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Cristina Riches aka Bird, is the founder of She’s also a creative mom of two, published author, graphic designer, freelance photographer, magazine editor and unconditional party lover. Her party ideas and photos have been featured on numerous publications such as, CNN Entertainment, Parenting Magazine, Celebrate Magazine, All You Magazine, Elle Decor and She also regularly creates content for brands such as PBS Parents, HGTV, Coca-Cola, Nestlé, Pillsbury, PayPal, Mars, Hellmann’s, Cultura France and Danone to name a few. 

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Idaho Spuds for sponsoring this post. VeggieMash mashed potatoes are a blend of 100% Idaho® grown potatoes and real vegetables for a new take on a family favorite!

I love party appetizers, don’t you? Serve up a delicious platter of nibble-size food or snacks and I’m all over it! 😍

But serving a delicious AND nutritious party appetizer can often be a challenge, I find. Especially if you have adults and kids present at an event or family gathering and have to cater for various palates.

Vegetarian Indian Samosas Recipe

For my parties and family events, I often turn to Indian cuisine for a vegetarian option, which at least help me incorporate some fresh veggies in my party menu – with delicious, punchy flavors! These vegetarian samosas are SO yummy, and very popular with non-vegetarians too! They’re a surprisingly simple way to get my family to eat more vegetables (and enjoy it!), and my kids totally love them!

To make my life as a hostess easier, I use a filling of frozen peas and Idaho Spuds’ new VeggieMash products to help me make a nutritious, delicious party appetizer with zero complaints from my family!

Idaho Spuds’ new VeggieMash come in three tasty flavors, and I used them all in this recipe:

* Mashed Potatoes with Cauliflower, Butter and Herbs
* Mashed Potatoes with Cauliflower and Ranch
* Mashed Potatoes with Broccoli and Cheddar

Broccoli and Cheddar

They’re really are SO delicious, and offer a super tasty ways to work more veggies into any meal. But they’re particularly suited to this recipe, combined with sweet peas and Indian spices!

Cauliflower, Butter and Herbs

I loved using the VeggieMash as it cut my food prep time considerably, and they’re so easy to make. And eat! 

Cauliflower and Ranch

I’m also very happy to tell you that all Idaho Spuds products start with 100% Idaho® Potatoes and VeggieMash is made using real vegetables, so making healthy choices has never been this easy! 😉

samosas,recipe,vegetarian,Indian,Indian food, appetizers, party appetizers

Vegetarian Indian Samosas

A delicious, simple to make party appetizer or snack that will please the whole family!


  • 3 pack of Idaho Spuds’ new VeggieMash ( I used all three flavors)
  • 3 cups of frozen peas
  • 2 medium onions chopped finely
  • 3 cloves of garlic, crushed
  • 3 heaped tablespoons of curry powder
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • poppy or sesame seeds for garnish
  • 250 melted butter
  • 2 packs of filo pastry
  • 1 tablespoons of vegetable oil


Making The Samosa Filling

  1. Make the mashed potatoes according to packet instructions. If using different flavors, divide them into separate bowls.
  2. In a large frying pan add the vegetable oil and onions. Fry gently until soft and cooked.
  3. Add the garlic and stir for another five minutes until golden brown.
  4. Add the curry powder and stir to coat the coat the mixture. Fry for another five minutes.
  5. Add the frozen peas and stir gently. Cover with a lid and cook for about 5 minutes until the peas are tender and warm.
  6. Divide the pea mixture into the mashed potato bowls and stir to combine. 

Assembling The Samosas

  1. Open the filo pastry and cut into 4 inch wide strips. Keep the pastry covered with a  damp cloth to avoid drying out.
  2. Brush a strip of filo pastry with melted butter, then add a teaspoon (size of a golf ball) on one corner of the filo strip. Fold the filo pastry on itself to make a samosa triangle.
  3. Place the samosa triangle onto a baking sheet, brush the top with more melted butter and sprinkle on some poppy seeds.
  4. Bake in a preheated over at 200 degrees Celsius (390 Fahrenheit) for about 15-20 minutes or until golden. 
  5. Serve with cucumber and mint yogurt raita and lime wedges on the side.

Bird’s Party 2018 – All Rights Reserved

Hope you enjoyed this recipe and feel inspired to re-create it for your next party! 😊

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

This post appeared first on Bird’s Party Blog

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[name=Cristina Riches aka Bird] [img=] [description=Cristina Riches aka Bird, is the founder of She’s also a creative mom of two, published author, graphic designer, freelance photographer, magazine editor and unconditional party lover. Her party ideas and photos have been featured on numerous publications such as, CNN Entertainment, Parenting Magazine, Celebrate Magazine, All You Magazine, Elle Decor and She also regularly creates content for brands such as PBS Parents, HGTV, Coca-Cola, Nestlé, Pillsbury, PayPal, Mars, Hellmann’s, Cultura France and Danone to name a few.] (facebook= (pinterest= (instagram= (youtube= (twitter=


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6 Outdoor Party Ideas for the Perfect Fall Gathering

lanterns, use straw bales or tree stumps for seating, and pass out sleeping bags to chilly guests. For dinner, serve grilled meats with simple fire roasted vegetables or tin foil pouches filled with corn and potatoes. And what camping meal would be complete without dessert – s’mores of course!

Don’t forget to have extra marshmallows and hot dogs on hand for roasting over the fire as the evening goes on. To keep your guests entertained throughout the night, have some spooky campfire stories ready to go or hold a campfire singalong with a selection of popular camping tunes. One of my BFFs hosted a party like this for Fall a few years ago and everyone loved it.

Pumpkin Party

Pumpkins are a staple of fall décor and fall food, so why not make them the centerpiece of your fall party? Celebrate the season by decking out your back yard with pumpkins of all shapes, sizes and colors. Use them as centerpieces on your tables, vases for flower arrangements, mix them into your food display, or even use them as serving bowls for your food. Next, make your menu pumpkin-centric with warm pumpkin soup, sweet pumpkin cake or pie, yummy pumpkin dip, and even pumpkin cocktails.

Pumpkins can even be part of the party’s festivities by holding a pumpkin carving or decorating contest with prizes for the best piece of pumpkin art. I love using artificial carvable pumpkins, but if you use real, you can roast the seeds and eat them as a snack. I may try to host a pumpkin party this year since I have the room for it in my new home. (see my home tour)

Outdoor Horror Movie Night

What better way to celebrate fall than to curl up with your favorite scary movies under the stars! We love doing outdoor movie nights. Set up a make-shift movie screen by tying up a white sheet, then project your favorite Halloween flicks onto the side of your house. Or use an outdoor movie projector.

Complete the movie set up with some warm quilts spread out on the lawn and comfortable pillows for your guests to relax on. For food, pop some popcorn and add some classic Halloween candy to the spread, like candy corn or mini chocolate candies. Other fun food ideas could include Halloween favorites like popcorn balls or Rice Krispies treats or movie theater fare like nachos and soft pretzels. You can even make this a family friendly event by swapping out the horror movie lineup with a some more kid-friendly Halloween films.

We did this when we went camping in February a few years ago and it was so much fun! Yes, February is the perfect time to go camping in the Tampa Florida area. Most of the bugs are dead and it’s chilly but not too cold. Plus, I had Phaedra and Ray to keep me warm!


Celebrate the season with a fun and lively German-style Oktoberfest party. Oktoberfest is traditionally celebrated during late September and early October in Munich. The 16-day celebration is the world’s largest festival and inspires smaller celebrations around the world. We’ve actually been to several local Oktoberfest events in Tampa and St. Pete over the years.

Bring Germany to your own backyard by serving a spread of traditional German food, like pretzels with mustard dipping sauce, warm potato salad, bratwurst, sauerkraut, and black forest cake for dessert. And don’t forget the beer! Decorate your Oktoberfest party with traditional blue and white, the colors of the Bavarian flag. In addition, use beer-inspired décor like large mugs for centerpiece vases, dried wheat, and hops. While eating and drinking may be the main focus of your party, having a few fun German activities on hand, like a yodeling contest or fun photo booth with classic German-style props, will make your party really stand out.

Fall Harvest Party

The fall season is all about celebrating the bountiful harvest of summer, making a fall harvest party a great choice for your fall gathering. Decorate your yard with fall harvest themed items, like pumpkins, gourds, acorns, apples, corn stalks, and leaves. Cute maple trees like this are great for indoors.

Rustic farm implements also make great additions to the party’s décor. A wheelbarrow would make a wonderful cooler for drinks. Flower pots or metal buckets can be used to display food. Continue the rustic theme throughout the rest of the party by adding hay bales covered with soft blankets for seating around a crackling fire in your fire pit. The party’s food should be the star of the night. Emphasize the harvest theme with tons of fall flavors, like pumpkin, apples, squash, sweet potatoes and pears.

Haunted House Party

Halloween is fall’s most fun holiday and truly perfect fall gathering. We normally go to 3 or 4 Halloween parties every year, plus we celebrate our wedding anniversary (since we were married on Halloween) around the same time. Take advantage of this favorite holiday and host a haunted house party in your backyard. Have a blast decorating your yard with scary Halloween décor, like gravestones and spooky ghosts hanging from the trees. Don’t forget to decorate the exterior of your home as well, to really add to the ambiance of the party. Create a creepy menu full of deliciously gross food items and some bloody cocktails to enhance the menu. And ask guests to don their best costumes for a fun costume contest at the end of the night.

For one of the Halloween parties that our friends throw each year, they turn their barn and the areas between the house and barn into a haunted house with haunted graveyards. It’s always fun to go through the barn to see how they choose to decorate it each year.

What’s your idea for the perfect fall gathering? Let me know below!

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6 Outdoor Party Ideas for the Perfect Fall Gathering

8 Fun and Memorable 50th Birthday Party Ideas for Her

To make the 50th birthday party celebration more exciting and memorable for a special woman in your life, play recorded and live greetings during the party; make the venue a walk-in scrapbook of her life; dress up like you were back in the years of her youth; serve old-fashioned goodies; personalize her birthday cake with her favorite childhood theme; show cartoon clips famous during the 60s and 70s; use a 50s theme; and go for gold.

Fifty years of existence is quite a landmark in woman’s life. Throwing the celebrant a party is a very exciting thing to do, but also difficult because you will want to make it more fun and memorable than her previous birthday parties. Here are some unique 50th birthday party ideas for her that will surely be exciting and memorable:

Play recorded and live greetings during the party

One of the most brilliantly special and truly meaningful 50th birthday ideas is to play recorded and live greetings during the party. You may record the greetings yourself or take advantage of the services online who gather audio greetings from family and friends for the celebrant and compile them in one CD. To add to the surprise, you may also arrange a call from someone very special to the celebrant who could not join the party. Let that person greet and talk to the celebrant live during the party, especially if you wish to set a more sentimental mood for a sentimental woman.

Make the venue a walk-in scrapbook of her life

Many women, especially in their younger years, love scrapbooks, magazines, and photos. To make the party place more unique, make the venue a walk-in scrapbook of her life. Hang pictures of her from her childhood up to the present day along with her family and friends, including school pictures, wedding pictures, and family pictures. You may also display some of her favorite quotes, poems, and song lyrics at every table, as well as post her best blown-up portraits during her youth in large vintage frames. The place will surely be unique and sentimental at the same time.

Dress up like you were back in the years of her youth

Bring back the fun times by asking the celebrant and the guests to dress like they used to dress in the 70s or early 80s. Make sure to invite her old friends around. Play some groovy music and enjoy some fun party games they used to have back then. The celebrant will surely have fun on her 50th birthday as she did in her youth.

Serve old-fashioned goodies

The past can come back to life on the celebrant’s 50th birthday. Bring back old memories by serving the favorite candies the celebrant used to love when she was little, as well as favorite pastries and favorite dishes. She will surely enjoy all these goodies with her friends. Expect a night full of laughter and good memories.

Personalize her birthday cake with her favorite childhood theme

Birthdays are always full of surprises. Make her 50th birthday more surprising and memorable by personalizing her birthday cake with her favorite childhood or youth theme or icon. Be it cartoon character-themed or favorite movie and or actor-themed, just make sure it was her favorite when she was younger.

Show cartoon clips famous during the 60s and 70s

Bring out the child in the birthday celebrant by showing cartoon clips famous during her childhood. Present cartoon shows during the 60s and 70s, such as Saturday Morning Cartoons, Casper, Mighty Mouse, Go Go Gophers, and George of the Jungle. You will be surprised to see the joy in her eyes as she recollects all the fun times she had during her childhood.

Go with a 50s theme

Get the spirit of 50 during the celebrant’s party by going with the 50s theme. You may encourage her friends and relatives to give their gifts in 50s as much as possible. For example, if she loves music, one can give her 50 songs from her childhood to present in a CD. Another idea is to flash fifty kind words that describe her on screen or display these words on the stage. You can also include in your program to let fifty of her family and friends line up on stage and say one adjective each that best describes the celebrant. It can be serious, sentimental, funny, or crazy to add some spice to the party.

Go for gold

Golden girl is what best describes the celebrant on her 50th birthday, so celebrate the night in gold. Send out gold-themed invitations and encourage guests to wrap their gifts in golden wrappers. Ask invited guests to wear something gold like clothes or accessories. Finally, you can prepare golden songs to be played during the celebration with a golden table setting prepared for everyone.

To make the celebration more unique and sentimental, you can hold the party in an exceptional place. You can hold it in the celebrant’s ancestral house, on a ferry, at her vacation house, or in a more distinguished hotel. This day only comes once in her lifetime, so make sure you give the best party ever to a special woman in your life.


Holiday Party Ideas 2018

The annual search for holiday party ideas that will make a memorable impression is already underway for some event planning pros in Chicago. Chez asked some of the best partners from our network of top party planners about themes, decor and dishes they think will really shine in the upcoming holiday season. Here’s what they had to say.

Looking for Unique Holiday Party Ideas? Look Abroad
holiday party ideas for south korean themed party colorful south korean goods for korean inspired holiday party ideas

The expert party planners at Revel Decor know a thing or two about designing an event with serious pizzazz, and their predictions for the 2018 holiday party season are no exception: “This holiday season we’re all about trends inspired by South Korea…we’re loving bright and energizing colors like pinks, yellows and oranges,” says Revel. “Christmas lights come in neon- right?! Spray paint goes a long way, too — how about evergreen dyed pink?! Korean beauty masks are a perfect party favor and they make a great stocking stuffer too.”

Holiday Parties are the Perfect Time to Go Big
illuminated white feather centerpieces at luxury holiday party modern christmas ornament decorations at holiday party

The holidays present a rare chance to contrast an event with the conditions outside. While the winter landscape may be fairly monotone, spice up your event with a generous helping of dramatic tones. “This season we’re playing with the dramatic which means large accents, deep jewel tones, and plush fabrics,” says HMR Designs. “We want to invoke that warm, holiday ambience…Of course festive florals are always a must, but prepare to engage guests with lavish, dark environments that feel cozy with an edge.”


Your Holiday Floral Elements Can Be Seasonal Without Being Predictable

“While traditional items like pine, cedar, and coniferous elements will always be present during the holidays, adding unexpected items like succulents, feathers, fruit and vegetables, and goodies like French macaroons to centerpieces, wreaths, and garlands will add texture to your table top or event decor,” according to Claire Roenitz of The Flower Firm. What about color for the floral arrangements? “Incorporating these elements in unique color palettes like eggplant and sage, azure and rosé, or gold and onyx are modern ways to add a layer of surprise and delight your guests this holiday season.”

Experiment a Bit with Your Holiday Party Menu

Chez asked frequent collaborator Jewell Events Catering which items are making their way onto holiday party menus in 2018. Executive Chef Ben Holt said he’s seeing these exciting trends for holiday menus:

  • Shroom Boom, or dried non-GMO 100% dried chips
  • Imperfect or “Ugly” produce
  • Smoked chocolate desserts
  • Flavor injected donuts made with a syringe
  • Spiralized Vegetables as a fun starch replacement

Myles Bosack, the director of marketing at Jewell, has this prediction: “If I had to pick from this list I would say smoked chocolate desserts as one that will surely show up on buffets this holiday season.”

Enliven your Holiday Party with a Mixologist and Specialty Cocktail Bars

“Modern Specialty Cocktail Bars are something that I see trending for the 2018 holidays,” says Rachel Krieger of Blue Plate Catering. “Companies are designing cocktails that play up their unique event theme or echo company colors, as well as incorporating a bar that is run on site by our in-house mixologist. This added interactive flare allows guests to order customized drinks during the party. Spice up your next holiday party with a special cocktail that will have your guests talking long into 2019!”

So there you have it! We hope these holiday party ideas leave you filled with inspiration and a modicum of good cheer for the upcoming season. Did we miss anything? Have any favorites? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

Photography | 1-2: Revel Decor, 3-4: Kent Drake Photography, 5: The Flower Firm, 6: Jewell Events Catering, 7: Kent Drake Photography, 8: Blue Plate Catering.


Get Inspired for Your Holiday Party

10 Belfast Hen Party Ideas, Belfast Hen Weekend, Activities

Recommendations and word of mouth are always best when it comes to picking a restaurant or activity. And this is especially the case for a hen party group. We asked our lovely, seasoned hen party going Instragram followers for the inside scoop on hen parties so that we can pass this on here.  We’re kicking this series off with Belfast. Below are the top recommendations from those ladies who have been there, drank the prosecco and lived it up in Belfast so read on for some highly rated Belfast Hen Party Ideas.

1. See Belfast by pedal bike!

Yip, one of those bikes you see in various cities where people are boozing, cycling and you wonder how are they staying on the right side of the road! Slightly annoying to watch when you’re not involved but they always look like they’re having SO MUCH FUN! This is perfect for a prosecco fuelled hen party. Belfast has two options – the Belfast Party Bike and Wee Toast Tours. Make your way around the city (various tour options available) whilst sipping prosecco or whatever your chosen tipple is (it’s BYO). The bikes can fit 15 to 18 people depending on the option and the tours can be 1 or 2 hours. Tip. Probably best to wear a jacket or coat (this is northern Ireland!) and flat shoes for the pedal action. Both tours have been recommended.

2. Afternoon Tea at The Merchant

From boozy biking on the street to stylish boozing in a 5 star hotel. If you’re a hen party looking for more glamour and comfort, The Merchant Hotel in Belfast is the place to go. The Merchant is in a great location and the decor is decadent. Their luxury afternoon tea is not to be missed. Choose from standard afternoon tea with prosecco and champagne available to bring the hen party vibes. They cater for vegetarians and allergies also. More details here.

3. Tipsy Tea on the Babel Rooftop

Another food and booze option.  Babel is the Bullitt Hotel’s rooftop bar and garden with panoramic city views across Belfast. They have a Tipsy Tea option which is a mix of mouth-watering cocktails and delicious food. Their creative shrub cocktails use ingredients and garnishes inspired by its living walls which contain over 300 plants. This is worth looking at for cocktails, accommodation or dinner if the Tipsy Tea doesn’t appeal. More details on Tipsy Tea here

4. Tina’s Trannyoake

We’re not 100% sure what this is but there is definitely some karaoke involved and what looks to be an experience to remember! If your ladies like to sing and laugh check this one out. Tina hosts karaoke from 5pm with free drink giveaways and prizes for the best singers. More details here.

5. House for dinner and drinks

If you know House in Dublin and Limerick, you’ll know what to expect in Belfast. House Belfast is a classy and stylish venue which is perfect for a statement celebration. Whether you go for brunch, drinks, dinner, afternoon tea or stay there, this boutique and luxury setting is a treat for any classy hen party in Belfast.

6. Make Flower Crowns with Brides-Made

Brides-made offer craft workshops and a flower crown making session is always fun. Craft your own beautiful floral crown from a selection of artificial flowers and design advice from your Brides-Mades. These will be amazing to wear on a night out in Belfast and the perfect activity option for a boho chic hen party.

7. We Are Vertigo –  for the active hens

We Are Vertigo is an activity centre with everything from trampolining to indoor skiing to high and low ropes. Heaven for the adventurous hen party group and for those of you who want to avoid alcohol for the day. They also have a spa for those guests who would prefer some chillout time. More details here.

8. Market Mooching at St George’s Market

If you’re just looking for a nice walk, easy activity / thing to do, a stroll around St George’s Market is the perfect option. The market offers a huge range of local, continental and specialty foods. On Saturdays they have a range of foods from around the world as well as handmade crafts, flowers, plants and local photography, pottery, glass and metal work. Sample the food and relax with a coffee while listening to some of the best local musicians as they play live. A nice option for an easy, hungover morning. Details here.

9. Cocktail Making at the renowned Apartment Bar

If you’re going to do a cocktail workshop, look no further than the Apartment Bar. Apartment Belfast, is known for their expertise and world class cocktails. Their professionally trained mixologists will show you their craft and help you create your own perfect cocktail. Choose from their standard workshop or an option that includes lunch / dinner.

10. Hike up Cave Hill

For something a little different and not too “hen”, a hike up Cave Hill beside Belfast Castle. This includes an ecotrail, gardens and the option of refreshments in Belfast Castle. You and the ladies can enjoy scenic views and waymarked walking trails. Play some hen games on the way or maybe pack some bubbles in case people get thirsty. This is suitable for all levels of walkers.


10 Belfast Hen Party Ideas, Belfast Hen Weekend, Activities

8th Grade Graduation Party Ideas for Boys — HOME Design Furniture

8th grade graduation party ideas especially for boys can be accessed in form of images that you are easy and free of charge to browse in becoming references. Middle school graduation party ideas based on this article can be applied to be able to have nice and tasteful gift references so that amazing in preserving impressive occasion. In how to make 8th grade graduation party in design and style, mind about decorations in order to make sure in matter of quite impressive value of 8th graduation. 8th grade Graduation supply ideas especially for boys are available in best and popular design options to choose from based on personal taste and requirement just within cheap prices.

8th grade graduation gift ideas based on Spencers can be accessed in form of images in this very post to make sure in matter of beauty and elegance not to mention valuable worth as gifts. 8th grade graduation party ideas for boys should be very exciting just like what the bride really needs and wants so that optimal in becoming surprises. 8th grade graduation cakes will be amazing features to make sure in matter of quite impressive occasion from best friends and families who love him. There are also 8th grade graduation party invitations to apply based on personal taste and creativity pouring to make sure in matter of fully enjoyable atmosphere. You can also apply 8th grade party games so that a lot more fascinating in preserving beauty and elegance of boys’ graduation party.

20 Photos Gallery of: 8th Grade Graduation Party Ideas for Boys


8th Grade Graduation Party Ideas for Boys

Corporate Christmas Party Ideas for 2018

We know you’ve only just got into the swing of summer, but in the blink of an eye Christmas will be here, so the time is now to start organising your Christmas party.

We know a thing or two about organising a big do and Christmas is our favourite time of year.  So we’ve got some corporate Christmas party ideas we think will help you plan your best Christmas do to date.

Organising a corporate Christmas party is all about finding the balance between a formal feel and festive fun, but there’s no need to be daunted about organising the biggest event of the year. 

Corporate Christmas Party Ideas: Do something different

If you are part of a large corporate company there is sometimes a temptation to stick with a Christmas party format that has worked in the past, but playing it safe will never impress your Guests.

The Christmas party is the time when everyone in the company comes together not just to celebrate the previous year but also to bring in the new one.

It’s your chance to say a big thank you to your colleagues and treat them to an evening when they can let their hair down. It’s your turn to give back to them, but sometimes you need a little inspiration, which is why we have some great corporate Christmas party ideas to share.

Although you should of course always try to throw a Christmas get together that will please everyone in your company, not least your bosses, Christmas is a time to experiment so do something different.

Buck the trend with some unusual themes that’ll surprise your Guests. Why not try putting on a winter festival?

Think live music, street food, glitter galore and a festival dress code. Throwing a Christmas do in London that’s completely different to any event you’ve hosted before or even attended before will really get your Guests talking.

Christmas Party Venue

Long gone are the days of boring, stuffy corporate venues. More and more companies are opting for unusual Spaces for their Christmas parties. If you want a Space with some industrial flare then why not opt for or the .

These industrial, almost blank canvas Spaces give you an alternative backdrop to explore this Christmas. If you fancy planning a minimalist style corporate Christmas party, these venues are the perfect choice.

If you want to add a little extra oomph to your corporate Christmas party, why not go for a venue where activities are built in? Spaces like , or give you the chance to get a bit of competition going between your Guests.

Incorporating activities into this year’s corporate Christmas party will really make it stand out from the crowd and give your Guests something to remember.

If you wanted a large-scale Christmas party but you just don’t have the manpower or the budget to pull it off, why not choose a shared Christmas venue? London is home to plenty of amazing shared Christmas party venues. You can purchase a set number of allocated tickets then let the venue do all the hard work for you.

From the to Battersea , these beautiful shared Christmas party venues don’t do anything half-heartedly so expect fake snow, plenty of props and an unbeatable festive feel.

If you want the best Christmas party venues in London you’ve come to the right place. Need some inspiration? Take a look at our .

Christmas Party Food

You know the drill; corporate Christmas parties are often associated with drab mass-produced food that doesn’t do anything to impress.

Take your planning up a notch and bring in some of the best food your budget can buy.

Think outside the box. Instead of serving your Guests the fifth Christmas dinner of the season, push the boat out with some delicious street food that is sure to satisfy.

Giving your Guests a choice in what they can eat will always go down well. The more options the better so don’t stick to festive themes or cuisines. Why not offer culinary delights from around the world? Spoil your Guests with unexpected delicacies.

Corporate Christmas Party Entertainment Ideas

Rather than just going for a few drinks in your local, a corporate Christmas party is all about splashing out on something a little more stylish. So when it comes to your corporate party entertainment ideas, consider classy activities that you know your Guests will love.

Christmas parties are a chance for your Guests to try something new, so a great interactive entertainment idea is a cocktail making class. Let your Guests experiment with different flavours and become a mixologist for one night only. Do your party-goers thrive with a little bit of friendly competition? Corporate Christmas party ideas which encourage a bit of competitiveness are great to get everyone involved. So, get everyone in teams and run a competition to come up with the best cocktail, with an expert on hand to help and to pick a winning drink.

Guest List

Why not open the guestlist to friends and family? After all, Christmas is all about spending the time with your nearest and dearest. Extending the guest list to your attendees’ friends and family would be a great act of kindness to get everyone in the festive spirit.

Christmas in January

We all know the festive period can get a bit hectic. In between breaking up from work and the endless Christmas get togethers with friends and family, your company has got to squeeze in the Christmas do too. Dates are very competitive in the last working week of December and a lot of venues get snapped up quickly.

Throwing your Christmas party in January gives your Guests something to look forward to after the holidays and will undoubtedly help them to beat those January Blues we all know so well.

With so many unusual choices on our doorstep, 2018 is the year to push the boundaries and treat your Guests to something different. Our Christmas ideas are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. Don’t get stressed about sourcing the perfect venue, we’ve got plenty to choose from. Take a look at some of the city’s most

So, there you have it. Our whistle stop tour on corporate Christmas party ideas to make 2018 a year to remember.



Art Inspired Dinner Party Ideas From Mallory Page

For notable New Orleans-based painter Mallory Page, art is most certainly a calling. In 2018 alone, her work has featured prominently in the homes and projects of interior designers across the country and lined the walls of Bunny Williams’s showroom in New York—as well as take over the Martine Chaisson Gallery in a powerful solo show, A Ponderous Weight (I don’t remember if I was frightened or pleased). Named after a line from Kate Chopin’s novel The Awakening, the exhibition of large-scale, color-washed paintings ultimately became the starting point for a dinner party Page hosted on a balmy summer night at her home.

Mallory Page's spring show, A Ponderous Weight (I don’t remember if I was frightened or pleased.), at Martine Chaisson Gallery.
Page’s spring show, A Ponderous Weight (I don’t remember if I was frightened or pleased.), at Martine Chaisson Gallery.

“As an artist, when you’re working so intimately on a project, it’s difficult to make that jump from your isolated studio to a super social gallery opening,” explains Page. “Besides being an extension of the the art itself, the dinner party allowed me to celebrate a body of work intimately with other artists, mentors and close friends.”

No stranger to food, Page—along with her husband Jacques Rodrique—owns the Lafayette-based Blue Dog Café, a restaurant founded by her husband’s late father and famed Louisiana artist George Rodrique. Riffing on ideas with head chef Ryan Trahan, Page crafted an eight-course menu steeped in art, place, and literature. “Together, we created and paired each plate to tell a story—I wanted the food to trigger an emotional response,” she says.

Inspired by the themes in Chopin’s writing—a fellow New Orleansian and early feminist writer who explores “that existential struggle for identity as a Southern woman and, more specifically, the performance of femininity in the South”—Page also drew from her own work to transform the tablescape into a rich tableau, essentially bringing her canvases alive for all the senses.

The moody blue-grey color scheme in everything from the delicate taper candles lining the table to the evening’s signature Aviation Cocktail created a calm and warm atmosphere.And the plates stamped with Venus statues are a wink to the lifesize versions that took center stage at Page’s show, while also evoking her work as a whole; the artist dubbed her studio, located just outside of the city, as Villa Venus.

When I started thinking about extending the art project to a dinner party, the power of this Venus monogram took on a new form,” explains Page. “I began to see them as design objects and tableware. I think they turned out beautifully, and I can’t wait to do more with it.”

“Like an art project, a memorable dinner lies in the details,” explains Page of her approach to entertaining.

Here, she shares a few more ideas on creating a magical, art-inspired evening.

Find your palette

“I translated the canvas directly to the table. The artworks were for the most part variations of blue, and so the tablescape evolved naturally from there.” Unexpected touches, such as the candles and cocktail also being awash in the distinctive blue-grey, fully immersed guests in the experience.

Be unique

“Give your guests something to speak about the next day, something that they’ve never experienced before,” suggests Page, “Never use the same party trick twice.”

Keep calm

“Know when to be a planner and when to be a host. In other words, know when to stress and when not to stress.  Once the party is underway, Page recommends putting the attention on the guests. “They are the most important. Give them the attention they need.”

Stay Humble

“Remember that your guests have come because they love you. Don’t be afraid to ask them for a quick hand if you need.”

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