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Kara’s Party Ideas My Little Pony Birthday Party

Prancing for pretty ponies? Check out this My Little Pony Birthday Party by KellyHilton of Little Rose Party Company, out of Maple Ridge, BC!

From the adorable sweets to the darling decor, this little bash will have you leaping for more!

Details to jump over from this magical occasion, include:

  • Adorable Pink + Purple Pony Drip Cake
  • Pretty Pony Sugar Cookies
  • Rainbow Balloon Backdrop
  • Pink Ruffle Glam Table Settings
  • And a Pony Primp Parlour!

My Little Pony Birthday Party

Kelly’s party snippet- “This party was created for my daughters 3rd birthday because she loves anything My Little Pony! I knew I wanted to go all out for this one for I set my sights high into the clouds for this pastel rainbow pony explosion! I like having things for kids to do at parties so I set up a few stations. We had a “Pony Primp Parlour” where the girls had a blast picking fun colours out to paint their nails, they especially loved using the nail dryer! Then they headed to the glamping tent for some new hair styles. They finished up before heading over to the main table for some sweet treats and Unicorn cake! The girls had a blast. I really wanted to keep the party condensed to our deck so I had fun setting up the different areas.”

Styling/concept/balloons: Little Rose Party Company
Thank you tags, printed backdrop, dessert table sign: Little Rose Party Company
Photos by: Hayley Rae Photography
My Little Pony products: Townley Girl
Cake & desserts: The Cake Mama
Flowers: Maple Ridge Florist
Chairs & tables: Chic Fete
Tee pee: Wild Design Lab
Necklaces: Baby Bear Design

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Kara’s Party Ideas Lemonade Stand Birthday Party

Pucker your lips and make haste, this Lemonade Stand Birthday Party, is waiting for a taste!

Styled by KerstinHarper of Simply Made Parties, out of Gilbert, Arizona, USA; this birthday bash is packed sweet details ready to be peeled!

Some of which, include:

  • Adorable Lemon Straws
  • Strawberry & Lemon Slice Cake
  • Lemon Themed Floral Arrangements 
  • Cute Pink and Yellow Party Banners
  • Lemon-printed Plates
  • And Darling Lemon Slice Cupcakes!

Lemonade Stand Birthday Party

Kerstin’s party description- “Summer + Lemonade Stands gives us all the feels.

My photographer friend had just built a lemonade stand and my obsession with lemons was at an all time high, so I reached out to her and asked if she wanted to throw a party. Being a great friend, she of course said “YES!”. So, we threw around some ideas to create something light, bright and fun. We pulled our inspiration from the lemonade stand (of course) and these adorb plates from Meri Meri.

Our florist, Heather from Arizona Florations, created cheerful centerpieces that even included lemons. They smelled divine and the mason jars added a bit of a rustic touch. The pink linen from La Tavola added a bright pop of color and was the perfect backdrop for the florals.


And what is a party without dessert? Amanda from Baby Jane’s Custom Cakes made delicious cake pops and a beautiful naked cake adorned with fresh strawberries and lemons. And because you can never have too much dessert, I also added cupcakes to the mix. I just cut a straw in half and inserted it into the frosting and topped with a fresh lemon wedge.

To top it all off, we used a lemon grove as our venue. Just one of the bonuses of living in Arizona.

Photography and Lemonade Stand: Blooming Cactus Photography & Events
Styling: Simply Made Parties
Florals: Arizona Florations
Dessert: Baby Jane’s Custom Cakes
Linen: La Tavola

Other details:
Dessert Table banner created by Simply Made Parties
Lemon Straws: The lemons were made using yellow water balloons. Just tie them around a straw, cut out a leaf and voila!”

Love lemons? Check out this Rustic Lemon Baby Shower and this Lemon the Good Life Birthday Party

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Free World Cup Printables + Party Ideas

The FIFA World Cup – Russia 2018 starts today! If you’re looking for Free World Cup Printables you have come to the right place!

The host nation Russia will see 32 teams from around the world battle it out to win the World Cup 2018 Trophy on 15th July. Each country has to play three games in their group stage before making it the last 16, quarter-finals, semi-finals and final. That means there are 64 games in total, including the third place-play off.

That is a lot of excuses to have friends and family over for fun, food, and football and to cheer your home nation on – or, if they didn’t qualify – your favourite team!

Free World Cup Printables

I live in a household that loves football, so naturally this event is going to be on our television screens a LOT until 15th July. It also gives us at least 3 chances to have a get together with family/friends to watch England play – and maybe more if they can get through the Group Stages!!

This post contains Amazon Affiliate and other affiliate links. If you clicked the link then made a purchase, a small percentage of the sale price would be paid to this me. It doesn’t cost you anything more but it helps keep the lights on over here so that I can create more content!

As always, my free printables are available in two paper sizes – A4 (UK) and 8.5 x 11″ (US), or for wherever in the world uses these two sizes.  The printable download links are in purple, rounded boxes, with a heading of the printable, and two links below each one.

Included in this set of free printables are:

  • World Cup Match Invitations
  • World Cup Straw/Cocktail Stick Flags
  • World Cup Food Labels
  • World Cup Popcorn Cones
  • World Cup Cupcake Wrappers
  • World Cup Cupcake Toppers
  • World Cup Napkin/Bottle Wrappers
  • World Cup Popcorn Boxes
  • World Cup Favor Bag Labels
  • World Cup Flags/Pennants
  • World Cup Paper Chains
  • World Cup Guess The Flag Quiz Sheet (and Answers)

Scroll through the post to download the ones that you would like to use – be it one, some, or all of them!

If you decide to use my printables, do share the party with me – I love see how you used them! Tag me on Instagram – @ThePurplePumpkinBlog and use any of these hashtags – #ThePurplePumpkinBlog #TPPB #TPPBCelebrate #TPPBPrintables

World Cup Match Invitations

  • Match Invitations A4
  • Match Invitations US

How to use: Fill in the details of the match – the two teams playing as well as the date and time (kick-off) of your party. Plus of course the party address and RSVP details.

World Cup Straw/Cocktail Stick Flags

  • Straw/Cocktail Stick Flags A4
  • Straw/Cocktail Stick Flags US

How to use: These small flags can be used on cocktail sticks or straws. Just print and fold over, then use glue to attach both sides together, with the cocktail stick, or straw in-between.

World Cup Food Labels

  • Food Labels A4
  • Food Labels US

How to use the food labels: Seems silly of me to give instructions for this printable, but simple print off as many as you need, fold in half along the line, and write in the name of the dish. When entertaining, especially a buffet, I like to label up the food so guests know what is what, and I don’t have to keep explaining! For party food ideas, take a look at my 45 Crazy Good Game Day Recipes and my 2014 World Cup Party

World Cup Popcorn Cones

  • Popcorn Cones A4
  • Popcorn Cones US

How to assemble popcorn/chip cones
Print as many as you require onto thin card or thick paper. Cut, then fold around into a cone. Secure with tape or glue. If using glue, hold together with a paper clip until the glue dries. These can be used to hold popcorn, potato chips, crisps, tortilla chips, even candy floss/cotton candy! I’ve updated the design a bit since I last used them, making them easier to stick together. You can see some made up cones here.

World Cup Cupcake Wrappers

  • Cupcake Wrappers A4
  • Cupcake Wrappers US

How to use the cupcake wrappers: Print off the required number of cupcake wrappers onto thin card or thick paper. Cut out and wrap around to form the case – secure with tape or glue. Place cupcake inside! See some of my other cupcake wrappers in action.

World Cup Cupcake Toppers

  • Cupcake Toppers A4
  • Cupcake Toppers US

How to use the cupcake toppers:Print off the required number of cupcake toppers onto card or thick paper. Cut with scissors or with a 2″ circle punch. Attach a cocktail stick to the back of each topper and secure with tape. Place into cupcakes! If you need cupcake recipes, you can check out my archives. There are 35 different toppers in this set! 32 for each country taking part, one with a football, and two with the trophy.

World Cup Napkin/Bottle Wrappers

  • Napkin/Bottle Wrappers A4
  • Napkin/Bottle Wrappers US

How to use wrappers: If you are serving food that requires cutlery, I think it’s nice to make a napkin bundles with knives/forks/spoons wrapped in a napkin, and secured with one of my napkin wrappers. You can see an example on my blog here. Similarly, you could use them to wrap around bottles.

World Cup Popcorn Boxes

  • Popcorn Boxes A4
  • Popcorn Boxes US

How to assemble popcorn boxes: Print off as many as you need, onto thin card and cut out. Flip over to the blank side, and you can judge where to score some lines to make folding easier: along the bottom flap tabs, the side flap, and along each edge, from point to point. Fold around, and use glue or tape to secure the sides first, then upend, to do the bottom flaps – I find tape easiest to secure these. If you using glue, you may want to add a paper clip to hold everything in place until the glue dries. Fill with popcorn or other dry snacks (chips/crisps; tortilla chips etc). You can see an example of my popcorn boxes here.

World Cup Favor Bag Labels

How to use the favour bag labels: These labels fold over to attach to a 10cm/4″ wide cellophane/plastic food bag. Print off as many as you need onto thin card, or thick paper. As well as the printable, you will need some other supplies – clear plastic food bags, and treats to put inside the bags. Fill the bags up, then fold the printed and cut labels. Staple on each side to secure in place.You can see examples of my other favour bags here.

World Cup Flags/Pennants

  • Flags/Pennants A4
  • Flags/Pennants US

How to set up flags/pennants: To make strands of flags, you will need string or ribbon, a hole punch, and of course the printable. Print as many flags as you like and cut out. Punch holes in the top right and left corners and thread through onto ribbon or string.

World Cup Paper Chains

  • Paper Chains A4
  • Paper Chains US

How to make paper chains: Print as many pages of the paper chains as you need onto good quality paper – you don’t want the paper chains to be too flimsy – then carefully cut out. Take one of the strips and add a dab of glue on one end, and fold around to form a circle. This is the first loop in your chain. Now, slid another strip of paper into that loop, add a dab of glue on the end, and fold around to form a circle that is attached to the first loop. Continue going until you get the length of chain you desire.

World Cup Flag Quiz

  • Flag Quiz A4 
    • Answer Sheet A4
  • Flag Quiz US
    • Answer Sheet US

This quiz sheet has the flags from the 32 countries that are in the Fifa World Cup Russia 2018 – just fill in the answers! How many will you get correct? Answer sheet also included.

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Printables created by The Purple Pumpkin Blog are for personal use only and not for resale. You are welcome to print my designs at a print shop if you don’t have a printer at home. If you wish to link to, pin or share my printables, you are welcome to do so as long as a link back to the blog post is shown and the watermarks are kept intact. Colours may vary slightly on printing due to different screen and printer settings. If you use any of my printables it would be awesome to know about it! Just leave me a comment, here on my blog, or post a picture on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest! Use the hashtag #TPPBprintables so I can find you! I hope you find these free printables useful!

Incredibles Party Ideas and Decorations

Who loves a party? I do! Raise your hand high if you like a themed party! Me! Me! Me! We’ve been celebrating all things Incredible around here lately, and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to highlight some of my friends and their amazing projects!

Have no fear if you’re not crafty! I’ve also got some great non-DIY party supplies on my list! It’s the best of both worlds!

Incredibles Party Ideas and Decorations

No party would be complete without these three major categories: food, fun, and decor. I’ve divided up my list of Incredibles inspired party items into easy categories to help plan your ultimate party.


Set the scene for an INCREDIBLE party (sorry, that joke is never going away for this post)! Make your own decorations inspired by the red, black, and yellow color scheme of the Parr family’s supersuits, or just order your own from Amazon! Either way, you’ll be having a blast in no time with these great ideas!

Incredibles Party Ideas-Moments That Take My Breath Away

Incredibles 2 Decoration Kit-Amazon

Incredibles Party Supplies-Embracing Home

Incredibles 2 Deluxe Party Bundle-Amazon


What would a party be without some fun activities? These ideas are super simple and most can be created with little to no help from parents! I love a good independent activity, don’t you?

DIY Incredibles Shirt Ideas-Play Party Plan

Incredibles Activity Pack-Amazon

Incredibles Inspired Slime-Sarah in the Suburbs

Incredibles 2 Kids Craft-Raising Whasians

Incredibles Printable Activity Sheets-Savvy Mama Lifestyle


Finally, guests gotta eat, especially kids! All of these treats are sweet and easy to make. If you’re looking for more savory food ideas, check out the decor section. Some of the blogs listed have ideas covering the entire party from food to fun to decor!

Incredibles 2 Mask Cookies-My No Guilt Life

Incredibles Themed Glazed Donuts-JaMonkey

Incredibles Popsicles-Suburban Wife City Life

Mr. Incredible Cupcakes-Disney Family

Edible Incredibles Cookie Dough-Sarah in the Suburbs

The Incredibles Oreo Cookie Recipe-Paper Angels Vlog

When you’re done throwing your ultimate Incredibles inspired party, head to theaters to see Incredibles 2! It opens everywhere June 15!

The post Incredibles Party Ideas and Decorations appeared first on Sarah in the Suburbs.

Soccer Birthday Party: Futbol Birthday Party Ideas

Soccer Birthday Party: Futbol Birthday Party Ideas.  Let’s kick this party into gear with some amazing Soccer birthday party ideas.  Today I am sharing some of my favorite soccer party ideas to make a great futbol birthday party! Check out these soccer party decoration ideas and all our soccer party ideas and inspiration.  Also…be sure to take a look at these soccer party dessert ideas!

Sports parties are not only popular parties for both boys and girls…but the activities are built into the theme.  That sounds like a win-win to me!  A soccer themed party is a great theme for more than just birthday parties.  You can hold a World Cup party, a springtime get together or a game viewing party built around soccer.

Personally, I love the black and white design of the soccer ball and it pairs PERFECTLY with the green soccer fields. I have a super easy to use and festive set of printable soccer party decorations.  These would work amazingly with all of these ideas (just saying) to take your party to the next level!!!

There are tons of ways to make a soccer party truly stand out.  I’m sharing a bunch of them today.  I also have an awesome post on soccer dessert ideas and a super cute and creative party using Barcelona party decorations for additional inspiration.

Check them out (you know you want to!!):

Soccer Garland from Evite

Talk about an easy DIY! I love party decorations that can be made using easy items like these.  Who would have thought stringing soccer plates together could be so cute, right?  This is a great soccer party decoration idea and proof that good ideas do not have to break the bank!

Field Number Centerpiece from Feasting on Joy

You can’t have a soccer game without a field, so why not bring the field to the party?  I love the idea of using moss to cover letters or numbers.  These could easily be centerpieces on tables (or used to number tables if you are throwing a larger party).  Also using the birthday kiddo’s age or initials on a dessert table would be adorable and really make your soccer desserts stand out!

Soccer Field Table on Catch My Party

Looking for some fun ways to keep your party guests entertained?  It would be a great idea to set up a table top soccer field for some table top soccer.  This fun idea can be easily recreated with a turf mat and some plumber’s tape.  Such a fun soccer birthday party activity!!

Soccer Bean Bag Favors on HWTM

Not only would these adorable soccer ball bean bags make great party favors, but there are so many games you could play with them.  Also for a soccer viewing party or a Wold Cup party…they would make great pillows for the party guests to relax on while watching their team (hopefully) win!!  Bonus: throwing them into a simple inexpensive laundry basket makes them easy to display and store until its time to bust them out!!

Soccer Ball Mason Jars from Midnight Owl Candle Co.

So if you have hung around my blog for any amount of time…you know I’m a sucker for a good mason jar.  Especially a PAINTED mason jar.  How adorable are these mason jars?  These would be awesome for displaying utensils or cake pops.  They would also make perfect soccer centerpieces.  Fill them with flowers and greenery or with sticks of balloons…simply adorable.

Soccer Ball Paper Lanterns on Amazon

Paper lanterns are so super versatile.  They can be used in their simplest form as hanging decorations…but then you can also use them as centerpieces.  Place them on top of a vase centerpiece instead of flowers or balloons or use them AS the vase and fill with flowers.  Either way…such a cute table top soccer party decoration!

Soccer Ball String Art from Kiwi String

String art is all the rage these days…those who do it have some serious patience too.  I made a couple a few weeks back and my fingers were so raw by the time I was done.  This cute soccer ball string art would be a great accent piece on a soccer party table.  It is also a party decoration that would be versatile and able to be used after the party as a home decor piece (especially in the little soccer fan’s room!)

Soccer Balloons on Amazon

Soccer balloons….enough said.  But seriously, these balloons are adorable and would be great utilized in so many ways at a soccer party.  I think I would definitely use them to line the pathway to the front door of the party.  Love it!!!

Looking for soccer party dessert ideas? Be sure to check out these soccer themed birthday party decorations and all our soccer party ideas and inspiration.

Here are some helpful links for throwing a soccer party:

Want to throw a soccer party?

The printable soccer party decorations are available for purchase in my shop:

Success! Use code: NEWFOLLOW for 10% off printable purchase from the shop

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Garden Party Ideas : What to wear this Summer

As we head into the glorious month of June, we all know that the garden party season is about to begin!

Whether you’re hosting your own, or going to one of your friends, there’s nothing quite like showing off a new outfit for the special occasion.

Taking note of some of the latest garden party trends. Think fresh and summery colours combined with feminine prints -here are our must have items for garden parties in 2018:

All in one Outfit

Using this wonderful combination of dress and shrug, we have no doubt that this piece is the perfect ensemble for an afternoon in the garden with friends and family.

Great for hot afternoons and cool evenings, the sleeveless V neck and flare print dress is both eye catching and flattering, offering a smooth and beautiful silhouette.

Available in mid blue and black print, the piece is machine washable and now only £24.50, it is also a great item for the purse strings.

Stand-out Summer Dress

Smooth and comforting, this beautiful grass dress is already one of our most popular summer items and is looking to be a big hit at garden parties across the country.

Being both ultra flattering and light, yet able to keep you comfortable in all types of weather, this slick wrapover dress offers the opportunity to show off in style.

With delectable ¾ sleeves, the dress is available in grass and grass print and is available for a very acceptable £14.50, reduced from £29.

A Classic Combination

With lace being one of the rising and hottest trends at the moment, we have no doubt that this beautiful lace tunic won’t fail to turn heads at parties this summer.

Elegant to the last thread and lined for quality and enduring comfort, the garment comes in a range of colours including sky bright, ecru plain, and orchid.

Now that the 60s are finally back in fashion, wide leg trousers are must haves for this summer and this pair perfectly matches our lace tunic.

Both comfortable and flattering and fully machine washable, the trousers come in navy plain, ecru plain, moss green, and nude.

With beautiful designs feature across both items, there’s no doubt that you’ll be one of the most well dressed (and comfortable) attendees at one of this year’s garden parties.

Add a pop of Print

Now that we’re officially in summer, there’s nothing like celebrating with both floral and colourful clothing.

For when the sun takes rest on the horizon and the cool breeze starts to form, let our floral printer blazer keep you warm and comfortable.

With fine tailoring and stretch cotton for comfort and fit, this is a key fashion piece for the summer and allows you to button up for a shapely silhouette.

Nothing quite matches our floral printed blazer however, quite like the clean lines of our beautiful tummy slimmer trousers in ecru plain.

Making use of the discreet tummy slimming panel for a smoother silhouette, the trousers allow for a beautiful figure and are exceptionally easy to care for.

To shop more of our Summer Range head over to Damart.co.uk now to find your essentials for your next Garden Party.

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Unforgettable Sedona Bachelorette Party Ideas and Itinerary

Early yesterday morning, I got back from Sedona, Arizona, where my best friend’s bachelorette party commenced over the weekend. We had TOO MUCH fun eating, drinking, hiking, lounging, and enjoying the scenery. For a quick two-night trip, we squeezed in a lot of activity, so if you have a Sedona bachelorette party on the books, below I’ve outlined our itinerary for the weekend. You’ll find all of my recommendations on where to stay and what to do with a large group of ladies while in Sedona.


Where to stay in Sedona:

Amara Resort

We had 11 ladies in our group for my friend’s bachelorette party, so we needed to find accommodations that were reasonably priced and could house a large group. Amara Resort ended up being the perfect spot for us, as it had a gorgeous pool, as well as a restaurant and bar on-site, and is near town. For 11 girls, we booked three rooms and all fit comfortabley

We spent our Friday afternoon and most of the day Saturday poolside with a covered cabana. There’s a full bar out by the pool, as well as lunch and towel service, so everything you need is right there. There’s also yoga in the mornings, a spa, happy hour (with lots of FREE wine and cocktails), a pretty lawn with chairs and cushions for relaxing in the evenings (we had a lingerie shower on the lawn), and stunning views. It was a great choice for our Sedona bachelorette party needs.

Where to eat in Sedona:

The Hudson

On Friday night, we ate at The Hudson, and it did not disappoint. Everywhere in Sedona is pretty casual, but we considered this our “fancier” night out. Not only was the food delicious, but the views of the red rocks were STUNNING. Floor-to-ceiling windows flanked the backside of the restaurant, so you can see the mountains whether you’re sitting inside or outside. Order the fig and ginger mule. It was the best drink we had all weekend.

The other “fancy” restaurant in town is Mariposa, but we went with The Hudson because the prices were more reasonable for a large group, they’ll split checks, and the views are just as good.


On Saturday night, we walked in to town and ate at 89Agave, which had a great atmosphere and even better food. 89Agave is a bright, colorful spot close to Amara Resort (perfect since we all had margaritas), with some of the best salsa I’ve ever had. And I’m from Texas. The restaurant is lively and fun. We sang along to the Spanish covers of the top 40 songs that played through the speakers all night.


Both days for breakfast we ate at SaltRock, which is the restaurant located inside Amara Resort. Everything was always delicious, and they have healthy options if you need to come down from your queso high at 89Agave. I liked the egg white omelette, but the other girls were RAVING about the breakfast burrito with scrambled eggs, chorizo, and roasted potatoes. They also have mimosas and bloody marys.

Lunch was always spent by the pool, so we’d order a bunch of items like the turkey wrap, chips and queso, fries, and chicken tenders to be shared. Everything was always tasty!

Where to do in Sedona:

Page Springs Cellars

The bride only had a couple of requests for her Sedona bachelorette party. She wanted to sit by the pool, visit a winery, and go on a hike. So when we arrived in Sedona, the first thing we did was head straight to the pool at Amara. At 4 p.m., we had reservations at Page Springs Cellars for a wine tasting and tour, which was absolutely beautiful. And who would have thought Arizona could produce such fantastic wine?

Page Springs Cellars was about a 25-minute drive from Amara Resort. The exterior of the winery was adorable. It looked like a cross between a pretty white cottage and something you’d see on Chip and Joanna design on Fixer-Upper. You’ll enjoy cute white barns, a covered deck overlooking the grape vines, and lush green grounds. And it’s right off a creek, so you can hear running water as you walk around the winery with your tour guide.

After our wine tour, we went inside to the café and had charcuterie, cheese, and more wine before heading off to The Hudson.

Devil’s Bridge

For our hike, we decided to challenge ourselves to make it to Devil’s Bridge, one of Sedona’s most iconic landmarks. The hike was not what I’d call easy, but it wasn’t super difficult, either. If you’re relatively fit, you’ll be fine on this hike. Just bring a bunch of water and wear good shoes. It took us about three hours to complete the hike, and the views at the top were unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

Seriously, photos don’t do it a justice:

Downtown Sedona

When in Sedona, you need to spend some time walking around the cute downtown area. Go to the Sedona Center for ice cream and smoothies, Western Trading Post for cute t-shirts, and Sedona Fudge Company for the most insanely rich desserts you’ll ever taste. Get the peanut putter and cookies ‘n’ cream fudge. You won’t regret it.

Also, Sedona is known for it’s New Age vibes. There are a ton of art galleries and crystal shops, so look out for opportunities to learn about moonstones, psychics, and spirituality.

How to get around in Sedona:

If you’re planning a Sedona bachelorette party, you HAVE to get in touch with Jeff from Zeus M. Uber isn’t really a thing in Sedona, so you’ll need to plan ahead to avoid headaches when it comes to transportation around town.

Zeus M has a van that fits up to 11 people. Jeff picked us up from the airport, took us to the resort, and drove us to the winery, dinner, hike starting point, and back to the airport at a super reasonable price. He also ran to the grocery store for us to pick up beer and champagne for Saturday at the pool. Can’t recommend Zeus M enough for a large group.

All this to say we had a blast in Sedona for my best friend’s bachelorette party. If you’re trying to find a great destination for a bachelorette party that will be relaxing but also full of fun things to do, Sedona is a great option. The bride and all of us loved every moment of it!

Read about my bachelorette party in San Francisco, California here. Leave me a comment below if you have any questions about planning a Sedona bachelorette party!