Christmas party ideas 2017 – From making an entrance to dodgy conversation topics, we reveal ten tips for how to be popular at parties

LIKE it or loathe it, party season has arrived.

Cue a social calendar made up of family gatherings, office parties and drinks at multiple bars. Then there are those events you’re invited to as a “plus one” when you have mingle with strangers.

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Body language expert Judi James shares tips for how to feel confident over the festive party season

But how do you navigate a party when socialising doesn’t come naturally?

Here, body language expert JUDI JAMES reveals her top ten tips that are guaranteed to make everyone at the festive bash warm to you . . .

1 — Make a great entrance

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Hit the ground running and walk into the party sending out all the right signals

“First impressions count” is a phrase we’ve all heard countless times – and that’s because it is so true.

So hit the ground running and walk into the party sending out all the right signals.

Make sure you pull up to full height, push your shoulders back and down, breathe out gently and imagine you’re preparing to meet your best friend so your facial muscles relax into an authentic-looking smile.

Confidence speaks volumes.

Rita Ora rushes to MTV EMAs in her dressing gown

2 — Use the eye connect

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Catching others’ eyes from across the room of the Christmas party is key to success

Pause, smile and scan the room immediately.

Catching others’ eyes from across the room announces that you’re friendly, positive and approachable and makes people want to talk to you.

Don’t overdo the smile though, as too much teeth-baring can look aggressive.

3 — Avoid distractions

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Try to avoid distractions like using your phone at your Christmas party

Keep your phone out of sight. Checking or sending texts while you chat is a no-no.

Even having it on show means the phone will inevitably light up at some point.

Never scan the room with your eyes while you’re listening to someone talk either and watch all those fiddling gestures too as they will make you look bored.

4 — Keep moving

Getty – Contributor

It’s good to keep moving and dance the night away, says body language expert

Take enough time to grab a drink then walk up to the nearest group and join in. The longer you pause before mingling the harder you’ll find it to break the ice.

Groups of three or more are the easiest to break into. Though you may be tempted to go for the loner, remember they could be hard work.

Look for the biggest gap to step into but don’t interrupt the speaker if they’re mid-flow.

Instead nod briefly to the people standing on either side of you before subtly mirroring the group’s body language to ingratiate silently. When the speaker finishes their story, you can quickly introduce yourself.

5 — Don’t hover

Getty – Contributor

Try not to hover for too long and feel awkward at your Christmas party

If the group doesn’t part to let you in, don’t pause for longer than three seconds before waving to someone across the room and walking off.

Or walk confidently to the bar, it’s a better face-saver than slinking off miserably.

6 — Get greeting rituals right

If it’s a formal party, keep your right hand free for handshakes.

Give a firm shake using eye contact, and no limp hands, knuckle-crunchers or damp sweaty palms.

If you’re cheek-kissing, touch the other person lightly on the shoulders to help gently steer and touch right cheek to right cheek but no lip-to-cheek touching.

When guests tell you their name use it once to help you remember it.

People love people who remember them and call them by name.

Rita Ora gears up to host the MTV EMAs in London

7 — Perfect your small talk

Getty – Contributor

Perfect your small talk and have a good natter

Spend time before the party checking out good, fun subjects for small-talk.

A quick scan through the papers should help but keep off controversial subjects like Brexit. Avoid ego-centric conversations, too.

Ask open questions and focus on getting the other person to tell you more about themselves rather than bringing the conversation back to yourself.

Things like: “How did you get into your line of work?” rather than: “Do you like your job?”

8 — Use active listening signals

Everyone likes a good listener. Face the speaker front-on and use lots of eye contact as you listen.

Nod as well to ensure you don’t look as though you’re staring and allow your facial expression to respond to their conversation.

Raising your eyebrows in surprise can look more genuine than saying: “Oh that sounds really interesting,” which often sounds fake.



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9 — Hold your drink at rib height

Getty – Contributor

Hold your drink at rib height and try not to cross your arms at parties

Any higher and it looks like a barrier and any lower will signal disinterest.

Never stand with your arms folded or your legs crossed at the ankles. Nothing says “keep away” more than these two barriers.

If you’re carrying a bag, try to tuck it under one arm rather than hugging it to your torso so your body suggests you are open to conversation.

10 — Mirror to create rapport

When you’re chatting to another guest, subtly mirror their pace, style of movement and speech.
Subconscious mirroring happens naturally when we’re with people we like so your own likeability quota will soon rise when you fast-track the process.

8 Chrismukkah Party Ideas Your Whole Girl Crew Will Love

Once Halloween is over, holiday parties and endless meals seem to take over almost instantly. The festive season is now upon us, and it can definitely be overwhelming at times. But ’tis the season, and parties bring some of the best memories and fun you’ll have this time of year. If you have a big core group of friends, it may sometimes be difficult to coordinate with everyone’s different celebrated holidays. If Christmas and Hanukkah are shared in your group of friends, a Chrismukkah party is a must. But how do you exactly come up with some epic Chrismukkah party ideas?

Well, instead of highlighting one or the other, fuse these two beautiful holidays into one to create the fabulousness that is Chrismukkah. A lot of people celebrate Chrismukkah because they honor both traditions. Others use it to have holiday parties among friends who come from the different faiths. You definitely don’t want to leave anyone out, which is why festive parties are the best way to go.

So, to get your imaginative gears churning to think about what you want your Chrismukkah theme to be, there are a ton of DIY recipes and crafts to find online. You can change any neutral holiday decoration into one for this party, and make sure to choose a color scheme to keep it fun and festive (some great ones can be white, gold, maroon, blue or red). Here are several ideas to get you going.

White Doily Evergreen Trees

The Domestic Geek, YouTube

Every cold weather place (aka, an ideal winter wonderland) has evergreen trees covered with glistening snow. I mean, what fun are the holidays with no snow? Some may disagree, but it’s a staple for sure.

To recreate that feel in your home without the cold snow and with a delicate touch, doily trees are the way to go. Use white, round doilies, skewer sticks, a little styrofoam cone, and marshmallows. This decoration idea is super neutral and super easy, yet it makes for a great centerpiece. Your apartment or house will be decked out in winter white in no time.

The Domestic Geek on YouTube

Teddy Bear Peppermint Sleighs

Primrose, YouTube

If you want to creatively feed your guests while also killing them with cuteness overload, these teddy bear peppermint sleighs are for you. All you need are peppermint candy canes, mini Milky Ways, and Teddy Graham Crackers. There’s no oven involved, too, which is a plus for someone (*cough* me *cough*) who isn’t a master in the kitchen. In no time, you will have the cutest edible treat, and your guests will fall in love.

Primrose on YouTube

Snowy Candle Holders

IdunnGoddess, YouTube

For this craft, get an empty, crystal clear candle holder, salt, and a tea candle, and you have a fast way to make a standard piece just that much more festive. If you want to be extra artsy and creative, make miniature decorations for inside the holder (make sure it’s far enough away from the actual candle so there aren’t any fire hazards). Also, you can use silver sharpie to make the outside festive as well with little snowflakes.

IdunnGoddess on YouTube

Rice Krispie Trees

Primrose, YouTube

How to make a timeless snack all the more useful for the holidays? Dye it green! Make some edible trees with a simple Rice Krispies recipe and use food coloring to finish off the treat. While this is a “Christmas” DIY, you can easily make it into whatever you want — keep the green with red sprinkles, but also add blue ones, and you can even have powdered sugar to look like snow.

Primrose on YouTube

Festive Sweater Vases

The Domestic Geek, YouTube

To keep with the warm and cozy Chrismukkah party theme, grab some vases and some festive tights, or thick argyle or winter-patterned socks. Cut the ends off, and slide them over the vase you have. You can display flowers, drinking straws, or utensils in it for another great table decor. You can also do this with your glass cups (or mason jars are always a good go-to with drinking ware).

The Domestic Geek, YouTube

Melted Snow People Cookies

MissRemiAshten, YouTube

For these fun and totally delicious treats, you’ll need sugar cookie mix (from a tube or otherwise), white cookie icing, and marshmallows (along with any other garnishments you want). Let the frosting be messy (which is easy, of course), and place one big marshmallow on it for the snow person’s head. Add eyes, arms, and buttons for that added effect (and laugh).  

MissRemiAshten on YouTube

DIY Mason Jar Snow Globes

MissRemiAshten, YouTube

Another mason jar activity (again, because you clearly can’t escape these things), allows you and your guests to customize your very own snow globes. Use the jars and caps, water, and then (most likely) glitter. You can add laminated pictures, and put little holiday beads in there as well. You can also make some that are Hanukkah-themed and others that are Christmas-themed to embrace Chrismukkah even more.

“Snow”-Covered Pinecones

IdunnGoddess, YouTube

Last but not least, this is an activity that we have been doing since we were young. It’s also easy and the materials won’t break the bank. Collect some pinecones and drench them in glue. Salt will give off the best snow effect on these, so you can roll them in some of that. You can also use white paint, to really create that winter wonderland vibe.

IdunnGoddess on YouTube


17 Pool Party Ideas with a Ton of Splash

Everybody into the pool party! There’s nothing more fun than water play on a hot day and our easy tips and tricks will help you beat the heat and enhance your cool party parent factor. From a brightly colored pool to creative jello snacks, read on for the scoop on stellar ideas for the ultimate splash party (kiddie pools count).

5th bday party: Hugs, baseball bats and huge splashes

” data-medium-file= data-large-file= src= alt=pool-splash-party-birthday width=640 height=427>

Photo credit: Lars Ploughmann via Flickr Creative Commons


Let your party go-ers know how big of a splash they’re in for. Whether you use beach balls, pool noodles or signs, here’s how to make your party look picture perfect.

Whether you’re turning your pool party into a gathering for mermaids, pirates, sailors or Olympic swimmers, a friendly sign pointing your critters in the right direction always makes a pleasant welcome.


Photo credit: via Pinterest

You can buy mini beach balls or make them on your own for this simple, but stellar garland. All you need is a little paint, styrofoam balls and string! Get the tutorial over at Studio DIY.


Photo credit: Studio DIY

Make your pool extra color and fun by throwing balloons into the mix! It’s a super fun and affordable idea that’ll get kids rushing for more water play. Attendees of the Dukes and Duchesses’ party certainly had a blast. balloons-in-pool

Photo courtesy of Dukes and Duchesses

Really enhance your wading pool with a few pool noodle petals. Find flower shaped pool noodles at your local Dollar Store, and then cut them with a knife. And, in less than 10 seconds, you have decorations as beautiful as The Party Animal’s.


Photo credit: The Party Animal

All those cute floaties now have a permanent home on your snack table! We love this idea by Etsy shop Forever Your Prints, who enhanced this swimming party with lovely print outs from her shop. pool-party-snack-table

Photo courtesy of Forever Your Prints


Swimming after a full heavy meal isn’t ideal, so instead of making your kids wait an hour before play, why not provide a snack spread that they can nom on throughout the day? Check out all the clever, energy boosting treats you can have below.


Photo credit: I Sing In the Kitchen

Prepare a snack bar full of healthy choices to keep your kid’s energy up for the day. Let them load up on their dose of fibrous celery, fruit and wafer snacks. Crissy Crafts cleverly decorated her fruit platter to look like a beachball. Amazing!


Photography by Crissy Crafts

Just one sign can change everything. Bethany from Maryland Pink and Green labeled her punch pool water, resulting in many snickers and giggles from the kids.


Photo credit: Maryland Pink and Green

Cool down with kiwi pops or root beer flavored icicles. Check out our astounding list of 20 drool worthy popsicles that are healthy, fresh and down right perfect for beating the summer heat.


Photo courtesy of Weelicious


There’s more to water play than splashing and swimming laps. Whether your kids can swim in the deep end or like to float in the shallow end of the (wading) pool, here are some fun games that’ll have them hopping with excitement.

Who doesn’t love an easy way to have fun and make memories? Let your kids pretend to be scuba divers as they smile for the camera. This Pinterest user took an extra step and put her fancy props in jars of sand for an extra beachy feel. photo-booth-pool

Photo credit: April Maus via Pinterest

Move aside water balloons, there’s a new wet and wild game that’ll last much longer! Follow Crazy Adventures in Parenting to learn how to make these squishy, fun-soaked sponge bombs.


Photo courtesy of

Let your kids show off their brain skills with this super amusing toss game. Write numbers on sponges. Then get your tot and his or her friends to toss the sponge on to the corresponding frisbees. Older kids who want to step their game up can try throwing sponges with math equations on them. Get more variations of this game over at Blissfully Domestic.


Photo courtesy of

Ready, steady, go! Race your ocean animals in a wading pool by squirting at them with a hose or a water gun. Kids will have a blast cheering on their friends or favorite animal. Use string to make lanes for a real Olympic race. See what other kind of ocean animal diving games you can play over at Toddler Approved!


Photo courtesy of Toddler Approved


Send your party people home with fun reminders of what a great day they had. Check out these awesome party favors that’ll keep your guests warm and protected all throughout the day (and long after).

Tell your friends to skip the towels and water bottles because you’ve got them ready – as party favors! oh goodie designs packaged theirs extra nice with a ribbon and a colorful label.


Photo courtesy of oh goodie designs

Protect those big eyes from the bright summer glare. Kids from Miss Prim and Me’s pool party got to choose from a chromatic display of super cool shades.


© KJane Designs, 

Parents are truly going to appreciate this favor. Put out all kinds of toddler friendly sunscreen that your guests can use at the party and even take home. SPF 50 for the face and a spray on one that’s waterproof? Check, check! And look at the extra flair Entertain with Jordan gave to her station!


Photo credit: Sandra Winters 

Tell us what party idea you most liked in the comment section below.

— Christal Yuen

22 of the Best Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas on the Planet

Build an awesome birthday with these Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas — including decorations, cakes, DIYs, party supplies and more!

You still have time to create an alternate universe for your next ! Colorful cubes are used for everything from cake on the dessert table, to square head decorations, to fun, themed favor ideas.

Unique Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

See Also

  • Check out these 17 Minecraft Birthday Party Suppiles to prep for your party!
  • You’ll love these Minecraft Birthday Party Cakes as well! 

22 Minecraft Birthday Parties for Boys

Boy's Minecraft Themed Birthday Party

1. From Partylicious via Spaceships and Laser Beams: Boy’s Minecraft Themed Birthday Party – What an awesome party set-up! The dessert and guest tables are really special at this birthday. Check out all of the interesting details!

Minecraft 11th Birthday Party

2. From Fernanda Frazao via Kara’s Party Ideas: Minecraft 11th Birthday Party – Here’s an elaborate presentation with a number of special treats including potion bottles of candy. See lots of the Minecraft characters featured on the table.

Boy's Awesome Minecraft Party

3. From Made by a Princess: Boy’s Awesome Minecraft Party – See a great party paper plate backdrop here. There’s also a wonderful themed food table; the Rolo dynamite sticks are really clever. The Princess also came up with terrific activities.

Boy's Dynamite Minecraft Birthday Party

4. From A Stylish Affair by Jessie via Spaceships and Laser Beams: Boy’s Dynamite Minecraft Birthday Party – Look at many clever parallels to the Minecraft game at this party. I especially like their dessert table backdrop and the outstanding cake.

Boy's Minecraft Birthday Party

5. From Freshtake Photography via Hostess With the Mostess: Minecraft Party – There’s a super party set-up on this dessert table that featured a boy-pleasing exploding TNT cake! Also see a Ghast piñata, made by a 13-year-old brother (you can do it, too!).

Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

6. From Supermum Cakes via Spaceships and Laser Beams: Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas for Boys – A terrific hero Brine cake takes center stage on a marvelous outdoor table.

A Minecraft Birthday

7. From Sweet Soirees via Hostess With the Mostess: A Minecraft Birthday – Minecraft printables dress up the dessert table, but the guest table setting is my favorite view here.

Boy's Top Notch Minecraft Birthday Party

8. From Dream a Little Dream via Spaceships and Laser Beams: A Boy’s Top Notch Minecraft Party – The entire set-up pulled guests into the fantasy world; I especially liked their brewing station. Each of the guests received a Minecraft mask as well as other fun take-hoes at this fine party.

An Outdoor Minecraft Birthday Party

9. From Anamaria Murillo via Kara’s Party Ideas: An Outdoor Minecraft Birthday Party – Here’s another instance of a resourceful mom building a party for a game loving boy! The venue chosen was an excellent party site.

Logan's Minecraft Birthday Party

10. From Emily’s Creative Creations via Catch My Party: Logan’s Minecraft Birthday – The entire corner of this party was transformed by faux brick and stone—a great backdrop for the dessert table.

DIY Minecraft Birthday Party

11. From Southern Revivals: DIY Minecraft Birthday Party – This DIY mama came up with some awesome ideas for limited resources. The enchantment activity table is a genius idea.

Boy's Minecraft Birthday Party

12. From MaMeMima via Spaceships and Laser Beams: Boy’s Minecraft Birthday Celebration – This designing mama built an entire Minecraft themed dessert table; you’d never realize she didn’t know a thing about the game before designing the party!

Terrific Minecraft Party Ideas

13. From Raining Hot Coupons: Find a list of fun ideas here, such as letting kids make Minecraft style pictures of themselves and playing pin-the-tail on the pig with a Steve box head-blindfolded.

14. From Printable Parties to Go via Kara’s Party Ideas: Vintage Minecraft 8th Birthday – There’s just a peek at this party but I like the focal point arrangement with a basket filled with the Minecraft characters.

Minecraft Birthday Party Celebration

15. From Creative Parties and You via Catch My Party: Minecraft Celebration – Using the large Creeper face was a good idea to help fill the space in an outdoor venue.

Boy's Minecraft Birthday Party Dessert Table

16. From Sunny by Design via Spaceships and Laser Beams: Joint Minecraft Birthday Party – A brother and sister and their guests had to have been delighted at this fun party with many clever details and activities for all.

A Boy's 10th Minecraft Birthday Party

17. From Lip Service by Mel: A Boy’s 10th Minecraft Birthday Party – This party throwing mama has some great ideas. The presentation of the birthday boy’s gift was an exciting fanfare! Mom is willing to share her templates for the party items she made too.

Boy's Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas

18. From Party Inspirations via Spaceships and Laser Beams: Boy’s First Class Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas – The first piece of wonderful I noticed here was the unique color combination—so refreshing!  Still, you won’t want to miss any of the Minecraft components at this great party either.

Aiden's Minecraft Birthday Party

19. From Sugar Bites Desserts via Catch My Party: Aiden’s Minecraft Birthday Party – There are several fun, hands-on activities for the guests, including make-your-own Creeper shirts, mining for gems and mix your own brew.

Minecraft Birthday Celebration Ideas

20. From An Portraits via Spaceships and Laser Beams: Minecraft Birthday Celebration Ideas – You won’t believe the great way this party came together even though mom only had four days to prep everything. Amazing!

Minecraft Themed Bar Mitzvah Party
21. From Bellwether Events via Hostess With the Mostess: Minecraft Themed Bar Mitzvah Party – The Minecraft calendar guest book is a super idea! The ice cream sundae bar is well-stocked with candy rocks and gems. The creeper toothpicks used on the finger foods are fun.

Zamier's Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas

22. From Chasity via Catch My Party: Zamier’s Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas – The hanging decorations over the guest table add to the party atmosphere . One of the treat presentations includes a cool block configuration of cake, rice crispie squares and blue Jello. There’s a funny favor idea to be seen here, too-I like it!

Don’t miss out on 17 Minecraft Party Supplies we Love…

Dr. Seuss Party Ideas

Earlier this year I created this fun and colorful Dr. Seuss party to help kick off Read Across America week. It is also a great way to celebrate and get the children ready to head back to school! Sit and stay for a bit as we share some of our favorite Dr. Seuss books, fabulous party treats, fun party decor and lots of inspiration!
I remember growing up with some wonderfully whimsical Dr. Seuss stories! Some of my favorite titles as a child included: Wacky Wednesday, In a People House, I Can Read With My Eyes Shut, and of course, my very first Dr. Seuss book, Hop On Pop! Four children later, and these stories still remain a constant inspiration of silliness and creativity in our house. 
We recently received some super fun from our friends over at . With the help of their , and  I was able to create a festive Dr. Seuss themed party backdrop! You can create your own colorful creation by using fabrics in bright colors and bold patterns. I used striped fabric for my backdrop and added a frame to the Dr. Seuss poster.

Create drapes, like in the window from the Cat in the Hat story, by using a bold colored fabric. I really enjoy mixing different patterns and colors together! Tie your drapes back with a brightly colored ribbon. 
I found this darling  that was created by our friend Paula Biggs, for . It was so easy to put together and brought such a fun element to our party table! You can download her file, print, cut, and display.

Need ideas for party favors? How about gifting your guests with a Dr. Seuss book and a matching plush toy?! Not only are you sending them home with a cool parting gift, you’re also adding years of enjoyment to their home library! 
I picked up some great Dr. Seuss titles, along with a coordinating plush, from . Display the books and plush toys inside a Dr. Seuss themed bag, and your guests are set!

No Dr. Seuss celebration would be complete without a cake! Get a little zany and use a silly birthday cake shaped hat, from – display it on a cake stand and you’ve got yourself a pretty fun “birthday cake”! 
Set out some other party treats for your guests to enjoy! Cupcakes are an easy alternative. I took some brightly colored school themed cupcake toppers, from , and added them to some store bought cupcakes. Add in small areas for fun pops of Dr. Seuss-isms!
Nicole, from , always dishes a super creative spin to all her party treat creations! I just love her Cat in the Hat, Thing1 and Thing 2 cake pops! She also whipped up some really cute Cat in the Hat marshmallow kabobs. Yumm!
Make your little guests feel special by setting up a separate party table just for them! This can be a small area for them to socialize, read their Dr. Seuss books, and enjoy a few party activities. 
Give their party table a dose of festive decor! I used a , from , and suspended it directly above the guests’ table. Not only will it provide a fun pop of color, you can also use it later in their special reading corner.

Dress up your  by attaching more Dr. Seuss cutouts to the front of them. Get creative with your table setting! 
Add some easy activities to keep your party guests entertained. It can be something simple like these little sticker and activity books. Set them out at each place setting along with Dr. Seuss themed plates, cups, and napkins – all from . You can also take Dr. Seuss dry erase boards and use them as a placemat – super easy! 

Will you be participating in some fun Read Across America activities and celebrations? Are your younger children excited to get back to school to see their friends? I hope you’ve been inspired to catch up on some wonderful Dr. Seuss stories!

Ready, Set, Read!

This post was sponsored by Oriental Trading. LAURA’S little PARTY has received payment, and/or products, in exchange for party inspiration and fun ideas. As always, all opinions are 100% our own.


Creepy n’ Chic Halloween Cocktail Party Ideas

There are tons of Halloween party ideas involving candy, and party ideas for kids over on Pinterest. Fact. 

We also love sharing loads of kid-friendly ideas here on the blog. Guilty as charged.

So this year, I decided to style a little Creepy n’ Chic Halloween cocktail bar to give you some ideas on DIY decorations and recipes for an adult-themed spooky soiree. Gruesome! 💀

Creepy n’ Chic Halloween Cocktail Party Ideas

Most of the decor consisted of skulls of some sort. Glass skull bottles, gold skulls (that was actually a money box from a dollar store!), plastic skeletons, skull drinks stirrers etc.

I also brought out my trusty black cages and crow that make an appearance every Halloween at our house!

I have a thing for crows, not in a creepy way or anything. But apparently, they are super intelligent birds and can even recognize human faces. There’s your daily does of nerd fact. You’re welcome! 😋

And you know how much I love DIY and crafts. So naturally, I had to also add a few crafty details to our cocktail bar. Nothing scary, though. Promise!

Printable Halloween Table Backdrop

Apart from the usual Halloween bar decor, I designed a large Halloween printable poster to act as my table backdrop.

At first, I wanted to make a real creepy, black twigs wreath. But let’s face it, ain’t nobody got time for that much DIY… so I resorted to my beloved printables to fill the blank wall behind the bar.

I must say, it turned out better than I expected and was super quick and easy (not to mention really cheap to make)! 

I can’t get enough of these large posters to decorate my kids’ parties (as you probably saw here and here). So now I’m totally crushing on them for my Holiday parties too!

DIY Macabre Halloween Blooms

First things first – flowers! I used a mix of real blooms in a deep burgundy color and added some faux silk flowers that I spray painted black. Easy or what?! 

Plus, the silk blooms helped to add fullness to the table arrangement while keeping costs down, and that’s always a huge bonus! 

You could also spray paint eucalyptus branches or plumage to add to your bouquet. Basically, anything goes in this macabre floral arrangement.

DIY Bloody Halloween Candles

Next I attacked the candles. You can’t have Halloween party without creepy candles, right?

At first I thought of using black taper candles. But then I didn’t want anyone knocking candles over while making their cocktails (hot wax ain’t a good look, even for Halloween!).

So I decided to add chunky “bloody” candles to these pretty gold, glass terrariums. It gave the right amount of chic and creep to the table without much effort at all!

Full tutorial coming to the blog soon.

DIY Bloody Drinks Glasses

These “bloody” rimmed cocktail glasses mimic the “bloody” candles above and will be the talk of any Halloween cocktail party, for sure!

It’s so easy to do and creates a super creepy effect, not to mention that it transforms any glass into a Halloween-worthy goblet in minutes!

Tutorial coming next week.

Halloween Cocktails & Party Drinks

The whole point of setting up a cocktail bar for any party, is that your guests can play mixologists for the night and concoct their own drinks.

So I like to provide them with all the trimmings (spirits, wine, cocktail shakers, drink garnishes etc) and a little cocktail menu card with drink ideas and recipes to get their creative juices flowing.

Nonetheless, it’s also a cool idea to have a batch cocktail ready to serve to your thirsty guests as you greet them though the door.

I like to keep things simple. So I served one of my favorite drinks, a Kir (crème de cassis liqueur or Chambord topped with red wine). For a sparkling version, use champagne or sparkling wine instead of red wine (a Kir Royale).

I drink this cocktail in summer with ice, but its deep purple color makes it perfect for Halloween.

More Halloween cocktail recipes coming to the blog soon!

DIY Golden Skull Drink Stirrers

 Any drink you serve will look extra creepy if you add golden skulls drink stirrers to your glasses! So chic too, right?!

The DIY tutorial is coming to the blog soon.

This Creepy n’ Chic Halloween Cocktail Party Ideas post appeared first on Bird’s Party Blog

party ideas | printable blog

C Riches

Cristina Riches aka Bird, is the founder of She’s also a creative mom of two, published author, graphic designer, magazine editor and unconditional party lover. Her party ideas have been featured on numerous publications such as, CNN Entertainment, Parenting Magazine and; and she’s a regular party contributor to PBS Parents, Yum Food for Kids Magazine, Créative Magazine and HGTV. 


Ewok Birthday Party Ideas Your Kid Will Love

These easy Ewok birthday party ideas will have your party guests partying on Endor in no time.

My daughter said throwing an Ewok birthday party was easier than she thought it would be, and while it was definitely more work for me than it was for her, I have to agree.

When she first told me she wanted her party theme to center on those adorable bear-like creatures from Star Wars, I panicked a little bit.

But I should have known the Internet would provide, and I found a lot of really cute ideas that I hope will help you if you’re planning an Ewok birthday party.

Ewok Birthday Party Invitations

I actually couldn’t find any Ewok invitations, though there are plenty of Star Wars-themed invites out there if you are looking for different characters.

I was inspired by these from MyFirstInviation on etsy and made ours in PicMonkey (Canva would work, too, if you’re trying to do it without paying).

I found a picture of an Ewok on the Internet (don’t tell George Lucas!) to use at the top and used the words “In a Galaxy Not So Far Away” my kid is turning 8. “Help us celebrate like an Ewok!” The party details included a line saying the party was taking place on Planet Endor, which the girl really liked.

Getting the House Ready

I hoped the party would mostly involve the kids running around in the yard — the girl said our backyard play structure was the perfect Ewok Village — so I didn’t do a lot of decorating.

I have gotten in the habit of decorating the door with a party-themed wreath because it’s a sign for people who haven’t been to our house before that they are in the right place. My Endor-inspired door wreath is super easy to make, and the crocheted Ewok was pretty easy, too, even if you’re not that skilled at crochet.

Inside, I added a couple of tissue-paper pom-poms to act as trees in the area where the kids for their Ewok ears and hoods. There was a little sign that said “Get your gear here.”

In the living room I put up a Happy Birthday sign, which was inspired by the one at Busy Moms Helper, but I downloaded a Star Wars font (it’s called Star Jedi) and made my own banner pieces to match the character cutouts from Merriment Design.

I used an Ewok on each side of Happy, and let the girl color them in. The letters are strung on green yarn and the banners are taped to the mantel. Easy peasy.

In case anyone got lost on the way to the backyard, I added a sign for the Ewok Village, which I placed next to the cupcakes. They’re just homemade (from a box mix) chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting spiked with a little green food coloring to make them look like trees. A Teddy Graham in the middle makes them Ewok cupcakes.

More Cute Ewok Birthday Party Ideas

We found a picture from a Maker Faire of an Ewok paper bag puppet, so we used that as our craft. All you need are paper bags, construction paper, googly eyes and glue.

The kids didn’t necessarily make Ewoks, but they did have fun.

There were lots of other ideas I saw but didn’t have time to try, such as:

Any of those would be a great craft for kids to do, too, if you have a birthday person who insists their party have a craft.

All in all, our Ewok birthday party was super cute and the kids had a lot of fun. I have to admit, it was fun coming up with all the projects, too.

Has your kid ever had a kind of strange birthday party request? I’d love to hear about it!




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