Pool Party Ideas We Love! – Pool party themes, games & favors

Make a big splash with quick and easy pool party ideas!

The weather is heating up and swimming pool parties are sure to follow. Grab a few of these ideas (or all of them) to ramp up your fun in the sun!

Pool party ideas


Your pool party theme can be just about anything. I like the traditional nautical theme. Why? Well, for one, it’s incredibly easy to find or create nautical party supplies!

Here are a few other popular pool party themes:

Adult themes

  • Hawaiian/Luau
  • Beach
  • Nautical
  • Casino
  • Flamingo
  • Throwback/Vintage
  • The 70s/Tie Dye
  • Paradise

Kid themes

  • Racecar
  • Fish/Shark
  • Under the Sea
  • Carnival
  • Rock Star
  • Rainbow
  • Haunted
  • Paradise
  • Disney (movies/characters)

Get more pool party theme ideas from our Shop By Occasion page and Design Templates.


Floating Noodle Candles

Illuminated noodle candles top my list of pool party ideas! They will quickly set a relaxed mood for your event. These floating candles are easy to create and require just a few, inexpensive supplies.


  • Pool noodles
  • LED tea lights
  • Transparent elastic ties
  • Plastic wrap
  • Scissors/knife


  • Cut a piece of plastic wrap slightly larger than the bottom of an LED tea light. Wrap the plastic around the bottom of the tea light and secure it in place with an elastic tie (hair wraps work, too!). The plastic will protect the battery in the tea light from getting wet.
  • Use a knife to cut a 3-inch section from the pool noodle.
  • Place the prepared tea light inside the center of the cut foam noodle. You may have to make the hole in the noodle slightly larger to snugly hold the candle.
  • Turn on the candle and place it in the pool!

I personally love the reflection of light on water. You’re going to adore these!


Swimming tends to make people hungry so you better have food ready to go! But be sure to take precautions when serving food outdoors. Keep cold foods cold to prevent the growth of foodborne bacteria, warns the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA). Cold food must be stored at 40 degrees Fahrenheit or below to remain safe to eat. That’s important to know because one of the most popular snacks at pool parties is veggies and a chilled dip. Share this recipe with your guests:

Dill Vegetable Dip


  • 8 oz. sour cream
  • 1/2 cup mayonnaise
  • 2 tsp. dried parsley flakes
  • 1 Tbsp. finely diced onion
  • 1/2 tsp. seasoned salt
  • 1 tsp. dill weed


Mix all ingredients together well, cover and place in the refrigerator. Serve with carrots, celery, sweet red peppers and any other veggies you like!


I hate to brag, but Totally Promotional has the coolest pool party favors for guests. We really do! Our affordable prices, low minimum order quantities and convenient delivery options are a party planners dream. It’s easy and down-right fun to use our online design tools to put a personal imprint on your favors.

Popular customized pool party favors:


I’ve also rounded up a few swimming pool games to keep your guests entertained!

Marco Polo is a classic! Two can play but it’s much more fun with a crowd. One person is dubbed “Marco” and is blindfolded. He or she must tag the rest of the people in the pool after yelling out “Marco” and listening for their locations as they reply “Polo.” The first person tagged is the next Marco.

Duct Tape Boat Races will bring out the real competitors! Create teams who will use cardboard boxes, duct tape, box cutters and markers to create boats. Then have the teams compete by rowing their boats across the pool, using their arms as oars.

Treasure Hunt is a great game for youngsters who aren’t afraid or need experience going under water. Simply throw coins, seashells or any object that will sink into the water. Then instruct your divers to find the treasure! The person to recover the most items is the winner.

Rubber Duck Races bring on the giggles! Have each participant push rubber ducks across the pool without using their arms/hands. It’s a riot to watch. Don’t forget to take photos!

Start planning today!

You can have a great party without a lot of fuss. It’s all in the planning! Dive into these great pool party ideas for a super summer bash everyone will enjoy! Be sure to visit our Outdoor & Summer Parties & Events board on Pinterest for more inspiration!

Pizza Party Ideas for Birthdays and more

Who doesn’t love pizza?  Hosting a Pizza Party for a birthday is a GREAT idea!   I worked with Christina from 4 Kids Cakes to design these custom printables for a she hosted party last year.  She was throwing a pizza-making party for her son Braeden’s birthday!  She worked hard to transform her dining room and kitchen into the perfect pizzeria!

The guests were invited to the pizza party with the perfect invitation: lots of red and white gingham.  Little did they know that Christina is a FABulous baker and she had a few “treats” up her sleeve.

The guests were greeted in the dining room with this outstanding spread of sweets and treats!

Christina had  “Mini Pizzas” which were chocolate-covered oreos.

Olives (Gum Balls)

Tomato Macroons

Green Pepper Cake Pops

Sugar Cookie Pizzas

Breadsticks – Chocolate covered pretzels

This Pizza Party had a lot of choices when it comes to the kids making their pizzas.  This printable menu was the perfect way to show kids what toppings were available.

How cute!

The table settings for this pizza party were so cute!  The gingham runner paired with the water bottle labels, straw flags, and napkin wraps were adorable!  And LOOK at those cute mustaches!

Those that know me know that I LOVE water bottle labels.  The ones for this pizza party are so.cute.!!!

Christina has SO many more photos and tutorials on her blog – be sure to head over there to see the instructions to make your pizza party over-the-top!

Be sure to pin this for later!


Styling: 4KidsCakes
Photography: Stacy Jacobsen
Printables: Swish Printables

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4 Unique Birthday Party Ideas

4 Unique Birthday Party Ideas

Kiddie parties before usually meant going for your kid’s favorite cartoon character and putting it everywhere, from his cake to the party favors. Nowadays, themes for kiddie parties are as varied and elaborate as parties for adults! Here are a few ideas that you can do for your child’s party:

1. Box of Crayons 

Ask your guests to come dressed in one color, head to toe, preferably in primary colors, so that when everybody comes together, it looks like a gathering of crayons! Run away with the theme by decorating your venue like a big art room, with walls filled with drawing boards to scribble on, colorful food shaped into crayons, and giveaways of—what else? —crayons and other arts and crafts materials.

2. Bubble Trouble

No child can say no to the fun that bubbles bring. While there are bubble shows out there that are already interactive enough to put your child inside an actual bubble, take it a level higher by having an endless stream of bubbles. Arm your guests with their own bubble wands, preferably the big ones that they would need to run around to make bubbles, and watch them have a lot of fun (and exercise!) with it. Make this party outdoors to avoid any sticky spills or cleanups afterwards! For the goodie bags, you can choose to give out bubble solutions, or a create your own bubbles set.

Ask your guests to come in either white or in neon-colored clothes, and turn on a blue light for the rest of the party, and watch your guests literally glow in the dark! It’s fascinating for kids to see this. Keeping track of little ones during this kind of party might make it a challenge, so keep the guests to a minimum to avoid any accidents of lost children. Give away additional glow sticks or bracelets to make it more. Give away glow in the dark stars or objects as a treat!

Who says you can only dress up in your costume during Halloween? Create your own “Comic con” and have everyone dress up in his or her favorite costume. The kids will love it, and the parents will be okay with it since they’ll find use for those old Halloween costumes again. Invite a caricaturist to draw the kids in their costumes, or to create their own “comic book” cover, right on the spot. Action figures would be a popular choice to give away, but you can also invite some cosplayers to your party and have them pose with your guests as their photo-op.

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DIY Scented Bath Bombs – Party Ideas

We’re starting our week with a super fun and gorgeously fragrant DIY. Is there a better way?!

These scented bath bombs look so pretty and are a fun crafty activity to make with girlfriends during a girls night-in or spa party and they make a super sweet gift for teachers, or party favor for so many occasions and celebrations!

I made these with the help of my little girl for our Mother’s Day spa party a few weeks ago, and we love making them so much that we’re planning on making some more soon!

Bath bombs are such a simple DIY gift for teachers, neighbors, and you could totally pin this idea for next Mother’s Day too. But I wouldn’t wait that long to make them, ’cause you’ll be hooked like us. Trust! 😉

Not only do these scented bath bombs smell pretty amazing due to the essential oils we used, but they offer such a relaxing aromatherapy experience at bath time and help to hydrate your skin thanks to the coconut oil in them.

We used heart-shaped molds for the bath bombs, but you could totally use whatever mold you prefer or already have at home. You could use round molds, cupcake-baking pans or any silicone mold, really.

The trick is to let them dry well overnight at least, so they firm up and don’t get crumbly on you. Then just package them nicely into glass jars for a thoughtful and useful gift idea!

I also love that the ingredients are all readily available online and can get delivered to your doorstep, so you don’t need to go on crazy hunt for rare materials!

My recipe uses citric acid as one of the main ingredients, which helps keep the bath bombs for longer and has a mild antibacterial property. Citric acid may sound scary but it’s basically what lemon juice consists of, so nothing weird here. It’s often used in canning or candy making too.

From a science point of view it’s the mixture of the citric acid (weak acid) and baking soda (aka sodium bicarbonate or bicarbonate base) that create the reaction or fun fizzy reaction in contact with water. 

The Epsom salt (or magnesium sulfate) are also in the ingredients list, and they’re added for muscle relaxation (athletes use them for this purpose too).

I didn’t add any color to my bath salts as I wanted them as natural as possible, but we did add some dried flowers like rose petals, lavender, rosemary, sage and chamomile. But you could also use dried oats in place.

PLEASE NOTE: Whatever you put inside your batch bombs will end up in your bath and drains. So make sure any dried flowers used in the bath bombs are fine enough that they don’t block your drains! Or you can leave them out of the preparation altogether, and only use them as decor to your packaged bath bombs.

The last ingredients, and my favs (you probably saw them on my Instagram stories?), were the coconut oil (SO many skin benefits) and essential oils of lavender (great for relaxation and calmness), rose, orange, tea tree (great for spots and pimples) and lemongrass (invigorating).

DIY Scented Bath Bombs

Ingredients: Makes about 12 x 2 inch blocks or heart-shaped bath bombs

* 2 cups sodium bicarbonate (baking soda)

* 1 cup of citric acid (powder)

* 6 tablespoons Epsom salt

* 1 tablespoon each of dried lavender, chamomile, rose, rosemary or other herbs and dried plants (optional)

* 15-20 Drops of essential oil in your choice of scent. I used orange, lavender, rose, tea tree and lemongrass. Use less for a milder scent.

* 1 tablespoon of coconut oil per bowl

* Metal mixing bowls (plastic will retain the smell of the oils)

* Spray bottle filled with water 

* Heart-shaped or other silicone cupcake molds or baking pan

1) Combine the dried ingredients – baking soda, citric acid and Epsom salt in a mixing bowl and mix thoroughly.

2) Separate equally into different bowl for each scent, then add coconut oil, dried flowers of choice (if using) and essential oil scent of choice. Mix until combined.

* rose essential oil + dried rose petals

* lavender oil + dried lavender buds

* orange oil + chamomile 

* dried rosemary + lemongrass oil

* dried thyme and sage + tea tree oil

But feel free to use whatever combination you like, or leave out the dried flowers altogether.

3) Test the consistency of the mixture by squeezing  a little on your hands. The mixture should feel like wet sand and clump together easily. If it does not, then lightly spray a little water until the right consistency is achieved. TIP: Do not over water as the fizzing reaction will occur and the mixture will swell up too much. Tried and tested 😏

4) Now pack the mixture tightly into the silicone molds, and leave to dry overnight at least.

5) Once fully dry, carefully take them out of their molds and package into a clean glass jar. You can add dried flowers on top or into the packaging for decor if you’re gifting them.

It’s so easy, right?! How about you? have you ever made bath bombs? Would you try them? Let me know in the comments! 😍

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Marvel’s Black Panther Snack Cups and Party Ideas

Celebrate the home release of Marvel’s Black Panther with this easy DIY. Marvel provided me with a movie night kit. I may earn a commision if you purchase items using links in this post.

I’m going to take a wild guess that with the massive success of Marvel’s Black Panther, more than a few Black Panther birthday parties and Black Panther movie nights are in the works. These Black Panther Snack Cups are easy to make when you download the printable. They’re a great addition to your Black Panther party plans!

Black Panther Snack Cups

Black Panther Printable

To make your own Black Panther snack cups, you’ll need:

  • Glue Stick or Glue Dot Runner

I picked up my black cups from the dollar store and a single sheet of silver cardstock from the craft store, making this a really inexpensive craft idea.

How to make Black Panther Snack Cups

To make this Marvel craft, start by printing out the Black Panther necklace printable on silver cardstock. (Gray cardstock will work in a pinch.) Cut out each necklace piece and glue them around the edge of the cup. That’s all it takes!

Fill your cups with your favorite movie night drinks or snacks and get ready to watch Black Panther!

The printable can be used for other DIY ideas beyond the cups. Cut and glue the pieces onto popcorn boxes or favor bags. You can even cut them out, add some string and create a Black Panther garland to use as party decor!

Black Panther Party Ideas

Looking for more ideas for your Black Panther Birthday Party or Black Panther Movie Night? Download these printable Black Panther Bingo Cards.

Killmonger Popcorn

Heart of Wakanda Cocktail

Black Panther Cocktail

Kimoyo Bead Treats and Heart-Shaped Herb Smoothie

Don’t forget to pick up your copy of Black Panther on Blu-Ray or 4K Ultra HD, or stream it using the Movies Anywhere app. Find out more about the exclusive bonus features in my interview with Executive Producer Nate Moore.

Black Panther Party Supplies

Want to save these Black Panther Snack Cups for later? Click on the photo below to save to Pinterest.

4 Themed Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Throwing a birthday party for your kid can be difficult. You want the party to be unique, fun, and ultimately have a theme that interests both your child and their friends. Besides conceptualizing the party, you also have to make the invitations, set up the decorations, and do all of the other organizational tasks as well.
This whole process becomes easier when you decide on one cohesive theme for the party. Here are four themed parties that are sure to be a hit and will make your kid’s next birthday unforgettable.

  1. Glow Party
Going with a glow in the dark party idea can really allow you to shape the party into whatever you want. You can transform your living room into a retro dance club with black lights, strobe lights, some tunes, and glow sticks. Tweens will love to paint each other’s faces using glow-in-the-dark face paint, while younger kids will be happy to make glow-in-the-dark Play-Doh.
You want to set the tone from the start, which means constructing invites that use neon colors and encouraging guests to wear white or neon to glow when they get there. To get the full glow-in-the-dark effect have the windows covered and have it take place at night. Kids will love seeing how everything glows.
  1. Sports Party
Sports-themed parties give you a variety of activities to choose from. You can center the party on just one sport or put the focus on many. You can cook snacks and foods that are related to whatever sports you choose, like hot dogs, popcorn, and large sodas for baseball. You can bake a cake in the shape of a football or soccer ball.
You can keep your guests entertained by setting up small games of marshmallow soccer or popsicle stick field goal. You can also host your very own sporting event. Involve kids and adults in games of tag football, basketball, baseball, and soccer. Buy colored shirts to differentiate teams and designate someone as a referee.  
  1. Luau-Theme Birthday Party
If your kid loves the beach, then a luau-themed birthday party might be the party you should plan. It’s a classic, making the material you need easy to find. Start with your decorations. You’ll want to buy tropical flowers (real or faux), seashells, a few sandboxes, and coconuts.
A luau party allows you to have fun with the party food as well. You can concoct fresh fruit punch, virgin Pina Colada, sweets that are adorned with tropical flowers such as hibiscus and morning glories. You can use this opportunity to grill. It’s also a great opportunity to serve your kid fresh fruits. 
  1. Pirate Party
A pirate party is another themed party where kids will have a blast. Any party store will carry the pirate-themed supplies that you’ll need. If your party store doesn’t have what you need, you can easily construct some cool party favors. For example, you can construct goody bags that look like treasure chests and are filled with “loot.” Your loot can be colored eye patches, telescopes, pirate stickers, pirate hats, and treasure maps.
Set the mood of the party by choosing a movie that stars pirates, such as Hook or the Pirates of the Caribbeanseries. It’s a great way to keep the kids easily entertained for a few hours. You can also plan a treasure hunt for the kids to play. The most effective way to set the mood is to have the kids to dress up as pirates. You can so that your kid can act the part.
What Theme Should You Do?
Planning a birthday party for your kid can be stressful. You have to take many factors into consideration, like where it should be, what food you should serve, and what activities you can have to entertain a group of kids. Having a theme can help you streamline the whole planning process.
The most important party planning tip to remember is that kids are easy. They often just want to play with their friends. You don’t have to make sure everything is perfect; you just have to make sure that the children are having fun.