies that are offering similar quality, technically-advanced alternatives, which are as good as Apple’s, and yet more affordable for the middle-class tech lovers. With adequate branding, alternatives have a great chance for winning, provided quality of products stays uncompromised and people get a chance to own the product at unreal low prices than the original brand.

8. Customer behavior tracking

One of the more important steps in personal branding would be through customer behavior tracking. More and more companies would try this through many means like social media, traceable gear, and software. The main idea is to track the way the customer clicks and surfs the web. This tracking is already on, and in this age where customers feel like they have no privacy online, they would feel even more interrogated because of such tracking based efforts. These will be the scope for companies to read the preferences of their target customers.

9. Graphical interpretation in branding

Graphics will be growing in importance. Since the scope to lure a customer, capture the attention, and get into focus will get narrower with increasing competition. The current trends of branding give more stress on graphical interpretations. Videos have always done great in interpreting, explaining and spreading awareness, and raising interests and curiosity in customers. But slideshows, which are dependent on graphics, are turning out to be even more interesting. These are smaller volume files, which can be made into quick presentations and GIFs, nice slideshows etc. A well-captured photo and smart infographics say a lot and deliver great concepts in a short time span.

Apps have successfully got the full focus from smartphone and tab users globally. But in 2018, apps are not just the means of adding more features and facilities to the phone, but also a great way to create the brand presence. When a brand comes up with the features of offering its services and customer support on the go through an app, it is one great way to spice up their efforts and get real results.

While these branding strategies have become popular over the past year or so, it can be said with almost certainty that these strategies are here to stay for a long time. So, get ready to give your branding efforts a boost with these trends!


Boost Your Branding Strategies

A new product is like having a baby, it is full of hope and dreams and we are always sure that it will achieve greatness – but it is up to us to make sure that our “new baby” gets all the advantages to make it a success. It doesn’t matter if there’s an economic crisis, there’s always room for new business approaches and innovative products and services.

At Twelve12, we understand that not everyone knows the implications of a branding strategy and we want to share some information with you to help you out with your marketing plan. There are many companies that offer , but not all of them are what they seem. They often sell “branding packages” that are exactly the same for any company. Branding is more than just a logo or a couple of thousands of shares on social media; it has to be aligned with the whole company concept. And it should reflect all the good aspects, qualities and added value included in your offer.

It doesn’t matter if you do it on your own or if you outsource a company for your branding strategies; you should always make sure that it will be done the right way, as if you make the wrong impression to your customers the recovery (if you ever recover), will be slow, painful and very costly. On the other hand, if you deliver what you are selling, you will keep your clients for a long time.

So, if this is so complicated, why bother to even try to do branding? One of the reasons to develop your brand is to ease the purchase process, it will make it easier for a customer to buy your product or service if you have a good reputation and if you have been rated highly by other people.

Branding is a variable-dependent process and should be developed by experts and for the specific company. “One size fits all” is not the best way to do branding and you won’t find a real solution presented in this format, as it is more likely that you are going to lose money if you go this way.

At Twelve12, we care about our customers and we design our strategies very carefully and customized for each particular case. We aim to communicate effectively with your target audience and maximize your sales. To find out more about Orange County Branding, give us a call today and set up an appointment to take the next step for your brand.

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Branding yourself successfully as an entrepreneur – Punch Newspapers

Ozioma Ubabukoh

Over the last few years, personal branding has gone on from being an additional responsibility to one of the top priorities in marketing a business.

The reason being: Customers are looking for more than just a product. They are looking for a personable brand to buy from – this why it has become extremely important for entrepreneurs to brand themselves, too.

Entrepreneurs are competing for resources and opportunities that enable them to tell their story and build their reputation. If you are an entrepreneur who isn’t actively branding himself, be rest assured that your competitors will waste no time in branding you, which may hurt your image, company valuation and bottom line.

Here’s what you need to do to brand yourself effectively:

  1. Find commonalities and own them

It would be great if you could identify certain key attributes that are common between you and your company. Once you figure those out, you can proactively work towards aligning the two in the eyes of your customers, thereby making a strong association and “owning” that quality. Every product or service has certain impressions associated with them such as honesty, effectiveness and/or customer focus, which are important to the customers. Identify these characteristics and incorporate them into your identity.

  1. Be the expert

You need to ensure that you lead your turf and show that your competitors can only follow suit. If you can keep up with this, it will make you come across as a trustworthy innovator and a thought leader, thereby making you more influential with time. It will project you as someone who can identify and fill gaps in the market better than anyone else fills. Your customers will perceive you as the one who cares enough to meet those needs, which weren’t met before.

  1. Network better

Networking with the right people will put you in the good books of the industry bigwigs as well as the potential customers. It is crucial that you think of a networking strategy that works for you. And irrespective of the strategy, bear in mind the law of reciprocity: When you connect with people and exchange ideas and information without worrying about who is paying you and when, the generosity will come back to you manifold.

  1. Use social media

It’s easy, interesting and quick. Most of all, your customers are on it. So you should be on it, too. I’m talking about social media. Do remember to be on your best behaviour when using social media though, as that can either earn you an army of fans or cost you your business. Moreover, remember to keep your personal and business brand separate.

  1. Be a great communicator

Not only will having excellent communication skills portray you as an effective leader, they will also help you stand out. Watch what you say, learn to write better and mind your grammar and spellings.

Work on your presentation skills; they are extremely critical for an entrepreneur, especially a successful one. If you can present well, you and your organisation will be perceived as more effective.

Apart from that, become comfortable with being on video. Whether it is an online video, company video, product video or one meant for corporate training, interviewing, and/or customer support, you need to be adept at making the most of all modes of communication for your advantage.

  1. Be yourself; be authentic

Whatever you do, do not lie about being someone you are not. Your lie may be called out by your competitors, leaving you red faced. It is best to be consistent and authentic at all times, regardless of who your audience is.

We live in times when it is important that entrepreneurs not only brand their company, but also themselves. This means coming out from behind the scenes and into the forefront, making yourself visible and communicating with the customers through as many channels as you can. Only by doing so can you make your personal value known with precision and consistency.

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New website and corporate branding revealed for Carroll Technologies

The Carroll Technologies Group has unveiled a new website to showcase the range of products and services it provides to over 800 mines in North America.

The new site features a responsive design and is optimised to be viewed on all devices. It also highlights many of the group’s signature services, such as the provision of over $7m worth of parts and products from over 70 manufacturers, and a miner support team that can be called 24 hours a day.

“Carroll Technologies Group leads the mining products and services industry with MinerCare 24/7 – the most comprehensive service and support organisation available to mining companies,” said Carroll on the site.

“With MinerCare 24/7 your mining operations have instant access to repair technicians, troubleshooting support, a vast inventory of spares, and comprehensive repair facilities.”

Carroll is keen to offer a comprehensive service to its clients, which includes Aggregate Industries and Alpha Natural Resources, beyond repairing and replacing parts. The company offers same-day delivery from a network of distribution centres across the United States, and a range of training courses and videos for clients to familiarise themselves with the products.

Carroll also meets regularly with clients to inspect, repair and replace delivered products as part of its services exchange programme, which provides a highly personal and specialised service to its clients.

The site also discusses a range of Carroll’s products in depth, all of which comply with MSHA regulations and the Miner Act. From personal safety equipment such as self-contained self-rescuers to infrastructure developments such as a communications network based on their leaky feeder system, the company provides a range of products for a variety of mining operations.

The new site and corporate logo for Carroll has been produced by London-based Verdict Media Strategies.

These products are also versatile. Many individual products are connected via the leaky feeder system, enabling a range of new and highly specialised devices to be added to the original communications framework once it is in place.

The Miner and Equipment Tracking System (METS), for instance, which can be used to monitor the position and behaviour for a range of individuals and vehicles, uses this same system. Data from the METS is then collected, and used to form the basis of the reports that Carroll publishes on trends in mining safety.

The group consists of two operating subsidiaries, Carroll Engineering and Delta Electric, and has serviced the North American mining industry for over 30 years. It has grown from its origin in West Virginia to become the largest electronic services group in the United States.

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Branding Strategies that Inspires Customer Loyalty

One of the key facets of a successful business is a strong brand. Branding works side by side with marketing, which gets the word out about the product. Branding, on the other hand, is what inspires customers to stay loyal, and to keep them safe from leaping out and onto your competitors.

Your brand tells your customers what they can expect from you. When you have a strong brand, your customers know what value you provide. However, with a strong brand you must make sure to never disappoint customers – keep them satisfied with the quality of products and services that you offer. Acquiring the right branding strategies will help your business succeed.

Establish an online platform

Nowadays, having an online platform is necessary for any business. Creating a simple website doesn’t require great cost, but it can bring humongous benefits. With the internet exploding, most of your potential customers are online. People go to the web when they look for something, and that’s where your platform comes in.

When building an internet profile, you must also apply some SEO techniques that crafts your edge over your competitors. When customers look for a product or a service, your website must appear on the search engine results page.

Your site’s first impression counts as well. Your landing page must look professional, visually-appealing, and easy to navigate. Create quality content that captivates customer’s attention long enough for a conversion. You may combine your organic traffic with paid traffic to amplify target marketing.

Additionally, your online platforms must enable you to reach out and interact with customers. Create social media pages, where you can respond to customer inquiries in a timely manner. Respond as soon as possible. Answering customers’ inquiries weeks or months late won’t benefit your business, it may even damage your reputation. You may also want to encourage customers to give feedbacks and reviews. Customer reviews are important, which inform other people if your product or service is working or not.

Identify your target market

Before anything else, before creating your brand, one crucial step you should never miss is knowing your target market. Otherwise, all your effort will go to waste. You should know your target market before you launch your business. Allot time and effort researching extensively on your possible customers that would love and support your brand. When you have identified your possible customer base, only then you can create your branding campaign.

Perform market research, and see through gaps. Know what your market wants, then sculpt your branding that targets those needs.

Do the branding

Do the actual branding. Customers expect your brand; so you must able to make them visualize the value of your product or service. For instance, if you have a printing business, you must invest in high quality equipment that can assure the quality of your designs and printing work. Share with customers your vision of quality work that you can provide to them.

One step at a time

It’s impossible to master everything at once – so, do it one thing at a time. Be patient, and resist the temptation to hit all birds in one attempt. Don’t try to be the jack of all trades. Your purpose is to serve as a market leader of your product or service. Build your brand along that purpose, until customers see and like what you’re building.

For instance, if besides your printing business, you also have a shampoo gig, create a separate branding campaign for each one. Do not attempt to promote your shampoo on the side of your printing business. Focus on a single brand.


5 Brilliant Video Branding Strategies For Your Business

Branding videos is one of the smartest marketing decisions you can make. Brand video production is so essential because video branding leaves a mark on each one of your videos. When your audience sees one of your videos, they will know it’s yours because of the brand marketing strategies you took.

Marketing videos for business often tell a story to captivate their audiences. Without a story, locking in the viewer’s attention can be difficult, no matter what business video production services you use. So, always remember to tell a story in your video production for small business in addition to branding.

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One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is through animated videos for business. Try using video animation for business and create animated videos for business on a semi-regular basis. This will help in the process of branding your business according to the style of your corporate promotional video.

There are tons of corporate video production tips that some of the biggest brands use, so it’s time to follow in their footsteps with your small business video production. Read the tips below to discover some of their best corporate video pricing, corporate video animation, and corporate video services techniques!

Brand Video Strategies

1. Incorporate music.

When you sing and dance for your audience, something magical happens. Music penetrates every viewer in one way or another. Brand videos that include music encourage creativity, spontaneity, and, sometimes, humor. Have fun and show off your brand’s style with a ditty of your own!

2. Produce brand films.

Typically, these films are simple, short, and penetrating. The purpose of video branding is to share the purpose, values, and ideas of your business. Skeleton Productions shares a relevant quote by Simon Sinek: “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”

3. Create culture videos.

When you add culture into your videos, the audience connects. Remember to tell a story when video branding. Share how your brand relates to today’s cultures and why the audience should care. Culture can include anything from food to technology to history. Be creative!

4. Evoke powerful emotions.

Consumers are very driven by emotion. When you make your videos evoke powerful emotions, your audience connects with your brand on a whole new level. You have plenty of powerful emotions to choose from for your video: sympathy, joy, ambition, regret, love, anger; the list goes on.

5. Add humor.

Humor is also one of those powerful emotions I mentioned. With good humor, everyone is happy. Your audience will see you as a brand that can make people smile, a brand worth paying attention to.

Video Branding: What’s Next?

There are plenty of ways to incorporate humor into a brand video–another opportunity to sprout some creativity!

A lot of businesses cannot find the right corporate video production services, but you don’t have to worry. At Valoso, where expert video editors can create the perfect videos to sharpen your video branding strategy.

The best part is, you set your own price, deadline, and terms. Feel free to check out Valoso as an option for your business, but, also, remember to apply the above strategies so your business can thrive.

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