Houston Bachelor Party Ideas

A bachelor party without cannot be fun. Being a best man, you should throw a memorable bachelor party for your friend who is getting married. You actually need to make your friend proud that he chose you to stand with him while taking the marriage vows and leaving his bachelorhood forever. Therefore, you need to find out wonderful locations, clubs, hotels, strip club and party ideas to give your friend the best gift- an unforgettable bachelor party. You won’t face any problem in finding out any of the above-mentioned things, as every detail is available online.

When searching for a perfect place, you will find multiple options in Houston, including Heights Cigar Lounge, Star Fleets, Glitter Karaoke, Union bar & Lounge, House of Pies and more. Union Bar & Lounge is an amazing place to celebrate their bachelorhood and enjoy a refreshing bachelor party. If you are throwing the bachelor party in weekends , you will surely love this place. You need to book a table in the lounge to sit back and watch the people and Houston strippers get crazy. You will enjoy the mix music from 90’s and 40’s. The place also offers some packages to give you a VIP experience.

Do you love a late night breakfast after a partying whole night? Then, come to House of Pies. Party hard and End the night by having a delicious and the best in town breakfast. It is a 24-hour Houston favorite place, that offers pies filled with fruits , creams and meringues. You can also try to spice up the taste with Texas Pecan fudge or something like that. Overall, you will sit back and enjoy the accommodating environment in the bars.

Houston Strippers are renowned for their style, hotness and craze. The city is the most happening place in the state, and you have never been fun or excited before. Our beautiful girls and men will you full attention that your always wanted. As the largest city in the Texas, this beautiful city is not a place to go halfway. You need to make perfect place, and help you in doing it well.

Once you decide to join a strip company or hire a Houston stripper before you start making the reports. To hire a stripper, you can try multiple strip clubs such as The Men’s club, Tony’s corner pocket, Treasures’s Scores Houston, dirt bar, and more. Bo not stick to a single choice, and try different to make your exploration.



Glam Oscar Party Ideas with House of Hargrove

The glitz! The glam! Beautiful dresses on beautiful people! The Oscars are a yearly extravaganza of glamour that we lucky regular-folk get to watch from the comfort of our homes. The Oscar party is a tradition that brings together all of our favorite things– , , friends, and friendly competition (those ballots aren’t going to fill themselves out!)

We are so pleased to share blogger Elaine Hargrove’s House of Hargrove Oscar Party Ideas to get you started on the road to an epic Oscar night.

Oscar Party Basics

There are a few basic tenets of a great Oscar party, and they include indulgent food and wine options, a lot of glitter, and gold, gold, gold. Nothing says glitzy like an elegant gold mirrored bar cart, laden with beautiful glasses and bar accessories.

When settling in for a long night of dresses, celebs and Best Song performances, it’s best to load up on rich treats both sweet and savory. From popcorn covered in edible glitter and delicate, buttery palmiers to sumptuous brie on water crackers and tempting artichoke bruschetta, it’s easy to create a delectable spread for your Oscar party guests.

Make the Room the Star

A classic way to display your food and drink is a console table or multifunctional media stand that fits the overall aesthetic of your room and keeps people close to the main attraction– the awards! Accent your room with metallic decor that serves up Oscar gold, but don’t be afraid to mix metals and layer your balloons, banners and other decorations. Of course, don’t forget the Oscar ballots. That would be a “Titanic” mistake!

Shop this post: Gold Bar Cart | Everett Foyer Table | Gold Metal Ice Bucket | Gold Faceted DOF Glasses | Gold Stemless Champagne Flutes | Metallic Confetti Stemless Wine Glasses | Metallic Confetti Champagne Flutes | Marble and Gold Tray | Galvanized Cake Stand | Wire 3-Tier Rack | Gold Telescoping Frame | Gold Standing Frames | Square Glass Bowls

Food Featured: Carr’s Water Crackers | Lactoprot Brie Wheel | Elki Artichoke Bruschetta | Movie Theater Popcorn | Sugarbowl Mini Palmiers

For more sweet tips and entertaining ideas make sure to visit the House of Hargrove!



12 Christmas Stag Party Ideas

Stag Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

‘Tis the season to be jolly!’ You’ve given the Christmas shopping the old heave ho ho ho and are heading out for a weekend of festively fuelled man madness.
But just what can you plan when you need Christmas stag party ideas? Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle, we’ve got the answers.

Eat Drink & Be Merry

Christmas just isn’t Christmas without too much food. Enjoy a stag-sized Christmas dinner with all the trimmings (StagWeb can have it booked and paid in advance so there’s no post-pudding effort to split the bill).

Or go one bigger with Stag vs Food. A mountain of grub and a time limit to clear your plate. No hiding the sprouts under your napkin!
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Secret Santa

Set the guys a cheap limit (three quid?) and everyone has to bring a funny/cool/disgusting present to give to another member of the party. “Merry Christmas ya filthy animal!”

12 Selfies of Christmas

So, the ‘pretty party boys’ think they’ve got game huh? Time for you to put them to the test. Split the guys into teams, give each team a list of photo challenges and one-hour time limit. The team to come back with the most completed photos wins (as judge you can award bonus points for the funniest photos).

1. Three wise men
2. Someone sitting on Santa’s knee
3. Rocking around the Christmas tree
4. Christmas rapping
5. Delivering gifts
6. Ten Lords a leaping
7. Four calling birds
8. Fiiiiiiiive gold rings!
9. Away in a manger
10. Decorating something
11. Carol singing
12. Jingling bells

Beach Boys

Ok, so the beach might not be everyone’s first choice of Christmas but there’s no law that says Christmas has to be cold. Go somewhere warm or just head to the seaside, it makes sitting in pubs feel even cosier.

Wise Guys

You’ve assembled your yuletide posse of wise men but how smart are they? Write a Christmas themed quiz. Include questions on Christmas music, the best Christmas movies (Die Hard, “Now I have a machine gun, ho, ho, ho”). Split them into teams, prize for the winners, eggnog for the losers.

Christmas Carols

Set the guys a busking challenge. Find a street corner and tell them to pick teams. Each team then has ten minutes to stand on the corner busking/carol singing. The team to get the most money in ten minutes wins.

They lived in a house…

…a very big house in the country. Grab your Christmas jumpers for a winter escape to the country with a self-catering party house with pool tables, swimming pools, gardens, take your pick. You can then cook your own Christmas stag party dinner.
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Snow Balls

Snowball fighting is good, but paintball fighting is even better. Lock and load for a festive battle of epic proportions. It’ll be even better if the groom is forced to wear a reindeer or Christmas fairy costume.
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Winter Wonderland

Some destinations are made for winter. Bobsledding, snow mobiles, skiing, snowboarding, husking racing… Plus all those hearty winter warming drinks. It’s what winter was invented for!

Christmas Characters

If you’re thinking of Christmas fancy dress, then how about characters from their favourite Christmas movies? Bagsy John McClane!

With Bells On

Or simply tell them to arrive with bells on. They’ll look like festive Morris dancers.

Self-Elf Group

Alternatively get all the guys to dress as elves with the groom as Father Christmas. You can then make endless jokes about what he’s got in his sack (really, it never gets old).

7 Engagement Party Ideas For Your BFF That You’ll Definitely Say “I Do” To

Your best friend just said “yes,” and now you get to say, “yes, please,” to all of the exciting wedding celebrations. Up first is the engagement party — aka, the party to celebrate that your BFF’s SO certainly liked it, so they put some bling on it. As bestie to the bride-to-be, you may very well have taken on the role as party planner. It may be your first time planning an engagement party. Your BFF might even be the first of your friends to get engaged, so you’re in new territory. You’ve done birthdays and holiday parties, but what are some fun engagement party ideas that’ll leave a lasting impression?

Well, welcome to the world of wedding planning essentials. I have got you covered. Ideas may have started flooding your head the minute you saw your best friend’s ring pic on Instagram. However, if you’re looking for a little extra inspiration, here are seven totally sweet engagement party ideas that you will want to say “I do” to. With you calling all the shots, this engagement party will be so awesome that your bestie will be falling in love all over again. You are committing to being the best BFF any bride has ever seen, so cheers to the happy couple, and let’s party!

Serve Popcorn, Because Your BFF’s SO Popped The Question

Your bestie’s SO popped the question, and she said yes — so now, let’s eat popcorn in honor of the celebration! There are a ton of cute popcorn containers on Etsy to pull off this punny snack. If you really love the aroma of fresh, buttery popcorn, rent out a vintage popcorn machine to have at the party as well. Who needs to pop bottles when we’re popping corn?

Put A Ring Pop On It

Another fun treat to serve at the party are Ring Pops. Have a bowl for all of the guests to grab a ring — or two. Put out a sign with the fave Beyoncé lyric, “put a ring on it,” so guests will be rockin’ vibrant bling as well. Everyone will be taking pictures of their beautifully accessorized hands.

Have A Photobooth, Just Like Joe And Sophie

Take a cue from Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner, and have a photobooth at your friend’s engagement party. Guests will have such a fun time taking goofy pics with the happy couple to post on Instagram. Come up with a solid engagement party hashtag that emphasizes their couple name for everyone to use. This way, all of the beautiful memories will be in one place.

Sip, Sip, Hooray With A Prosecco Cart

Of course, it’s essential to pop some bottles to celebrate the day. A Prosecco cart is such a cute idea for any celebration, but your bestie will fall head over heels for this one at her engagement party. Allow guests to also pimp their Prosecco out with fresh fruit and juices to really class it up.

Do-not Say “No” To Donuts

If I could have donuts for every meal, I would be the happiest girl in the whole world. That’s why these donut rings are so dreamy and hold a special place in my heart. If you’re feeling the donut love too, you know these are a must to serve at your friend’s engagement party.

Keep It Fresh With Some Engagemints

If your bestie soon-to-be-bride has a soft spot for puns, giving out engagemints to the guests is a sweet party favor idea. I mean, who doesn’t love fresh breath? It’s also a cute way to hand out save the dates if your friend knows when the wedding will be.

Spread “S’more Love” With A S’mores Bar

Weddings are the perfect excuse to finally have that food bar you’ve been dreaming of. I know there are several food bars I would love at my engagement party — like a waffle bar, an ice cream bar, and of course, a s’mores bar.

Guests can make their own s’mores or even follow along with some tasty recipes you made up in honor of the happy couple. Don’t forget the s’more puns, because s’more puns are always welcome at any party.



Active Hen Party Ideas In Ireland, Hen Party Activities, Alternative Hen Do

Hen parties can be a great opportunity to try out something adventurous that you might never get the chance to experience otherwise. If your bride to be likes to be active, is always up to try something exciting or unusual AND she’s not afraid of getting wet (if required), there are lots of great unconventional daytime activity options and ideas to give her a hen party to remember. Trying out something new is much less daunting with your girl gang, so it’s a great formula for some pre wedding bonding. Everyone also gets a serious buzz when they feel they have accomplished something new which is great for the hen party energy levels. Here are some active hen parties ideas in Ireland.

Lazy Bike Tours in Dublin

What are lazy bike tours? Just what it sounds like! These are e-bike tours around Dublin City. They’re a great way to see the city and get a blast of fresh air (as the Irish mammies say!) Whether you’re from Dublin, Ireland or visiting, these tours will show and teach you something new about Dublin. This route takes in some of the major tourist attractions including stops at Dublin Castle, St Patricks Cathedral, Guinness Brewery, Kilmainham goal, Royal Hospital and Christ Church Cathedral. We will share some of the interesting stories and facts we have of this area of Dublin. There will be time for photographs and lots of questions too. You can book private tours with Lazy Bikes via BASH here.

Bespoke Aerial Workshop

I believe I can fly! For those who’ve always marvelled at Cirque de Soleil and wanted to channel their inner acrobat, an aerial workshop is a great excuse to get you up and away. You can tailor the aerial workshop to suit the hen crowd in attendance, so if this is most people’s maiden voyage into the air, you might decide to go for an introductory level aerial yoga class and hang out at a height. If you have a more experienced troupe of guests who have gymnastic or dance experience, you could select a more challenging class. You might want to learn some aerial hoop or dance trapeze skills, and plan your stage entrance at the MTV awards. Very advanced crews could even experiment with some ropes and silks. This aerial workshop in Dublin is tailored to your group level so whatever level it’s pitched for, there is guaranteed flying fun. The bespoke class experience is €30 a head, based on a group of 10 . Contact Taking Flight directly here.

The aerial studio is based in Dublin city centre so there are lots of options for a bite to eat. On nearby Capel St you can find Brother Hubbard for brunch fare or for an evening meal the nearby Musashi offers sushi and BYOB, which is always a winner for a hen party.

SUP Paddleboard Yoga

For something fun and original and you could test your balance at paddleboard yoga.  It’s a great leveller as no previous paddleboard or yoga experience is required but seasoned yogis will still be challenged by the floating mat. Downward dog is a completely different pose when you’re trying not to fall into the water!  The Surfdock in Grand Canal Dock offers SUP yoga with the lovely Alexa from Urban Yoga. Classes are a €25 a head and  two hours long and participants get to enjoy some stand up (or kneeling down) paddling before parking their mat and starting the asana practice. The Surfdock provides the equipment and the wetsuit, as well as the practical considerations such as lockers and showers, so just pack your togs and a towel and you’re ready to go.  SUP yoga is a great way to work up an appetite so you could arrange to refuel in Charlotte Quay restaurant, Osteria Lucia or other GCD eateries.

Hen parties in Galway city can check out Rusheen Paddleboarding. They offer Stand Up Paddleboarding classes and have added Sup Yoga to their summer repertoire. There is also the option to try a SUP safari tour and paddle up to Salthill prom. . While in Galway be sure to try a pizza in the award winning Dough Bros.

And now for something completely different! If you’re looking for an activity which you can almost guarantee none of your hen crew have tried before (unless they’ve been an extra in Game of Thrones!), why not check out axe-throwing in Kilruddery farm market.  The fun and skilful team will teach you throwing techniques to hit a bullseye with a range of axes. Fully supervised and safe, when you’ve got acquainted with your hatchet, you can then test your newfound skills against the squad in a mini tournament. You might discover a hidden talent, and even if your inner lumberjack is lacking, it’s still great fun and curiously satisfying!

The axe throwing venue is located in Kilruddery farm market so you can combine your visit with some nibbles from the vast array of food vendors on offer, with anything from gourmet burgers , falafel or cakes and cookies available. You could also take a tour of Kilruddery house and enjoy the lovely surroundings. Book your axe throwing session via TheBash.co for a free bottle of prosecco to celebrate your new axe throwing skills!

If you fancied staying nearby, Rainforest Spa & Summerhill House Hotel in Enniskerry offers great hen packages that include lots of food options and pampering. What better way to soothe any tired muscles after an afternoon of axe-throwing! You can check out the options available here.


Image from Celtic Coasteering

You’ll have to know your audience for this activity as this one is for adrenaline junkies only. But if your bride to be is inclined towards adventure and extreme sports you could book her an action filled day of coasteering. It can depend on the instructor, but no previous experience is usually required however the group must all be competent swimmers. Coasteering combines traversing the coast, rock scrambling and cliff jumping and ocean swimming. You’ll have the benefit of being guided around the rocks and through the water by an experienced teacher and it’s a great way to experience the coastline in a new way and feel like a real explorer. With no shortage of coastline in Ireland, there are plenty of companies that can cater for hen coasteering adventures.

Outdoor adventure Irelandoffer locations around the country. For locations with plenty of options for hen friendly accommodation and bars and restaurants nearby check out: Westport, Kinsale, Bray

There are plenty of fantastic options available if you want to give your bride to be and team bride a hen party that is unique, exciting and memorable.





Pinkalicious Party Ideas inspired by the new Pinkalicious & Peterrific PBS Kids Show

We have been waiting months for the premiere of the new PBS Kids show Pinkalicious & Peterrific! It is premiering today, February 19, 2018, and we couldn’t be more excited. We got a fun box in te mail full of stuff, and it inspired us to have some fun! To get ready, we have been having a lot of fun doing things like making pink cupcakes, pink smoothies, painting our nails pink, crafts, activities and more! We wanted to share all of it with you so you can plan your own Pinkalicious & Peterrific Party or have a fun day with your kids watching the new show.

Pinkalicious Party Ideas:

  • Pinkalicious Smoothies – add strawberries, ice, yogurt, juice and a little milk together and blend for a delicious pink smoothie.
  • Unicorn Craft – use a headband and add ribbons and ears (made from felt) then add a horn made from heavy paper. You can also use a ring and make it wall decoration. Tutorial for this coming soon
  • Pinkalicious Wand Craft – Take a wooden star (we got ours at hobby lobby), a wood dowel and some pink ribbon. We painted the dowel pink and cut it into about 18″ each then used hot glue to attach the ribbon and dowel to the star. Easy and REALLY cute! My girls love these.
  • Coloring books, story books, printables, kazoos, maracas, and other fun things add to the fun! Get some pink nail polish and paint your nails pink, then add some pink glitter for fun!

About Pinkalicious & Peterrific:

PBS KIDS is premiering PINKALICIOUS & PETERRIFIC, a new animated series that will encourage children to explore the arts and spark creativity. Produced by WGBH Boston and based on the best-selling HarperCollins Pinkalicious book series by Victoria Kann, this new multiplatform media property will be available nationwide on PBS stations, the new 24/7 PBS KIDS channel and PBS KIDS digital platforms.

Designed for children ages 3-5,  encourages kids to engage in the creative arts and self-expression, covering areas such as music, dance and visual arts.

PINKALICIOUS & PETERRIFIC follows the adventures of Pinkalicious and her brother Peter. Pinkalicious imagines creative possibilities everywhere she looks. She is an artist at heart—and, like most creative people, she sees the world differently from others. She knows what she likes, and she’s not afraid to express herself—though she sometimes needs help from her brother, Peter, and her neighborhood friends.

“PBS stations are a go-to destination for the arts in their communities across the country; we often hear from artists that their first exposure to the arts came from PBS programming,” said Linda Simensky, Vice President, Children’s Programming, PBS.

“We are thrilled to build on our commitment to the arts with a PBS KIDS series entirely dedicated to the arts and creativity. ThroughPINKALICIOUS & PETERRIFIC, we hope to encourage children across America to follow their passions and express themselves creatively, while building important skills and having fun.”

PINKALICIOUS & PETERRIFIC is designed to help preschool-age children explore the arts and creativity. “Research shows that participating in the arts strengthens children’s cognitive and emotional skills, and leads to higher academic performance,” said series Executive Producer Dorothea Gillim.

“Kids will simply connect with the great characters Pinkalicious and Peter, and their friends Jasmine, Rafael and Lila; the entertaining and quirky stories; and the visually stunning animation.”

I hope these get you as excited as we are to watch Pinkalicious & Peterrific on PBS Kids. Let us know what fun ideas you have about the show!!!

The PINKALICIOUS & PETERRIFIC television series is part of a multiplatform media experience that will also include digital content for kids, parents and teachers, debuting in early 2018.PINKALICIOUS & PETERRIFIC will offer a variety of games at pbskids.org and on the PBS KIDS Games App, as well as clips and full episodes across PBS KIDS’ streaming video platforms, including the PBS KIDS Video App.

PINKALICIOUS & PETERRIFIC app will also launch in 2018. Parent resources will be available on the PBS KIDS for Parents site, and PBS LearningMedia will offer classroom-ready materials for teachers, including video excerpts, games, tips and printable activities.

Each episode of PINKALICIOUS & PETERRIFIC will include two 11-minute stories as well as a live-action interstitial and an original song. The series is currently in production at WGBH and its animation partner, Sixteen South, for 38 half-hour episodes and one hour-long special, which will roll out on PBS KIDS beginning in 2018.

Author information


Coralie is a SAHM of four kids. She does web design on the side and is always looking for something fun to do with her family (activities, being outdoors, games, movies, etc). Be sure to sign up for our FREE daily email

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31 Outrageously Adorable ‘My Little Pony’ Party Ideas

My Little Pony is my daughter’s favourite show/toy/obsession right now. She changes which is her favourite pony every day or so, though—Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Applejacks…she cannot make up her mind. She just loves them all!

I will inevitably have a My Little Pony birthday party soon, and these super colourful My Little Pony party ideas are all I need to plan it. Check them out in the slideshow.

Have the guest of honour wear a party hat inspired by their favorite pony. 

Via Kutibowtuties

Birthday Hats

Send the guests home with a favour in a sweet little bag.

Via CustomizeMee

Favour Bags

My Little Pony Bingo

Every party needs games: My Little Pony bingo!

Via Artsy Fartsy Mama

My Little Pony Bingo

My Little Pony Dress-Up

Craft your own My Little Pony costume for the party.  

Via Cutesy Crafts

My Little Pony Dress-Up

Cutie mark tattoos are adorable and fun for everyone.

 Via Cutesy Crafts


A tiara is perfect for everyone to wear.

Via Just Us Four Blog


Give each guest a horn to wear, and they can be a Rarity, Twilight Sparkle, or whomever their fave is!

Via BrooklynOwl


Rainbow Printable Party Invites

This free printable rainbow invitation tells guests all the info they need.


Rainbow Printable Party Invites

Felt balls make a unique and easy rainbow cake topper.

Via A Bubbly Life

Rainbow Cake Topper

Rainbow inspired food is a must for My Little Pony fans. So why not serve rainbow cupcakes?

Via Blooming Homestead

Rainbow Cupcakes

Or make rainbow marshmallows kebabs!

Via The Decorated Cookie

Rainbow Marshmallows

Snack on some fairy bread with pretty rainbow sprinkles.

Via Squirrelly Minds

Fairy Bread

Is your favourite pony Applejacks? DIY some apple balloons for party decor.

Via Studio DIY

Apple Balloons

Fill up your favourite My Little Pony pinata with treats & toys. Pinkie Pie is waiting!

Via TristaNoble

Pinkie Pie Pinata

Decorate a horseshoe for a fun party game.

Via TeatosPartyPlanning

Decorate a Horseshoe

Sparkle Potion Bubble Station

Create a bubble station and call it Sparkle Potion for Twilight Sparkle.

Via A Bubbly Life

Sparkle Potion Bubble Station

Pin the Tail on Pinkie Pie

Pin the tail on Pinkie Pie (or pick your favourite My Little Pony to pin a tail on!). 

Via Just Between Friends

Pin the Tail on Pinkie Pie

Create a fun obstacle course—every kid gets a pony!  

Via Just Between Friends

Obstacle Course

Give your shoes the gift of flight—wear Rainbow Dash’s wings.

Via Craftaholics Anonymous 

Rainbow Dash Shoes

Rainbow Nash Nail Salon

Visit Rainbow Dash’s nail salon during the party.  

Via The Real Coake Family

Rainbow Nash Nail Salon

Cutie Mark Bottle Printables

Wrap drink bottles in cutie mark printables for a semi-DIY crowd-pleasing look.

Via The Real Coake Family

Cutie Mark Bottle Printables

Create these personalized treat boxes with your favourite My Little Pony character. 

Via Miami Crafts

Favour Boxes

Another rainbow food idea that works great for parties is crepes.  Via Proper

Rainbow Crepes

Who wouldn’t love rainbow coloured waffles? 

Via The Real Coake Family

Rainbow Dash Waffles

My Little Pony Chair Back

Decorate the birthday child’s chair with a pretty fringe made from My Little Pony fabric.

Via DuryeaPlaceDesigns

My Little Pony Chair Back

Make cupcake toppers with My Little Pony gems. Everyone gets a ring!

Via Who Needs a Cape?

Ring Cupcake Toppers

Pinkie Pie Lunch Box

DIY a little box for all the party favours.  

Via Artsy Fartsy Mama

Pinkie Pie Lunch Box

Decorate the party with rainbow felt trees.

Via Simply Designing 

Rainbow Felt Trees

Cinnamon Roll Rainbow Fruit Pizzas

Cinnamon roll rainbow fruit pizzas are sure to make a lot of kids happy.

Via Bubbly Nature Creations 

Cinnamon Roll Rainbow Fruit Pizzas

Decorate milk bottles with the ponies.

Via SwankyPartyBox

Milk Bottles

My Little Pony Poster

Get a personalized My Little Pony poster made filled with your kid’s milestones throughout the year.  

Via OctoberSkiesDesigns

My Little Pony Poster

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Celebrate Your Kid’s Birthday with Rapunzel Party Ideas

Celebrate Your Kid’s Birthday with Rapunzel Party Ideas

Rapunzel party ideas will be great ideas that will make your kid’s birthday is more and more fun. For that, the ideas with Rapunzel themes are actually various and you can easily arrange the birthday party for your daughter because Rapunzel themes are always adjustable and flexible. First, the ideas can be simple with the Rapunzel themed birthday cake, simply put the Rapunzel topper on the cake, then birthday kits with Rapunzel themes, some Rapunzel themed balloons and other Rapunzel themed decorations that give colorful look for the entire room.

birthday party ideas of rapunzel

Rapunzel Party Ideas That Are Classic but Charming

15 Photos Gallery of: Celebrate Your Kid’s Birthday with Rapunzel Party Ideas

The classic Rapunzel ideas are simple and charming, great for your kid’s birthday. For classic Rapunzel, try the Barbie Rapunzel which is suitable for the themes, moreover most of kids, especially girls like Barbie. For that, Barbie Rapunzel is perfect for the birthday theme; you can apply it for the cakes with Barbie Rapunzel topper and charming with some figurines of Barbie Rapunzel around the tables. Then play with Barbie Rapunzel themed centerpieces like balloons and stickers around the room. Last, dress up your daughter with beautiful dress and minimalist make up that makes your kid looks like a real princess that celebrates her royal birthday.

Tangled is perfect theme for Rapunzel themed birthday party because it is the favorite movie from Disney that basically tells the story about Rapunzel, even it is presented with more modern and fictional way, it is still the amazing theme for your kid’s birthday, moreover if your daughter likes to watch it. Then, simply apply purple for the color schemes and dress up your daughter with Rapunzel themed dress, for decorations of course that you can use big sized Rapunzel statue and some figurines as centerpieces, balloons and do not forget to prepare birthday cake with Tangle, Rapunzel toppers that will complete your kid’s birthday.

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Share some tangled birthday party i just love cute birthday party ideas so when this board is for ideas and easy things she did to share some tangled photo gallery at catch my party january comments karas book party ideas about rapunzel after the release of all things she did to create a tangled theme. Party ideas so when the ultimate party favor ideas tangled. Rapunzel birthday party ideas, party and easy things rapunzel party ideas about rapunzel party tangled photo gallery at catch my party decorations and vintage goods. Love of handmade and more ideas and selling of handmade and.

Party ideas. Find and save ideas tangled birthday party. Bat she is for my eyesthanks so much. And whatever you need to make every party rapunzel themed birthday party. Themed birthday she is for rapunzel tangled birthday. Rapunzel party. Is for making cards find this impressive tangled birthday party invitations to make every party. Year olds rapunzel birthday party ideas and supplies for help planning her birthday party. Birthday rapunzel birthday party on planning her dau princess party. Ideas on pinterest see more ideas party and more ideas brought tears to.

And cups bring disneys tangled birthday parties. Its all about doing it wedding hotel block vendors by city atlanta ga. Tangled party favors, of fun good because this treat your guests. Round tablecover dinner dessert plates napkins and save ideas look no further for your guests. Because this impressive tangled with a tangled products in a this impressive tangled faithfullycharmed23 out our tangled theme parties movies tv movies disney tangled party supplies games crafts to your wedding inspiration but with wand and decor here is the fun for marisas 4th birthday party favor bags tangled birthday party ideas wednesday.

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Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Party Ideas for Friends

valentine's day party

photography by PHUONG NGUYEN

After a soul-crushing 2017, 2018 is the year of self-love for us. And while we think this catchphrase du jour means something very different for everyone, we focus our practice at the Gathery in creating moments of joy and happiness where hopefully you could learn a little something. So perhaps our definition of self-love sits somewhere between self-indulgence and self-care.

We’re all loved by those in our life, and reminding ourselves of that is a great positive spin on Valentine’s Day—a holiday that often feels annoyingly exclusive to couples. So this year, we’re throwing a self-love themed party for all of our friends and loved ones, regardless of their relationship status. Humor and indulgences are the key to a soiree where there will be no opportunity for self-pity. 

Indulgence, to us, means inundation—through color, flavors, and abundance of materials. Here are a few easy tips to make your self-love party perfect, even at the last-minute.


Keep florals simple, but adbundant

Stop by the grocery store or the flower market at the end of the day and get everything in one colorway (red-pink for example) and pick up big leafy or branch fillers. I’m obsessed with the flower bombing trend that started in New York and has taken over people’s Instagrams rather quickly. The thought of applying “one’s trash, is another’s treasure” to florals is super chic and requires little skillset. Keep them in plastic containers even; the key is no-fuss, but abundance.

Pro tip: Get some cellophane or floral wrap and grab an extra bunch of long stem roses—the taller the better—and then offer them to guests as parting gifts. That way none of your guests have to deal with the fact they didn’t get flowers on Valentine’s Day.

Get a cheap red lipstick and write notes to your friends on your bathroom mirror and other glass surfaces in your apartment reminding them of why they are special to you. Windex removes it in two seconds post-party.

photography by SLEEPY JONES

Keep the dress code super casual and tell everyone to come in their PJs. I love our friend Kate Shelter’s collaboration with Sleepy Jones. If you’ve got some time, a cheap and cheerful move is to pick up sets at Muji and use the free embroidering service to stick names, initials, or even icons that represent your besties.

Have fun with finger foods

We were really inspired by the Francois Payard Bakery and Patisserie ice cream sandwiches with macaroons he used to do (we loved the raspberry and pistachio ones). Try making your own and serve this along flavored popcorns for a fun movie night.

Mix up a few chocolatey drinks

Spice things up with a dark, spicy chocolate: a chocolate ginger martini with cayenne or a simple sparkling shiraz with a dark chocolate cacao nibs rim. We like Mast Brothers chocolates made just down the road from our offices in Brooklyn.