27 Creative Gender Reveal Party Ideas

Are you looking for gender reveal ideas? Here are 27 creative ideas that will make your party one your guests will never forget!

Finding out the gender of your baby is a BIG DEAL! It’s so big that it definitely calls for a party! Because gender reveal parties have only been celebrated recently, there are a lot of people who aren’t yet in the know. If you’re looking for unique and creative gender reveal party ideas, here are 27 creative ones for you to try. 

What is a gender reveal party?

A gender reveal party is an event where expecting parents get together with their friends and loved ones to celebrate and, of course, reveal the gender of their soon-to-be-born child. Gender reveal parties are becoming quite the trend. Why? Because they’re pretty exciting and so much fun! There are so many gender reveal ideas out there and we love how creative people can get with them. It makes it more exciting for everyone involved.

Great reasons you should have a gender reveal party

While it’s certainly a “newer” trend, there are, in fact, plenty of excellent reasons why you should consider having a gender reveal party.

  • It’s an important milestone in your life as a soon-to-be parent. And every milestone should be celebrated. Don’t you agree?
  • It’s way better than just sending an “It’s a girl!” text to all the people you know. Plus, you get to invite your friends whether they’re single or not. Win-win!
  • It’s a good way to enjoy the company of friends and loved ones. Once the baby arrives, you’ll soon be responsible for taking care of your precious, tiny human which means that you’ll be too busy to socialize.
  • It’s a momentous and exciting family occasion that you can look back on when the kids are grown – so don’t forget to take plenty of photos!

Do guests need to bring a gift?

Unlike baby showers, there’s no need to bring gifts for the baby at gender reveal parties. However, if guests don’t want to turn up empty-handed, they can bring a gift for the mom-to-be.

Gender Reveal Ideas

Hosting a gender reveal? Aside from getting your friends and family into the fun by having everyone choose team blue or team pink (and by wearing those colors on the day of the party), there are a ton of ideas to make your “REVEAL” fun and unique! Here are a few gender reveal ideas for your party:

  • Confetti Balloon – Have a large black balloon filled with either blue or pink confetti. When it’s time for the “big reveal” mom- or dad-to-be will pop the balloon to reveal a boy or girl!
  • Gender Reveal Box – Decorate a large box and fill it with pink or blue balloons. When it’s time, open the box to see if blue or pink balloons will pop out.
  • Silly String – Guests spray the parents-to-be with silly string in pink or blue.

Gender Reveal Decorations

If you have a baby on the way and are planning a big reveal, here are 27 Creative Gender Reveal Party Ideas that you can incorporate into your celebration.

Idea Number 1: Serve guests this Blue and Pink Popcorn at your gender reveal. Everyone loves popcorn! It’s also cheap, easy to make and super delicious. Plus, you can color popcorn to match your gender reveal party theme and decor. No wonder it’s one of the most popular food choices for parties and other events.  

Idea Number 2: Get your guests excited for the big reveal by hanging a cute He or She Door Sign. Don’t forget to tie in a few gender reveal balloons too! Guests will be donning their blue or pink shirts for Team Blue or Team Pink.

Idea Number 3:Blue and Pink Cotton Candy is another great treat for guests to enjoy at the party. This fluffy stuff is not just for kids. It’s a sweet treat to celebrate a sweet occasion!

Idea Number 4: Boho and tribal theme parties are big this year. Why not have aWho Will Join Our Tribe Gender Reveal Party Theme?! Mint green goes well with black and white, don’t you agree? We absolutely love this creative gender reveal theme!

Idea Number 5: Another adorable and super clever idea is this What Will It Bee Gender Reveal Party Theme. Bright and cheery, this color combination is sure to keep your guests A-BUZZING with excitement!

Idea Number 6: Set up a great gender reveal dessert table like in this Peach and Mint Whale Gender Reveal. This delightful setup is sure to WOW your guests, especially those with a sweet tooth!

Idea Number 7: Gender reveal parties are so much better with a creative theme. If you’re planning a boho chic theme, send this Boho Gender Reveal Party Invitation to your guests.

Idea Number 8: Reveal the big news with this Boy or Girl Gender Reveal Party Cake. This adorable cake can be the centerpiece of your dessert table. Then when it’s time for the reveal, parents-to-be cut the cake to reveal the surprise in the cake!

Idea Number 9: These Blue and Pink Cupcakes are absolutely adorable. So if you don’t want to do a cake reveal, cupcakes are the next best thing.

Idea Number 10: Aiming for a rustic gender reveal theme? Check out these Rustic Gender Reveal Party Ideas. It’s all about the details. We’re loving the pinwheels in these blue mason jars filled with flowers.

Idea Number 11: Set up a Bow or Beau Cast Your Vote Gender Reveal at your party, so guests can get in on the fun. Everyone at the party will surely have a blast!

Idea Number 12: When it’s time for the big reveal, you can make it unforgettable by using this cool trick. Make a DIY Gender Reveal Box like this one to release pink or blue balloons. Don’t forget to make the box all pretty! All you need is a little DIY magic!

Idea Number 13: Looking for another sweet treat option for your gender reveal? These Blue and Pink Pretzels are quick and easy!

Idea Number 14: We absolutely LOVE this Fingerprint Guess Tree that you can keep as a memento. Have it framed and turn it into wall decor in the nursery!

Idea Number 15: You can set up a gorgeous and fun Blue and Pink Gender Reveal Party Dessert Table like this one at your home or venue. Check out all the lovely details!

Idea Number 16: How cute is this Pop the Belly Gender Reveal Idea?! LOVE! You can customize the balloon colors to your liking. 

Idea Number 17: It won’t be a party without any cupcakes! Check out How to Make Gender Reveal Cupcakes for your party.

Idea Number 18: Anyone can set up this easy Gender Reveal Photo Booth. Guests will have a lot of fun taking photos. Make sure to ask for copies so you can post them on Facebook or Instagram.

Idea Number 19: This Old Wives Tales Sign is a great idea for your guests to take their guesses for boy or girl! From morning sickness to Chinese calendar, it’s a fun and unique way to decode your baby’s gender. 

Idea Number 20: Learn How to Make a Gender Reveal Box like this one for your big reveal. It’s a cute way to make the announcement. Just hang it up like a piñata and voila! Such fun!

Idea Number 21: This Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Gender Reveal Theme is another popular choice. Get a load of those adorable star-shaped cookies. We bet they’re quite easy to make too!

Idea Number 22: Would you do this Gender Reveal Powder Idea at your party?! It sure looks like they’re having the time of their lives!

Idea Number 23: What about this Paint Balloon Gender Reveal Idea?! All you need to do is mix water, cornstarch, some food dye, and then use a nozzle to fill up the balloon. What a fun idea!

Idea Number 24: This Pink and Blue Gender Reveal Party or Photo Booth Decor is perfect for the occasion. 

Idea Number 25: We love this Gender Reveal Balloon Pop Idea! Being showered with confetti (or even pink or blue colored candies) is a delightful way to do a gender reveal!

Idea Number 26: These fun Gender Reveal Party Pins are perfect for the soon-to-be parents.

Idea Number 27: Get a little crafty and make something that no one will have at their gender reveals – thisDIY Gender Reveal Stork Pinata. Seriously, how cute is this?!?!

Which of these 27 Creative Gender Reveal Party Ideas will you incorporate into your big reveal? Do you have a creative idea for your gender reveal you would like to share? Tell us in the comments below!

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60th Birthday Party Ideas For Mom 8 (superior 60th Birthday Decorating Ideas #2)

60th Birthday Party Ideas For Mom 8 (superior 60th Birthday Decorating Ideas #2)


Photo 2 of 1060th Birthday Party Ideas For Mom 8 (superior 60th Birthday Decorating Ideas #2)PrevNext

60th Birthday Party Ideas For Mom 8 (superior 60th Birthday Decorating Ideas #2)

Hello guys, this photo is about 60th Birthday Party Ideas For Mom 8 (superior 60th Birthday Decorating Ideas #2). It is a image/jpeg and the resolution of this photo is 963 x 722. This photo’s file size is only 102 KB. If You want to save It to Your PC, you can Click here. You may too see more images by clicking the image below or see more at this article: 60th Birthday Decorating Ideas.

60th Birthday Party Ideas For Mom 8 (superior 60th Birthday Decorating Ideas #2) Photos Gallery

Everyone knows that coloring is one in making a beautiful bedroom layout of the most significant aspects. Coloring is an essential part for remodeling or developing models, so choosing the hues that are right has to be considered. Along with may drive impact on understanding feeling and interaction as mentioned in the earlier article.

Because of the significance of the function of the sack, we should reveal the best bedroom types. We ought to select the design and colour that may make us accomplish peace of comfort and mind. Tranquility will be encouraged by a bedroom style that in a morning that is busy. You will notice having a space with good 60th Birthday Party Ideas For Mom 8 (superior 60th Birthday Decorating Ideas #2) shade can be a luxury in itself.

Consequently, you ought to pay specific awareness in selecting the most appropriate shade for the household bedrooms. The bed room is just a retreat where we sleep once we are exhausted, a spot where we sleep, tired of the everyday routine, or maybe once we are ill. The bedroom may be the place wherever we desired perhaps, read a popular novel or to be alone remain silent. Areas should be a spot that will create us feel comfortable.


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Outdoor Dinner Party Ideas with wricker chair : Home Interior Design

Outdoor Dinner Party Ideas with wricker chair

Outdoor Dinner Party Ideas : Outdoor Dinner Party Ideas With Wricker Chair

The cool images above, is segment of Outdoor Dinner Party Ideas document which is sorted within Planning & Ideas category and published at July 18th, 2013 06:00:38 AM by Andrea Glory

    Outdoor Dinner Party Ideas with wricker chair

    Outdoor Dinner Party Ideas with wricker chair

    x Close

Since it is dinner party, so you have to provide more foods, like the main course foods, so the guests will come back home with the full tummies. As for the decoration, you can count on the elegant theme of party. But avoid formal dress code, since the guests will likely have their supper’s time, so you can’t let the stains of the foods on their wardrobes. The simply yet elegant decoration, such as the use of chandeliers, the antique, yet looks filled with crystals are also important. The long dining table and the upholstered seats of the dining chairs should be your consideration in creating the best dinner party ever. The material for your upholstered chairs should be leathers. Since it is easy in cleaning, and will complete the elegant touch of your dining room, so you should make the best of it. You can also consider the choice of color schemes. This is important, since it will accentuate the theme that you use. If you plan to have a dinner party in elegant way of theme, you can always go with dark neutrals color palette, such as brick color, green, and brown. Those are some considerations for you in order to make the best outdoor dinner party ideas.

Tags : party decor ideas, house party ideas, dinner party ideas, party decorating ideas, party theme ideas, dinner themes, dinner parties, table decorations for parties, theme parties for adults, fun summer recipes

Outdoor Dinner Party Ideas : Outdoor Dinner Party Ideas With Wricker Chair

The Outdoor Dinner Party Ideas With Wricker Chair images that we inserted bellow, was an attractive and also imaginative design. The whole design composition was so influencing ideas.

While look at this images of Outdoor Dinner Party Ideas With Wricker Chair has dimension 800 x 599 pixels, you can download and take the Outdoor Dinner Party Ideas With Wricker Chair images by right click on the clicking the right mouse to get the high definition version.

Here is main tip on fun summer recipes. We have the excellent assets for fun summer recipes. Check it out for yourself! You can gather Outdoor Dinner Party Ideas With Wricker Chair guide and see the latest Outdoor Dinner Party Ideas in here.

Photo Gallery of the Outdoor Dinner Party Ideas

10 Unique Graduation Party Ideas for High School 2018

Your graduation marks an important event of your life. And it indeed is a matter of joy for your family and friends. If you think being a graduate is something that needs to be celebrated and you should share your joy with your near and dear ones, then throwing a party is something you can’t avoid. And if you have finally decided to throw a graduation party, then here are some Unique Graduation Party Ideas for High School to dope on-

Unique Graduation Party Ideas for High School

Image Source

Image Source

Image Source

Image Source

Image Source

Valuable keys!

Image Source

Although there are many Unique Graduation Party Ideas for High School, this one never gets old. Create a ‘keys to success’ board. Wondering what this board is? Well, it’s a board with a lot of keys; each having a piece of paper hanging from it with the help of a string. Now, you can have your guests share their keys to success on these bits of papers. This will act as a great source of motivation for your studies ahead.

Cute diploma themed Cutlery holders

Image Source

It’s a party guys! And the use of cutlery is indispensable. So, why not use diploma shaped cutlery holders. You can turn your routine cutlery holders into the diploma styled variety by simply tying ribbons around them.Have a look on DIY christmas decoration ideas for your home.

Don’t leave out the wall!

Image Source

It’s celebration time, and you can always use the walls of your house as a canvas for decoration. Since it’s a graduation party, don’ forget to write the theme of the party on one of the walls.

Say it with pictures!

Image Source

How about keeping a separate table for your graduation pictures? An amazing idea, right? And all you need is to arrange for a table, gather some of your most amazing graduation photographs, frame them up, and then erect the frames on the table.

The chalkboard effect!

Image Source

Install a chalkboard in the room to create that classroom ambiance. For any party, creating the right ambiance is of the utmost importance. And since it’s your graduation party, you can make the theme pop out by placing a chalkboard in the room. You might have to invest in one if you already don’t have it. But it will be worth every spent penny.

Fun with the photobooth!

Image Source

Photobooths have become the soul of parties these days. And to up the fun element, you can get a classroom themed photobooth installed at the party venue. This will not just reflect the theme of the party, but will also allow your guests to remain engaged throughout the event.

Play with numbers

Image Source

Write the year of graduation with DIY projects. You can use a chalkboard for this. You can also use your wall for this purpose. Whether you want to put the numbers on a stand or wish to hang them across the wall, is up to you. But this is a must try idea.

Weave memories!

Image Source

Do you love party themed photo garlands? Well, we too do! Then why not make them a part of your graduation party? No matter how many Unique Graduation Party Ideas for High School you try out, you simply cannot leave this one.

Cute balloons!

Image Source

Come on! Don’t say you are going to leave out balloons. Balloons are a must-have for a graduation party. And don’t forget to write interesting graduation themed quotes on the inflated balloons

Get some remarks!

Image Source

Put your college shirt on display for your guests to leave their remarks on. It will simply add spark to the arty ambiance.

Image Source

Image Source

Image Source

Image Source

Image Source

Image Source

Image Source

Image Source

Image Source

Image Source

Image Source

Now, these are certainly some of the Unique Graduation Party Ideas for High School. So, what makes you wait? It’s time for you to put these ideas into action. Celebrate

6 Holiday Office Party Ideas

We may be celebrating summer, but we’re anxious to start talking about holiday office party ideas. West Belmont Place has the largest ballroom in Northern Virginia called The National Ballroom, along with a variety of other indoor and outdoor options that work perfectly for your holiday party. Our professional catering and event staff will help you create a fun and different holiday party ideas and themes. Here are our favorites:

Speak Easy:  Recently the Dulles Chamber of Commerce asked us if we could put together an event that would create conversation and networking for young professionals new to Loudoun County. We came up with this Speak Easy reception idea, which would work perfectly for a holiday office party. The National Secret, a private room decorated in red, white and gold, has a private and elegant atmosphere. It even has a window in the door that guests use to announce the secret password to enter. The password could be used as a social media hashtag. The National staff dressed in flapper and gangster outfits and welcomed the guests, who were asked to dress in period costume too. Along with 30s and 40s Big Band music, cocktails dated back to Prohibition days. Local Catoctin Creek Whiskey and Bourbon made for some snappy Manhattans and Whisky Sours. Local wine and food pairing were a highlight, as Mary Watson-Delauder paired chocolate, herbs, pine nuts, oysters and bacon with a variety of wines.  An interactive cooking activity took place in the kitchen. Each person received a box with an object (i.e. bandana, Italian chef hat or shaker) which determined which group they were participating. Each group has an item on the menu to make. Bandanas made Sushi; Italian made a pasta dish; and the Shaker folks made a cocktail. This activity was so well received the Chamber has asked us to do it again in the fall.

Winter Wonderland: It may be frosty outside, but it will be warm and cozy inside even as we transform our ballroom into a Winter Wonderland for your group. With real falling snow,“live” ice carvings and white lights, we can make your party a magical  experience. How about a human dessert display with a real Snow Princess? We can set up an adult hot cocoa bar and an ice luge for Spirits. The cool blue and white lights will give a modern twist to your event.

Santa’s Workshop : The holidays are the perfect time to give back and create a team building activity. Putting your time and effort toward a good cause is a win – win for everyone. We work closely with Loudoun County’s Salvation Army and our planners can help you organize a toy drive or a winter coat collection during your event. Our rooms are perfect for a food basket building party where you would gather and compile baskets to distribute to families in need this season. After the work is done, your team can enjoy a holiday lunch or a seated dinner complete with live music. Some of the delicious offerings on our Holiday Menu this year are: Action Stations with Seafood Martinis, Sliders, and a Mashed Potato Bar. You can end the event with everyone taking home their own Yule Log Cake: a chocolate roulade cake with chocolate buttercream, decorated with a sugar poinsettia, chocolate shavings and a holly leaf.

Let the fun begin with Royal Casino night. Let’s see who has Lady Luck on his or her side. Who’s the best at Black Jack? Do you know how to play Craps or Roulette? Add a band and dancing to customize your theme. Food and beverage are always conversation starters. How about a signature martini and the timeless Vegas favorite: Prime Rib? Our culinary team will perfectly roast Prime Rib studded with Rosemary and Garlic and offer it with Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes, Horseradish Two Ways, Au Jus and Signature Caramelized Onions in a chef-attended carving station.

A Family Affair. When a corporation or association has a true family-work balance policy, what better way to spend the holiday than decorating cookies with your family? Our culinary team will prepare a variety of sugar cookies for your staff and their families to decorate. We will provide draped tables, decorating tools, food coloring, a variety of candies and decorations, plus royal icing in a pastry bag with 2-3 decorating tips. We can add a caricature artist, arcade games and dance music, while Santa makes a special appearance to give gifts to the children. Chef makes an awesome Mac & Cheese that can be added to a kid’s food station, along with holiday favorites for the adults.

Mega Music Bash. Everyone has different music tastes, but everyone loves a dance party. We will work with you and Olivera Music and provide different rooms, each with a different live band or DJ. From Disco to Jazz to Big Band to R & B and even Latin music, your guests won’t be bored at this holiday party! Menu options, such as New Orleans Gumbo could match up nicely with the Jazz music, while Manhattans, Beef Wellington and Shrimp Cocktail would be a good menu options for Big Band music. In the foyer as guests arrive, we could organize a local choral group. Invitations could say “music preference and costumes optional”. Wear your dancing shoes!

We hope these ideas start you thinking about holiday parties. Don’t forget that parties of 50 or more receive a complimentary ice carving!  Tell us about your event today.

By Nancy Vanesko, Catering Manager



The Best Party Ideas for Baby’s 1st Birthday

Oh! Finally, it’s your baby’s first birthday and you have made it through the 1 year of your parenthood. You obviously want to make this day memorable and special. So, you might want to throw a grand party and buy your baby a special present, but you need not appreciate the extravagance to be on the top. Honestly, baby’s first birthday is more for the friends and family rather than the birthday baby himself/herself, but making the day special and memorable will build a milestone and when your baby will grow older and look back can be able relived all those moments. Babies are innocent and for them everything is perfect. So, today I am here with the best party ideas for baby’s 1st birthday.

Automobile Theme

Spark the imagination of your baby with an automobile-themed party. It can be for your boys who love to play with toy cars and bikes. Or you can even plan a party decorated with cardboard air planes and other transport. You can plan a game among the kids aged above 3 years to play with water colours and paint those cardboard air planes or you can even ask your friends and relatives to dress up their kids as transports.

Prince or Princess Theme

All boys are princes and girls being the princess for their parents. You can decorate the party venue with prince and the princess royal theme and ask all your guests to dress up themselves in a specific colour code.

Cartoon Theme

You can plan out a cartoon-themed birthday party for your baby’s 1st birthday. You can dress your baby as Mickey or Minnie or any other cartoon character like Doraemon or Chota Bheem and ask the guests to bring their kids dressed in anonymous cartoon characters.

Balloon Theme

No birthday party without balloons. Isn’t it cute to bounce on balloon throughout the birthday party and make your kids laugh and enjoy the moment. Decorate the venue only with balloons.

Barbie or Ben 10 Theme

If it’s a baby girl 1st birthday party, then you can go with a Barbie theme and if it’s a baby boy 1st birthday party, then you can go with a Ben 10 theme. Dress your baby girl or boy, according to the theme and decorate the venue like heaven.

Season Theme

Planning a party with a season theme is quite interesting because it will give a look of the season in which your baby was born. Whether it’s summer, autumn, winter or rainy. Decorate the venue with the essentials. For instance, if your baby is born in one of the winter months like December or January, then you can plan to decorate the venue with fake snow or snowman and decorate it with plants and trees covered with snow.

Story Theme

Get the best story for your baby’s 1st birthday, like Alice in Wonderland or Little Red Riding Hood or Jungle Book or anything which you like. Dress your baby according to the theme and something specific because it is a memorable day as your baby is turning 1 now!

These are the best party ideas for baby’s 1st birthday which are worth considering.

23 Awesome Camping Party Ideas

A camping themed birthday party lends itself to so many fun outdoor-inspired designs, so we’ve rounded up 23 awesome camping party ideas for you to check out.

There are a ton of clever camping ideas! We especially love the creative Coleman lantern cake, build-your-own trail mix bar and yummy s’more party favors. But, there are so many other creative ideas to incorporate in your own camping party too! Which are your favorites?

See Also

  • Make sure your pack is ready to go with 20 Must Haves for Camping.

1. S’mores Cupcakes :: La Belle Fete Weddings and Events, as seen on Kara’s Party Ideas

When s’mores and cupcakes collide, you better be ready to run for the dessert table! S’mores are a quintessential part of camping, much like cupcakes and cake are the norm at a birthday party. Serving up s’mores cupcakes at a camping party is a genius idea! These chocolate cupcakes with a toasted marshmallow frosting are topped off with a graham cracker square and chocolate bar! No roasting sticks needed!

2. Woodland Campfire Birthday Party :: La Belle Fete Weddings and Events, as seen on Kara’s Party Ideas

Kids will especially love the darling animals incorporated into this woodland campfire birthday party. From adorable woodland themed cakes to cute woodland animal party hats, cupcakes, and plush toys, the details in this campfire birthday are breathtaking! Party guests could camp under the starry night in animal hide blankets and charming teepees.

3. Outdoor Adventure Hunt Camping Party Activity :: Clean and Scentsible

A camping party lends itself to some extra cool party activities. Camping party guests will love this outdoor adventure hunt idea, and you’ll love how easy it is to execute with a printable scavenger hunt list you can print directly on a brown paper sack that in which they can also store all of their hunt items. Examples of items guests must find include: a pinecone, an acorn, a flat rock, a piece of litter and so on.

4. Camping Party Build-Your-Own Trail Mix Bar :: A Little Savvy Event

Trail mix, camping and hiking all go hand-in-hand, which makes organizing a build-your-own trail mix bar at a camping party completely genius! Little campers will love creating their own trail mix concoctions. You’ll love how easy it is to put together.

5. Camping Themed Boys Birthday Party :: Homespun Hostess, as seen on Spaceships and Laser Beams

If you’re planning a camping themed boy’s birthday party, check out the rustic, outdoorsy details of this party! From a retro camping park admittance ticket style invitation to creative camping inspired treats and decorations, everyone will want to come hang out at your camping party!

6. Coleman Lantern Cake ::  Table Top Treats, as seen on Spaceships and Laser Beams

The Coleman brand has long been a part of camping trips, but now it is playing a starring role in camping parties too! This Coleman lantern cake is so realistic with amazing fondant detailing.

7. Camping Birthday Party Cake :: SimoneMadeIt

No need to go to great expense for your camping birthday party cake this year. You can DIY your own for a fraction of the cost. Decorate your camp fire cake using chocolate icing.  Add rolled chocolate wafer sticks to serve as logs. Top off with shards of red and yellow sugar glass to represent the flames. Serve up this beauty on a rustic round wooden block.

8. Camping Themed Birthday Party :: Style My Party, as seen on Kara’s Party Ideas

Nothing makes a camping themed birthday party more fun than making your own s’mores or filling up your own bag of trail mix. Everything from the printable decorations to the gingham and black place settings will make you want to head to the great outdoors!

9. Camping Birthday Party Food :: Ashley N, as seen on Catch My Party

Trying to come up with inspiration for camping birthday party food? You’ve come to the right place! Stretch your imagination and a little creativity and food labels transform a tin bucket of cheese puffs into “campfire flames” and lemonade into “bug juice”.  You’ll find creative uses for berries, and more!

10. S’mores Pops :: Jennifer Stafford Events, as seen on Spaceships and Laser Beams

You can skip the hassle of a fire altogether by making these s’mores pops ahead of time for a camping themed birthday. Simply dip a marshmallow in melted chocolate before topping with crushed graham crackers. Serve on a sucker stick.

11. Gummy Worm Fish Bait :: Lemonberry Moon

You can recreate the look of this awesome camping party treat idea by sourcing an old fishing tackle box and loading it up with all sorts of gummy worm bait! Party guests will be hooked for sure!

12. Campfire Cupcakes :: Louise S, as seen on Catch My Party

Now you can enjoy the beauty of a campfire with no chance of getting burned. Perfect for a camping party, these campfire cupcakes are topped with candy logs and fire ring with orange and red frosting flames!

13. Fishing Rod Gummy Worms :: NorthStory

What do you get when you combine thin wooden dowels, string and gummy worms? You get some awesome camping party treats, that’s what! These fishing rod gummy worms will be a hit!

14. S’more Party Favors :: Jennifer Stafford Events, as seen on Spaceships and Laser Beams

Thank guests for making your party s’more fun! Use cellophane bags and a printable bag topper to put together easy-to-assemble s’more party favors.  Include a few graham crackers, a marshmallow or two and some chocolate squares.

15. Pinecone Garland Decoration :: Brit + Co

Nature is your best friend when it comes time to plan decorations for your camping party! Round up a bunch of pinecones and sprigs of greenery and tie them to twine or jute to create a pinecone garland decoration.

16. Camping Birthday Party Dessert Table :: Petite Party Studio, as seen on Hostess with the Mostess

Lanterns filled with candy. Mini fishing poles using bamboo poles, vending capsules and edible bait and tackle. A campfire cake made from chocolate candy logs, rock candy embers and a sugar cookie flame. What do all of these have in common? They make for one awesome camping birthday party dessert table!

17. Sandwich Roll Sleeping Bags :: Jesi Haack Design, as seen on Babble

Get creative with your camping party food labels! A sleeping bag is a much cooler name for a sandwich roll served at a camping birthday party, and no extra work is required except a printable food label.

18. Camping Birthday Party Decorations :: The Rockin’ Boys Club

Don’t spend a small fortune on camping birthday party decorations. Start by raiding your own camping supplies. This camping party is decked out in items like a checkered tablecloth, pie tins, bandanas and a lantern that were already owned.

19. Kid-Size Play Pup Tent :: By Stephanie Lyn

Set the stage for an amazing camping party by DIYing these kid-size play pup tents! Would you believe they are less than $9 to make? That’s inexpensive enough to create several tents for a whole campsite!

20. Felt Campfire :: A Heart for Crafts, as seen on Party on Purpose

A camping party without a campfire? That would be tragic!  Create a cozy campfire from felt and enjoy a campfire anytime, rain or shine! Felt and polyester fiberfill are the main materials used to create this felt campfire set.  Hand and machine stitching are needed to complete the project.

21. Backyard Winter Camping Party :: Leo & Bella, as seen on Hostess with the Mostess

If you’re planning a backyard winter camping party, you won’t want to miss seeing how flannel, pinecones and wood textures are used in this party to create a wintry look! Plus, check out the adorable bear cake pops, fondant tent topped cake and amazing sugar cookies!

22. Worms in Dirt :: SimoneMadeIt

Kids might turn their noses up at an invitation to taste test worms in dirt. Once they know it’s really swirled chocolate and vanilla pudding layered in plastic cups topped with chocolate cookie crumb dirt and gummy worms, we’re pretty sure they’ll change their minds. Isn’t this perfect for a camping party?

23. Camping Party Favors :: Tidbits & Twine, as seen on Catch My Party

These hobo sacks (bindles) are such a creative camping party favor idea! Just tie a bandana on a tree branch/stick and fill with treats like s’mores kits or trail mix. Attach a printable tag with each guest’s name for easy identification of each person’s sack.

Planning a camping birthday party?  Check out these Amazon Affiliate party source links put together by the Spaceships and Laser Beams crew.

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Be sure to check out more camping party ideas here:

Plus, you do not want to miss this Woodland Themed Camping Birthday Party…

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What Will it Bee? Gender Reveal Party Ideas

Collage of bee themed party ideas for a What Will It Bee? Gender reveal party

What Will it Bee? Gender Reveal Party Ideas

Everyone loves a good spring gathering and what better excuse than a What will it BEE? Gender reveal party!? It’s the perfect theme to carry from gender reveal to “Mommy to Bee” or “Sweet as Can Bee” baby shower. Then into the nursery decor and baby’s first first birthday with “Happy Bee-Day”. With a theme this versatile there’s an abundance of amazing ideas, so I’ve sorted through and collected my favorites to make it super easy to plan a cute gender reveal party in a snap!

Affiliate links are provided for your shopping convenience. By clicking and purchasing, I may receive a small commission, at no cost to you. Please see my disclosure page for any questions. Thanks for supporting Halfpint Design so we can continue providing awesome party ideas!

What Will it Bee Gender Reveal Party Invitations

The invitation sets the stage for the whole party. First, decide on the overall feeling you’d like the party to have. Modern? Rustic? Traditional? Then decide on your color scheme.

You can stay with the traditional black and yellow but give it some modern glam by adding gold like this lovely invitation by High Peak Studios on Etsy.

Try a modern vintage take with this lovely kraft paper invite at Designs by Kepi on Etsy. It is, of course, a baby shower invite but could easily be adapted to a gender reveal party invitation. What will it Bee? Gender reveal party invitation in grey and yellow

Or go a little more contemporary with the soft grey and pastel yellow of this What will it BEE? Gender Reveal invitation by Northwest Design Co. on Etsy.

Then send it off in style with this honey bee wax seal kit as the perfect finishing touch! You can use your hot glue gun and special sealing sticks to make the task SOOO much easier. No more lighters and dripping wax making a mess everywhere! And don’t forget those thank you notes. Something simple like this sweet gold bee from Amazon would be ideal.

Honey Bee Party Decorations

Modern Black and Yellow Bumble Bee:

If you like clean lines and modern styling take notes on this gender reveal table by Kelsey Graves from We Heart Parties and Oriental Trading.

Recreate the Look:

Rustic Brown and Yellow Bee Decor:

Perhaps a more traditional and rustic approach to the bee theme is more your style like this gender reveal party by Kudzu Monster.

This table by Kate Johns is absolutely gorgeous with the apothecary jar centerpieces filled with honey!

Recreate the look:

  • Birch wood cake stand: Country Chapel, Etsy
  • Glass Apothecary jars: Amazon
  • Bee canvas art: Amazon
  • Then fill it in with cute bee decor like decorative honey pot, bee string lights, bee plates, or a hive candle.

Contemporary Grey and Yellow Bee Theme:

This clean What Will it Bee? gender reveal party set up, by Kim at The Celebration Shoppe, uses a fresh grey and yellow color palette and simple elements of balloons, tassels, and fans to make a big statement.

Honeycomb Backdrop Ideas

Since a honeycomb is the perfect motif for your What Will it Bee? Gender reveal party. Here are a few simple ways to get the look without breaking the budget:

Gold vinyl hexagons by Kenna Sato Designs make a stunning statement. Easy to apply and remove.

A honeycomb created with hexagon paper plates is just about as easy as you can get. But I think this display from a Crate and Barrel’s New Year’s Eve party looks pretty cool myself. You can also check out the hexagon backdrop I did using cut wallpaper scraps for my daughter’s Party Like Picasso Art birthday. It would be super easy to cut scrapbook paper using your electronic cutter as well.

Recreate the look:

  • Gold Wall Vinyl Roll: Amazon
  • Cricut Explore Air 2: Amazon
  • Bulk Popsicle Sticks: Amazon
  • Gold patterned hexagon paper plates: Amazon

Gender Reveal Party Activities

What will it bee score card and love note for a What will it bee? Gender reveal party

Shower games are something people usually love or hate! Whatever your preference we can probably all agree that getting guests involved is more fun for everyone. These What will it bee? gender reveal cards from Unify are the perfect balance. It allows guests to leave sweet sentiments for your new little honey AND allows them the opportunity to vote on what they think baby will bee!

Gender reveal scratch cards like these from Simply Modern Design Co. are such a great way to make the big announcement! These work well when the parents-to-be are in the know and surprise friends and family with their baby’s gender.

Bee Themed Gender Reveal Buffet

You’ve gotta have a cake, especially since it can serve as a treat AND the announcement! Cutting the cake is a great way for the couple to discover the gender. If you want to be surprised, have the cake made with pink or blue filling and watch the emotion as momma cuts into a gorgeous beehive cake, like this one from Artisan Cake Company. Don’t you just love the honeycomb fondant!? So cute.

You can even get a plain cake and add a lovely topper for a show stopping cake! I love this black glitter What will it bee? topper from Tiny Wren Creations.

For a semi-DIY, dress up bakery cupcakes with sugar bees and white chocolate honeycomb. You can find out how simple and easy it is to make in this  post.

No time to DIY? The easiest way to dress up your table is by using simple cupcake toppers like these from Palencia Grove Paper Design.

A post shared by Lucie Bakes (@lucie.bakes) on

Custom cookies are another great addition and I LOVE the color selection of these cookies by Lucie Bakes. With the pink and the blue it could still go either way!

Bee Themed Beverage Enhancements

Serve up your “nectar” with a side of gold bee embellished paper straws like these from Pelemele for a bee-utiful beverage detail! Spoons made of solid honey for tea at a What will it bee? Gender reveal party

Or enhance your tea party with these gorgeous that are not only practical but delicious!

What Will it Bee Party Favor Ideas

For the DIY’er – Use these silicon molds to create chocolate or soap honeycomb favors your guests will love.

Semi-DIY – Just fill cute glass hexagon jars up with honey and tie a tag. These cute favors are from our featured .

Easy as pie – tie a few of these honey sticks up with ribbon and you’re good to go. I love that it’s local Utah honey too!

For Mommy to Bee

As the Mommy to Bee you are allowed something fun to wear on your special day.

This darling black and yellow floral sash with bee detail from Bump Blossoms is the perfect gender reveal or baby shower accessory for the guest of honor.

And who wouldn’t love this darling “Mommy and me” set from Hello Hand Pressed. It’ll have you singing “I’m bringing home a baby bumblebee” for days!

Bee Themed Gift Ideas

And we can’t forget gift ideas! If you are the Mommy to BEE, you can use these awesome bee inspired selections to start your baby registry on Amazon. It’s seriously the best place to gather all your ideas in one place. Shop Amazon – Create an Amazon Baby Registry

Did you know that Amazon also has fun rewards for you when you register?Image listing of Amazon's Baby Registry perks

If you are simply a guest, this is a fabulous place to start for a bee themed baby shower gift that will have everyone buzzing!

Additional Gender Reveal Reading:

I hope you enjoyed our Bee themed gender reveal party ideas. For more great ideas check out our whole gender reveal collection.

Until next time my friend,


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