Ewok Birthday Party Ideas Your Kid Will Love

These easy Ewok birthday party ideas will have your party guests partying on Endor in no time.

My daughter said throwing an Ewok birthday party was easier than she thought it would be, and while it was definitely more work for me than it was for her, I have to agree.

When she first told me she wanted her party theme to center on those adorable bear-like creatures from Star Wars, I panicked a little bit.

But I should have known the Internet would provide, and I found a lot of really cute ideas that I hope will help you if you’re planning an Ewok birthday party.

Ewok Birthday Party Invitations

I actually couldn’t find any Ewok invitations, though there are plenty of Star Wars-themed invites out there if you are looking for different characters.

I was inspired by these from MyFirstInviation on etsy and made ours in PicMonkey (Canva would work, too, if you’re trying to do it without paying).

I found a picture of an Ewok on the Internet (don’t tell George Lucas!) to use at the top and used the words “In a Galaxy Not So Far Away” my kid is turning 8. “Help us celebrate like an Ewok!” The party details included a line saying the party was taking place on Planet Endor, which the girl really liked.

Getting the House Ready

I hoped the party would mostly involve the kids running around in the yard — the girl said our backyard play structure was the perfect Ewok Village — so I didn’t do a lot of decorating.

I have gotten in the habit of decorating the door with a party-themed wreath because it’s a sign for people who haven’t been to our house before that they are in the right place. My Endor-inspired door wreath is super easy to make, and the crocheted Ewok was pretty easy, too, even if you’re not that skilled at crochet.

Inside, I added a couple of tissue-paper pom-poms to act as trees in the area where the kids for their Ewok ears and hoods. There was a little sign that said “Get your gear here.”

In the living room I put up a Happy Birthday sign, which was inspired by the one at Busy Moms Helper, but I downloaded a Star Wars font (it’s called Star Jedi) and made my own banner pieces to match the character cutouts from Merriment Design.

I used an Ewok on each side of Happy, and let the girl color them in. The letters are strung on green yarn and the banners are taped to the mantel. Easy peasy.

In case anyone got lost on the way to the backyard, I added a sign for the Ewok Village, which I placed next to the cupcakes. They’re just homemade (from a box mix) chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting spiked with a little green food coloring to make them look like trees. A Teddy Graham in the middle makes them Ewok cupcakes.

More Cute Ewok Birthday Party Ideas

We found a picture from a Maker Faire of an Ewok paper bag puppet, so we used that as our craft. All you need are paper bags, construction paper, googly eyes and glue.

The kids didn’t necessarily make Ewoks, but they did have fun.

There were lots of other ideas I saw but didn’t have time to try, such as:

Any of those would be a great craft for kids to do, too, if you have a birthday person who insists their party have a craft.

All in all, our Ewok birthday party was super cute and the kids had a lot of fun. I have to admit, it was fun coming up with all the projects, too.

Has your kid ever had a kind of strange birthday party request? I’d love to hear about it!




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Unbelievable Christmas Party Ideas Your Kids Will Simply Love

Christmas is upon us and everybody wants to be part of its celebrations, especially kids. Christmas holidays mark the event of the year when families and friends come together, celebrate, feast and exchange blessings as well as gifts. The festivity has a distinct charm attached to it, which can easily be felt by a celebratory wave that sweeps the whole world.

However, being part of a festival is one thing while hosting it is a different ball game altogether. Christmas party, like any other one, needs preparation and careful planning, well in advance. If you have entrusted yourself the honor of hosting this year’s Christmas party, then you might also be looking for some tips and help about how to organize one.

The fact also is your kids must be more excited than you do and you might as well want to throw a party that will be remembered for a long time to come. So to begin with, it is time to sit, brainstorm and ask a few elementary questions to yourself – what kind of party should it be? Whom should I invite? How should I decorate? What do I serve? Then you start putting details around these questions.

Here are some Christmas party ideas that your kids and guests will love equally:

Select a perfect venue

First and foremost, you need to decide the party venue by establishing a vision for the evening. If you are going with a modest budget, you are all set to host your party at your home or you can book your community hall. But if you want to organize the celebration somewhere else, then earlier you book the venue, the better. You need to identify a perfect place that is within budget and easily accessible to your guests – internet and discussion with friends could be greatly helpful for you on this. While deciding the venue, just keep in mind the fact that location can impact the guest numbers and how late they are going to stay in the party. You should then ask the venue owners about what is available for you to use and which items you need to hire in.

Get crafty for Christmas

Now comes the creativity part of your planning. Just spend the previous day or day before of Christmas Eve in making various crafts for decorations. You can start by creating personalized Christmas cards for your individual guests. Visualize how your party décor should look like and create or purchase items that would be appropriate for it. You can collect candles, prepare gift wraps, and create pine garlands or wreaths. You can also get help from your friends and family members to give the decorations the finishing touch. Colorful balloons always look delightful in any party, so purchase a lot of them. You can also use unexpected items in your décor such as a vase filled with cranberries or ball ornaments. In additions to that, there are tons of Christmas decorations and accessories that are available on the supermarket stores, so you can give them a try.

Pick most engaging Christmas party games

Now this is the real fun part for your guests, especially kids. You have to add a great bout of entertainment as it will leave the lasting memory in the mind of every single individual. Moreover, it will act as an ice-breaker and conversation point among your guests. You need to include highly engaging party games for kids because they are the most excited lot. Just try to incorporate fun-filled activities that have everyone laugh all the way. To add more spunk to the celebrations, you can ask your guests to bring their favorite superhero costumes; your party will become livelier. As for the party games, there are many interesting and engaging ones for kids such as candy cane hunt, Christmas memory game, trim the tree, photo booth, Christmas treasure hunt, and Christmas scrabble just to name a few.

Serve delectable food

It’s time to feast and fill the bellies of your guests. Picking the menu for this festive night is a crucial part of your Christmas party package. From traditional dishes to exotic ones, you have a large variety of food to serve to your guests since it is a key part of any party. You can also show your culinary skills and prepare a few dishes on your own. You can even hire a caterer or get help from your friends or family members regarding the same. Kick off the party dinner with tasty nibbles, delicious healthy snacks, party sharers, and showstopper main course. Putting a little bit of detail in food selection will definitely impress your guests. You can also serve your guests cocktails, wine and beer. Furthermore, it would be a nice idea to prepare Christmas cookies at home and exchange them with your friends. Since, Christmas is the festival of sharing and caring, so Christmas cookie exchange with your loved ones is a great way of spreading joy and happiness.

Here comes the Santa

Which kid doesn’t love a visit from Santa? You, however, have to make it a surprise just before the end of the party. Although a lot of other Santas might already be present there, but your Santa Claus needs to have a grand entry. Remember his bag should be filled with loads of gifts and all the kids will just swoon over him. For that, you simply need to hire a Santa to visit, take request and handout small gifts. Finally, get everyone onboard and sing Christmas Carols before the celebration draws to a close.

There may be many more ideas to celebrate Christmas with your loved ones. The central idea however is how you enjoy your Christmas holidays, spread love and peace, entertain your kids and create memories. So, it’s time to jingle all the way!



20 Creative and Chic Halloween Party Ideas

20 Creative Halloween Party Ideas for a Memorable Bash

Even when you’re no longer under 13 and working on that cavity quota thanks to a successful trick-or-treating collection, October 31 is one of the most festive, fun days of the year. Considering that Halloween offers up an opportunity to play dress-up as an adult, tell tales of supernatural beings amid the chilly fall air, and snack on yummy treats, it’s the perfect opportunity to organize a get-together with friends, family, and neighbors. But throwing a Halloween party can also be a little daunting, even limiting and expensive. Do you really want to turn your garage into a haunted house? Probably not (if you do, kudos—that takes some serious effort).

Well, the good news is that you don’t have to transform your home into the Sanderson sisters’ cottage for a memorable event—though, again, our inner child would be thrilled, and we’d love an invite to that event. In fact, there are plenty of ways to make your Halloween party unique, chic, and on theme while also being timeless so you don’t have to go buy a ton of new décor to set the scene or worry about being too kitschy. Whether you host an annual autumn harvest bash that the whole neighborhood looks forward to all year long or you simply need an excuse to get your best friends together this fall, you’ll find inspiration from our 20 creative Halloween party ideas below.

Scroll through our list of potential themes, cocktail and food suggestions, décor concepts, and activity ideas to ensure a monster smash for both you and your guests.

  • Addams Family–Inspired: Your guests can come in full-on Lurch or Wednesday garb, or you can advise them to dress in their best all-black ensembles for a decidedly posh, loosely themed Halloween party.
  • Carnival: Not all Halloween dress-up parties need to be scary to be festive and fun. Invite your guests to come dressed like circus performers and carnival-goers and then make sure the décor plays on their costumes. Or let them come as whatever they want, and just focus on activities. You could go all-out and rent a small Ferris wheel and hire fire-eaters, hypnotists, and fortune tellers, depending on your budget.
  • Horror Movie Characters: To give your guests a little more direction while choosing a costume, have them dress as their favorite horror movie villains, heroes, and victims.
  • Autumn Harvest: This is the perfect way make your party fall-ready without going overboard on a Halloween-centric theme. Simply invite your guests to dress for the season (cozy sweaters, anyone?) and then incorporate fall foliage and décor.
  • Masquerade Ball: If you want your party to be a formal event while also taking advantage of the fun costume tradition that Halloween offers, host a masquerade ball. One and done. You can even just call it cocktail attire and provide masks that guests can decorate once they arrive.
  • Carve out pumpkins and transform them into flower vases. Place them on your surfaces and countertops or the front steps for a tasteful, seasonally appropriate décor detail.
  • Speaking of candles, there’s nothing like an ornate candelabra with dripping black candles to set the scene for a fashionable, understated haunted house. Stay on theme with moody hues and glitzy decorative items like metallic flatware. The best part is that you can keep these things all year long instead of throwing them away after the holiday.
  • You can bring the outdoors in with more than just pumpkins. Incorporate garlands and seasonal florals throughout the entertaining space too. This will make the environment feel more elevated if you’re hesitant to play too much into a blatant Halloween theme.
  • Take advantage of the temperate weather and gorgeous fall foliage by hosting your party outdoors. If you have a Halloween garden party, set the scene with outdoor string lights, cozy floor cushions, and delicious barbecue.

For the Treat Table:

  • Set up a “mad scientist” bar station for the adults to give your cocktail party a timely twist. You can either print out the recipe instructions and lay out all the ingredients for guests to make the drinks themselves, or consider hiring a bartender to walk your guests through the process. Make sure give your cocktails a fun, Halloween-themed name.
  • When overt Halloween décor isn’t your cup of tea, get festive with food instead. A great way to do this is by creating stylish goodie bags for guests that are filled with bat-shaped cookies, ghost marshmallows, and skull-like lollipops. If you tie a name tag to the bags, this can also be a cute, personalized placemat at the dining table.

Set the Scene in Style:

  • Make costumes mandatory, and then host an award ceremony with various superlatives to hand out to guests. Set up a dress-up chest with wigs, prompts, and old clothing in case anyone forgets.
  • If you like the idea of storytelling but would rather do something less active, turn your Halloween party into an intimate evening of scary stories around a fireplace.
  • Bobbing for apples can be a little more involved than some partygoers want to get while all dressed up, so consider having a caramel apple dipping station instead. Or if you do decide to do apple-bobbing, make sure you have aprons or bibs for guests.
  • Set up an outdoor movie viewing with a screen, cozy blankets, floor cushions, lanterns, and red wine and cheese for a classic scary movie screening under a full moon.

Share your entertaining tips and Halloween party ideas in the comments below. 

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Super Bowl Party Ideas: Decorations and Snacks on Amazon


So, you’re having a Super Bowl party. This can go to two ways: the seven-layer-dip-flavored Combos and football-shaped Jell-O shots route or the elegant gold balloons and artisanal-salsa route. We rounded up tasteful and less-tasteful ways to do both.

The Tasteful Option: What’s more perfect than these simple gold balloons that get at the essence of what this night is all about?


OC Party Supply 16 inch Gold Letter Balloons$19, Amazon

The Less-Tasteful Option: After a few Jell-O shots (see below), move away the valuables, fill this football-shaped pinata with Necco Wafers (if you’re a Patriots fan) or gummy peaches (if you’re a Georgia fan), and have your way with it.


Large 3D Football Pinata$28, Amazon

The Tasteful Option: These little toothpicks feel very cheer-on-Reggie-Mantle-at-the-Riverdale-High-football-game.


Beistle 50-Pack Game Day Football Picks$6, Amazon

The Less-Tasteful Option: These napkins are only slightly less tasteful because they’re so literal, but on second glance they’re actually pretty cute.


Oojami Touchdown Napkins$8, Amazon

The Tasteful Option: As our colleagues over at Grub Street noted, these Billy Goat Chip Company Potato Chips from Missouri have a cult following, and are made skin-on with canola oil, onion, garlic, sugar, and other spices. Pair them with this small-batch salsa from New York–based La Fundidora.


Billy Goat Chips, 20 Bags$22, Amazon


La Fundidora Salsa – Fuego$7, Amazon

The Less-Tasteful Option: The elusive seven-layer-dip-flavored Combos!


7 Layer Dip Combos, Pack of 12$26, Amazon

The Tasteful Option: Perfect, if you’re planning on serving a specialty cocktail, or margaritas, or sangria.


Simple Flow 3 Piece Mason Jar Glass Drink Beverage Dispenser$50, Amazon

The Less-Tasteful Options: Football-helmet-shaped Jell-O molds (for shots) and an inflatable goal post for keeping your Bud Lights cool.


JELL-O Jigglers “Football & Helmet” Candy Mold$8, Amazon


Beistle Inflatable Goal Post Cooler$23, Amazon

The Tasteful Option: This sleek ceramic-and-steel bowl will let your artisanal potato chips shine.


Umbra Chipster Chip and Dip Set$50, Amazon


Burton & Burton Football Stadium Chip And Dip Serving Set$26, Amazon

The Tasteful Option: These disposable wine tumblers are always good to have on hand when big groups of people are coming over.


TOSSWARE 14oz Shatterproof Wine & Cocktail Glasses, Set of 12$13, Amazon

The Less-Tasteful Option: Red Solo Cups — but with a built-in shot glass.


Disposable Red Party Cup with Built In Shot Glass, Pack of 22$10, Amazon

If you buy something through our links, New York may earn an affiliate commission.



50 Bachelorette Party Ideas

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50 Bachelorette Party Ideas

  • Get a hotel and relax by the pool

  • Dueling piano bar (sing-a-long)

  • Bungee Jumping or Skydiving

  • Visit La Jolla California

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10 Christmas party ideas full of holiday cheer


10 Christmas party ideas full of holiday cheer

By: Linda Cotrina

Sponsored by

10 Christmas party ideas full of holiday cheer

Getty Images Image by: Getty Images Author: Canadian Living


10 Christmas party ideas full of holiday cheer

By: Linda Cotrina

Sponsored by

Smitten Events, suggest that you finalize the guest count–it’s going to determine food and beverage quantities (and costs). From there, determine if guests have any dietary restrictions and create a menu accordingly. Once that’s out of the way, it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty (possibly glittery!) details of party planning. Celebrate the most wonderful time of the year with these ten cheerful Christmas party ideas.

1. Ugly Christmas sweater

What’s a holiday party without the good old ? Guaranteed to have you and your guests laughing (likely at each other), this holiday staple is perfect for a lighthearted evening with friends and family. To ensure guests show up in their “finest” ugliest sweater, host a competition for the most outrageous outfit and award the winner with a gift certificate to a stylish clothing store. Most importantly, be sure to have fun–the possibilities are endless with this humorous theme!

Christmas Karaoke
Sing your heart out to classic yuletide jingles with a Karaoke Christmas carol party. Write out the names of popular Christmas carols and have each guest pull one out of a hat when it’s their turn. Warm up those vocal chords (and break the ice) with a group singalong to a popular song, and then proceed to the solo performances. You’ll need a karaoke machine, but if neither you nor your party guests own one, hit up your local karaoke bar. Or better yet, have everyone pitch in to rent a karaoke machine for the evening.

3. Nutcracker cocktail party

Going to a performance of The Nutcracker is a special holiday tradition for many families, so why not design a cocktail party around this classic ballet? Jordan & Devon suggest using the Sugar Plum Fairy as your inspiration. Incorporate white, blush and gold elements into your decor, and place oversized nutcrackers in the foyer to create a dramatic first impression as guests enter the party. And what would you expect the Sugar Plum Fairy to eat? Sweets, of course! “We love the idea of an over-the-top dessert table: Painted sugar cookies, mini cupcakes, beautiful vessels of bon bons and even cotton candy arranged on cake stands of all sizes with a ribbon backdrop to complete the look,” says Jordan. Guests can also create their own with rock sugar stir sticks, cassis liqueur and pretty paper straws as Tchaikovsky’s famous score plays in the background.

4. Christmas around the world
This is a creative (and delicious!) way to expose guests to some of the wonderful Christmas traditions celebrated around the world. Host a dinner and ask each guest to bring a dish that is typically served in his or her culture during the holidays. Guests can also share the story behind the meaning of celebrating the holidays in their culture, or simply share some of the traditions celebrated within their family. This party theme makes for a fun, intimate evening learning about your loved ones’ various cultural or familial traditions.

5. Casino night

Gamble a little cash for a good cause at your next Christmas party by throwing a Casino themed night. Let guests know that you plan to donate the proceeds to a charitable organization or use the money to purchase gifts for a local toy drive. Choose casino games that most of your guests will know (blackjack, bingo and roulette to name a few) and ones that are quick and easy for them to learn. In terms of food, keep it simple with finger foods that can be enjoyed with cocktails. Take a cue from Casino Royale and invite guests to dress in semi-formal attire.

6. Christmas cookie swap

Don’t have time to bake? Why not host a Christmas cookie exchange to simplify your holiday baking? Ask each guest (including yourself) to bake one kind of cookie for the occasion and then sample, trade and package them in festive gift boxes. Create display cards to help identify each type of cookie and ask guests to bring wrapping supplies to create a variety of packaging options. Be sure to have plenty of coffee and tea on hand to help wash down those delicious cookies! Check out our for recipe inspiration, packaging ideas and more.

7. Winter wonderland

Paint the town–or your home–white this year with a classic Winter Wonderland party. Add some sparkle to your home with silver decor accents, wrap old shoeboxes with silver wrapping paper and wow guests with a self-serve bar decked out with white-based cocktail ingredients. Invite your guests to wear all white, but be mindful of the food you’re serving–keep the messy finger foods to a minimum. For entertainment, you can never go wrong with some impromptu holiday singing. Add “Winter Wonderland” and “White Christmas” to your playlist to keep in tune with the theme!

8. An improvisational Christmas
Who says improv is just for the stage? Have your eggnog and a couple of laughs, too, by acting out some of your favourite Christmas movies improv-style. To execute this, write down a list of Christmas movies on pieces of paper and have each team pull one out of a hat when it’s their turn. Improv is all about being spontaneous, so don’t stress about acting silly–you won’t be alone! This is a casual theme, so keep the decor simple with a few traditional holiday decorations. Fuss-free, snack-sized treats are perfect for breaks in between sets. Any of these will keep your guests fueled for the night. Once everyone’s stomachs are cramped from laughing so hard, end off the night by watching one of the movies you acted out.

9. “Baby it’s Cold Outside” Christmas
Use this classic Christmas tune as inspiration for a comfy, cozy party. Jordan and Devon suggest starting with the . Decorate your tree with white lights and treasured family ornaments to enhance the coziness and traditional feel of the holiday. For your colour scheme, “think red and cream with natural touches like pine cones and greenery on mantles and bannisters,” says Jordan. Of course you can’t forget jingle bells on every door handle! Serve comfort-food appetizers, such as devilled eggs, prosciutto-wrapped asparagus and cheese balls, along with spiked eggnog or classic punch served straight from grandma’s punch bowl. Light candles throughout your home and build a fire in the fireplace or woodstove (or turn on the electric fireplace!) for an extra dose of warmth.

10. A Halloween Christmas
Who says costumes are only for Halloween? For something completely different, host a Christmas party based on Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. Bring this gothic holiday theme to life with a black-and-white décor scheme accented with red and orange details to create a moody atmosphere. Serve up “spooky” Halloween-inspired appetizers such as our with an martini to wash it down. There’s no doubt your guests will be talking about your party for weeks to come.



10 Christmas party ideas full of holiday cheer


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    Amazing Party Ideas for Celebrating Your 10th Wedding Anniversary

    What’s for entertainment?

    Background music is the perfect choice of entertainment so that your guests can mingle, converse, and enjoy each other’s company.

    A day spent with family and close friends is a wonderful way to celebrate your wedding anniversary. From sending the invitations to setting up the venue and decorations, we will go through all the details of planning your anniversary party.

    Whether it’s a low-key get together, or a formal affair, you can easily organize a successful party. All you have to do is follow the tips mentioned below.

    Wedding anniversary party invitation wording

    Wording for wedding anniversary party

    If the party is not a formal event, email or post the invites at least 3―4 weeks in advance. Along with the information about when, what time, and where the party will be held, include a R.S.V.P. card as well. The theme of the party should also be mentioned so that the guests know what the dress code will be.

    Venue Ideas and Decorations

    Beach venue setting for wedding anniversary party

    If the weather is favorable, an informal beach party is a great way to enjoy the day. Get a permit for the party before you send the invitations out. Place either beach chairs and picnic tables to set up the area, or choose to hire a party planner with “the works”. You can place Tiki torches around the area, and have canopy tents above the tables as well.

    Picnic table setting for wedding anniversary party

    Wedding anniversary party seating venue decor

    For a laid-back elegant affair, an intimate garden party will delight your family and friends. Clear your garden a few days before the party, and place wooden chairs and tables. Add colorful cushions, tablecloths, napkins, and bunting to decorate the venue. Adorn the tables with daffodil centerpieces; after all, daffodils are the official flowers for a 10-year anniversary. And as the evening progresses, turn on the hanging lamps to keep the party going.

    Indoor buffet setting for wedding anniversary party

    Since the headcount for the party won’t be as large as for a wedding, an indoor buffet can cut down some work from your side. As everything will be spread neatly in front of everyone, guests can choose what they wish to eat at their own discretion.

    Barbeque setting for wedding anniversary party

    If you’re hosting the party at home, an intimate and lovely backyard BBQ is a wondrous idea. First of all, the venue is free and you can choose to decorate it however you like. Second of all, you can set up the grill as the center point where everyone can come together and have a good time. Plus, with a range of meat, seafood, and vegetarian options, your guests will have a great time.

    If you’re into the idea of having a dessert table at the party, commit to it completely. First and foremost, make a list of what type of desserts you want to include―cupcakes, cookies, hard candy, macarons, cake pops, donuts, cake, chocolate-covered pretzels, and so much more.

    Wedding anniversary party favor

    The decision to arrange favors for your guests rests entirely on you, and your budget. As far as party favors are concerned (strictly speaking for a 10-year anniversary party), it doesn’t have to be an even exchange of gifts (same expenditure). Although you are not expected to give the guests favors, but it will surely be appreciated. Anything from a bag of assorted candy, cookies, boxed cupcake, a candle holder, or a scented candle will do.

    These 10th wedding anniversary party ideas will work if you stay organized and delegate the tasks to others. Planning a party is a challenging task as there are other responsibilities to take care of. However, if you plan and follow through each detail gradually, there are less chances for you to get overwhelmed by it all.



    8 office holiday party ideas people will love

    Happy Office

    • Many offices have a holiday party at the end of the year, but about only a third of employees actually enjoy them.
    • There are plenty of ways for party planners to spruce up an event to make it more exciting.
    • If done right, everyone will rush to the office party every year.

    The end of the year is approaching and yule tide cheer is making its way into the office.

    Plenty of companies will have holiday parties at the office, but that doesn’t guarantee employees will have fun.

    Too often, the theme is absent and workers stand around sipping spiked egg nog with nothing to talk about. One survey even found that only 36% of employees actually enjoyed the annual office celebration.

    Here are fun party ideas that will please even the biggest Scrooges in the office and fill the workplace with holiday spirit.

    Treat employees before the party

    The party doesn’t have to start when the food is served.

    Birchbox knows this and is sending hairstylists and makeup artists to its office in preparation of it’s annual festivities. Employees can get a new do and makeover for the event to look their best.

    Get out of the office

    With employees spending so much time in the office, it can be tough to combine desks and computers with the fun atmosphere you want to create.

    If the company budget allows it, think about booking a banquet hall or other space to host your celebration. If you feel really adventurous, you can bring the party to a fun establishment like a bowling alley.

    Go with a non-holiday theme

    The holidays starts earlier every year.

    With Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas” getting radio time before Thanksgiving, it is easy for everyone to get fatigued. The traditional holiday theme can also become monotonous when done every year. Throw it back to another decade with a retro theme, have a masquerade ball, or blow up your beach ball for a Hawaiian themed Luau. 

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider